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#clint x natasha
itsdrippingred · 8 hours ago
Clint: Just remember; what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
Natasha: What didn’t kill me should have tried harder.
Clint: Natasha!
Natasha: What?! I’d appreciate a little follow through once in a while..
Clint: You’re never going to let that go, are you?
Natasha: ...Even you couldn’t kill me when you had the chance.
Clint (contemplation shows in his face as his eyes coming to rest on one of the hospital pillows): ...
Natasha: Do it you coward.
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tsmukanii · 20 hours ago
Caught Up
Tumblr media
Thank you all so much for blowing up chapter 2! I’m glad you liked it! Also I kinda want to make it a WandaNat x reader story now. What do you think? Hope you like this one!
“Oh fuck..” As the words leave her mouth, Natasha immediately regrets them as all eyes focus on her.
Quickly trying to cover up her mistake you force an angry face at her. “Hey!” You exclaim at her. “You’re the one who hit me with your car! What kind of person does that and then takes off without seeing if I was ok?”
Without missing a beat, Natasha follows your lead. “Ok in my defense, I was being chased so I couldn’t stop but I am so sorry about that. If it makes you feel better I was trying to avoid you.” She says apologetically.
You smile sarcastically, “Yeah? Well it doesn’t.” Deciding to change the subject before you can say anything else, Steve moves to introduce everyone else to you. Clearing his throat, “Um, everyone this is Peter’s friend Y/N.”
“Is no one going to question why an adult is friends with a kid? No? Just me? Ok then well nice to meet you Y/N.” Tony Stark says moving to shake your hand. Grasping his hand tightly while smiling you say “Huh funny but Pete’s also my neighbor.”  Not wanting to feed into his antics you move to greet the others.
“Hey gorgeous. How you doing?” Sam says as you move towards him and Bucky. Laughing at his flirting attempt you smile “Sorry handsome, but you’re not my type.” “Well then what is your type?” Bucky suddenly says. Leaning in close between the two “Women.” You say which makes them back off with a sheepish smile hoping they didn’t offend you.
Moving on again you introduce yourself to Clint and Banner, telling the former that you would like to go head to head one day. Clint smiles wide knowing that he could beat you easily. Only giving a nod to Banner who gives you an anxious smile.
“Hello. It’s nice to meet you.” A soothing voice says to you as you finally reach her. Wanda. God the accent sent a shiver down your spine but when you finally meet her eyes, you take a moment to study them.
“H-Hi.” You finally squeak out. “Its nice to meet you as well.” Softly grasping her hand that was held out to shake yours. You gasp softly at her touch but hurriedly move back as a pain suddenly shoots through your head. Not wanting to draw attention to your self you try not to let the pain show on your face.
“So Y/N, how about you stay for dinner so we can get to know you better.” Tony states not leaving you any room to object.
So both you and Peter stay, chatting with everyone as Wanda moves to the kitchen, as you find out it is her night to cook.
You go to take a seat near Clint but you are pulled down into the open space next to Natasha. She says nothing as she studies you. Nervously you glance around to everyone else who dismisses Natasha’s behavior like it is a normal occurrence which worries you even more.
Wanting to escape her intense stare, you abruptly get up asking where the restroom is when, “Oh, I’ll show you.” Natasha says while grabbing your arm and begins to lead you away.
You suddenly recall the night you met.
Here you were sitting in a bar, alone in Tokyo. You wanted to take a break from your life so you booked a flight to Japan. You also took the opportunity to study the language more since you wanted to learn as many languages as you could as a teenager.
But right now all you could study was how gorgeous the blonde woman across the room was. But not wanting to seem like a creep, you focused on your drink instead.
A few moments go by when you suddenly feel someone pressed against your arm. You look and see its that gorgeous woman from before. You don’t really remember words being exchanged just glances.
The next thing you do remember is having her pressed against your hotel room door kissing each other like your lives depended on it.
When you are both far away enough she harshly pushes you up against the wall. “What the hell are you doing here?” She spits out. “You have no reason to be mad at me. Ok? You lied to me!”
You shove her off of you. “Though I will admit that the blonde hair was gorgeous, red suits you way better.” You say with a smirk on your face. “Besides it was a one night stand wasn’t it? I mean you are the one who disappeared that morning.”
“You’re right, none of it matters now but the team can’t know about this ok? I’ll never hear the end of it from Tony.” Natasha growls out.
Nodding your head at her words you move to head back to the common room. Thats when chaos ensues as you come face to face with the God of Thunder himself. Thor greets you with a pat on the back that almost puts you to the floor. “It is a great pleasure to meet you Lady Y/N, the Boy Spider has mentioned you a many a times.”
“Uh, it’s nice to meet you too big guy.” You say as you rub your shoulder with a grimace. Taking an open spot next to Peter, you all chat for a while about what you do for work and such. A few more minutes pass and then you all hear Wanda call out that dinner is done.
As you all are enjoying the stew that Wanda has prepared, everyone continues to chat around you, talking about their day, while you sit quietly enjoying the strangely domestic setting in front of you.
After dinner, you all move back to the living room preparing to have a game night. First, it was Mario Kart, which Clint had one. Next was Guitar Hero which surprisingly Sam had one. Then it came down to Twister, which you almost won as it was just you and Wanda left, but when her arm slid under yours to touch the circle, you collapsed at the contact.
It triggered your worst headache yet. Not being able to focus on anything you shout out “Peter!”
Hearing footsteps come towards you and hands grasping at your arms, you black out.
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awkwardgaymess · 20 hours ago
A Look In The Compound- Chronicle Something I'll Figure out Later- Truth-Part One
Tumblr media
Warnings: Violence, Angst, Use of Weapons
Summary: After you go missing, Natasha fights tooth and nail to get you back in her arms, but she’s not scared.
A/N: Thank you so much @honeyedtulips for helping me edit and check over my drafts!
Natasha’s not scared.
That’s what she keeps telling everyone else at least.
There was barely any heat in the interrogation room, but she could still feel the warm sweat building on her skin. She gnawed at her bottom lip, aware of Sam’s usually warm eyes watching her with concern.
How had things gone so wrong so quickly?
You had been kidnapped.
Without a trace other than some asshole that isn’t talking in the stupid room next to them. Even a small picture of you could’ve pointed it to the right direction, but no.
She had to wait until Steve was done talking to him.
Natasha’s worst fear had come to fruition 4 days, 57 minutes, and 12 seconds ago, with a door opening.
The worst thing was that she thought it was a joke.
She let you go on a solo mission that was supposed to be for her, and you always teased her before your missions, giving her outrageous bets that you always won. She’d always roll her eyes playfully, stifling a soft chuckle before you kissed her cheek, it was a tradition.
If she could only laugh at those stupid jokes now, with you by her side. If only she thought that it was the last time you’d tease her, if only she thought it would be the last time to see that smile that could melt the coldest heart.
But she didn’t, and that killed her.
You were her light and you were getting farther and farther away with every agonizing second that you weren’t there in front of her. She needed you to see.
Where were you?
“Natasha,” Wanda breathed, setting a soft hand on her exposed shoulder. “Breathe. You’re not breathing.”
Natasha opened her mouth, gasping for air that she just couldn’t catch.
Wanda was right.
She needed to be alive to fight for you. She needed to breathe, at the very least. It wasn’t a great first step, but a step nonetheless.
Steve exited the room, closing the door behind him with a clenched fist. Natasha knew it first. He got nothing, nothing that could indicate something to lead to something else to alleviate the worry that you weren’t alive.
Natasha rose out of her seat, she was tired of this.
Tired of fidgeting for something to happen. Something that could stop the fidgeting, something to stop the damn worried silence for five fucking seconds.
“I’m going, don’t tell me I can’t or else.” Natasha said, pushing past the conflicted captain and placing her hand over the doorknob.
Natasha wasn’t scared. Natasha can’t be scared. Natasha has to be strong.
She yanked open the door, locking it behind her and grabbing her pistol from her thigh holster, quickly shooting the hidden cameras with deadly aim, and in that swift milersecond, pushed the suspect up against the concrete wall. She heard a crack, and she doesn’t know for sure if it was the asshole's skull, or the wall. She didn’t care regardless.
“Where is she?”
“Don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about, lady.”
She wasn’t going to play along with this. Not this bullshit.
She fired her gun in between his legs, she made sure not to hit or say anything. Not yet.
Forest green eyes met grey, temporary indifference meeting fear.
“” She gritted out.
She can hear the whimper escape, but no words form.
Silence was worse, because silence meant nothing. Nothing, again.
Natasha used her free hand, grabbing him by the neck, and slamming him back first against the tiled floor. She hears the jiggling of that damn door, but does nothing to make it stop. She focuses on his eyes once more.
“That little shit is long gone!” He yells, screaming into the void of a russian ex-assassin.
There’s a waver in the end. More specifically in gone. It’s a lie, for now.
You will be gone if she doesn’t hurry.
Her voice betrays her slightly, worry, even a small slip of her russian accent enters. But her face doesn’t. It’s stoic, voiding any hint of emotion that she displayed in front of this asshole. The volume spooks him, he squirms slightly, but she holds him in place with an iron grip.
He doesn’t deserve to move. He needs to earn movement, he needs to earn some inch of breathing if it was up to her.
Two minutes, that’s all it took.
She didn’t kill him, not physically at least.
Natasha walked out the interrogation room, she closed the door behind her. She didn’t care about how the others eyed her with worried anger, worried confusion, worried something in front of that word.
Sam spoke up first. “You don’t know anything about that place. It’s filled with criminals, you’ll die if you go alone.”
“Then come with me.” Natasha said simply, “Or don’t come at all. I don’t care.”
“I’m going with.” Wanda rose out of her seat, taking a shaky breath.”She's my best friend, she’d kill me if her lover died out of recklessness.”
“I guess I’m coming too,” Sam sighed. “Bucky and Clint’ll come along, even if I have to drag him.”
Natasha smiled, it wasn’t normal, forced. “Thank you.”
She turned to the captain, who gave a curt nod. “I got you, whatever you need.”
“Get us a plane. We’re heading to Madripoor.”
Natasha wasn’t going to cry, not until she was alone.
She was leaving tomorrow, they had a plan. They had something. Finally, something that wasn’t….nothing.
But when she got into the room you both shared. She knelt to the ground and sobbed, it was painful, full of nothingness, the nothing that she felt when you were nowhere near safe, near her, near anyone that she considered you safe around.
She had to stop, if it was too loud, someone could hear. Anyone could see her be Natasha, or worse, Natalia, and not the Black Widow. She didn’t have time for weakness.
But she couldn’t bring herself to stop, no matter how hard she tried to. If she stopped for a moment, it would just come back to wash over her, that fear of nothingness. The fear of you not being here if this mission goes awry.
“Get out, or you’ll be the next person I push up against the wall.” She said.
