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no, I will not be taking criticism 
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Comforting Commander Cody Part 2
Tumblr media
After having to endure a brutal senate meeting, Commander Cody seeks comfort
Author’s note:
This was a request from @ttzamara who asked for a more dom!reader and sub!cody dynamic. When I tell you this is pure filth for the most part I mean it. Absolute filth. While it is technically a prequel for A Sniper’s Competition, it can be read independently from that story. I hope you all enjoy this and please let me know if you have any other Cody or Fives requests!
Mando’an translations:
Mesh’la: beautiful
Al’verde: Commander
Aikiyc: desperate
Ner jate verd: my good soldier
Gedet’ye: please
PART 1 of Comforting Commander Cody
The softness of the knock on my door should have been the first thing that alerted me to something being wrong. No one on a military base knocked softly. I called for the person to come in and as the door whooshed open, I took in a bucketless Commander Cody.
“Al’verde,” I purred. “Wasn’t expecting to see you back on Coruscant so soon.”
Normally, hearing his title in Mando’an would have had Cody crossing the room as quickly as possible to pin me to a wall, but he didn’t move. His gaze was a bit glassy, like he wasn’t completely seeing the room in front of him.
“Cody?” I questioned, standing quickly and stepping in front of him. “Cody, what’s going on?”
He let out a heavy sigh.
“I’m tired,” he said simply like that explained everything. I glanced back to my bed.
“Did you need to sleep? I know my bed is more comfortable than the regulation cots. You can bunk with me for the night.”
He shook his head.
“No, I’m tired of everything.”
I reached up and pressed my hand to his cheek. He leaned into the touch, a ragged breath leaving him.
“What brought this on?” I asked softly. I didn’t like seeing my usually confident and commanding friend like this.
“They made me report to another senate meeting,” he answered. I tensed. Senate meetings weren’t fun for a normal person but for a clone? They were demeaning and terrible to experience. Having a group of people talk about you as if you’re nothing but an expendable droid for them to control tends to take a toll.
Being the highest ranking clone in the GAR, Cody had to occasionally go through the gauntlet of giving status reports. These meetings had normally made him angry, resulting in his domineering side to shine in bed afterwards, but the Cody in front of me looked defeated. I waited quietly, knowing he would continue when he was ready.
“They want to fund more clones and they want to speed up the process,” he said, gaze going hazy again. “We don’t even get a childhood and they want to accelerate us even more. They didn’t even ask me what I thought, just made me listen. What’s the point of being in charge if I can’t make a difference for my own brothers?”
Reaching out I yanked him into my room, pressing the button to shut the door behind us. What Cody was saying bordered on treason and I didn’t want anyone to hear it.
“Cody, look at me,” I commanded. When he didn’t, I gripped his chin and harshly pulled his head to look into my eyes.
“You are an amazing Commander. You do everything you can for your men. I absolutely hate that you guys don’t have the rights you deserve or the chance to live normal lives, but that is not your fault. Do you hear me?”
He didn’t verbally answer me, just a small nod.
“I need you to use your words, mesh’la,” I told him. This was the opposite of our usual dynamic, but he needed to get this off his chest before he went back onto the battlefield. He let out a startled grunt at my term of endearment.
“I hear you,” he confirmed quietly. His hand gripped the wrist that held his chin, but it wasn’t to remove it, it was just to have something to hold onto. An anchor.
His eyes slowly roamed my face before landing on my lips. With a gentleness that wasn’t normal for him, he leaned in and pressed his lips to mine.
It was a kiss full of soft caresses, one unlike any I’d shared with him before.
“Mesh’la,” he breathed as he pulled away slightly. “I don’t want to be in charge tonight.”
“You sure?” I questioned, wanting his full consent. Cody craved control. For him to give it up willingly was not something I’d be taking lightly.
He nodded his affirmation and I pulled away from him, leaving my hand on his chin to keep his eyes on mine.
“You will call me ma’am and if it becomes too much at any time then you say meiloorun. Understood?”
The safe word made him crack a smile, just like I’d hoped it would.
“Remove your kit and then lay on the bed soldier,” I demanded.
