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Hello everyone! I decided to create this list of writing prompts for those of you that would like some regular prompts, so here it is. For any that are similar/the same as other people’s prompts, I’m sorry and I didn’t intentionally mean to steal these. 

Feel free to send in a ask/make a comment with a number(s) and a character! Characters are listed below! Please specific whether your requesting off the nsfw prompt list, if not then I’ll assume you mean this list!

  1. “They’re good for each-other.” “You think so?” “They were destined to be together.”
  2. “That was so stupid.” “And also kinda cool, right?” “No.. just stupid.”
  3. “Shut up and hold me.”
  4. “I’m not leaving. Ever.” “What about when you die?” “Can’t I just be romantic for once?”
  5. “What if you leave?” “You’ll find your way back to me, I know you will.”
  6. “You got us into this mess!” “Well then you should get us out if I’m the one that got us here!”
  7. “I’ll take care of you.”
  8. “What’s that song you used to sing to me?” “(choose a song)” “Can you sing that song for me again?”
  9. “And the moral of this story?” “Not everything has a moral. I don’t have one either.”
  10. “You’re the reason I’m still here.”
  11. “I swear to god, I’ll beat you to death with my high heels, if you don’t shut the fuck up.”
  12. “What’s wrong? Are you hurt? What happened?”
  13. “Do me a favor and don’t start a war while I’m gone.”
  14. “I think (she/he/they/I) rubbed off on you.” “Is that really so bad?”
  15. “Don’t let go.”
  16. “You didn’t think you’d be able to get rid of me just yet did you?” “I wasn’t planning to.”
  17. “Because I fell for you, isn’t it obvious?”
  18. “Oh no, please, by all means… continue…”
  19. “I haven’t and could never get tired of you.”
  20. “There are a thousand different ways to tell someone you love them, and I intend to try every single one.”
  21. “Are you alright?” “I will be.”
  22. “If you don’t let her go right now, I swear I will break every bone in your body.”
  23. “No you don’t understand, I have to get back!”
  24. “I’m not your princess.”
  25. “You say you hate it but your red face is telling me otherwise.”
  26. “I don’t know if I want to yell at you or kiss you.”
  27. “Stop flirting with me, I’m not going to fall for it.”
  28. “Why does it sound like you’re saying goodbye?”
  29. “Tell me why I should stay.“ “Because I need you…I…I’m not good with this sort of stuff.” "That’s not enough.”
  30. “You’re in-love with somebody else…”
  31. “It wasn’t supposed to end this way. This isn’t the person I fell in-love with.”
  32. “Is that blood?” “…..No?”
  33. “You were the one who walked out, not me.”
  34. “I loved you.”
  35. “Are you really choosing (her/him/them) over me?”
  36. “Forget it, you’re a fucking asshole.”
  37. “Don’t you remember me?”
  38. “You have to let me go.“ "Don’t say that.”
  39. “Are you flirting with me?” “You finally noticed?”
  40. “It’s all in my head. This isn’t actually happening, you’re not real!” “Of course I’m real.”
  41. “Look me in the eyes and repeat what you just said… d-do you really mean it?”
  42. “Why are you letting (her/him/them/me) do this to you?” “Because I love (her/him/them/you).”
  43. “Why is it so hard for you to believe me?”
  44. “Holding everything in doesn’t help, you know, it just hurts you more.”
  45. “Are you hurt?” “No.” “Then why are there bruises all over your face?”
  46. “Wake up! Please don’t do this to me.”
  47. “I thought you said you wouldn’t fall in-love.” “I lied.”
  48. “(She’s/he’s/they’re) just a friend.” “We used to be friends to be ‘just friends’ too.”
  49. “You’re weak.” “You’re one to speak.”
  50. “People say I’m heartless.. but I guess they do have a point.”
  51. “I’m never silent.. I’m either drinking coffee or saying bad words.”
  52. “Another nightmare?”
  53. “We are stranded here together, so we may as well work together to get off this rock alive.”  
  54. “Get out of my head.” “I was never really in your head.”
  55. “(Was/Is) it worth it? Risking everything just for a chance.”
  56. “I’m not going to fight you.”
  57. “Can we please stop running? I think I’m dying.” "Well if we stop running, you will die!”
  58. “If I die, I’m haunting you first.”
  59. “Every time I think I’m close to finally figuring you out you end up surprising me.”
  60. "Why would you lie to me?” “It wasn’t my choice!”


Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader
Poe Dameron
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Kylo Ren
Han Solo
Luke Skywalker

Pietro Maximoff
Steve Rogers
Tony Stark
Clint Barton

Peter Maximoff
Kurt Wagner
Warren Worthington iii
Erik Lehnsherr
Logan Howlett
Wade Wilson
Hank McCoy
Alex Summers
Scott Summers

Kit Walker
Kyle Spencer
Jimmy Darling
Tate Langdon
James Patrick March

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Marvel Masterpieces Collection #2 (1993)
art by Joe Jusko

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i wanted to

pairing: Deaf!Clint Barton x Super!Fem!Reader

summary: reader was born with heightened senses so she gets put on a mission with Clint, who is deaf. this is so incredibly fluffy and i’m not entirely sure this is what you wanted so i’m so sorry if it’s not 🥺

A/N: italics means someone is communicating in ASL! requests are open btw!! feel free to request anyone of the people/characters on my pinned post :)


Originally posted by complicatedgrimms

“Agent Y/L/N, Director Fury has requested you in his office.” F.R.I.D.A.Y announced. The young agent was startled at first, she hadn’t quite gotten used to the prescense of the AI, and her heightened sense of hearing didn’t help. She quickly made her way down to her boss’s office with many silly remarks from her peers as she walked across the training gym. Upon her arrival she was surprised to find Agent Barton sitting on one of the couches in the corner, she raised a questioning brow at Fury before being asked to sit down and taking a seat next to Clint.

“Agent Y/L/N you and Agent Barton are being assigned an extraction. It’s nothing too complicated but I still want you to be on high alert. Hydra’s been running a ring of illegal weapons deals and we want you to bring in whoever’s behind it.”

As Fury handed her the file, she saw the man next to her move out of the corner of her eye and it caught her attention. When she turned she realized he was signing something to the Director. After seeing her surprised reaction, Fury explained that Clint had hearing loss, and mainly used sign to communicate because he didn’t like his hearing aids, which is why they were paired together. She nodded and once she was dismissed, left to go study her target.


In the few weeks before the mission, Y/N studied everything she possibly could about Sign Language so that she could communicate with Clint. As she walked onto the Quinjet she was practically buzzing with excitement, she had admired the older agent ever since Fury recruited her.

Clint walked in and started talking to her as he started the Quinjet and began going over his plan for the extraction and was slightly startled when his partner responded in ASL. “Oh you know ASL?”

No I learned it so you didn’t have to wear your hearing aids since they make you uncomfortable”

Clint blushes and grins sheepishly, he’d had a crush on the young agent since she started training a couple months ago.

You didn’t have to do that

“I wanted to”

Y/N looked at Clint, smiling, until Friday notified the agents that they would be arriving soon and should probably make sure they were prepared


Y/N and Clint were currently in the increasingly loud bar surveying for their target from the counter. Clint’s cover was a traveling business man, who brought his assistant along with him to a bar after a very long and stressful press conference. Y/N gave Clint the signal immediately after hearing someone enter the bar and saying Hydra’s code words that had been given to S.H.E.I.LD when they were notified of the dangerous weapons deals.

After a bit of lip reading from Clint to look for a good opening they traveled over to the other end of the bar and had the leader on the ground in no time. Once they got back onto the Quinjet they congratulated each other for a flying success. “I was really nervous back there, it was my first real mission” Y/N sheepishly admitted.

Nothing to be nervous about kid, you did great

After a few minutes of lingering stares and licking lips Clint (ever the consent king) nervously signed: “Can I kiss you, Y/N?

Go for it, Barton

He leaned over the center console and gently cradled the young agents face in his hands. He looked into her eyes for any signs of her changing her mind and upon seeing none, he gently kissed her. The second their lips met Y/N felt butterflies erupt in her tummy and Clint swore he could hear fireworks in the distance. “You have no idea how long i’ve been waiting to do that, Y/N/N

You have no idea how long i’ve been waiting for you to do that, Barton


As soon as the Quinjet landed and the fugitive was taken in for questioning, Clint pulled Y/N aside, “Y/N, can we talk?

“I was just gonna ask you that.

Are you sure you wanna do this, I mean, I’m deaf and your super powers have everything to do with hearing. I just don’t want you to-

Y/N cut him of with a gentle kiss, similar, yet different from the one they experienced on the jet.

If I didn’t wanna do this, I wouldn’t do that. Plus it doesn’t bother me what obstacles we have to face, you’re worth it, Birdboy.” Y/N signed with a small chuckle.

Good, because I don’t really know what would’ve happened if you said no

They shared a quick laugh and leaned in for yet another, beautiful kiss.

A/N: hiiii!! i hope this is what you wanted lolz, i’m not really sure how i feel about the ending but yk it izz what it izz. love ya <3!!

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Watch “Ricky Gervais hosting the 2010 Golden Globes All of his good bits chained” on YouTube

Love this guy.

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Yes! Gooood- Patching you up I can do! Hope this helps!


“Come here,” Natasha says to Clint, as he limps slowly to her. All but collapsing into the couch, he groans and give a loud grunting sigh. She smiles, and then regrets it, as the curve of her lips cracks the skin and she can feel the drip of blood from her split lip.

Raising his leg onto another chair, she grabs a bandage and starts wrapping it, stabilizing it so that it’s functional. Until X-rays that is. She doesn’t think it’s broken, the underside not yet bruised, but she knows better than anyone, feet and ankles suck when they’re injured and seem to impede even the easiest of actions.