“You wouldn’t do it to the person that’s going to shoot those bastards dead, hm?”
She turned around, and sighed at the sight, patting the empty space on the tiled floor. The silhouette sat down, sighing heavily.
“You know….we’re going to find her, right?”
She didn’t respond.
“Right?” They pressed. “Nat, look at me.”
She reluctantly turned around, and she was glad that the room was dark. It wasn’t like she could see anyways.
“We’re going to find her. I promise.”
She couldn’t say anything. Too afraid to voice those words, the words that haunted her from the moment that she met you.
“What if it’s because I couldn’t protect her?”
Clint wrapped his arms around the russian, they’re strong, sturdy, everything natasha isn’t at this very moment. He needed her to believe, believe that his hope could override her fear, even for a moment.
He knew you, you were strong, even if she didn’t believe it at that moment. You were a fighter, if you could handle the avengers on a daily basis, you could handle a few thugs kidnapping you and keeping you away from Natasha.
“We’re going to find her.”
5 days, 7 minutes, and 6 seconds, without you.
The plane was silent, only with the exception of double checking with Steve about the plan, or reading up on said plan to make sure every possible outcome was accounted for. Oh, and of course eating food provided by Sam.
No one spoke to Natasha, no one spoke to each other.
It was empty. It was empty without some conversation initiated by you.
When the long hours of silence came to an end, and Natahsa entered the grounds of the criminal hot spot known as Madripoor, she didn’t pay attention to the blinding multi-colored lights, the sound of people bustling, or her boots on the pavement. She only knew you were here, and that there was a chance you were coming back home.
Wanda, Steve, and Nat drove to Sharon's mansion, while the others circled the grounds once more. She welcomed them with open arms and a room, courtesy of the powerbroker. Natasha gave the pardoned agent a nod of understanding, before the power broker and the Black Widow entered into a private room, leaving Wanda and Steve to change in their respective private chambers.
“My intel tells me there’s a new face in my terrority.” Sharon speaks first, motioning towards a rack filled to the brim with clothes.
Natasha nodded, making strides to the clothes rack and browsing through them. “You’re correct.”
“The question is, is the face that I'm thinking of an unwi-”
Sharron’s eyes glanced toward her desk, and she saw a knife digging into the polished cherry wood desk.
“Taken,” is all Natasha can bring herself to say.
“They had some balls to bring her here.” Her voice remains calm as she stands up, yanking the knife off the desk and handing it to Natasha as the Power Broker skims through her options. “I’m going with you.”
“I can give you my guns, anything you need, but I’m coming with you in exchange.”
Natasha didn’t look to meet her eyes. “I need a suit.”
“Natty,” You sigh softly. “It’s just a solo mission.”
“A mission that can possibly get you killed, or worse.” Natasha retorted. Her tone was softer, as it always was when it came to you.”I knew I shouldn't have given it to you.”
“Hey, it was a fair deal. When you broke your toe, you said that if I beat bucky, I could go.”
“I regret that decision now.” Natasha grumbled. “I should at least come with you.”
“No nat, solo is one. Not one and an ex-assassin.” You smiled, grabbing a spare shirt and slacks before tossing it into your suitcase. “It’s only a week.”
“Three days and thirty five minutes that I don’t have you by my side.” Natasha corrected.
You rolled your eyes, before walking over to Natahsa’s place on the bed, and sitting next to her. You cup her cheeks with your hands, pressing a soft kiss to her forehead.
“If I’m not back in three days, and thirty five seconds. I give you full permission to call the national guard, and yell at me while you find me.”
“And drag you by the ear?”
“Don’t push it.” You smiled, holding out your pinky finger.
Natasha rolled her eyes, a hint of a smile gracing her features before interlacing her pinky with your own. “Not a second more, got it?”
“Not a second more.”
“Natasha?” Wanda asked.”You good?”
The Russian nodded, she did a once over on the inventory, making sure not to let her mind get too clouded with thoughts.
She needed to focus.
She needed to bring you home.
It wasn’t a matter of if she would do it, but when.
There was no way she could live the rest of her days without you.
“She’ll be alright,” Wanda mused, as if reading her thoughts. Natasha gulped when she realized that the witch probably had. “She’s strong and she’s more than capable of beating their asses herself. It’ll be okay.”
Natasha remained silent, closing her eyes as a lump slowly inched up her throat. She had to focus. She had to. She had to get you out.
“Come on,” Wanda whispered, hooking her hand around Natasha’s arm and steering her elsewhere. The two of them settled on the couch next to Sam, who was checking over his gear.
“Wanda’s right,” he said, eyes focused on his wings. “She’s a strong girl. That’s why you love her right?” He looked up at her, his eyes warmer than usual which made Natasha nearly tear up.
“Yes,” she answered, firmly nodding her head. “That’s exactly why I love her.”
She remembered the first time she’d told you she loved you like it was yesterday. She remembered everything about you, you were her dream come true.
But she can’t think about that, or else she wouldn’t be any use to the team, her mission.
“No need to sit twiddling your thumbs,” came Sharon’s strong voice from behind a door. It opened and she strode into the room, handling a few guns in her hands. It seemed like time stopped for Natasha as Sharon stared into her eyes.
“I know where she is.”
Natasha hopped from the couch, immediately snatching her gun and batons from the hilt at her waist. “Where is she?”
“Watchtower,” Sharon said nonchalantly, as if she was mentioning a grocery store of all things. “We go there, find the kidnapper, and get your girl.”
Wanda raised an eyebrow. “How did you-”
“Sharon has connections,” Bucky answered, grabbing his gun off of the table. “Everyone ready?
Natasha nodded, strapped her last weapon on her person, and met Bucky’s baby blue eyes. “Let’s go.”
A watchtower was...interesting, but Natasha knew better than to ask Sharon stupid questions.
“So..” Sharon drawed out. “Care to tell me what happened to the asshole that told you to go to Madripoor?”
“Killed him,” Natasha mutters into her earpiece. “First level secure, Steve?”
“Front of level two secure, Wanda?”
“Back of level two secure.” Wanda spoke clearly. “Bucky, Clint?”
“Third level, secure.” Bucky answered.
“Staircase secure. Sam?”
“Your Falcon isn’t secure, and neither will your Y/n if Ms. Romanoff doesn’t show herself to me.”
“Alright, we can either settle this civilly, or with bullets.I’ll put one in Ms. L/n if you don’t show yourself in-”
Natasha stepped out of her hiding spot, dodging Sharon’s attempt to grab her before entering into the moonlit watchtower. She looked around her, and even below. “I’m right here”
“Well...if it isn’t the elusive Black Widow, in the flesh I might add.”
She didn’t recognize the voice, only looking up at the mere mention of her alias to a silhouette that she still couldn’t catch. Natasha could clearly hear Sam’s struggle as he tried to wiggle out of the grip.
“You don’t have to do this, just...give her back, and I won’t shoot you in the head.”
“I don’t think you’ll shoot me at all. Or else your lovely little dove might get in the crossfire.”
They had no right to call you that.
“What do you want?”
“Call me Reminiscence, “
“I didn’t ask.” Natasha gritted out.
“What do you think of this...a lover, and a friend, fighting for their light…” They continued, not having any care for. “Love being for children, wasn’t that your credo?”
A guide she long forgotten about when she met you. Hearing it now seems faintly familiar, but nothing that strikes her.
“And Ms. Carter, the mysterious connection to Ms.L/n’s past?”
“I won’t ask again, what do you want?”
Sharon thought she had a straight shot.
But then there was a click.
Natasha felt her side hit the ground, and from her heightened hearing, the splintering of wood.
“Y/n L/n, an special agent at shield that became one of the youngest avengers, proficient in all types of weaponry, especially a sniper gun.”
Natasha’s eyes widened.
“You ask what I want like a mother would ask a child, but what I want isn’t the question.”
There was another click, and from the corner of Natasha's eye, she saw the small glint of a scope, before yanking Sharon back and a bullet splintering the ground once more.
“The question is...What am I going to do to keep what I have gained from your mistake?”
No. Not this.
“Nightingale, commence attack.”
Natasha quickly rose off the floor, yanking Sharon by her hand before a flurry of bullets followed them to a pillar. A pause, then reload. Then more bullets.
This wasn’t the plan.
“What’s going on?!” Wanda’s panicked voice rang through the comms.
“Stay hidden, we’re going up. Prepare to dodge.”
Steve cut in “Wha-”
“On it,” Wanda answered.
Natasha turned to Sharon, before the both of them locked eyes and nodded. The blonde sprinted over to the other pillar, narrowly dodging the bullets. It took longer, and Natasha thinks that the sniper switched weapons, but she can’t see, and has to go with her first mind.
She sees Sharon grab her firearm, aiming towards what she thinks might be the spot where the sniper resided before a bullet pierced through her weapon. She hissed in more shock than anything else, immediately dropping the weapon and pressing her back against her cover.
“I can’t hit them!” She called out, the bullets fired mellowing out her yelling to a mere tone used for conversation.”We gotta get out.”
The bullets stop for a mere second, and when Natasha hears an arrow connecting with something and a small explosion from afar, they both take the chance, sprinting to the staircase and skipping every few steps of stairs. Sharon yanked Clint by the collar, when she saw the scope once more, and when she heard a bullet fire, and saw said bullet marking the place where Clint once stood, they all ran faster until they ran into the second floor.
Natahsa ran in first, sliding next to Wanda and grabbing her gun from her thigh holster.
“What the hell happened?” Steve asked.
“Change of plans, we need to fight.” Sharon said, making her way next to the captain and taking his firearm in place of her own.
“What’s that supposed to mean? Where’s y/n and Sam?”
“That bastard-“
The sound of glass shattering and falling to the ground entered everyone's ears as they looked up to meet the mysterious assailant. Wanda gasped, tendrils of magic escaping when she covered her mouth, and Clint held his weapon in place.
Natahsa couldn’t believe it, not before she sees them aim their weapon.
Then it finally kicks in.
Natasha wasn’t scared.
She was terrified.
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The Avengers Reaction To You Slapping Them
☁️-Undecided/I don’t freaking know
⚡️🔥-Triggering Possible
Word count: IDK
Warning: Does slapping count as abuse? Is yes, then there’s that
Taglist (Line through means unable to tag)
@bonkynsteeb @graveyard-kitten  @fangirlfree @marilynmonroefanfics @leniram1890 @talksoprettyjjx @veronicapaula @drpepperobsessed @quezzzzz16 @marvel-baby  @southernraven @sohoseb @mysticunicorn7 @rottenstyx @jellyb34n @gorbnasta @magneatoooo @fire1ordzuzu @greengarsstuff​ @denkisimpbutmakeit-gay @brooke-supernatural16 @b0xedjuiice @dindjarinsspouse @apobrien ​
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Peter Parker
It happened quickly. One moment you were arguing over him doing something reckless and the next you knew he was cradling his cheek with his hand. He slowly looked at you, shock in his eyes. He said a small ‘ouch’ but nothing else and walked away. The tears obvious in his eyes.