“Yes ma’am,” he said while slowly working to remove the latches of his kit. I didn’t know if he was stalling on purpose or still in a funk so I decided to add some incentive. I inched next to him, leaning closer to his ear and whispered;
“If that kit isn’t off in the next minute, then I’ll be the only one cumming tonight.”
The only time I’d ever seen a kit removed faster was after Fives had hidden a bunch of bugs in Echo’s armor. Cody might have beaten that record because he rapidly unlatched everything and let it fall to the ground before climbing onto the bed.
He laid there in just his blacks, cock already straining against the tight fabric. As I approached him I stripped off my shirt, leaving me in a bra and tight leggings. When I reached him, I gave his cock the lightest of caresses with my nails. At my touch his hips jolted with a sharp inhale.
“Are you going to be a good boy for me, Soldier?” I questioned, letting my fingers trail up his abdomen and chest.
“Yes,” he breathed as I traced over his neck. My grip tightened on his chin, forcing his head to look at me again.
“Yes what?” I questioned, voice full of authority. His gaze became molten.
“Yes, ma’am.”
I threw my leg over his trim waist and straddled him. Lightly, I ground against his hardened cock and leaned in to whisper in his ear.
“Such a good boy.”
The tiniest of groans left him at my words and I saw a flash of shock in his eyes. He was surprised he’d liked the praise so much.
I captured his lips with mine, tongues mingling between us as I worked the top half of his blacks up his abdomen. His hands roamed my hips, grabbing hold of my backside and pulling me as close as possible against his straining duck. We broke apart as I got the top over his head. I grabbed hold of his hands and moved them over his head. I held his wrists in my hands as I ground against him.
“If you touch me,” I started with a wicked gleam in my eyes, “then I’ll stop what I’m about to do. Understand?”
“Yes, ma’am,” he breathed. I released his hands and lowered myself down his body. With what I knew would be an infuriating slowness, I slid his blacks down his hips until his dick sprang out. It was already hard and leaking, making my mouth water for him. His heated gaze was focused solely on me, and I could tell he was putting all of his focus into not reaching down and pulling me onto his dick like he normally would.
“Look at you, so aikiyc for me to touch you,” I murmured as I slid my hands up his thighs. Cody groaned at the mando’an term. It didn’t matter what roll he was in, mando’an turned him on when it was used in bed.
“Ner jate verd,” I groaned as I finally took him into my hand. His hips jolted at the firm pressure that surrounded him now. I kept my stroking slow, teasing him until he was moaning without abandon. My tongue circled around his tip, lapping up the precum leaking from him. I moaned at the taste while my lips were just barely wrapped around him but it made him loose a stuttering breath from the vibration.
“Gedet’ye,” he pleaded, hips rising to try and get more of himself in my mouth.
“Please what? What does my good boy want?” I asked him, continuing my teasing strokes.
“Please suck my cock, ma’am. Please, I'm begging you.”
He was still begging when I took him completely down my throat and the sound that left him made me gush. I bobbed my head slow and deep, giving him what he wanted, but not completely.
“Kriff, please please please faster mesh’la.”
My mouth came off of him immediately with a pop.
“What did you call me?” I questioned, stopping all movement of my hand on him. For the first time ever, I heard Cody whine. Not just a short whimper but a full, long, high pitched whine.
“Cody?” I demanded, squeezing him tightly at his base. “What did you just call me?”
He was panting by now.
“I’m sorry, ma’am. Please don’t stop.”
A contemplative expression came over me as I considered his request.
“You know what sweet boy?” I asked him as I stood. He looked like he was going to stroke out at the thought of me climbing off of him and leaving, but quickly calmed when he saw I was removing my leggings and underwear.
I straddled him and rocked against him, coating him with the wetness that had formed between my legs.
“I think it’s time for a little punishment.”
While I spoke, I reached between us and positioned him so I could slide down onto him. Both of us moaned at the connection.
“I don’t think this is much of a punishment,” he quipped. There was a bit of fire in his eyes that reminded me of his normal self.
“Talk back to me again and I won’t let you cum at all. I’ll just use you for my own pleasure and then leave,” I taunted. When I talked about using him, his duck twitched inside of me.