“No dancing for a while,” he says with a grimace as she places the tape on the end of the bandage. Shaking her head no, she sees sparks and regrets the action. Being hit in the head is also no fun, and Clint sees that she keeps her eyes closed for just a bit too long.

“Your turn.” He holds his hand out, helps her stand and sits next to her with the remnants of the first aide kit. Opening the steristrips, he gently places two over the cut on her head. Nausea rolls over her in waves and she holds her hand for him to stop. He draws circles on her back, giving her something else to concentrate on.

“Ok.” She says and he stops immediately, refocusing on the task of patching her up. She pulls back and rests on the back of the chair, head back and takes a deep breath through her mouth. Clint kisses her temple, and whispers that he’s done. They both stand tentatively, heading for the bedroom. Time to rest before heading home.


Prompt me from this list!

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i do indeed do reader inserts!! if you have any ideas just like ask me and i will churn it out asap :)! also i love love love clint so i’m glad someone requested him :)

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Maria: why would you give an assassin a knife?!

Clint: Natasha felt unsafe

Maria: well now I feel unsafe

Clint: sorry


Clint: would you like a knife?

Maria: *face palms*

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Maria: what are you doing here?

Clint: I should ask you the same question.


Maria: this is my office.

Clint: …I should ask you a different question.

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Clint: when I’m murdered I’m gonna make sure my case is unsolved.

Natasha: why?

Clint: I want to be on Buzzfeed Unsolved

Maria: can we go back to the bit where he said “WHEN I’m murdered”?

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You’re wonderful. This is a great prompt. (I spent ages trying to find a good gif for it but couldn’t, so imagine their head touching gif here..)


It had been a shit show, Natasha and Tony were only just back on the jet with Tony heaving her up by her non-dislocated shoulder and seating her unceremoniously in the bucket seat next to Clint. Eyes of worry take her in, as she tries to reassure him that she’s ok. She is, mostly.

“Show me.” Clint says, standing over her. It puts her on edge and he must see the change on her face because he squats down next to her, eyes now level. He grips her hand and kisses her finger, making Tony’s eyes bug out, but he knows better than to comment on it, saves the ammo for later.

“Show me,” Clint repeats. She can almost block everyone out and for the moment she wishes it was just the two of them. It’s a preference for privacy. She shakes her head.

“Not here.” Natasha hopes he knows what she means. Not here, not in front of everyone. Don’t make me.

Clint sighs a heavy sigh and squashes in next to her. She suppresses a moan as he pushes against an open wound, and opens her eyes to hawk eyes watching her. Gathering her into his arms, he presses a kiss into her hairline and then gently places his forehead against hers.

“Don’t do that again, ok?” He speaks soft, only to her now. Her eyes are closed as relishes in the weight of his head against hers and for the moment she can imagine they’re in their place in Amsterdam looking over the canal with the sweet waft of breakfast coming from the shop underneath. Nodding gently, she dips her head down to his shoulder and keeps it there for the rest of the flight home.

The list that this is from. Wanna play?

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Clint: Wow, your legs look great in those jeans!

Bucky: You should see me without them


Clint: Why would you take off your legs-

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Good day everyone, took this picture from my computer it’s so annoyed me when it pop up.

Anything in life I stop myself not to think much of hope on the others side, or trust anyone anymore. But their trust in me I kept forever. But my trust in them, they break me in heart and 🦴 I’m no longer “ The world to them since 12/11/20 and after that day it’s was my b-day not a word not one word they say happy b-day to me. First word came out from their 👄 was: ” You knew I’m busy worked all night, and your birthday always in my 💜". Such much lie and BS. Think I’m so stupid to them. Upon today, I still remember that on my b-day night. I felt hurt cause I saw everything what happened to me and watch I saw really happened on 12/11/20.

They just planned to used me not really cared for me. No Love no friendships, I’m definitely dead to them on this 12/11/20. I’m exist to them what I can contributed to their will. Sweet talked to me. Cause they used to with sexy talked with those females. Openly Zac their boom big fat lies! I deserve better in life. I will not allow them to walked over me anymore. If truly they Love 💕 me and want a life with me they will changes and give me a good reason. They do not realizing my volume and pride. We have talked and talked about it over and over. And they still do it to me. I have a feeling as well.

To whom ever read my posted learn it from me. Don’t allow yourself get hurt or hurts you. Learn from me a red neck love city people 🙂 in heart helped them everything they needs: at last they slammed you in the faces heart, bone. When they have their friends around them especially female. And when those females left them and they come back to me. And sweet to me, and Love me the world. That is called lie! And used me! Why would I continue to believes??? Uma you know you are only one in my life". Bullshit I can’t trust you are words anymore. Tell me in physical from now on.

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I posted this with a Veteran friend permission. To honor him and the 30 years plus service 2 our Country. In addition to that still remains as Volunteer and the VA hospital helps his fellows whom can’t helped themselves. And he have gave me a great advice in many areas that I needs to learn what to say no and enough. I am also server as Soldiers Angels - Volunteer with him.

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