After his head snapped over to the side he slowly looked back at you as your hand fell to your side. You showed no emotions as he gave a small laugh and smirked. 
“Did you really think that would affect me darling?”
Steve Rogers
He looked at you. A look of confusion and disappointment written on his face.
“Obviously you need to calm down. I’ll come back later.”
Bucky Barnes
He looked at you as if he was either going to murder you or start to cry. You didn’t even let him say anything as your stormed away.
Wanda Maximoff
She looked at you. Confusion and sadness written all over her. She felt hurt that you did that, but she was confused on why. But she didn’t say anything and just walked away from you. You didn’t see each other for about 2 weeks after that
Natasha Romanoff
She clicked her tongue on the top of her mouth and smirked at you. To be fair, she only had her reaction because she isn’t used to anyone slapping her. She usually did that.
“Well, if you wanted to do that, you should have just asked.”
Tony Stark
He immediately took off his sunglasses when he snapped back to look at you. He held them at one end and pointed the other end at you. 
“Why? Why?!”
His head snapped to the side. Quicker than you thought it would as he was a god. He looked back at you with a smile on his face and as usual, he made a small joke.
“My dear Y/N! That tickled! I liked that very much! Never much does it tickle when a person slaps me! Please do it again!”
Pietro Maximoff
His head slowly turned to look at you. He laughed lightly, a smirk landing on his lips.
“Well, I didn’t see that coming.”
Sam Wilson
He looked at you and scoffed, shaking his head.
“Is that the best you can do? No. I know you can slap harder than that now.”
Scott Lang
He looked at you. Confused and concerned. 
“D-did I do something bad?”
Bruce Banner
He didn’t look at you. He kept his head to the side, obviously trying to keep the Hulk in. After a few moment he looked at you. It was obvious that he was upset that you did something so reckless.
“If I hadn’t been able to control him and keep him in, we would be in a very very different situation Y/N.”
Clint Barton
He laughed lightly as he looked back at you. A playful smile on his face. Obvious that he found that a joke.
“Now my dear Y/N, have you forgotten who my best friend is? Being slapped won’t affect me.”
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Hi! I am so so so so so sorry that I haven’t posted in a few days! I have always had severe stomach issues that had been getting better during covid and very recently they got bad again and I started my period a few days ago. So I have both stomach cramps from my period and my stomach issues, Those mixed together suck ass. But! On the brightside! I’m about to work on the rest of the SOUR posts and part 1 of House of WandaVision and I have these small headcannons for both the Avengers and X-Men. 
Those headcannons being their reaction to you slapping them, their reaction to you kissing them for the first time, their reaction to you saying ‘I hate you’, and their reaction to you flinching when they raise their hand while in an argument.
So, hopefully by Friday I will be done with SOUR and the first part of House of WandaVision will be out!
OH! And my requests will be done! I almost forgot about those! I have like, three I need to do. Whoops
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ot5ismyhome · a day ago
21. History is filled with blood
Tumblr media
To read from beginning click here.
Natasha and Bobbi were flying the Zephyr while catching up. Their profession gives them less time to catch up with each other. After two years, this is the first time they have been assigned to the case together.
In the main area, Steve was analysing all texts about Loki to identify his weakness. He had called his friend to let her know he would be dropping by. He was hoping to catch up with her since they haven’t seen each other since World War II.
Bucky and Hunter were readying the weapons in the weaponry. That’s when Bucky heard a sound. He was sure someone other than the team was on the airship.
“Can you hear anything?” asked Bucky.
“Oh yes, somebody just said, "Can you hear anything?" Hunter said with a straight face earning a frown from Bucky.
“I’m going to check,” he said, replacing the gun in its place. Hunter who was curious followed Bucky. Bucky approached the room behind the stairs and opened the door slightly.
Daisy peaked out from their hiding spot. Seeing the two men, she reclined back.
“The grumpy man and the British dude” she informed Wanda
Wanda pressed her finger to her mouth signalling Daisy to be silent. Bucky’s advanced hearing means trouble for the girls. They hoped that they wouldn't be caught. Daisy pressed herself more closely to Wanda not wanting to be caught.
“I heard you both. You can come out” called out Bucky. He was even able to hear their heartbeat and breathing, one of the perks of being a vampire.
Smiling sheepishly, they came out of their hiding spot. Bucky took them to the main area where Steve was reading about Darkhold. The more he read about the book, the more it worried him. If Loki lays his hands on the book, it means sure defeat for them. Hearing footsteps, he turned to look Bucky entering the room. To his shock, Wanda and Daisy followed him.
“Look, who decided to join us?” Bucky said.
Steve lost his shit when he saw Wanda. He had asked her to stay back due to the risk of this trip. He ran his hand through his hair.
“I asked you to stay back. What are you doing here?”
“I was the one who led Loki to the location of these two objects. I am responsible for stopping him. I should be here with you guys fighting not back there.”
“It’s not safe here, Wanda”
“It’s not like it’s safe back there. Loki is there.”
Steve pinched the bridge of his nose. “You don’t understand. Europe is not like America. Here the Legion rules. Their single goal is to destroy every vampire they come across” he said. “They don’t care about the humans dying in the crossfire” he added grimly.
“Stop treating me like a kid. I can take care of myself. I am trained by Natasha,” Wanda retorted. “Nat, tell him” she called out to the agent.
“Don’t involve me in your family drama” Natasha shouted from the cockpit.
Both of them ignored her comment.
“You’re acting like one,” Steve shot back.
Bucky intervened before Wanda could speak back. He looked at Steve, “Can I have a word with you in private?”
Wanda was sitting alone in the empty lab of Zephyr. Bucky knocked on the door gaining her attention.
“Are you here to give me advice?”
“I just wanted to check on you.”
Silence settled between as both waited for the other to speak.
“So, that’s just a myth” she said, striking a conversation.
Bucky looked up puzzled. Noticing that she was looking at his reflection he replied, “Yeah.” After a moment he added, “I’m sorry about what I said about you… back then”
“Sorry for calling you a bloodsucker.”
“It’s not a lie” Bucky chuckled. He continued, “We started off on the wrong note. Let’s start over again. I’m Bucky.” He extended his arm for a handshake.
“Wanda,” she said, taking his hand.
“I wish you could understand where Steve is coming from.”
“Before you waste your breath going blah blah blah let me say that I’m not angry at him.”
“So, I prepared a speech for nothing?”
Wanda laughed. Silence settled between the two. Wanda was the one to break it.
“I wish he could believe-”
“He does. But it’s not like we are going against a mafia gang now. Loki is a completely different element. Legion is a whole different story.” After a pause, Bucky continued, “I have been thinking about this for quite some time. I believe your powers are much more than looking at memories. You need to practice your powers.”
“You mean like…”
“You too are bonding. Something I thought I will never see” a cheery voice called from behind.
Both of them turned around to see Steve walking towards them. He smiled at them as he settled down.
“Steve, I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay, kid. I’m sorry too.” He smiled. “As Bucky said, it's good if you practice.”
“How would my powers be useful?”
“You can access memories which could give you clues or information.”
“Or block people from entering your mind.”
“Okay. We are going to train now?”
“We have hours to kill before we land, so why not?” said Steve.
“It’s okay, kid. Give it a try.”
Wanda held Steve’s hand and tried to enter his mind. She closed her eyes to concentrate and her mind to enter Steve’s but she wasn’t able to. She shut her eyes tight and pushed herself more. The more she pushed the more her mind refused to listen to her. Finally, she gave up.
“I can’t do it. It just seems impossible” she said, shaking her head.
“Just relax and make yourself comfortable. Don’t let your mind wander on its own. Try to organize your thoughts” Bucky said.
“Let’s try it one more time, shall we?”
Wanda agreed and held onto Steve’s hand again. Wanda first singled her thoughts and stopped her mind from wandering randomly. She slowly prodded it to enter Steve’s thoughts. A opened her eyes to see herself on a stairway. She saw Steve chasing a man up the stairs. He jumped over the railing and stood in front of him blocking his path. He was beyond recognizable. His hair was blond and matted with blood. His shirt was drenched with blood. His eyes were dark red.
Steve punched the other man twice on his abdomen and hit him against the wall.
“Is Sousa here? Tell me”
The man struggled to get his words out. Steve hit him against the wall again.
“Yes… yes… I saw him getting dragged here an hour before.”
Steve threw the man down and ran up the stairs. Wanda followed him not wanting to lose the connection. Steve took down everyone in his path ruthlessly killing them. Wanda had never seen him like this before.
Steve opened the door at the end of the hall. He closed his nose, unable to breath the stench. Wanda felt a weird feeling around her. It was bringing down her spirits. But she wasn’t able to understand what it was. Wanda peaked inside the room. Her stomach churned at the site in front of her. There was blood everywhere. He heard people groaning and screaming in agony. She retched but didn’t throw up as it was just a project of her physical form.
Steve, who had disappeared into the room, came back moments later carrying a man in his arms. Wanda observed his face but she hadn’t seen him before. She noticed he was missing a leg. She gasped, closing her mouth with her hand.
Steve ran down the stairs with the wounded man in his hand. Wanda followed him to his car. She boarded the car along with him. They arrived at a harbour where a docked ship was getting ready to leave. Crowds of people were rushing to get in but Steve wasn’t interested in the commotion. He kept looking around searching for a familiar face.
“Steve! Not getting aboard?” asked a man walking towards Steve. He had a slight touch of French accent in his tone.
Jacques Dernier was one of the members of the Howling Commandos. Now the war had come to an end and they needed to get back home. Jacques’ face turned serious as he took in Steve’s state. Then his face became pale looking at the state of Sousa in Steve’s hand.
“Where’s Peggy?”
“I will search for her.”
Jacques went off and returned with a woman. Peggy’s throat constricted looking at the pale figure of Sousa looking almost lifeless. Peggy ran to Steve hoping it’s not the worst.
Sensing her fear Steve answered even before she asked the question. “He is alive but he has lost a great deal of blood. I cannot stop anywhere for provisions. We were running out of time. There will be enough blood in the ship. Make sure to-”
“What happened to his leg?” asked Peggy, cutting him off.
“Even after this you’re going to stay here?” Jacques asked, looking concerned.
Steve passed Sousa to Peggy and avoided Jacques.
“Please, come with us Steve” Jacques urged but Steve walked away without answering
Wanda not only saw the memories. She felt the wave of emotions Steve felt and overloaded her. She was trying to make sense of the situation. She missed the connection with Steve, as he drove away. She got thrown out of the memory. 
