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25. I think I’ll collapse right here, thanks

Daddy was angry. Daddy was angry a lot nowadays. He wasn’t as angry when he went to work every day. But lately he didn’t go, he stayed at home a lot. He drank beer and he watched TV and sometimes he yelled at Mommy and Barney and him, Clint. 

Clint was scared when Daddy was angry. He yelled at Mommy at the moment because there was no beer in the fridge. Mommy forgot to put it inside because she had to look after Barney’s homework. And now Daddy was angry. 

“Is there anything you can do right?” he screamed and Mommy stepped back, her back hit the fridge and she shook her head. 

“I’m sorry, Harold, I just forgot it,” she said when Daddy yelled at her. “But Barney…” 

“I don’t care!” Daddy screamed. And then he raised his hand and Clint knew he would hit Mommy. Clint hated when Daddy hit Mommy because she cried. She hid in her laundry room and cried. 

“Do I have to teach you again?” Daddy just yelled and Mommy tried to hide her face. He knew Daddy would hurt Mommy.

“No!” Clint screamed and ran to her. Daddy stopped, saw him coming, his face angry and then he just hit him, Clint. 

He slithered through the kitchen and hit his head at the door. It hurt. It hurt so much! Mommy stared open-mouthed for a moment but then she ran to him. She moved her mouth but Clint couldn’t hear her. His ears rang. It was an awful sound and it didn’t stop, not even when he shook his head. His ears hurt and he couldn’t understand Mommy. 

She moved her mouth and Clint looked at her and he cried. He knew that he cried, he could feel the tears on his face but he couldn’t hear himself. He could only hear the loud, ringing sound. 

Mommy reached for him, wrapped him in her arms and checked him out. 

‘Mommy’? He said but he couldn’t hear himself. His ears didn’t work. They only made this awful sound. ‘Mommy’?

Mommy sat back, she looked at him and she talked but Clint didn’t know what she said. He looked at her mouth. 


Mommy turned around and yelled at Daddy now who just glared at the two of them. But Clint couldn’t hear what she said, what he said. He took a bottle of beer and went back to his armchair and Clint just cried. He reached up and touched his ears because they hurt. And then Mommy grabbed his hand and stared at it. There was blood on his fingers. 

Mommy turned around, she moved her mouth and said something to Daddy but Clint had no idea what she said. But then she grabbed him and dragged him to the door. She shoved Clint onto the backseat of the car and drove away. 

‘Mommy, where are we going,’ Clint asked and he saw that Mommy said something but his ears still rang and hurt. Tears ran over his face and Mommy drove faster. And then Clint saw where she drove to. It was the hospital. He knew it because he’s been there before when Daddy was angry at him. 

She parked the car and took his hand to lead him into the emergency room. Clint remembered that word, he had heard it a few times before. That was where the doctors looked at him. Mommy talked to a nurse and they had to wait but not very long. They went to a doctor’s room and he sat down on the bed and the doctor looked in his ear. 

When Mommy started to cry Clint knew something was wrong. She moved her mouth and the doctor moved his mouth but Clint could only hear the ringing in his ears. Mommy went to him and wrapped her arms around him again and now she cried, too. 

His ears didn’t stop ringing.

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Better (Clint/Steve)

After a battle like this, Steve knows he won’t find Clint in the medbay. No, Clint will be in their room despite his injuries. Before they started dating, Steve would have gotten angry and upset, would have ordered Clint to see a doctor. But he knows why Clint does what he does these days. At least when it comes to most things. They’d come to a compromise regarding his injuries. If they are really bad, Clint goes to see a doctor. If they are minor, Steve will patch him up instead. He stops by medical anyway once he has checked on their other teammates to grab some supplies and then he heads to their room.

When he walks in, Clint is sitting on their bed. Steve leans down to kiss his lips and gives him a fond look. He places a hand on Clint’s cheek, softly stroking it with his thumb. 

“How are you feeling?” Steve asks. 

“Been better, but definitely been worse,” Clint says, “Just a nasty cut on my leg, I think.”  

