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#clint barton incorrect quotes
incorrectquotesmcu · a day ago
Laura: Clint… Clint!
Clint: … hm?
Laura: There’s a boy in Lila’s room.
Clint: Huh?
Laura: There’s a boy in Lila’s room!
Clint, aggressively getting out of bed, holding a baseball bat: It’s go time.
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mamaspidershit · 2 days ago
Natasha : Guess what number I’m thinking of.
Peter : 420?
Natasha : No, that’s really immature of you. Someone else guess, and please take this seriously.
Clint : 69.
Natasha : Yeah it was 69.
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incorrectmarvels · 13 days ago
Kate: So with all that being said, are you in or are you out?
Clint: I’m out.
Kate: Well too bad ‘cause you’re already in.
Clint: Then why ask me?
Kate: Because I thought you would go “I’m in dude” and we’d have a really cool moment. But you kinda ruined the whole thing.
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Bucky: Hello! It is I, your favourite teammate
Natasha: Actually Clint is my favourite teammate
Bucky: Well then, it is I, that bitch
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fangirlinsweden · 5 months ago
Y/N: If you only had coffee as a meal today. You need to go have another meal. Because why?
Clint mumbles: Because Coffee isn't a meal.
Y/N: I did not hear you.
Clint: Because Coffee isn't a meal!
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not-a-mistake-a-regret · a month ago
After Tony’s funeral
Wanda Leaving Quickily
Clint: where are you going?
Wanda: to either get ice cream or commit a felony. i’ll decide on the car
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incorrectmarvelquotesss · 9 months ago
Natasha: *opens a box with a knife in it*
Clint: *takes the knife and uses it to open a box*
Y/N: *takes the box and takes out the gun* Let’s get that bitch.
Tony: What—
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nonbinary-zemo · 4 months ago
*tony stark changed the group name*
nat: what the fuck kinda name is that
tony: an amazing one
Steve: someone please change it
Tony: no
Steve: who left you in charge of naming the chat??
tony: I'm the one who created it. And paid for your phones. And your wifi.
Clint: fair enough
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2012fanonavengers · 6 months ago
Fury: Tell me why-
Tony: Ain't nothing but a heartache
Fury: Stark this is serious-
Clint: Tell me why
Fury: Barton-
Tony: Ain't nothing but a mistake
Clint: Tell me why!
Tony: I never wanna hear you say!
Tony & Clint: I WANT IT THAT WAY!
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rocketxgirl · 16 days ago
Y/N, seeing Druig say "my beautiful beautiful Makkari" to Makkari in the future: *^*
Nat, ready to tease her: are you falling in love?
Clint: i have the feeling you are
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incorrectquotesmcu · 17 hours ago
Clint: Yo Nat! Bring me some chips!
Natasha: Maybe if you ask nicely.
Clint: Oh wonderful and talented Natasha, please bring me some crispy snacks so that I might behold your beauty!
Natasha, bringing the chips: That’s more like it.
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616-hawkeye · a year ago
Clint: Sorry but it just scares me.
Kate: What doesn't scare you?
Clint: Dogs.
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supersambuckyomens · 6 days ago
Steve, introducing team cap to Scott: the metal arm over there is bucky, the archer next to him is clint and the one balancing a pencil on his upper lip is sam
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merelypassingtime · a year ago
I’ve never understood why people get those plastic tray things to keep all their silverware separate. Why does it matter if my spoons and forks touch? If all the utensils mix together are they gonna start plotting world domination or something? No! It’s a pointless waste of time, and one that encourages segregation and uniformity. #freetheflatware
-Clint Barton probably
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areyou-insane-likeme · a year ago
Natasha: ask in a way that won’t panic everyone
Clint: okay [via intercom] is there a fireman on the Quinjet?
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haha-hawkeye · a year ago
Clint: What are you talking about!
Clint: I have so many useful talents!
Clint: I can sing the entirety of All-Star in an ancient Vietnamese dialect
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Clint: What are you talking about!
Clint: I have so many useful skills!
Clint: I can sing the entirety of All-Star in an ancient Vietnamese dialect
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