ghooost · 2 days ago
DP requests
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criticalrolestims · a day ago
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Caleb Widogast: Origins board for myself
X.X.X | X.X.X | X.X.X
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guardianrex · 2 days ago
Dannymay 12,022 Anthropocine Era, ao3
Clockwork turned their gaze from the many screens before them to their sibling, nebulae and stars stretched out across one of their couches. “Thank you, Nocturne, the transfer back to their own universe appears to have gone rather smoothly. You have my thank, and should the opportunity arise without threat to Time, a favor owed.”
“So specific, can a sibling not simply perform a favor for their sibling?” The bone white theater mask that was Nocturne's face twisted into a wicked smile. “It was only a transferal of a few minds from one universe to your little simulation and back. That is hardly worth reciprocation, or strict debt collection.”
“Well, you’ve certainly left me with something to work around,” said the Ghostwriter, floating with his legs crossed while he typed away at his Quantum Keyboard. A mug of steaming hot coffee floated to his lips and he sighed. “Explosive hot sauce? Really?”
“Perhaps I applied a touch of dream logic, so what? It was hardly real to begin with.”
“If you put them back correctly then it was very real to four children. If unchecked they’ll see through it and we may very well have ruined the next little king.”
“Worry not, Andrew,” Clockwork said, patting the writer on the shoulder. “I trust that you can retroactively make sense of the nightmare made real that we put Daniel through.”
The Ghostwriter huffed and rolled his eyes. “Thank you for the confidence, but you should have come to me in the first place for this little trial. Facing a dark reflection of yourself and all you fear is a classic story and the both of you convoluted it near incomprehensibly. For one thing, the explosion should come from the ecto-filtrator, it’s already primed to detonate.” Andrew muttered to himself as he got to work, and Clockwork chuckled to themself.
“All is as it should be.”
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bingobongocheerio · 19 hours ago
Sally: [holding an acorn] What's this?
Y/N: A tree.
Sally: Really?
Y/N: In a nutshell, yeah.
Clockwork: Stop it.
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1princessbeast · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Man, Fenton has some weird guardians for parent teacher day…
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its-rat-time-babey · 3 months ago
Videos taken in Amity Park tend to become corrupted once they leave Amity Park. The entire thing seems normal while you’re in Amity but once you leave the video warps and corrupts and gains a sort of Analog Horror vibe with sudden cuts to things that were never recorded, videos looping on random parts, random corruption and strange whispering heard throughout the entire thing. It gets worse if a ghost was caught on video before leaving Amity Park because their ghostly aura corrupts the video further, adding random connections to the ghost’s origin, obsession and core. (Example: a video that briefly caught Ember on camera may suddenly cut to scenes of a burning building, sometimes showing a figure resembling a living Ember trying (and failing) to escape the blaze. The video will also contain distorted singing and/or a ghostly voice begging the viewer not to forget about her.) A large amount of stores in Amity Park sell things to counteract this.
You get a similar effect if you set a radio or old tv to static and go near a ghost. Their aura will warp the static and create “Ghost Noises”. Every ghost creates different noises and you can usually figure out what ghost is nearby based on what noises you hear in the static.
If Ember is nearby the you’ll hear a mix of distorted singing and a crackling fire. It may also play music sung by Ember on occasion.
Technus’s presence generates morse code and noises that, when made into a spectrogram, show detailed blueprints for electrical machines invented in the late 1800s. The blueprints are extremely detailed and are all labeled “PROPERTY OF NICOLAI TECHNUS”. The machines range from radios to induction motors to something that looks like an early prototype of a computer with internet capabilities. Most machines have already been invented by other people, but the blueprints seen here are all dated years before those machines were invented.
If you’re listening while Skulker is nearby you’ll hear the sounds of machines wiring and inconsistent beeping. This is the suit giving off ectoplasmic signals and ghost noises as it moves around. Skulker himself is too small and weak for their ghost noises to be heard.
Spectra’s ghost noises sound like whispering. It’s impossible to make out what exactly the whispers are saying but some have claimed that the whispers addressed them by name, mentioned their families or said things regarding their personal lives with frightening accuracy.
On the rare occasions that Sydney Poindexter is wandering around you’ll hear muffled sobbing. Faint whispering, similar to the noises of Spectra can also be heard in the background.
Youngblood’s ghost noises are mostly silent, but occasionally the very faint sounds of tires screeching followed by a crash can be heard.
Most animalistic ghosts (think Ectopuses, Shadow, Cujo, etc) create faint growling noises, usually the same kind of noises that the creature itself makes.
Johnny and Kitty sound like a mix of engines, tires screeching and gunshots. Faint growling, similar to the sound Shadow makes can also be heard on rare occasions.
The Box Ghost generates the sounds of heavy machinery. If you listen carefully, you can hear someone that sounds like the box ghost arguing with an unknown person in the background.
Phantom creates a noise that sounds like either ice cracking or electricity with extremely slowed screaming noises that, when sped up, sound exactly like Danny’s ghostly wail.