Chapter 22 (coming soon)
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twoidiotwriters1 · a day ago
Iron 15 (Peter Parker x Fem! Oc)
Words: 2,152
Chapter 14
Tumblr media
If a few hours ago, Lily was tired, but now she’s worse. Everything is accumulating in her head. Her powers, her panic attack, the shooting, and now Phil's death. She doesn't know what to do right now.
She walks through the corridors of the ship, thinking about everything that has happened.
They were supposed to prepare me for moments like this, where someone wanted to hurt me and I could defend myself. But with the sound of a gunshot, I froze. I know I want to help, but how can I do it if I’m always afraid?
And the whole plan to use me for weapons.
Fury tried to talk to them, when he told them about Phil, Bruce's out of control, and the loss of Thor. Everything.
“We only think of Lily as a source of power as plan B. It was thought that she could give us some sample and then duplicate it. She's only in the archives, I never thought it could really be done,” was what he said. Still, she felt like a lab rat again.
Why can’t they let me in peace? These are my powers, only I can use them and if I could lend them or something like that, it’d never be to make weapons.
I should have stayed with Pepper.
"Not again,” She closes her eyes and growls when she hears the hiss, but something else happens.
She feels dizzy. Lily stops and holds onto the wall next to her until she falls to the ground. She opens her eyes and everything turns. Her powers are sharpening, she can feel something. When she closes her eyes again, her mind projects various images in no order.
Eternal flame…
A quinjet. Heaven. The tesseract. White stones. New York. The Stark tower. Loki.
Suddenly, she opens her eyes and her breath hitches.
Why on earth does she keep listening to the scepter if it is no longer around? She complains and brings her hands to her head, trying to stop the dizziness. The images went by very quickly, making everything worse. The best thing to do now is to do the breathing exercises again. And after a few minutes, she reacts by connecting the images.
"Oh my god,” She squeals in fear. "This is bad... very bad,” She gets up slowly and remembers that her father had left the control room after Fury's speech, but she doesn't know where he might be.
She walks through the halls quickly until she finds one of the agents. She asks him about her father and luckily, he tells her where he is.
When she arrives, he and Steve are about to leave.
“Dad-, I- uh, I- I saw. Loki- New York…” She says agitated.
“Wow, slow down, kid. What's going on?" Tony says.
"I know where the tesseract is!” She blurts out.
Steve and Tony share a confused look. Just before the girl arrived, they had already talked about it.
"In the Stark tower! Loki’s there too!”
"Okay, I found that out first,” says Tony. "How did you do it?"
Lily is now the confused one.
"Uh, I-" She clears her throat and tries to explain to her father everything that has happened since she was near the scepter.
"And it didn't occur to you to tell me?"
"I tried! Many times, but you wanted to impress your new friends "
“Damn it. We'll talk about this later,” She sighs. “You're getting weirder. We have work to do.”
Lily runs to the captain's side trying not to be left behind, until they reach a room where Clint Barton and Natasha should be.
"Time to go," Steve says as soon as the door opens. Natasha’s sitting on a bed.
"Go where?"
"I'll tell you on the way.”
"Can you fly one of those jets?"
The bathroom door opens.
"I can,” says Clint
Steve looks up at Natasha for approval and she nods.
"You got a suit?"
"Then suit up.”
Lily feels the look of the redhead.
"Uh, uh. I'm still mad at you,” says the girl.
"Noup! You can’t talk to me. I ’m busy!” She says to then go out into the hallways.
"I thought you were exaggerating her resemblance to Stark," Clint says with a smile. Natasha makes a face.
As the four adults get ready, Lily watches them closely.
“Dad," She calls him on the intercom.
“What do I have to do when we get there?” In her mind the words 'I want to help' try to get out, but with her panic attack a few hours ago, she doesn't have the courage to say it.
“For now, we must know exactly what Loki is up to in the tower. I will keep you in a safe place.”
“You don't fight, you don't complain… Not even a tantrum?"
She sighs. "I suppose not.”
"Are you okay?"
"I don’t know.”
“Lily?" Steve calls her.
"See you in a bit, dad.”
The four of them walk towards the first quinjet they find. And without further ado, they use it without authorization.
In New York, Tony Stark arrives directly at his tower where Loki receives him. He tries to distract him to buy more time, but all to no avail when the portal is opened.
A beam of light shoots into the sky, letting in the alien army: the Chitauri. Thanks to Loki, the army initiates its plan to destroy everything in its path.
Iron man destroys all possible creatures, but his technology can’t win against that of the Chitauri, at least not alone. The destruction begins and people run scared to safe places. All this under the eyes of the god of mischief.
"Stark, we're on your three, headed northeast," Natasha says into Tony's intercom as the jet approaches town.
"What? Did you stop for drive throught?" Tony complains. “Swing up Park. I'm gonna lay ‘em out for you.”
The jet is piloted by Clint and Natasha, while Steve and Lily are sitting in the back. Lily has been silent the entire journey, thinking about the images that the scepter put in her mind. She knows that this is out of her reach, even her father's and that causes insecurity in her.
Her hands tremble and a slight flash illuminates her.
"Are you okay?" Steve asks looking at the girl's hands.
She looks up at him.
"I don't know, but I have to, right?"
"Don't worry, we’ll keep you safe.”
She smiles at him unsure.
Lily wants to explain many things, but this is not the time. Suddenly, they feel the movement in the jet and the noise of gunfire ahead. Clint and Natasha shoot down some enemy ships and continue until they approach the Stark tower.
"Nat?" asks Clint.
"I see them.”
From her place and from the jet's tilt, Lily can see Loki and Thor fighting, but they don't last long as they take an attack from the scepter. The ship falls and collides with other buildings. Lily clings to her seat and instinctively creates a force field, but only encloses the other three adults and her.
In the end, the ship falls awkwardly.
"Are you okay?" Steve asks and she takes off her belt and joins the others when the door opens.
The girl feels a knot in her stomach the moment she sees all the mess. She’d never been on the streets of New York and she finds it really strange that this is why she can do it for the first time.
The three adults run to observe the perimeter and the girl follows closely, but a low noise stops them. They all look towards the portal of heaven where a huge creature comes out of the portal and destroys everything in its path, more chitauris come out of it that are responsible for entering the buildings on the sides.
"Stark, are you seeing this?" says Steve.
“Seeing. Still working on believing. Where’s Banner? Has he shown up yet?"
“Just keep me posted. Flower?"
"How you doing?" She looks around her.
"I don't know, Dad. This is different from anything that has happened to us,” she says uncertainly.
From the moment Tony saw the army, his first thought went straight to his daughter. As much as he wanted to tell her to use her powers, he knows that she’s just a girl after all. He feels a great overwhelming fear with all this, he can’t imagine what she feels.
Finally, he makes a decision.
"I know, but we got this, kid."
“It's time to remember all the training you have had, but don’t leave the team.”
"Dad, I can’t!" She squeals.
"Yes, you can, Lily. Trust me, I have a plan,” He then cuts off communication and tries to take down the new monster.
"Oh god," says Lily, controlling her nausea.
"Lily!" Nat calls when she sees the alien ships approaching.
The four of them hide behind some abandoned taxis. Steve, Nat and Clint agree to protect civilians to continue destroying the Chitauri. Lily hears their voices, explosions and screams in the distance. A loud beep settles in her ears and she can feel her temperature rising.
"Hey, hey,” Nat nudges her shoulder a little, making her return from her thoughts. "Lils, look at me,” the girl's eyes water, but she obeys. "Listen, you got this.”
"No, I got nothing, Nat,” She shakes her head.
"You have trained for this moment.”
"That is not true. At no point did you tell me what to do if an alien tries to kill me!” she complains.
"Well, that's true. But they didn't tell me something like that either when they trained me, that's not the real problem,” She says and holds Lily's hand. "You and I know that you have a greater power. Lily, you are much stronger than you think.”
Although the redhead's words help the panic attack, the girl is still not sure.
"I'm scared.”
"Good, that’ll keep you alive,” She smiles. "I'm scared too, we all are, but the difference is that we can use it to help defenseless people. You are not alone, kid. You're part of the team and we’ll find a place where you can be safe.”
She analyzes her words. She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. Her hearing heightens and all the memories of the training return. Use fear to my advantage? She thinks when she opens her eyes.
“You're better?" The girl nods. "Alright, time to work.” Natasha gets up and shoots at the Chitauri.
Lily continues to focus on her breathing and the tingling that now runs throughout her body. She looks up and sees Clint helping some people out of a bus from the windows. She gets up and runs to help. She looks for the door, which is being obstructed, she recognizes the damage and with force manages to open it. People run in search of a safe place.
Clint comes to her side and nods at her.
"I'm Lily, by the way," She says with an awkward smile. Clint smiles.
"A pleasure,” he answers and then returns to Nat.
Lily watches carefully as the Chitauri gather, ready to attack. I’m too small for this she thinks. At that an explosion is heard near her. Her eyes travel to the expanding cloud of smoke. That reminds her of the force fields.
What if I make one, but different? Instead of protecting, burning…
Not far away a group of aliens point their weapons at anyone who gets in their way. Lily looks at her hands and concentrates her power from there and then spreads it through her body. She imagines smoke, fire, and the chitauri.
When she opens her eyes, they turn from brown to deep orange. She feels the fire run through her body ready to leave, she takes a step and extends her arms towards the enemy. What she started as a force field turns into a thick layer of orange smoke and she heads towards the Chitarui without giving them time to flee. The smoke burns them almost to ashes.
When finished, Lily falls to her knees and sits on the floor trying to catch her breath. She feels her body weakening, but at the same time she recognizes certain parts of her more strongly. It's something new.
"That's my girl,” Nat congratulates with a smile. Lily turns and smiles noticing that even Steve had witnessed her attack. The three adults look at her proudly.
"Remind me never to make you mad, kid," Clint jokes.
At that a loud thunder is heard. Thor disposes of some creatures from the sky and falls close to them.
“Nice job, Lady Stark. How can you manipulate fire?"
“We'll need more time to explain Lily's powers, for now, we have other things to do,” says Nat as she helps the girl up.
@just-here-to-escape-from-reality @silenthappyplace@yourbonesaremybody@aylauwuuniverse@skittles-skittles   @hufflepuffzutara @poetryislife0715@21bruhs​ @heavenlymistakes @my-love-of-books @dielgonacoffee @thelastpyle @aconfusedslytherin  @scarlet-marie @letsfly-andbe-free @heavenlymistake @number0hero @aconfusedslytherin
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Clint : Did Y/N just tell me they loved me for the first time?
Nat : Yeah, he did.
Clint : And did I just do finger guns back?
Nat : Yeah, you did.
