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#cloak and stagger

Jaune: fuck!



Jaune: aaaah!

Weiss: WHHHHY!?


Jaune: *dying*

Elm: come on rookie its not that hot.

Jaune: FUUUCK!

Robyn: ha. Wimp.


May: hahahahahahah!

40 notes

Winter: *proud girlfriend face*

Fiona: only jaune can slap my ass

Weiss: *smiles at jaune*


Robyn: hes so getting laid tonighy

52 notes

Winter: *blushes* oh jaune.

Robyn: *smirks* all this for me?

Fiona: *blush* cute cries*

May: dude we should just get burgers

Harriet: (be professional hare, be professional)

34 notes

Ruby: hes not wrong.

Fiona: he got that cake.

May: and that ass is all mine

Robyn: accurate.

Elm: mmmm!

27 notes

May: *takes pics*


Nora: aw i want cuddles.

Weiss: *happy mom noises*

Blake: *blush* this is too cute

48 notes

Jaune: morning win

Winter: *sees jaune wearing nothibg but an apron* 🥵

Robyn: im gonna tear that boy up.

Jaune: hmm?

Jaune: hey fiona what do you want for breakfast

Fiona: *blush* big sausage.hrrn

May: jaune are you doing to me?😳

Jaune: i dont know what you mean.

Jaune: mornibg hare

Harriet: morning daddy! I mean jaune!

37 notes

May: its was nice of you to help move thses supplies.

Jaune: its the least i can do.

May: *tries lifting a heavy crate*

Jaune: here. Let me. *lift the crate easily*

May: *looks at the display of strength* i’m gonna rock his 6ft world.

Robyn: may you’re drooling

61 notes

Jaune being a “pure soul” decided to show whoever ships you want that he can tie a knot real quick

Would any of those ships react in a nsfw way?


dragonslayer, knightshade, rogue knight, cloak and stagger and sherwood knight

33 notes

robyn: hey there cowboy. you want me to be your cowgirl?

jaune: giddy up*

elm: nice digs.

jaune: uh thanks?

harriet: hey nice outfit rookie

jaune: thanks.

fiona: *smiles* i like your outfit jaune.

jaune: *smiles* im glad you like it.

may: hey can ride you cowgirl style

jaune: uuuuh what?

31 notes

jaune: im gonna pound you into the ground

may: promise?


52 notes

winter: oh dear.


fiona: oh no is he okay?

robyn: oh so thats what he meant by my leg hurts

vernal: i may have been a bit too rough

may: wait he can heal. he’ll be fine

38 notes

winter: oh… *pats his dead

vernal: HEY! I DIDNT SAY YOU CAN and your already asleep

robyn: fine i’ll be nice just this once

fiona: hmmm cute

may: *sigh* you’re lucky you’re cute

47 notes

fiona: blush* j-jaune?

yang: damn jaune you look hot.

may: mmm mama likey

blake: damn it jaune stop being hot!

vevlet: fuck hes hot!

37 notes

robyn: mother fucker.

may: how?

vernal: he makes it look so easy!

emerald: showoff.

blake: *rolls her eyes

41 notes

ruby: wow you gott nicer legs than yang.


weiss: fine you were right the dress does look better on you.




may: *wearing a suit* this doesnt feel akward at all

52 notes


jaune: you okay?

may: im good

40 notes

may: *pins him to the wall* COMMIT!

blake: (oh gods hes gonna have his way with me just like in my hentai

yang: oh.


fiona: baaaa

ruby: *blush* eep!

60 notes

yang: jesus

fiona: calm down sweetie


may: laughs hee ass off

nora: ahhahqhq

blake: oh my god

35 notes

jaune: *shirtless* sorry i woke up late. i was up all night doing stuff

may:*wearing his shirt* im stuff

jaune: *blush*

69 notes