“Oh you liked that huh?” I asked as I ground my hips against his. ”Well then you’ll enjoy your punishment. I’m going to fuck you and you don’t get to cum until after I do.”
He cursed as I began riding him at a brutal pace. His teeth clenched together and I wasn’t sure if that was to keep control over himself or because he was trying not to outwardly beg.
“Let me hear you, Al’verde,” I coaxed, squeezing around him. He let out a long groan.
“Oh maker, please let me touch you,” he begged. I slowed my pace and leaned forward to lick up his neck before whispering in his ear.
“Touch me, Cody.”
His hands were on me instantly. They roamed everywhere. Over my breasts, tweaking my nipples, between my legs and over my hips.
“Rub my clit,” I demanded, feeling myself getting closer to the edge. His fingers slipped between my thighs without hesitation and began rubbing rapidly against the bud. I grabbed his other hand and slid his fingers into my mouth, rolling my tongue over them.
“I’m so close, please tell me your close,” he pleaded, breath short and quick.
“Don’t you dare cum,” I commanded as I got closer. I stopped my motions, letting myself grind against him as I went over the edge. His fingers kept going against my clit, working me through the orgasm. By the time I was coming down from my high, his hips were bucking against mine and pleas were falling from his lips.
“Fuck me, Cody. Finish yourself off,” I told him with a grin. With a roar he flipped me onto my back and drove back into me. His pace was unrelenting as he rammed into me with his face buried in my neck. His finger returned to my clit, rubbing furiously, building me back up to the edge quickly.
“Cum for me again, ma’am. Need to feel cum,” he gasped.
His words threw me over the edge again and I couldn’t help but scream his name. His hips began to stutter as I clenched around him and he groaned my name as he spilled into me.
We stayed in that embrace for a while, neither of us wanting or able to move just yet. Most of his weight had fallen onto me, but I didn’t mind it. His weight pressing into me was comforting. A reminder that he was there. When our breathing and heart beats had returned to normal, he rolled off of me. With a groan, he moved into a sitting position.
“What do you think you’re doing?” I questioned. His hazy and exhaustion filled gaze turned to me. Thankfully, this haze was one of satisfied pleasure and not anguish.
“Getting the towel to clean you up.”
“Nope,” I told him, grabbing his shoulder and pushing him back down onto the bed. “That’s my job this time. You stay put.”
On shaky legs, I stood and made my way to the refresher. I cleaned myself up first before taking a damp towel and going back to where he laid on the bed. I reached down to wipe around his dick when he groaned.
“You ok?” I asked, searching for some old injury I might have missed and aggravated.
“Just a bit sensitive,” he answered with a small huff of laughter.
“I’ll be gentle,” I promised before returning back to my mission. I gently cleaned the rest of him before tossing the towel into the refresher.
I laid down next to him and pulled him against me, wrapping my legs around his and pulling his head to my chest.
“Was that ok?” I asked him as I stroked through his short hair.
“More than ok,” he answered. “I’m not sure why I liked that, but-“
His words trailed off, his mind deep in thought.
“It doesn’t matter why,” I told him softly. “It’s perfectly ok to want that once in a while. Why do you think I let you do it to me?”
He still looked apprehensive. I sighed.
“Sometimes people like us, people whose whole lives revolve around being in complete and total control, need a break from that. We need someone else to take control for a little while and make us feel good that way. As long as you enjoyed it and it felt good then that’s all that matters.”
His arms wrapped around me and his head tilted up for a kiss. While this kiss was gentle like our first one of the night, it was one full of thanks rather than upset.
“Thank you, mesh’la,” he said quietly, a breath away from my lips. “Thank you for being here for me.”
“Always, Cody. Always.”
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The 501st trying to come up with a plan.
Rex: hmmm
Echo: hmmm as in professionally invested
Fives: hmmm as in absolutely reckless and ready to kick ass
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Tumblr media
[art], fox floating in space and looking restful
part of series  https://archiveofourown.org/series/2565433
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Clone Commander OC! Based on the 2003 Clone Wars series. Custom Clone Art commission. Notes/reblogs appreciated! DM Open & Commishes Closed<3 <3
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fox feeling foxy wip
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Cody and Obi-wan should get to be snarky petty bitches to each other at first sight, as a treat
The clone salutes. “CC-2224, sir; I’m your direct subordinate, commander of this unit. Sir.” He doesn’t drop his salute or move his eyes from straight ahead.
