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brittandbiscuits · 6 months ago
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Rip, Alt_Fives.
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ayo-cowbelly · 5 months ago
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its about drive its about power
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techissweet · 2 months ago
Beautiful art by @echo.base
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tuptastic · a month ago
Force sensitive clones except they keep it hidden until the war ends and its revealed by Rex force throwing Anakin in revenge for all the times the general had picked him up and tossed him around
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nibeul · 8 months ago
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[Image Description: It’s a drawing of Ahsoka Tano and Rex post Order 66. Both are wearing ponchos and facing slightly to their right. Rex’s hair is longer, showing visible curls, and he is glancing off to his right. Ahsoka is wearing the leather headpiece from Season 7 and is looking directly at the viewer with a tired expression. Shadow is halfway cast over both of them. /End ID]
society if these two hadn’t split up after O66…
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noanieactuallydrawingalot · 2 months ago
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Felt like fanart today, what can I say?
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suck-a-egg · 2 months ago
Rex: That sounds like a terrible plan. The Bad Batch: Oh, we've had worse.
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alamogirl80 · 11 days ago
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Rex and Jesse just got through sparring and Rex schooled him. And he’s pointing out the flaws in Jesse’s attack.
Didn’t get this finished for May the Fourth, so Happy belated Star Wars day!
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middimidoris · 4 months ago
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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. 🎄
Ko-Fi commission for my friend. Thank you for the support!
Instagram and Twitter - @MiddiMidori
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thebaddestofbatches · a month ago
Rex: What happened?!
Fives: Do you want the long version or the short version?
Rex: Sh-short??
Fives: Shit's fucked.
Rex: Okay, long.
Fives: Shit's very fucked.
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jetiisse · 3 months ago
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Hey everyone! I’ve got two new pins up for preorder, one Rex and one Ahsoka, which I suppose means I’m expanding these art nouveau/deco pins into a proper series!! These will be 1.5″ hard enamel pins with gold plating. They’re up for $16 CAD/about $12.50 USD. 
Preorders will run for two weeks until Feb. 25. They will be expected to ship in late April/early May. You may also notice that I’ve switched to Etsy for this run, which I’ve done to make shipping upgrades available at checkout in case you want to track your package! 
Grab em at https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/echofromthemill!
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misscorp · a year ago
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ayo-cowbelly · 10 months ago
george lucas really combined lasers, wizard knights, space, political thrillers and full house on crack and we all just hyperfixated on it huh
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mandalorianbrainweasel · 2 months ago
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@codex-week day 3: Sun and Moon
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luxris · 8 months ago
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Ko-fi sketch commission of Bad Batch Rex!
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nibeul · a year ago
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was talking about stretch marks over discord and I decided to do some wind down sketches of Cody and Rex before working on an essay. I’m enjoying being a little messier with my style :)
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fivesblaster · a month ago
fives: *rummaging through the cabinets*
rex: what are you up to, fives?
fives: the snack needs a snack
rex: ....the..what?
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suck-a-egg · 2 months ago
rex drunk out of his mind, seeing a banana on the car seat: What the FUCK?? rex who should probably have alcohol poisoning, buckling the banana up: Fucking buckle UP, it’s the LAW!
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clone-cognoscenti · 3 months ago
Hardcase: The chef won’t let us into the cafeteria anymore, not unattended.
Echo: What, why?
Rex: They keep stealing utensils, they were warned to stop.
Fives: *leaning over to whisper* It’s a whisk we’re willing to take.
Tup: *aggressively smacks Fives*
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zoeykallus · 4 months ago
Clones asking you for a date (approaching you) at the 79's:
Tumblr media
Some Of Our Favorite Clones x Reader (pick up at 79')
Warnings: Partly slightly suggestive
Tumblr media
Rex: creeps around you for quite a while and doesn't quite know how to address you.... When he finally does, he is prepared, well dressed, has used aftershave and has some pick up lines ready. But when he approaches you and you look up to him, his head is completely empty. He can't think of any of the cool phrases he had ready and just stares at you for a moment. Finally, however, he decides on a simple variant and asks you outright: "May I invite you to dinner?"
Fives: sees you, knows immediately he wants you and goes straight to you. He is not shy, maybe still a little nervous, because he finds you just insanely awesome, but he walks towards you with a disarming smile that you can hardly resist from the get-go.
"Hello beauty? Can I buy you a drink? By the way, a no is not acceptable" He is also one of those who are most likely to kiss you on the first night. Depending on what signals you give him, you can also expect more.
Wolffe: takes his time, watching you from a distance for quite a while, almost a bit like a stalker, maybe even for several days. He proceeds methodically, noting which drinks you like, who you talk to and to which music you tap your foot or maybe even go on the dance floor. Finally, he asks the DJ for one of the songs you like, sits down next to you at the bar and simply orders you one of your favorite drinks without being asked. "I'm Wolffee. What's your name?"
Cody: is actually not necessarily shy but unexpectedly awkward. He speaks directly to you, gets flustered with his words, laughs nervously and hopes you won't be put off by it. He makes a joke or two, finally introduces himself and asks for your name. "Y/N, would you go out with me?"
Hunter: tries to approach the matter calmly and serenely, which also works quite well, until you look at him with a flash of your eyes and he starts to sweat. You make him nervous, his senses are flooded by your wonderful scent, the tender sound of your heartbeat and the irresistible smile on your lips. He would love to just kiss you, but he pulls himself together. Should you be so bold and brave to leave the 79's with him this evening, and get involved with him, you can prepare yourself for a hot evening.
Crosshair: knows what he wants and that is you. He makes no secret of it and addresses you directly. He is very direct and now it depends on you. Whether you react shyly at first or go straight for it, as long as you don't reject him outright, sooner or later that night you'll be sitting in a separee, his hand in your panties heating you up and his mouth on your ear whispering dirty, sweet little nothings to you. One of the things he'll whisper to you will be a description of how he wants to drive you crazy in the sheets.
Tech: is initially overwhelmed and tries to proceed methodically, similar to Wolffee. However, he turns around several times and changes his mind when he tries to approach you. You will notice sooner or later and when you do, you should take the lead because Tech is just too shy and insecure. But as soon as you ask if you can sit at his table and engage him in conversation, he will open up and enjoy your company. Finally he asks you for a date, because now he knows that you obviously like him too.
Echo: he is very reserved. Seeks your proximity, but does not address you for a long time. At some point he casually engages you in conversation, he is so incredibly nice, sweet and a total gentleman. You talk for hours, the whole evening and when it's time to say goodbye, he finally comes out with "I had a great evening and would like to repeat that. Maybe we'll go out sometime?" Clever Boy.
Wrecker: is not really shy but similarly awkward as Cody. However, he is more playful, manages to engage you in conversation by showing you little tricks with his beverage cup, inviting you to play darts and accidentally splitting the dartboard with a too hard throw. The whole evening is playful and funny. The question if you want to go out with him he just throws in between, almost casually, that doesn't mean he doesn't care, not at all, that's just his chaotic way. You have fun, he paid attention to that and that you are safe. With him at your side, no one dares to approach you indecently anyway.
Hardcase: is so confident that it's actually almost annoying. He just walks up to you, puts an arm around your shoulder and says, "Hey beauty, doing okay?"
There are only two options, respond positively or blow him off right away. But as soon as you react positively you won't be able to get rid of him for the rest of the evening, as well as every other night he sees you at 79's.
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