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Obi-Wan Kenobi // Hawkeye
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incorrectquotesmcu · a day ago
Kate: I’ve adopted another dog!
Clint: Kate, how many is that this week?
Yelena, putting down a tally mark: Three.
Kate: See, it’s better than last week.
Clint: Kate, it’s Monday.
Yelena: It’s 10 AM on Monday.
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theoneandonlyphoenix · 2 days ago
Tony,hugging peter:this is my emotional support spider son,what about you?
Clint,with Kate's head resting on his shoulder: this is my emotional support partner,what about you?
Eddie,with venom's head coming out from his shoulder:...
Eddie: oh shut the fuck up,bitch you're my emotional unsupport paralysis demon.
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kurosakiichigoat · 2 days ago
Kate: Yelena says I’m too needy, am I too needy?
Kate: Tell me I need to know.
Clint: Kate you’re the definition of needy. You once phoned me up at 3:00am to ask if we were still friends.
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batcavescolony · a day ago
Can we stop acting as if comics are the holy grail and it's blasphemous to deviate from them....Canon can barely go two runs without contradicting it's self. Half of liking comics is going "eh that's shit I'm gonna ignore it"
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funnyincorrectmcu · 2 days ago
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squippy360 · 11 hours ago
Steve Rogers x Male Reader x Clint Barton
Tumblr media
Part 1, Part 2
Cw:(powerbottom!Clint and Steve, voyerism, blowjob, riding, praise,)
This takes place after the vacation and their training again.  
Me, Steve, and Clint were on our way home after a long day. They all met in the elevator and clicked the button to go up. I stared down at the floor, avoiding eye contact with anything as we rode up the elevator of the STARK tower.
I gasped when I saw Steve walk up to me as Clint mashed a bunch of buttons on the wall. "W-What are you…" I trailed off with a moan as Steve nibbled at my neck.  
"We want to fuck you right here." They both said and yanked down my pants and boxers and sat me down.
I looked at them shyly as they pulled their clothes down. Steve popped open the lube bottle he had in his pocket and spread it on my cock. I whimpered as I watched Steve lower himself on my cock. "Daddy…Please." I begged out. 
Steve smirked and began to bounce on my cock. I felt Clint's hand go under my chin and tilt my head to face his cock. I obediently opened my mouth and he shoved his cock inside. 
"Oh my god~ Your so fucking adorable!" Steve said and began to jerk his cock. 
I moaned loudly on Clint's cock and held Steve's thighs. 
Clint ran his fingers through my hair. "Our good little twink~ So obedient~" Clint purred as I heard the elevator 'ding.'
I stiffened a bit asd as I watched Tony walk in. "Awww. Come on guys really? Right in my elevator?" Tony said and leaned against the wall. 
Steve smirked. "Wanna join?" Clint said and pinched my nipples and heard me moan on his cock.
"I actually am about to get wrecked by a certain wizard so unfortunately, I have to pass." Tony said and left the elevator on the top floor where Stephen was waiting with a smirk. 
I moaned in surprise when Steve and Clint came at once. I swallowed Clint's load and sucked his tip. 
"Such a good Twink~ being so good for your Daddy's." Clint purred. 
I whimpered and nodded. Clint got on his knees and kissed me passionately. Steve got off my cock and jerked me off, putting his cock in his mouth. 
I gasped and squeezed my thighs together. Clint ran his fingers through my hair. "Such a good boy~ So good for us~ So obedient." Clint praised. 
I moaned loudly as I came into Steve's mouth. "Daddy!" I cried out and pushed myself against the wall. 
They touched me everywhere, staying still for a bit and praising me for being a good boy. We got dressed and went to our room after making some food and cuddled together, playing with each other's hair. 
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dinasaurconspiranoic · 2 days ago
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I´ve a broke sense of humor
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bobbimorses · 2 days ago
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mini marvels - chris giarrusso
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fruitmixtape · 2 days ago
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theyre the same guy just with different coloured hearing aids
hoh!dean with blue aids inspired by @mrcowboydeanwinchester <3
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reebmiester · 11 hours ago
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Ballet au!
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incorrectquotesmcu · 2 days ago
Wade: Ok, could be worse.
Steve: How? How could this be worse?
Wade: Well, you could accidentally get your head caught in a helicopter door that flies you out over the ocean, where it drops you straight into a pod of ravenous orca that rip you apart, leaving nothing but your bones for the hungry crabs in the inky depths at the bottom of the ocean!
Steve: Wow. I mean…
Clint: Yeah, I’m… I’m not sure how to respond to that.
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tyrannusimons · 2 days ago
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Where's the cabal?
AVENGERS ASSEMBLE (2013-2019) 01.13 | In Deep
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batcavescolony · a day ago
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thekaiqueen · a day ago
Clint: hi
Wanda: hey, did you do what i said?
Clint: i did
Wanda: and what did they say?
Clint: "thank you"
Wanda: youre very welcome. what'd he say?
Clint: he said "thank you". i said "i love you" and Bucky replied "thank you".
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Tumblr media
want to see the same picture of Clint Barton everyday? follow here!
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totallycorrectclintasha · 2 days ago
steve: who do you think is stronger, sam or barton?
natasha: that’s not fair, clint is my husband!
steve: so sam?
natasha: yeah
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quietlyimplode · 2 days ago
Tony awakes with a start.
The room is pitch black and he orients to the door. Someone is crying. Swinging his legs over the side of the bed. He stands and moves to the door, opening it quietly, he sees Natasha’s door ajar, with soft light coming from it.
He shouldn’t go it, yet… he can’t help but feel curious as his feet carry him closer.
He can hear Clint’s voice, talking to her, helping maybe.
Tony inches closer, wanting to hear more, and feels voyeuristic as he sticks close to the wall.
Natasha knees are at her chest, her head away from Clint as she bangs it gently on the headboard. Tears are on her face as she looks to the ceiling.
“You’re not there,” he hears Clint say, voice gentle.
“You’re in our house. In our bed. There’s no boat. You can be whoever you want to be.”
This feels wrong, Tony thinks, to be listening to this.
But he does.
He hears Natasha moan out a “stop.”
And the room goes quiet.
It’s like she has to work through her thoughts, her nightmare, if that is what it was that broke her.
Tony starts to shuffle back to his room when he hears Natasha talk, he stops again and leans forward.
“I’m not her. I’m not. In my dreams when I decide to be Natasha, my head feels like it’s going to explode. My heart; Clint, my heart hurts so much.”
Tony runs his hand over his face.
He was wrong to listen.
“I love you, whoever you are.”
It seems to be the right answer; but Tony doesn’t want to stay and find out. He moves back to his room, climbing into the bed and pulls the covers around himself, knowing he’s not going back to sleep.
“Friday? Are you there?” He calls his AI.
She’s always there.
“I need you do something for me.”
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omni-unicorn · a day ago
Clint : I'm starting to regret showing you how the blender works
Bucky, drinking toast : why do you say that ?
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writing-what-writing · 2 days ago
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Square filled: G2-Iowa
Summary: After Bucky and Clint retire to Clint’s farm in Iowa, they attempt to bathe Lucky and Alpine. It doesn’t go exactly as planned
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