Plasmius creates the sound of acid sizzling as it dissolves something, along with the sounds of fire and extremely slowed down screaming.
The Fright Knight’s ghost noises aren’t like the other ghosts. While other ghost noises are partially obscured by static, The Fright Knight’s ghost noises are clear and unobscured by any static or outside interference, sounding like loud, maniacal laughter with the sounds of buildings crumbling, people screaming, and ghost speak as a constant chant plays In the background, detailing the horrors of the lord of the dead; King Pariah and how to summon him, along with the consequences of making a deal with him.
While no one has ever heard the ghost noises of of King himself, most items associated with him have their own ghost noises that most agree are pretty close to what he would have sounded like. They all sound like chanting. The chanting recalls tales of the ghost king’s cruelty and power. Those who listen quickly become drawn into it, eventually becoming fanatic worshipers of the King.
Clockwork creates the sound of a clock ticking.
Pandora’s ghost noises sound like war chants.
Nocturne creates no noise, but instead creates a sudden pause in the static and a strong feeling of sleepiness.
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chasingrabbits-art · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
DannyMay day 8: stained glass
A prophecy foretold
No dialogue in undercut
Tumblr media
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the-stove-is-on-fire · a year ago
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Existential Dread is my is my favourite Phandom flavour :)))))) Happy Dannypocalypse!!!
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creepy-spooghetti · 6 months ago
Things the Creeps find attractive
Hoody - If you wear glasses, that does it for him. You just look so. Freaking. Cute!
Masky - Very subtle, light makeup will make his heart go brrrr.
Jeff the Killer - Believe it or not, it's a major turn-on when you pet\play with Smile, or any other animals, for that matter.
Homicidal Liu - Oversized hoodies. No more needs to be said.
Sully - That's easy; if you retaliate when he flirts with you, he'll love it.
Ben Drowned - When you're willing to listen to him geek out about video games, he'll want to cuddle you so bad. Please let him.
Bloody Painter - He loves it when you talk about your passions. It could be anything. It's very alluring.
Clockwork - If you laugh so hard that food comes out of your nose, she'll get the sudden urge to marry you. It's very strange.
Jane the Killer - Oh please please please play with her hair.
Kagekao - When you do something dumb and then you're willing to laugh at yourself. He'll just jump right in and laugh along with you.
Zero - If you can stand up for yourself instead of wearing your heart on your sleeve, it's one of the most attractive things. Because she's going to tease and make fun of you a lot.
Eyeless Jack - Just listening to him vent is enough for him. Bonus points if you rub his head soothingly while he does so.
Ticci-Toby - He finds it adorable when you bite your lip and look to the side all bashful-like.
X-Virus - If you attempt to like the things he likes. It doesn't have to be anything big; maybe just his favorite type of candy. But he'll greatly appreciate the effort.
Jason the Toymaker - If you accept his frequent gifts with a warm, grateful smile, it'll make his heart sing.
The Puppeteer - When you blow a strand of hair out of your face whenever you're in deep concentration about something, he'll practically have hearts in his eyes.
Candy Pop - He loves it if you look deep into his eyes lovingly.
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ghooost · a month ago
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snackleggg · 5 months ago
Decided to jump onto the in-universe memes train because apparently memes are my speciality in this Phandom.
Anyway here are some Clockwork made because he is a total cryptid troll. He posted them under the username LiterallyTheMasterOfTime and all Amity Parkers are extremely confused.
Danny likes and has saved all of them.
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theshadowrealmitself · 27 days ago
Okay because I’m an absolute slut for stories that aren’t about prophecies or predetermined destinies or anything like that at all
I think it would’ve been cool if being halfas somehow kicked Vlad and Danny off Clockwork’s radar
Like it’s such a weird and improbable thing to happen that it’s fucking with his ability to see all the different timelines so for a majority of them, Clockwork can’t see anything
I just want Danny’s future to be so untold that even the dude responsible for seeing all futures can’t tell what’s gonna happen next
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we-serve-spirits · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
u walk in to him contemplating his orb, wyd
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intimidating-fettuccine · a month ago
[In a texting group chat]
Natalie: I mean, small creatures are just more vicious. Their anger has less space to be bottled up in.
Jeff: Give me some examples.
Natalie: Chihuahuas.
Toby: Wasps!
[Jeff liked Y/N’s message]
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steampunktendencies · 3 days ago
Sharing Enlightenment by artist Farid Ghanbari @RenderBurger
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eirian · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
peepaw clockwork
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purityoflust · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Not surprised, but kind of confused?
He doesn't eat. He can't eat, anyway.
He's extremely grateful, though.
Admires your skill.
Thanks you anyway
Unlike slendaddy, he can eat.
Sharp ass teeth mf.
Thanks you in a purr.
Happily eats.
He LOVES it.
He offers you a favorite colored rose as another thank you.
Luckily no strings attached, just a rose as a gift.
You let him give you one hug as long as he keeps his hands and tendrils to your abdomen.
He looks forward to you cooking for him in the future, if you're up for it.
He's a bit startled, but thankful.