“I’ll take a look,” Steve says. 

He carefully removes Clint’s pants. Then he gets on his knees and inspects the cut. He cleans it, soothing Clint when it stings and then he bandages it up gently. Once he’s done he presses a soft kiss next to the bandage. 

“All better?” He says. 

“All better,” Clint says, motioning with his hands, “Come here.” 

Steve gets up off his knees and sits down next to him on the bed. Clint pulls him closer and kisses him deeply. Rearranges so they are lying down, bodies closely together. 

“Been wanting to do that since you did that thing with that lamppost and your shield,” He says. 

“Well, don’t hold back,” Steve grins and kisses his boyfriend again.

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Normal Life

Loki Laufeyson x Reader

Universe: Marvel

Requested: Yes/No

Warnings: None, Suggestive themes, Implied smut.

Summary: Life when married to Loki and living on Midgard.

Type: Oneshot, Fluff


You were woken up by the shifting of your husband from beside you. Even if you were awake, you kept you eyes closed, then you felt a soft hand caress your cheek, thumb brushing your lower lip. You kissed his thumb and opened your eyes to meet his striking green eyes. You smiled softly at him and said, “Good morning, Loki.”

He returned your smile and said, “Good morning, my love. I’m sorry I’ve woken you.” You rolled your eyes at him. “You know how much I want to sleep, yet you woke me up.” You told him, pouting at him. He chuckled at your cute expression and shifted so he was on top of you, hands on either side of your head, supporting his weight.

“Shall I make it up to you, my dear?” He mumbled against the skin of your neck where his lips were kissing it softly. You sigh in satisfaction and nod. You felt him smirk against your neck and started sucking lightly at the side of your neck.

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Clint tried not to look at you as you slipped into the conference room. Before, you’d have taken a seat next to him and spent the meeting doodling things that made him laugh. 


You were the last person here and you sat as far away from him as you could get. And even… Even as you slipped in quietly and brought as little attention to yourself as possible, that didn’t stop the wave of murmurs that rippled over the table when you came in. 

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Summary:  Bruce’s little sister comes to work in the labs for the Avengers, but he’s made it explicitly clear that she’s off limits.  Then again, when has Clint ever listened

Pairings: Clint Barton, Female reader

Warnings: Language, sexual situations

Written while listening to ‘What Would Happen’ by Meredith Brooks


Electricity, eye to eye

Hey don’t I know you

I can’t speak

Stripped my senses

On the spot

I’ve never been defenseless

I can’t even make sense of this

You speak and I don’t hear a word

Clint watched her from across the gym as she chatted with Nat. Sounded like Nat was giving her tips on her technic, not that Bruce would ever let Y/n in the field. She was strictly to be home-based in the labs. Y/n had come back to the states to help with Tony and Bruce and their mountains of projects. Clint smirked remembering Bruce reading all of them the riot act before her arrival. Ranting and raving to the point they all watched his skin shimmering green the longer he spoke. Y/n was off-limits, no exceptions.

“As much as I like you lot, that’s my little sister! None of you are good enough, not for her.  She’s too intelligent and innocent for any and all of your bullshit, especially you Tony!” Bruce had growled. It sounded as if even the Hulk agreed with Banner for once.

Y/n Banner was forbidden fruit and that only made her all the more intriguing to Clint. Y/n was beyond intelligent, her I.Q. according to Bruce was off the charts and within the first five minutes of her being in the Compound she managed to leave Tony utterly speechless with her snarky wit.  Tony couldn’t for the life of him think of a comeback and left the room in silence.  Clint wanted her, but Y/n wasn’t even in his stratosphere. She was out of his league.

What would happen if we kissed

Would your tongue slip past my lips

Would you run away, would you stay

Or would I melt into you

Mouth to mouth, lust to lust

Spontaneously combust

Everything about her left him wanting to know more, but she was intimidating. The Ivy League colleges, all the foreign travel for leisure, not a mission. She read like a fish needs water. Took her coffee strong and black and consumed even more than him. She hated mornings as much as he did, but there was a hidden side. He knew there was something not as innocent about her as Bruce had made it seem.