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sneakronicity · 2 days ago
Chapters: 15/? Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (Marvel Movies) Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Clint Barton/Natasha Romanov, Clint Barton & James "Rhodey" Rhodes, Clint Barton & Wanda Maximoff, Scott Lang/Hope Van Dyne, Clint Barton & Sam Wilson, James "Rhodey" Rhodes & Natasha Romanov, Natasha Romanov & Sam Wilson, Clint Barton & Scott Lang, Bruce Banner & Clint Barton, Natasha Romanov & Hope Van Dyne, Wanda Maximoff & Natasha Romanov Characters: Clint Barton, Natasha Romanov (Marvel), James "Rhodey" Rhodes, Sam Wilson (Marvel), Scott Lang, Hope Van Dyne, Wanda Maximoff, Bruce Banner, Steve Rogers, Hank Pym, Janet Van Dyne, Luis (Ant-Man movies), L*ura B*rton (but only briefly promise) Additional Tags: Post-Canon Fix-It, Fix-It, Avengers: Endgame (Movie) Compliant, Divorced Clint Barton Summary:
A few weeks after the snap is reversed, Clint is struggling to fit back into his old life. He's not the same person he was five years ago, and he can't just go back to how things were, so he makes a drastic change and tries to find new purpose in a world without Natasha.
But what if he doesn't have to? What if there's a way to get her back?
Post Endgame fix-it fic
Chapter Summary: Clintasha. That’s it, that’s the chapter.
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itsdrippingred · 2 days ago
Clint: Can I get your phone number?
Natasha: I don’t know, does your bank account look like my phone number?
Tony (slides in bumping Clint aside): Here’s a napkin, you can just write it right here, babe.
Clint: Oh, come on!
Natasha: Relax. He’s not getting my number either.
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i-writes-things · 2 days ago
The Secret.
Part 6 pt.? pt.1
Avengers x Fem!reader
(+ \) Platonic, Angst
summary- The newest Avenger keeps a big secret from the rest if the team....
Warnings- mentions of triggers, and swearing.
Tumblr media
I actually made this gif!
You sat in silence barely able to see, head swirling, but you knew exactly where you were.
You stood up woozily and regained your eye sight, seeing the plexi glass all around you on the walls.
You sigh, no way to escape from here. You weren't going to give up that easily though
Just as the smells all come back to you, the acid of the food they made you eat, your filth of never having a shower, the horrible mens perfume you had to smell around the clock, and the smell of burning metal making you go insane.
You don't let yourself think of what they would do to Jake if they had him here now or if they were after him.
You snapped your head towards the door, hearing quiet footsteps from outside your room, your head swimming through different thoughts of who it could be,
And guess who greets you from the other side...
Steve wakes up in a sweat, seeing that he is sitting next to three of his co-workers and some of the other Avengers.
Remembering broken pieces from the night before.
Tony's next to awaken and Steve is already cutting the ropes off the co-workers almost to Tony.
"Would- would you go a bit faster, Captain." Tony says catching his breath.
Steve just glares at Tony and continues to cut the ropes. Tony wakes up Clint next to him
"Wher- what happened guys?" Clint asks sleepily.
"I personally thi-" Steve cuts Tony off
"Hydra. It was Hydra, they are the only ones I know of that could do something like this." Steve said skipping Tony on purpose and going to start cutting Clint out of his ropes.
Tony groans talking back to Steve "Yeah, seems logical Cap. Making clones of us, pretty sophisticated for Hydra." he says sarcastically
"Could have been Robots?" Suggests a now very awake Thor.
"Good point, Point Break." Tony says thinking on Thor's thought further
"I did shoot myself and he went down for a few moments like it was reboot itself." Clint Chimes in now free of rope.
Clint nudges Bruce to try and wake him, but nothing happens, he's like jello.
Steve went to cut Thor, after doing bruce quickly, but Thor flexed his muscles and most of the ropes popped off, hitting Bruce and Steve hard in the face.
Bruce wakes up with a start, his heart racing but, feeling a bit better once he sees all his friends.
Tony laughed hysterically while Steve cut him out, waking there co-workers next to them.
Natasha however was not at the Compound as of right she was headed to your apartment, actually wanting to talk with you privately, about... Well multiple things, but what she found was worse than she what she was expecting.
She looked down at the address and uo at the building one more time before heading inside.
She found your room on the 3rd floor, locked door as expected she knocked waiting to hear you.
Nothing. She knocked again "Hey, Y/n/n it is Nat! I just wanna talk." She says hoping you would come to the door.
She got suspicious and rang the doorbell, waiting for more than enough time, she broke in, hoping to god that there wasn't a silent alarm system or that you would be standing right about to open the door.
"Y/n?" Hand on her gun, walking in slowly.not seeing any site of you.
She notices a framed picture of a baby boy, waiting for your response, hoping nothing had happened to you.
She thinks for a moment that its the wrong apartment, but then she sees a picture of you and the team all standing together when you first got there, framed right over your framed S.h.i.e.l.d. certificate.
She grins remember those times, but started to think back to the baby picture.
"She would have told us." She whispers to herself not thinking too much about the picture, walking into your empty kitchen.
Checking it out for herself finding, baby food in the fridge, a high chair in the living room, multiple toys in your din, and a whole room for a toddler, a crib, animal stickers on the walls, blankets, pacifiers everywhere.
She lowers her gun, realizing. It clicked, it had finally clicked.
You had a kid, a son.
She quickly went to search the rest of the house not finding either of you, this time actually looking for a baby.
She did however find your laptop, not wanting to invade but did anyway, as it seemed you were missing and highly suspicious right now.
It was open to a Word Document
Tell the team ASAP
You have a son, Jake L/N
Hydra had found you, and called your home phone last night.
Where to find Jake if you randomly disappeared:
Day Care #63892927 The corner of Maple Ln. and Tyvola Rd. 2726
Babysitter Jane #63845291 The Richard Apartment Complex on 5th in the city, room 423
Mrs. Bobbi next door in room 309
Natasha read it and almost cried, were you gone? did hydra have you? Should she try to find Jake for you or go to find the rest of the Team about this first?
"Damn it." She said cursing herself out, leaving your apartment...
Part 6!! I at first had it going a whole different direction, glad I went back and changed it up before posting, I like this one much more! ❤️ And thank you soooo much for 22 BESTIESS ahhhh!!!(22 followers) Love you guys! ‼️❤️❤️
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Avengers x reader
Summary- Y/n and Peter prank Natasha
Warnings- Swearing, alcohol
(+) platonic story
Tumblr media
Not my gif*
"Don't. Y/n you better be hearing me. It's a horrible idea, ok?" Steve says hoping you wouldn't do it.
"Ok." Knowing you were going to do it anyway, you walk out to meet Peter in his car, Tony gave him.
"Where to, Y/n/n?" Peter asks happily
"Target. I'm pranking Nat." you say steadily.
Peter slams on the break in the middle of the parking lot of the Compound.
"What?! No you must be joking?"
You laugh at his stressed face.
"No I'm not, I'm actually pranking her."
Peter smirks "I want in, but the blame is on you."
"mm, one condition, you do my chores for a week."
"Ugh, deal."
You make him shake your hand and your off to Target for supplies.
"Ok go over the list again." Peter asks you
"Really Peter I just told you. TWICE!" You say annoyed with him.
2 Water guns
1 gallon of water
duck tape
Peter's stuff to make more web fluid.
Confetti canon and red and black confetti
"Ok when do we set up?" Peter asks nervously
"Tonight after dinner, we can set up most of it but the rest will have to be set up tomorrow morning." You noticed his nervous face
"Don't be so nervous spidey-boy. We'll be fine." You say reassuring him and yourself.
(At Dinner that night)
"Tony told me, you and Peter went out to shop. What did you guys gets?" Natasha asked, eating dinner.
"Uh- I don't not much, some snacks for movie night, right Peter, What did you pick out again."
"I- Uh, I picked out some, uh water guns-" you elbow him in the ribs "P- pretzels for movie night, yeah."
"What'd you get water guns for? The pool?" She asks you feeling something was off.
"Yeah me and Peter were going to have a water gun fight tomorrow so..." You say defending you and Peter.
Thor chimes in annoyingly "Hahh, they brought in Confetti earlier!" he takes a drink of his beer.
"Confetti?" Tony asks suspiciously
"Yea-" Peter cuts you off
"We were going to get to shoot confetti on the loser of the water gun fight."
"How do you 'win' a water gun fight?" Bruce asks the two of you.
"Well whoever gets wet first, obviously." You say adding a fake laugh at the end, hoping that would help your case.
Which it did.
Once dinner was over you and Peter went to sneak things down by the conference room that Natasha had told you she had a early meeting in, the next morning.
You and Peter set everything up that you could and hid it to the best of your ability.
Sneaking back to the living area from the office area was much more difficult though.
First you had to get past the common room and the kitchen.
Peter and you walk past Steve and Tony not even being noticed as they were watching "Back to the future"
Next was the kitchen, which was a bit more populated at this time of night.
You are sitting right outside the door in the hallway in between the Kitchen and Common room waiting for Peter to come back.
"Psst- Y/n." You look up and over at him
"What did you find, Petie?" You ask him as he sits next to you.
"It's not Petie." He said quickly "Wanda and Clint are talking and Fury walked in to talk with Natasha."
"Damn, Nat's in there, really hoping she would be somewhere else."
"Where else would she be? Hiding in her room?"
"Ok, fine nevermind."
"We could just say we were watching the movie with Steve and Tony." Peter suggests
"That the movie was getting boring, so we're going to bed now"
"Yeah sounds perfect!"
"Let's go then, Mister Tingle!" You exclaim kinda loud
Peter stops infront of you and turns around
"It is NOT peter tingle, or Mister tingle or Petie its peter my name is peter." He says in a mad whisper yell to you
You are trying so hard to hold laughter back.
"C-come on." You grabs his arm laughing and walk right into the kitchen
Wanda and Clint are the first to notice you two
"Hey Y/n/n, when do you and Peter get out of school again?"
"2:15, why?" You say to Wanda
"We were planing to go out and do something, fun!" Clint says to the two of you
"Well, goodnight Wands, night Clint!" You hug both Wanda and Clint, Peter does the same after you.
"Thanks for telling me Nick." Natasha smiles at the man, he pats her shoulder and goes to leave.
Peter and you walk as fast as possible trying to leave the room before Natasha notices you.
"Y/n. Peter?" Natasha says which makes your and Peter's heart's drop to the floor
"Hi." You say turning around a few steps from the door, Natasha walks over to you and she has her arms crossed on her chest
"Hi!" Peter says, quite a delayed response from him.
"Hi, Peter." She says smiling at him
He awkwardly smiles and shyly waves at her
You roll your eyes "What you two, up to?" Nat asks you
"Well, I don't know about Peter, but I'm going to sleep." You nudge Peter to talk
"I- uh. I am also going to sleep, early morning, um tomorrow." Peter says nervously
"Oh? really, where? In Y/n's bed?" Natasha asks smirking at him
"What?! no- No I- we aren't together- " You cut him off
"Goodnight Natasha, see you in the morning!" You do your best to hide your laughter and give her a hug goodnight.