"Thanks, doll."
He takes a slow first bite as you watch closely.
He sits there in silence for a moment before taking another bite.
And another.
And another.
Picking up pace with each bite.
You could swear his lidless eyes widened.
Next thing you both knew, his plate was empty.
A tint of pink crept up on his snow white cheeks as he looked away.
You take the plate with a smile.
He would love for you to cook for him again.
Playing video games in the living room as usual.
"Beeenn!" You cooed lovingly.
He turns his head to his left where you come from, plate full of food.
"Oh?" He rose a brow.
You lean down and set the plate beside him, resting a fork on the plate.
"Here you go, darling." You pat his head.
His blushes ever so slightly as he sets the controller down to his other side.
He lives off video game logic, so he technically doesn't need to eat.
But he can program himself to feel certain things, do certain things, etc.
So he can definitely consume and taste this.
You watch as he takes a bite.
His bloody eyes light up as he keeps eating and eating.
You giggle as you walk away.
Off to the next one.
Trying to do paperwork at the mostly empty dining room table.
The table only had him and a few others.
You walk up beside him and set a plate of his favorite breakfast beside him.
"Oh?" He looks to the plate.
Then to you.
He smiles under his mask before taking it off, "Thank you, Y/N."
You nod and pat his shoulder as you step back.
He takes the fork and eats slowly.
Then he takes another bite.
And another.
Faster than the other.
He loves it!
He makes humming noises to express his delight, devouring every single bite.
You feel relieved as he's pretty powerful among the others besides Slenderman.
You're happy you pleased him.
Doing work as well.
You come up behind him and wrap your arm around him to place the plate in front of him.
"Take a break." You speak softly.
You then wrap your other arm around him, gently taking his fabric mask from below and slowly lifting it up.
He relaxes his body and allows you.
"You've been working for hours."
You hug him softly from behind before pulling back and watching quietly.
He takes a bite.
He quickly consumes it all.
"M-mm- this is- really good. Thank you, Y/N."
You give him a plate of homemade waffles you had just fixed up for him.
He pulls down his mouth guard.
"Th-th-thank you, Y-Y/N." He twitches.
You giggle, 'You're welcome."
You gently rub his head.
He takes a forkful, only to eat as quickly as he can.
He's in love.
He devours it while you watch happily, proud of yourself.
"Oh, thank you."
She takes a sip of her coffee as you set the plate down in front of her.
She shoves her papers to the side.
She starts eating, immediately falling in love.
"This is so good! Thank you, Y/N!"
Proud of yourself once more. You love making them happy.
You know he isn't a fan of human food.
So you take the fresh kidneys of the victim in the torture room.
You season them lightly.
You take the plate to the eyeless demon in his bedroom.
You knock on the door.
"Yeah?" A gruff voice calls over from the other side.
"It's Y/N." You reply.
"Oh, come in."
You enter.
You step inside, going to Jack who sat on his bed criss cross.
You rest the plate of seasoned bloody kidneys onto his lap.
"Oh-" He had his mask off.
You smile, 'Enjoy."
He happily chowed right down, obsessed with whatever season you added.
I..he eats candy so you just give him that.
Loves it regardless.
Oh my God, she's a hassle to cook for!
But you know just what she likes.
You miss no detail, getting it just right.
Plate after plate, you give them to the little girl who eyed you with excitement.
You then place a cup of her favorite juice beside her.
You see her munch down as fast as she possibly could.
This honestly wowed the others.
She could make herself appear human. When she does so, she can eat.
"Thank you so much Y/N!!!"
You chuckle and pat her head.
She's simple.
She doesn't like anything big, so you just get her some hashbrowns with eggs.
You give her the plate with a cup of coffee.
She smiles.
"Thank you, Y/N."
She likes surprises.
You surprised her with a stack of fruity and chocolate chip pancakes with chocolate syrup.
You get her some mocha peppermint coffee, as well.
She was at first surprised when you came up to her.
But she chowed it right down.
She LOVES it.
She wants to make something for you next time.
Oh God she's gonna burn it, for sure.
Simple as well.
You just give her some eggs and bacon.
She's happy.
She eats anything she's given.
You don't know her that well, so you just give her basic stuff like pancakes with some bacon.
"......Thanks." She quietly replies.
You nod and make your way back to the kitchen.
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gr4v3gutz · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Drew this quickly so its kinda bad lmao
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silverwing013 · 2 months ago
Rewatching to refresh memory and had a fun discovery. Jazz's car that appeared in TUE, Jazz's car that appeared after TUE. Clockwork saved people from the Nasty explosion, not vehicles, so I guess that's why the change. And the plate says both are hers, not a borrowed one, so I suppose she used saved up money for a new one. The first makes me think teen's first car, an old used thing. So...upgrade.
(But, hell, that Fenton RV keeps on truckin' no prob)
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prof-shitpost · 4 months ago
personally I think I’d make a great DP villain because I too have exactly (1) obsession I model my entire (after)life on, monologue dramatically until someone pays attention and would throw hands with a 14 year old
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