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Coming soon…

WinterHawk AU

(Tentative) Title: The Game Plan

Summary: Clint Barton has no idea that he is being thrown to the wolves by his amateur scammer of a brother but he is saved by a mysterious man who goes by the name ‘Bucky’. Bucky then offers Clint a place in his group of master swindlers. Should Clint decline or throw caution to the wind and join the enigmatic Bucky? (Side pairing(s): Tony/Steve)

I may or may not be publishing the story next month…this story is still in its draft stage.

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Whumtober Challenge

Author’s Note: I’m trying to pick up the pace with these since the deadline for the challenge is coming up quick on the 31st and I’m a little behind with my pacing. So please excuse me if I start summarizing the setup and conclusions of these in order to get through them a little faster! That way I can focus more on the whump!

Day 20
Toto, I Have A Feeling We’re Not In Kansas Anymore
Lost | Field Medicine
| Medieval

It was supposed to be a routine mission. But really, when did that ever work out? Tony and Clint were sent out to do some reconnaissance at a potential Hydra location. Everything had gone fine, they had gathered the information that they needed and had left before anyone even knew they had been there.

Or so they had thought. 

They were flying over the Atlantic Ocean with no land in sight when the alarms in the Quinjet suddenly started wailing as the jet started to dip out of the sky. It soon became painfully clear that the jet had been found and tampered with, and there was no fixing it before they fell out of the sky. It was a miracle that Clint was able to point them toward a small speck of land in the middle of the vast, empty ocean. He took the jet down in the water near the island, knowing that a water landing was better than a solid ground landing… but the crash was still brutal. At the last second, the engine on the left side completely failed, sending the jet careening to the left and hitting the water so hard that the metal dented in far enough to shove Clint’s pilot seat out of place. 

Clint had pulled the emergency hatch on top of the jet so they could escape before the craft sunk into the water… but as he began to move he cried out in pain, his entire left side on fire. He barely made it out of the jet and into the water, at which point Tony had to get an arm around him and pull him through the water to the nearby island, dragging him up onto the shore.

Tony leaned over Clint, his hands hovering over him, panic barely contained behind his wide-eyed gaze. “What’s hurt?”

Clint took in a shuddering breath. “My shoulder,” he said, hating the way his voice shook. His entire body was in pain, but he could clearly tell that his shoulder was the worst of it. 

“What can I do?” Tony asked urgently. 

“Hopefully it’s only dislocated,” Clint said. “You gotta check for broken bones and then you gotta set it for me.”

Tony bit his lip as his eyes moved to his injured shoulder. “I’ve never set a dislocated shoulder before,” he admitted.

At this, Clint cracked a pained smile. “There’s a first time for everything.”

Tony rolled his eyes. “That’s not as comforting as you might think,” he muttered sarcastically. 

He reached out with both hands and with his first and second fingers he found where Clint’s collar bone began at the base of his neck. Using firm pressure, he walked his fingers up the bone, testing for any unnatural movement. The closer he got to Clint’s shoulder, the more the pain pulsated up and down his arm and up through this chest. Clint gritted his teeth and did his best to deal with the pain silently, but couldn’t help a few moans escaping his throat. Tony’s eyes darted toward him, but for once seemed like he couldn’t think of anything to say. 

Once he finished checking Clint’s collar bone, he moved down to his hand. He started down at Clint’s wrist, feeling each bone carefully. For a minute it was almost a relaxing feeling. But again, the closer he got to Clint’s shoulder, the more the pain worsened. By the time he made it up past Clint’s elbow, Clint could barely take it anymore. He cried out as his muscles spasmed painfully and Tony immediately stopped at the noise.

“Keep going,” Clint snapped a little more intensely than he had meant to. He just wanted to get it over with.

“Then stop screaming,” Tony snapped back, though there was a grim tension in his voice.

A strained bark of a laugh escaped Clint’s throat.  “I was not screaming. It was a very manly yell.”