Obi-wan does not like rule-bound sticklers, and momentarily feels the urge to leave the man saluting. But that would be juvenile. “At ease, Commander…?”
The clone moves to a crisp at-ease posture. “Did you have a question, sir?” he asks, eyes no longer dead ahead. They rest levelly on Obi-wan’s face without making actual eye contact. This—infuriating…
“Your name, Commander?” he requests, coolly polite. He is not being snippy. He is attempting to extend the hand of goodwill to someone he needs a good working relationship with.
“CC, 22, 24,” the clone says, enunciating clearly and just a fraction more slowly than he’d spoken his serial number previously, with the barest trace of condescension.
Obi-wan seethes internally. He keeps it all off his face. “Very well. I am Obi-wan Kenobi—“
“I was given a dossier of your pertinent information, Sir,” the clone interrupts, steady and implacable. “Let us move on to business.” Again that bare hint of mocking hesitation. “Sir.”
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flashthescalesian-art · 4 months ago
I really looked at Commander Jax's character when I first made him and went "how can I make this man the most traumatized mess ever while still keeping him able to actually be a commander?"
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ok so in my sleep deprived state god sent me a message saying that I had to complete this chat set so here enjoy
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Ok fmd(get drunk with)
Oooh yeah some more clone love!! Especially for Gree and for a Legends character. However,
Marry: Howzer definite husband material. He’s the guy who has you back to your parents house at 9pm sharp! Very dedicated to his spouse and he’s the type who never forgets an important date or milestone
Fuck: Alpha-17. He’s a chonk, a real big boy. To be real though Alpha is such a loyal man at heart. So I have no worries that he would be attentive as a lover, even for a one-night stand he’s a gentleman.
Get drunk With: Commander Gree. He’s the kind of drunk that never stops talking. He would rave about all the different specifies he got to meet while fighting, and talk about his comrades.
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Tumblr media
Tyr thinks he is funny
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Promises (Thorn x reader)
---So I’ve been wanting to start writing fanfic again (I haven't actually written and posted something in like 5-6 years so don't judge too hard lol) and I feel like our boy Commander Thorn doesn't have enough love out there, so I decided to try and fix that a little bit, Anyway I hope you enjoy!! ☺️----
       It had just been one of those days. The type of days that made you tired on multiple levels. Nothing in particular had gone wrong per say. You had gotten up when your alarm had gone off, had a quick bite to eat and then were out the door to start the day. You had even decided to stop by your favorite coffee shop on your way to work to treat yourself to a cup of your favorite drink, and bought a sweet treat for later. And yet the day had just seemed to drag on and on. Maybe it was that one coworker being just a little more annoying than normal, or was it that your boss was complaining about deadlines again. Whatever it was, by the time you were on your way home, all you wanted to do was curl up on the couch and watch some stupid holovids and do absolutely nothing. 
As you finally got to your apartment and kicked your shoes off into the corner to be forgotten until you inevitably tripped on them later, your mind wandered to what Thorn was doing. You hadn't talked to him in a couple of days, but that wasn't out of the ordinary, with how busy he always was. You tried not to worry about him too much, but it was hard not to given his job, and the crap he deals with on a daily basis. You had met him a couple of months ago, and had become quick friends. He often teases that you literally swept him off his feet, as you met when you hit him with a door. You had been walking out the door, while he had been coming in, and with neither of you paying any attention to your surroundings it ended up with him on the ground, and you profusely apologizing. You convinced him to let you buy him a cup of caf as an apology, and ended up talking for way too long. Next thing you both knew, one caf date had turned into meeting up whenever the other one had time, and somewhere along the way the two of you had become more than friends.