"6:36?" Your alarm clock blares into your eyes
You get up and go wake Peter up with water.
"Ahh- wha. Y/n?" Peter looks at you sleepily soaked in water
"Babahhahah" You laugh as he gets up and changes
"Thanks, for waking me." He says monotone shaking his head to get some water out of his hair.
You both walk downstairs and decide against breakfast because of the time.
7:30 flashes on the oven in the kitchen as you and Peter leave quickly hearing Rocket and Peter Quill yelling at each other coming into the kitchen.
You were hiding behind a curtain on the wall almost excited to prank Natasha, and so was Peter right next you setting up the up the water guns as you filled them with water.
The next thing you knew was that Peter had you suspended in the air right above the middle of the hallway holding the confetti canon.
The canon was to big to hide behind the curtains so this was your only other option.
If peter let go you would fall canon first on the ground.
Now you waited, she was supposed to come out any minute.
The time was going by too slowly and the canon was starting to get heavy.
*click* The door unlocked
You and Peter both at the ready
Your hand hovering over the go button and Peter had made something so he didn't even have to touch the water guns.
People flooded out, couldn't see Natasha. Hearing her instead, laughing.
She said goodbye and walked out stopping to look at her phone, getting a call from Tony.
You had asked Morgan to call Natasha when Peter texted her too.
Natasha talked with Morgan for a few seconds noticing it wasn't Tony.
So many thing happened at the same time.
The water guns went off soaking Natasha's work suit and her whole body
You hit the canon button and got pushed back up to the ceiling then went back down letting go of the canon and Peter wasn't expecting it. The web holding you up left his hand. You fell at Natasha's feet crushing the canon but just burst out laughing once you got the site of her.
her whole body soaked and dripping in water with confetti sticking to her all over her wet work suit.
She stared down at you.
You got up quickly and said "It was Peter's fault."
Peter comes out of the curtains "It was not me." He pouted
She pulled you close to her face still with confetti on it, there was anger in her eyes, but you couldn't help but laugh at the site
"Go to your room. Now." She said scarily calm
"Sorry." You said and she eyed you, next Peter
It looked like he would shit himself on the spot "Tony can punish you, I'm not your mother." she said angrily at him
"Sorry, Miss Romanoff I-" Natasha cut him off with a stare and he gulped scared for his life.
You still hadn't left yet, wanting to see what would happen to Peter.
She turned to see you standing near her.
You instantly turn around the second you make eye contact with her, going at a run to your room.
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riverdalegilmores · 3 days ago
Hey Guys some of you may know me on Wattpad under this same username. Since they took off my smut there I have decided to make smut here.
All my writing is mine do not post it anywhere! You may though reblog if you like.
I will not make stories that are personal or for different skin or body types because I make stories that everyone can enjoy. All colors and bodies can enjoy because what I write is very veg. I dont go into color or weight or anything like that.
Also all stories will be female readers only. I do not do any other types.
You can ONLY requests for the Characters below.
Steve Rogers
Tony Stark
Wanda Maximoff
Natasha Romanoff
Pepper Potts (she needs more love)
Carol Danvers
Bucky Barnes
Clint Barton
I will allow fluff and Smut stories as well as poly stories. I will add up to two girls and two boys with the reader. Or all over the girls or two of the boys, but no more then that.
I will be okay with Tony Stark x Reader x Steve Rogers (cause I love me some Stony x Reader). Natasha Romanoff x Reader x Pepper Potts. Even other poly relationships with the ones above.
No one else is allowed to be requested for.
However I will not allow Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes with a Reader. Alone or with another character above sure. Them together no. I just think Steve and Bucky are too much like brothers and cant add them in a story together it makes me uncomfortable.
(Rules may change over time. You are also allowed to ask me to write as many as you want) (but keep in mind I may or may not write things and I dont have a schedule to posting all will be at random.)
Request are Open!!
Tumblr media
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Oh my gosh!! Thank you for 200 followers, this is insane. It's really crazy to think you guys like my stories and incorrect quotes.
Anyways, as always if you want to request a story make sure to check my masterlist (which is pinned to the top of my profile) and check it out. It has prompts and the characters I write for (the characters I write for are also in the tags of this post).
Once again thank you for 200 followers!!
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tsmukanii · 3 days ago
First Impressions…or Second Ones
I really didn’t think people would like the first chapter but thank you! Hope you like this as well!
Tumblr media
Waking up slightly disoriented as you don’t recall passing out on your couch you try to collect your thoughts for a moment. You try to process the dream you had but its not making any sense to you.
You hear a faint voice calling out to you. “Zero. Zero its time for your injection.” But you don’t make any move to show that you are awake. The next thing you hear is your cell door sliding open but yet you don’t even flinch as you wait for footsteps to come near. 
Then suddenly your body you feel hands grasp at your arms-
You are shaken out of the dream by a huge thud sounding in the kitchen making you whip around to see what is happening. Meelo has knocked over a glass you left on the counter.
Frustrated you let out a huff at his antics and take your time moving to clean up the mess. Finished you glance over at the kitchen stove to check the time and it shows that you are going to be late for your meeting.
“Shit!” You exclaim as you run to grab your phone to text your client that you will be running late and letting out a relieved sigh as he reassures you it is fine.
Trying to hurry for his sake, you grab your bag and take off as fast as you can to the schwarma place that is continently close to the apartment. 
“I am so sorry I am late!” you apologize profusely. 
“Its quite alright Y/N, I understand. No need to worry I was running late as well.” Says Mr. Nolan with a small smile on his face. Relaxing at his words you take a seat in front of him ready to get started.
“Still sir, traveling from Maine to meet is too much to ask of someone.” You reply while pulling out your binder to show him your work.  “Well I was planning a trip to surprise my daughter anyway so this works out just fine.” He says excitedly with a genuine smile on his face now.
Hearing that you flash him a big smile and pull out a few sample pieces for him. “Well that’s wonderful to hear sir. I hope you both have an amazing time together.” He nods his head in thanks and looks down at your designs then he slowly starts to develop an impressed look on his face which eventually leads to a truly astonished one. “Y/N these are incredible! Your attention to detail is just amazing!” You smile shyly accepting the compliment but you are never used to them. 
You go to thank him when suddenly your phone rings.
Captain Eye Patch
You clench your jaw tightly moving to ignore the call. “Sorry about that. Where were -“ you are cut off again by your phone but not giving in you turn the phone off to give Mr. Nolan your undivided attention. 
“So can you tell me what you were thinking about having a sculpture of?” You ask eagerly, trying to focus on the task at hand. 
“Well I’m not sure exactly but I want it to be an anniversary gift. I want it to really symbolize how -“ but Mr. Nolan never gets to finish as a hand slams down onto the table evidently startling the two of you. 
“I do not like to be ignored Ms. Y/LN. Especially by you.” The words come out harsh but soften at the word you.  Not wanting to look up but doing so anyways you are greeted by what is supposed to be Director Fury’s harsh glare but also something you can’t identify as he stares at you.
Sending your potential ex-client an apologetic gaze, you move to gather up your stuff.  “I am terribly sorry for this interruption sir but I would really like to capture your vision. Maybe we can reschedule?” You ask hopefully but seeing the doubtful look on Mr. Nolan’s face you can tell that you blew it but still he says he’ll contact you before he leaves. 
With one last nod you head out with Fury on your heels. Walking down till you reach a nearby alley, you don’t say anything as you turn to face him but your face says it all. Except he doesn’t seem to care or he tries to act like he doesn’t. “I thought I told you that I would be in touch.” Fury says surprisingly gentle but you pay no mind as you are still upset at the loss of a possibly huge commission opportunity.  
“I thought I said I wanted nothing to do with Shield!” You yell out to him. “You government types are all the same no matter how different you try to be.” You say a little calmer now. 
Sighing Fury tells you “Its not about trying to get you to do anything… its about your family.” Hearing that makes you tense up. 
“…What about them?” You mutter out weakly. Your family has always been a sore subject for you. You were found as a baby with only a necklace and a letter left for you. The only thing you knew about your family was that the necklace was a family heirloom. 
You were lucky to be adopted by a nice couple but your relationship became strained when the dreams started. You repeat the question to Fury when he didn’t answer you.
“Its not much but I was able to find out where that necklace of yours originated from. “ He says while pointing at the pendant around your neck. “Its from a small village just outside of Wakanda.”
You look at him in shock and start shaking your head. “But that’s crazy! No… I was born in Indiana.” You say trying to make sense of this news. “No you were found in Indiana, not born.” Fury confirms for you.
Before you can get a word out your alarm went off letting you know that you had to meet up with Peter. Trying to move past the news you have been given you take a deep breath before looking to Fury. “I don’t have time for this. I get to have a little meet and greet with your group of misfits.” You say with a sarcastic grin on your face.
Without even waiting for him to speak you head out of the alley with Fury just watching you leave.
In the elevator of the Avengers compound you try to take in all that Peter says about everyone but your mind is still on the conversation you had before.  
“Sam and Bucky like to play pranks on me a lot so I think you’ll definitely hit it off with them the most.” Peter says with a hint of annoyance in his tone. “But honestly I think you’ll get along with everyone pretty well.” You nod at his words and try to look interested for his sake and you think its working until you see him look at you with a questioning glance.  
But when you give him a shake of your head, he knows that you don’t want to talk about it. It upsets him that you keep things to yourself like this. He worries about you but he knows it will make you distance yourself from him so he keeps telling you about the Avengers. 
Finally you both reach your desired floor and enter what looks to be a common area where two individuals are in the conjoining kitchen. 
“Hey Vision, Steve this is my friend Y/N. Y/N this is The Vision and Steve Rogers aka Captain America.” Peter says with a wide smile on his face clearly happy to have you here. “Nice to meet you Miss Y/LN it is a pleasure.” Vision greets with a small smile. 
Steve nods his head in confirmation and greets you with a firm handshake that leaves your hand throbbing a little. “Its great to finally meet the person who the kid can’t seem to shut up about.” He says. Looking over at Peter with a teasing smile, he tries to change the subject before you make fun of him. “Hey uh, can you call everyone else?  E-everyone else should meet her as well.” Peter blurts out. Smiling at his antics, Vision nods and goes to collect the others. 
Meanwhile Steve sits you down to ask you some questions. “So Y/N where are you from?” Trying to remain polite you answer “Oh uh I’m from Indiana.” 
“Oh was it nice growing up there?” 
Suddenly feeling very uncomfortable at the question it becomes noticeable on your face making Steve backtrack. “I’m sorry if that’s too personal for you. I just wanted to know more about you.” He says 
Before you can say that its fine, you hear footsteps coming toward the common area making you turn to greet the new people in the room. As you scan your eyes over each of them your eyes widen as you lock onto a familiar pair who does the same when seeing you.