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A/N: Halloween is coming! The start of my mini series of vampire!reader x avengers. I hope you’ll like it and enjoy the Halloweeny atmosphere !

At precisely 7 p.m, like every other evening, the sound of the alarm clock filled the room with it’s ringing. None of the light that has been streaming through the curtains when she went to bed, could be seen at this hour, replaced darkness.

That could have been total if not for the bright artificial light coming from the digital clock on the side table.

« Rise and Shine ! »

A creaking noise joined in the evening symphony.

«  Damn, I need to grease that ! »

The lid of the coffin came to its maximum opening capacity, making the cringing noise stop. In the neon blue light, a figure sat up in the coffin. She reached for the alarm clock and pushed the snooze button then stepped out from the non-usual bed before walking to the window.

She tentatively, pulled a piece of curtain side, only letting a slight beam of faint white light in between. Assured of the absence of the sun, she yanked the curtains open, exposing the nightly landscape of New York City.

Fall was the most wonderful time of the year for vampires. The sun set earlier and rise later than usual, making the nights longer, expending the nocturnal creatures’s days.

« Finally… I love Fall so much ! »

Y/N turned on herself, while jumping and giggling , before coming back to face the view.

«  It’s spooky time ! »

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Okay so when endgame came out I remember going to the movies with my friends and talking about it afterwards and like there’s always these little moment where you realize you’re different because I was the only one who was mad that Clint didn’t die when they were retrieving the stone. Like he was the one who specifically went around killing Asian criminals and both got to live and never faced any consequences.

All my friends were like “oh he was going through a rough time, his family disappeared” and I’m like literally everyone is going through a rough time. Half the world is GONE. I don’t remember Cap going to a Hispanic place/neighborhood and killing people there because of his rough time. And if your time was so rough kill the criminals in your neighborhood instead of specifically minority ones?? I dunno it just didn’t sit right with me.

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24. You’re not making any sense

Clint hated sorcerers. He hated them with every fiber of his being. All of them. Loki, Hela… even Dr. Strange! Maybe not Wanda. Maybe. 

He cursed silently and hit the iron bars that held him locked in a small cell. He would’ve screamed, would call insults at his captor… but it was impossible. 

A week ago someone broke into Dr. Strange’s lair in New York and stole one of his books. He had no idea how they even managed to get in but they did and not even Dr. Strange had an explanation. He called the Avengers for help. He needed them to find the guy because apparently he managed to hide somewhere the Doc couldn’t find him.

The guy - he called himself Astarian the Magician - was good. More than good. He also got away from the Avengers. But then Clint did somethiing dumb. He shot at him and somehow he injured him and the Magician was furios, that he threw some spell at him and took Clint with him. 

“You will pay for that, archer,” he had hissed and locked Clint in this damn cell where he sat now. 

“Really?” Clint had said and snorted. “You’re not the first one who tried and…” 

The Magician moved his hand and Clint’s voice vanished. 

“Shut up,” the man snapped. 

Clint moved his lips, tried to talk… but couldn’t. He couldn’t get a single word out, not even a sound. Nothing. 

“Better,” Astarian grinned. Clint gave him the finger. The sorcerer raised a brow and cocked his head.

“Do you want me to let your fingers vanish, too?” he asked and Clint swallowed hard and shook his head. “Good,” the man said and hurried away.

Clint wanted to curse but he couldn’t. He went to the wall of his cell, slid along to the ground and sat down. But when he heard an explosion he jumped up on his feet again. He could hear shots and Tony’s repulsors and Steve’s shield. 

“I have him!” Natasha called. “He’s here!” 

Clint hurried to the bars that held him prisoner. 

“Are you okay?” she asked and Clint nodded. 

“All right,” she said and pulled one of the tiny explosive devices out and attached it at the lock. “Step back.” 

Clint did and he pressed his hands over his ears. A moment later he could hear the explosion and he turned around again. Natasha gave him one of her guns and he nodded thankfully. 

“Let’s go,” she said and ran back to the Avengers and Clint followed her. 


“What the fuck,” Tony blurted when he looked at the x-ray pictures Bruce had taken. Clint gritted his teeth and glared at him. 