After changing into some more comfy clothes, and ordering some takeout, you got comfortable on the couch and flipped to a random holo channel that was playing reruns of your favorite show. You pulled out your comm after deciding to shoot Thorn a quick message letting him know how your day had gone, and asking him if he wanted to stop by later, knowing that he probably wouldn't have time to.  You wasted some time while waiting for your food to be delivered, by scrolling through the holonet. Once your food got there, and you ate, you curled up under your fluffy blanket and slowly started to doze off as the quiet holovids continued to play in the background. A couple hours later you wake slightly when you feel something drape over you. You slightly open your eyes to be able vaguely make out the shape of Thorn in the darkness, as he pulls your blanket back up over you. 
“Sorry, didn't mean to wake you up. ” He speaks in a soft voice, as if he is scared to make too much noise. He has already taken off some of his armor and is kneeling next to the couch in his blacks and the bottom half of his armor. 
You smile back at him gently, “Don't worry about it,” as you spoke you reached out to softly tuck some of his hair that had fallen in front of his eyes, back behind his ear, “I'm glad you woke me up.”  Silence fell over the both of you but it wasn't awkward in any way. It never was. You and Thorn had the ability to just exist in the same space with one another and not speak at all, just bask in the other's presence. As you laid there just quietly observing one another you could help but notice the bags under his eyes, and how tired he looked. Suddenly you felt bad about even complaining about your day at all. As usual it seemed like he could read your mind, while still speaking quieter than normal, but with a bit more force he broke the silence. 
 “Stop,”  he said, “I know what you're thinking, so just stop.” his voice tapered off at the end as he leaned up to place a soft kiss on your forehead. Instead of completely pulling back he pushed his arms underneath you and gently picked you up to shift both of your bodies until you were resting on his chest. Once you were both settled you snuggled up under his chin, and nuzzled your nose into the side of his neck, and for the first time that day it felt like you could breathe again. Thorn always did have that effect on you. He reached down to grab your forgotten blanket and pulled it up over the both of you, cocooning the two of you together. Silence once again fell over the both of you, before he once again broke it by whispering into your hair, while taking a deep breath,  “I honestly don't know what I would do without you.” 
Your heart clenched at the roughness of his voice, and you shifted your head so you could see his face. He had his eyes closed and was slowly breathing out through his nose. At times like this you didn't always know what to say or do. You didn't know how to help him carry all that weight he carried. Reaching up you brushed your fingers across the bridge of his nose, up the sides of his face, and then through his hair. When you reached the ends of his hair, his eyes fluttered open to reveal those honey irises that you had become so familiar with recently. You continued to play with his hair, and just whispered back.
 “I don't plan on going anywhere,” putting as much love and comfort into your voice as you could, “I promise.” Leaning up to press your brow bone to his, you felt him begin to fully relax and sink into your couch.  After a short while Thorns breaths evened out, and he fell into a peaceful slumber, and you followed not soon after. 
You knew that you couldn't fight off all his demons for him, and you knew that there were always going to be days where he needed his space, but in that promise, you gave him more security than he had ever had in his life. Your simple promise of always being there, would be the lifeline he needed when the days got a little too dark. And as the sun outside set over the Coruscant skyline, hidden away in your small apartment, two hearts beat as one and both occupants got some much needed rest. 
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Tumblr media
Commander Rylee (he/him)
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dangerousstrawberrypie · 5 months ago
I cannot get over how badass @crowbafett 's Commander Fox is in his kinky boots so I got it on a shirt, and then attempted to recreate it in my very responsible adult tutu. And sunglasses to hide how bad I am at pictures.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Thank you Imperial Commando series for teaching me that Commandos don't interact with Clone Troopers at all so they don't have as many interactions and human bonds outside of their own squad. They only talk to other commandos so when their entire squadron dies their left entirely alone without the brothers they grew up with and just...get frozen and put aside for later use. Being told that having a life purpose is a waste and something their "lucky to not worry about" and that feeling loss....is just what their existence is
Tumblr media
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chipsyio-art · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Some nice little after-shower Fox || The whole image is under the cut
Tumblr media
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turannoktonos · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Almost but also totally not a sequel to my Brooklyn-99 Coruscant Guard :) I need names for the tookas btw, feel free to send me suggestions in the ask section! Based of Greg Lestrade from Sherlock being an absolute legend, made better by adding Loth Cats.
Tumblr media
Join my almost empty Star Wars Discord: https://discord.gg/uVyVErNy
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