Nobody else notices how you both are frozen until you hear the person speak suddenly. 
“Oh fuck..”
Leave a comment who you think it is. Also Natasha x reader or Wanda x reader? Or both maybe? Let me know.
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zyrawrites · 3 days ago
pairing: bucky barnes x reader
summary: the team is on a mission, one that is expected to be easy. they underprepared, y/n gets hurt. basically this is angsty as hell oops
warnings: blood, death, mentions of a gun, wounds, bucky losing someone (i feel like this is a warning of its own.)
authors note: i don’t know why but i feel like i’m the only one that likes to read angsty imagines, IS IT JUST ME? anyways sorely based off of that one scene from southpaw. I DID NOT PROOF READ LMAO
Tumblr media
The mission was supposed to be easy. The team dressed in fancy ball gowns and suits, all in the intent of retrieving the tesseract that Hydra had hidden within this stupid little place. Well, stupid and little was a lie. It was a gorgeous event hall in Germany designed like a castle. Beautiful paintings hung from the wall, artwork painted on the ceilings, with chandeliers hanging elegantly under them. You were a trained spy, and you an amazing one too. Incredibly good at what you do. You wore a black dress that clung to your body perfectly, showing off your curves. Bucky wore an all black suit, with a black undershirt and no tie to match. He unbuttoned the first few buttons just to tease you.
You, Him, Bruce, Sam, and Steve walked in together, the rest of the team in their own little group across the party. Champagne was being handed out, laughs, and small conversations echoed in your ears. Bucky saw a man who looked around nervously, after making eye contact with him. The man quickly dashed off into the crowd, Bucky calmly going after him on attempt not to cause a scene. You knew what he was doing, and you stayed back with Bruce, Sam, and Steve. Bucky shoved passed people in the crowd, and followed the man down the hallway. He turned around when the hallway ended.
“I swear I didn’t do anything wrong.” The man said nervously. “Then why are you running?” Bucky asked. You stood next to Bruce, while Sam and Steve looked around the crowd. Someone walked towards you, another man. He seemed calm, but focused. It happened so fast. He pulled out a gun and there was a bang. “That’s why.” The man said to Bucky, a dark smirk appearing on his sinister face. Bucky froze, his heart stopping. Someone shot a gun, but there was no way anyone was hurt, right? He quickly ran from the man back towards you.
Bucky ran up to see you on your knees, Sam next to you holding you up. Steve was on the ground wresting the man with the gun, trying to pull the weapon away from him. “Bucky?” You said, his voice grabbing your attention. “What’s wrong, baby?” He asked walking towards you and falling onto his knees, Sam moving out of the way. “I don’t know.” You replied, still in shock. You moved your hand away from your stomach, Bucky replacing it. There was blood covering your hand. “What happened?” He asked calmly. “I don’t know. Something happened.” You were confused. How did this happen so fast.. and why didn’t it hurt?
“I don’t know what to do.” Bucky looked at Sam, who stared in shock. “What fucking happened?” Bucky asked him, angrily. Tony, Nat, Clint, and Wanda ran up on the scene. Wanda covering her mouth when she realized you were shot. “What happened, Bruce?” Tony asked, Bruce didn’t reply though. He just stared. “Am I okay?” you asked Bucky. “Yeah, you’re okay.” He said, nodding. “Am I okay?” You asked again, now terrified because you weren’t in pain. “Yes, it’s okay Doll.” But as he replied it felt like a lie to you, because his words were calm and collected but his face and reaction pointed towards the opposite.
“Fuck..” He said, looked at how bloody his hand was getting, still holding you up right. “What do we do?” Sam asked, looking towards Bruce. “I don’t know, do I lay her down?” Bucky asked frantically, nervously. His arm wrapping around the back of your waist. “Do I lay her down?” He repeated, Bruce still standing there. Natasha walked forward and nodded. “Yes, lay her down. Wanda, call for help.” Wanda quickly ran over to one of the pay phones in the wall. People around stared in shock. Bucky gently laid you down, Sam taking off his suit coat and layer it under your head. “Call 911, Wanda. Come on!” Tony said anxiously.
“No wait, I don’t wanna lay down!” You started to get scared. “No no no no!” Bucky said as you tried to get up, your arm around his neck. “Stay down, stay down.” Bucky held you down softly. Steve continued to wrestle the guy with the gun. “Get off me!” He yelled, catching Tony’s attention. Tony ran over and aggressively grabbed the gun from his hand and threw it away from them. “We need a doctor!” a radon person from the crowed yelled, Wanda talking to the emergency operator quickly. Everything was so loud, and you felt cold. Bucky looking around with fear in his eyes. “Bucky..” you managed to say.
“What’s going on, doll? What’s wrong?” He asked, his hand reaching for your face and moving hair away. “I wanna go. I wanna go home.” You said honestly, as if that would make the problem go away. You really wanted to be at the compound with Bucky, laughing as you try and teach him how to use a phone, the sun shining on you two as you laid in the lawn and talked about your families, your lives. You wanted to go home. “We’re gonna go home.” Bucky nodded, trying to make you feel better.
“Okay? I wanna go home. Please.” You begged. “We’re gonna go home, baby.” He tried to assure you. He could tell he was losing you. You just kept repeating you wanted to go home. “Just stay with me, okay.” He was close to your face, trying to calm you down, his hands gently petting your hair. You turned distracted, seeing Natasha holding back tears, Bruce staring in shock. Steve holding down the man who hurt you. “Look at me, look at me.” Bucky grabbed your face and made you look at him.
“Don’t worry about them. Look me in the eyes, doll.” He leaned over you, and you nodded, moaning in pain, trying to stay awake. It was hard. Your breathing quickened. Tony paced back and forth, “I should’ve brought the suit.” He mumbled to himself. “That wouldn’t have prevented this.” Natasha said to him. “Just calm down, walk away. She’s gonna be okay.” She said to him, Tony nodded.
“It’s not that bad. It’s not that bad, sweetheart.” Bucky said, looked down at the wound and pulling his hand drenched in the red liquid away. “See? It’s not that bad. It’s not bad.” He repeated, you leaned your head up with all your strength, and groaned leaning back after seeing the blood. It was bad, and he wasn’t telling you. We’re you dying? Bucky took a deep breath calming himself down. He grabbed your face, the blood rubbing off from his hand. “It’s okay, baby. It’s okay.” He said softly, nodding.
“It’s a lot of blood.” You replied. “That’s not a lot, honey. You haven’t even seen a lot.” He tried to lighten the situation, only to fail when you coughed up blood, the red liquid now stating you lips and dripping down the side of your face. Sam covered his mouth, tears falling from his eyes. He closed his eyes and stood up, walking away while running his hands through his hair. “Baby, no no no!” Bucky said, wiping the blood from your lips with his thumb.
You could tell he was scared, so you tried to hold on. You were not dying. “It’s okay, it’s okay.” you replied so he could know you were going to be okay. “I love you.” You cried, tears falling down your face and colliding with the small streams of blood. “NO!” Bucky yelled slightly. He couldn’t lose you. The team watched, their hearts sinking. “Oh my god.” Bruce whispered. “No, no no no! NO, NO!” He yelled looking around to see if anyone was coming to help, but they all stared with sadness in their eyes.
He looked down at you again. “Hey, oh shit!” His heart was racing. “It’s just a little blood, doll.” He whispered, wiping the blood and tears from your face. “Let’s go home.” you reached up and grabbed his face. “I can go home.” your eyes were closing on their own, and you kept forcing them open. But now matter how hard you fought, and how close Bucky held you, your eyes slipped close, and your hands on his face fell. “No, come on. Please!” He begged, picking you up and holding you in his lap. He rocked back and forth with your lifeless body in his arms.
Wanda covered her mouth, tears streaming down her cheeks. Tony stared in shock. Sam couldn’t even look, and Bruce fell to his knees. Natasha looked at the man who killed Y/N, anger in her eyes. “How could you?” She yelled, pushing Steve off, and punching the guy in the face. “Look what you’ve done!” She demanded, holding his now broken face to see the sad sight of Bucky sobbing with the love of his life dead in his arms. Steve stood up, out of breath, and realizing what had happened. “I tried Bucky. I really tried.”
Bucky continued to cry, and he didn’t care who saw. He just wanted you, no needed you back.
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thelastavenger-3000 · 3 days ago
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x Reader, Avengers x Reader
Featuring: GoTG, Peggy Carter
Warnings: Angst, sad I suppose
Summary: 2 years after her death, your struggling even more. And it’s killing the team to keep their secret. (I changed Endgame because I can. Come at me. I might make it into chapters.)
‘It can’t be undone’ she said
*2 years ago*
You had gone through years with her. Years with the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy. You had gone through love with her. You had gone through the 5 years with her. You had gone to Vormir with her. Yet you had won the final fight without her.
When you all came back from the time travel success you had to try and keep yourself from collapsing. You saw the others standing with smiles on their faces but all you saw was her. Her lips and eyes pleading you to let her go. Her body descending forever. And her sprawled out onto the floor, a pool of blood surrounding her head confirming Natasha Romanoff no longer wondered the earth.
“Are you telling me this actually worked?” Rhodey questioned, followed by Thor’s wheezy laugh. Their faces became confused when they heard a long bang. You have dropped down onto your knees, stone in hand and body wet from wherever you had been teleported to after she had sacrificed herself.
“Y/n where’s Nat?” The big green guy said. Your eyes were stuck in front of you. A sorrowful look on your face. You couldn’t even move. You couldn’t speak. You could’ve all been there for hours or seconds. But Steve lifted you up by your arms and tried to read your expression. With the help of Nebula you were taken to your bedroom you shared with Natasha. The both of them tried to gently take you to the bed but instead you walked shakily to the bathroom and shut the door. Of course Steve was upset. He had a lost a part of his family. He had shed tears while he walked with you. He could only imagine what the scene must’ve been for yourself. The unspoken news of his friends death was indescribable, but having to be there in an unimaginable situation would’ve been even harder. And he understood that. Nebula grieved, she barely knew the woman. But she grieved. She saw the distraught and pain on your face and in your eyes. She placed her hand on Steve’s shoulder and took him out of your room.
In the bathroom you had caged yourself into. You had your hand gripped to the sink. Your eyes trained to the sink bowl. Your eyes drifted to the left for you where her makeup and hairbrush had been layed out this morning. You took a step back, nervously clasping your hands together. You tried to calm down before someone got hurt. You looked down at your hands and you were maintaining some level of sanity before you remembered that your hand had let her go. If anyone would walk past your bedroom door, they were bound to hear glass smashing and screams and words of anguish.