’What?’ he signed impatiently and both, Bruce and Tony, now looked at him. 

“Your… uh… your vocal cords…” Bruce said and when Clint gestured to go ahead, he said, “they are gone.” 

Clint’s brows hit his hairline. ’What?’

“I have no idea, Clint,” Bruce said. “But the way this looks…” he shook his head. 

“We can ask Dr. Strange if…” 

’NO! Clint signed. ’No more sorcerers!’

“Do you want to stay mute?” Natasha asked. She stood in the back of the infirmary room they were in and had folded her arms over her chest. 

I don’t trust them.’ Clint signed. 

“You trust Wanda,” she said and when she saw Clint hesitate for a moment. “You do, right?” 

After a long moment he nodded. Bruce and Tony shared a glance. 

“She won’t hurt you, Clint,” Bruce said then. “She likes you.” 

“And you know that,” Tony added. Clint rolled his eyes but after a long moment he nodded again and Natasha smiled and left the room. 

“She won’t hurt you,” Bruce said again when he looked at him. The door went open again and Nat came back, Wanda in tow. The young woman was pale like a sheet. 

“Nat told me,” she said and went to Clint. “Let me help you. I can help you.” 

Clint closed his eyes, took a deep breath and nodded once more. 

’I trust you.’ he signed. Wanda looked at Nat and she nodded, too. 

“Close your eyes,” Wanda said and a moment later he could feel her fingers at his throat, could feel the warmth of her skin and… something else. He swallowed when it started to tingle and then her fingers were gone. 

“Say something,” she said and Clint licked his lips. 

“Uh… thank you?” His voice was back! He could talk again. Without thinking about it he wrapped his arms around Wanda and kissed her cheek. 

“Thank you,” he whispered in her ear and he meant it. 

“You’re welcome.”

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Whumtober Challenge

Day 19 
Alternate Prompt #1

“Clint, report! Are you okay?!” There was a note of panic in Steve’s tone over the comm. 

“I’m okay, I’m okay,” Clint gasped.  “Not the first time I’ve been thrown through a window. Just give me a minute.”

“You know that you don’t build up an immunity the more you get thrown through windows, right Barton?” Tony asked dryly.

Clint snorted, but didn’t bother answering. He lay his head back carefully and took several deep breaths. His whole body hurt and he glanced down at a few shallow cuts from the broken glass, but they weren’t too severe. He had managed to protect his head, so though the wind was knocked out of him he seemed to have avoided a concussion. All in all, it looked like he had gotten lucky when that hostile had thrown him through that window. 

He placed one hand on the ground and went to push himself back up into a sitting position… and a raw cry of agony tore it’s way up this throat. It happened so suddenly that it took Clint’s brain a long moment to really comprehend what was happening, the pain actually hitting him a moment after the involuntary scream. 

“Clint?” Natasha demanded. 

“On second thought…” Clint ground out as he twisted to look down at his side. His stomach clenched as he spotted the jagged piece of glass roughly the width of his hand buried who knew how deep into his side just above his hip. “Maybe I could… use some help…” 

“I’m on my way,” Natasha said immediately. 

Clint swallowed thickly as he rode out the waves of pain that were now ripping through him. He sucked in air, but it seemed like it was never enough and soon he was panting and sweating as his vision swam around him. 

Was this what dying felt like? 

“Clint!” Natasha gasped as she finally appeared in his field of vision, dropping carefully to her knees next to him as her gaze swept over him, looking desperately for what was wrong. 

“My side,” Clint murmured, his hand going to where the shard of glass was sticking out of his body.

Natasha visibly paled at the sight. That wasn’t comforting. Natasha had a strong stomach and wasn’t easily scared. But for just a moment before she seemed to remember herself and blank her features… she looked absolutely terrified. 

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Hello all, I know it has been a very long time since I have posted anything here, but I wanted to come and say that I have a few exciting things in the works!! Including new fandoms, and old ones. Click the “Keep Reading”  button if you want to know more about it :)

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