You didn’t speak to anyone. You completely shut yourself down. The only reason you spoke to someone was to communicate over the earpiece when you were fighting. There was a short debate over the coms as to who was going to steal the stones from Thanos. You nearly went into a fit of rage and upset before Carol ordered you to look into her eyes. Your excuse to use the stones was so you could be with her again. When Tony clicked his fingers the enemy became dust, and the world became a little more louder and a bit more lighter. The battlefield was filled with new and old faces. Tony’s snap had been so powerful he was able to bring back the people that mattered the most to those around him. Steve had Peggy in his tired arms. Clint had Laura and his children. Wanda had Vision. Quill had Gamora. Thor had his mother and brother back. Tony had Pepper. He was unharmed and Bruce’s arm had healed. Everyone had someone. You had someone. You had your whole family. But your special someone was Natasha. You had never felt so lost. Natasha would be holding you, you holding her. She would tuck your head into her shoulder while letting your arms envelope around her. But all you got were sad looks.
Some of the ‘newbies’ had questioned their closest. After a lot of loud whispering, there was silence. The battlefield was silent in memory of Natasha. The only noises were the hundreds of sniffles and sobs of those who had the news broken to them. The dying fires crackling. The next minute footsteps were approaching you. You had internally begged for it to be Natasha. But you looked up to see a short boy. His suit red and blue with a spider on it. His brown curly hair was tinted with grey. His teary eyes gave you the saddest smile before and steadily put his arms around your shoulders. You accepted the young boys embrace. You were thankful for it.
The news were around the place as quick as they could’ve been. Pictures were taken. Statements were took. The public had tried to surround the heroes but were pushed away by the helping police. It has been released to the enormous crowd that one of the most heroic heroes had died. The crowds became distraught. They sounded like how you felt inside. They tried to surround you and shout out their condolences but you kept walking. Where to? Who knows.
*2 years later/present time*
You spoke to no one. You spoke out in bursts of anger. Anger if someone tried to tell you to come away from your desk and to stop working and trying to find a way. Peggy, Steve’s wife, had became close to you. She understood how it felt to lose a loved one. She understood she wasn’t Natasha. She understood why you were working yourself so hard. She would never judge you, if you looked all disheveled or smelt from not taking a shower. She encouraged you to do your best, but she never pushed you. 2 years ago, you found a solution to stop Thanos. 2 years ago you lost her. 2 years ago Steve returned the stones. You haven’t been able to go through any videos or voice messages of her. Just a photo that you have framed. There were and still are memorials for her, but you would never attend any.
You had only cried to yourself. But right now you were on the edge of having a definite breakdown. Tony and the whole team of Avengers, Wakanda, GotG and Carol had wanted to check in as you had been back to Vormir. Which you greatly regret. Scott had made an extra time travel refill for you. All you were told by red skull was a ‘soul for a soul’. You argued with a ghost. You lashed out a ghost. You didn’t dare look to the edge. Knowing you would either throw yourself of or cry so much you wouldn’t be able to move.
They all met you at the Compound. At the platform that sat on top on the lake.
Tumblr media
Steve and Peggy. Tony and Pepper. Rhodes. Bucky and Sam. Clint and Laura. Thor and Loki. Bruce. The Guardians were there. Rocket was by your side. Peter was there with Happy. Carol was at the edge of the platform. Wanda and Vision. And the rest were all there. You had your back turned to them. You were silent trying to understand why they all had such guilty faces, except Thor. They all had a secret. One they had agreed to not tell you, for fear it may completely break you. But they decided enough was enough. They had to tell you.
“Look we need to get her back to stop this shit with the Avengers get it together.” Thor spat at Steve, as he still saw him as the Captain.
“Can’t get her back.” You spoke up, causing everyone’s attention on the two of you.
“Wh..wha..what are you..?” Thor mumbled out.
“It can’t be undone. It can’t.” You said quietly looking at him from over your shoulder.
He laughed at your words before saying, “Look.. I, I’m sorry but your a very earthly being okay, we’re talking about space magic and can’t seems very definitive. Don’t you think?”
“Yeah look I know that I’m way outside my.. my paid rate here. But she still isn’t here is she?” You said. Tony took of his sunglasses, getting upset.
“Yeah well that’s my point.” Thor said in a hushed manner.
“It can’t.. be undone.” Your voice cracking, your tears had crawled their way down your face now. “Or that’s at least what the red floating guy had to say. Maybe you wanna go talk to him. Ok, go grab your hammer and you go find him you talk to him!” You yelled at him. He looked down to the floor. You shouldn’t be angry with him. He missed Natasha. But you couldn’t help it.
“It was supposed to be me.” You admitted with a breaking voice. Bucky let a tear fall freely from his eye. “She sacrificed her life for that goddamn stone, she bet her life on it.” You started to breakdown in the middle of everyone. Angry at how she could’ve died for nothing. How it wasn’t supposed to be like this. Even Wanda began to breakdown. She felt your pain from far away. Your longing. And your grieving. Rockets fur was wet as he was upset just like everyone else.
He couldn’t take it anymore. The lies. Not the acting. But the lies. Clint stood up and said, “Y/n we’ve been lying to you. Natasha is here. She’s perfectly fine. She’s alive. You just can’t see her.” No one else bothered to look up as he said what was needed to be said. You slowly turned around to him. “What?” Was all you could choke out. Steve stood up and walked towards you before keeping a distance. “When I returned the stone. He told me that we could all get her back, after all it was a soul for a soul. But the one who travelled there has been cursed. You can’t see or hear her and I don’t know if you ever will. But she’s alive.”
You took time to observe his words.
She was standing in front of you. Her arms crossed but her eyes were stuck on your face that was wet from the tears you had cried. Your eyes brows moving in a sorrowful way. She wasn’t crying for herself no. She cried for you. For your pain. She had never seen you so upset. And because she had been with you ever since she got back, she’s had to watch you cry almost every day.
Natasha wishes you could see her. She has been next to you this whole time. She was gone a few hours and then she was back. She couldn’t find you and instead ran into Sam who held her tightly. Instead she sped off to Tony’s cabin where she found Bucky and Steve, who explained everything.
She wishes you could hear how proud she is of you. She wishes you didn’t have to see you break yourself and live in your mental anguish. It hurt her. Every night you fell asleep at your desk, she would drape a blanket over you, and almost cry at your confused state in the morning of who had been to your office and covered you.
She wishes you hadn’t been traumatised by her silly yet heroic actions. She wishes she could tell you how much she loves you and how she wants to be held by you and she wants you to be able to hear her words, “I love you.” The others heard it. But they didn’t dare tell you.
She wishes there was a way.
If you would like a part 2, let me know.
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I think... everyone deserves a chance to prove themselves- Natahsa Romanoff x Fem!Teen!Reader, Wanda Maximoff x Fem!Teen!Reader (Platonic/Familial)
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Summary: Natasha runs into someone from the Red Room, Natasha gets defensive, Y/n just wants to be good but doubts she can be.
A/n: Did I just decide to write one of my prompts on my own free will. Yeah I did. If you want to request any story, check my masterlist post that is linked above. As always italicized words mean flashbacks. Bold words are a different language (Russian in this case). Also we are just gonna pretend Wanda is in her 30s right before Civil War happens just for this story.
Warnings: Langauge, mentions of guns
》* 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ • 。* 。° 。* 。 • ˚* 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ •《
I've got to run. That's all I need to do at the moment. If I stop running, they are going to get me again. I keep telling myself this. If I don't, I'm going to stop. All of the sudden I fall down. Damn it, I ran into someone. I look around frantically making sure no ones found me. After looking around I see a hand offering to help me up. I hesitantly take the hand, and stand up. "I-I'm sorry, I didn't realize there was someone in front of me. Please forgive me." I say quickly, and with a Russian accent. The woman in front of me looks shocked. "I knew I should've went the other way. Now I look crazy from running like crazy." I mumble. "What's your name and why are you running." The woman in front of me asks sternly. "I promise I mean no harm. I'm just trying to get away from my past." I say. "That doesn't answer my question, kid." She says, once again seeming stern. "I-I am Y/n Y/ln and I'm running away from the people who took me when I was younger..." I pause for a moment, before continuing what I was going to say. "The Red Room." She looks at my shocked. "I can help you but you need to trust me real quick." The mysterious woman tells me. "That's fine, just please help.
Not even 20 minutes later we arrive at a tall looking building. "Woah, this building is so tall!" I exclaim in Russian. "Isn't it? It's fancier on the inside." She repeats back to me in Russian. I look at her confused. She nods for me to follow her. When we get in, I see 3 other people in what I guess is the main room. "Nat, who did you bring with you?" The guy with his bow and arrow out asks. "Yeah, dear. Who did you bring?" The brunette with an accent asks her. The guy with really long blonde hair just looks at me. I try to hide behind "Nat" but she just starts talking. "Her name is Y/n Y/ln and she was running when she bumped into me. She said she was running from the Red Room."
They all look at me with sadness in their eyes. I look at them because I still don't know who they are. "I don't know who any of you guys are." I say quietly. The woman who brought me here speaks up first. She also takes the brunette's hand and brings her to be right next to her. "I'm Natasha Romanoff, and this is my girlfriend, Wanda Maximoff." Natasha tells me. "I'm Thor!" The man with the long blonde hair announced. "I'm Clint Barton. You'll probably meet the rest of us later." He says. "There's more of you?" I ask slightly nervous. "Yes but don't worry, you'll be fine." Wanda assures me.
That was 3 months ago. I seemed to have blended into this crazy family. Wanda and Natasha are like the mom's I've never had. And I'm glad about it. Everyone's been nothing but kind and understanding to me. Tony likes to teach me about engineering, Clint teaches me how to shoot a bow and arrow (as he put it so I learned something other than using a gun), Bruce teaches me science. Pietro helps me train. They all do something to help me out.
Today is Wanda and Natasha's anniversary and I wanted to get them something. I know that's not what you normally do, but I wanted to do this sooner than later. I look down at my lap where the bag is with adoption papers. I want to ask them if the want to adopt me. They come into the kitchen and see that I made them breakfast. "Oh sweetheart, you didn't have to do this for us." Natasha tells me. "Well I wanted to and I also wanted to give you both something." I hand the bag over to Wanda and Natasha gives me a look. Wanda opens the bag and looks at the papers. She starts to cry. "Oh Y/n. Are you sure?" She asks me through the tears. That makes Natasha silently ask me what I did. "You guys have basically been like my mother's since I arrived here. I wanted to make that a little more offical. I don't know of I proved myself of love but if you guys wanted to, there are the papers to adopt me." I say with a smile. Both of them are now in tears. Natasha comes over to me and gives me a kiss on my head. "I think... everyone deserves a chance to prove themselves. And you definitely have done that." She tells me. "Y/n, we would be happy to adopt you." She says with a smile. My life has finally started going up hill.
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