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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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#clone high

Strangetown sims as clone high characters:

Ripp Grunt = JFK. Bisexual dumbass who’s too dumb to know he is bisexual, man whore, accidentally woke

Ophelia Nigmos = Joan of Arc. Goth chick who turns her angst into independent movies and has trouble expressing herself otherwise. Super into cuddling.

Loki Beaker = Professor Scudworth. Diabolical scientist that loves his wife/robot husband

Chloe Curious = Cleopatra. Sexy and she knows it, bi af and she knows it

Vidcund Curious = Abe. Is Simp

Lazlo Curious = Gandhi. L-spot rocks the L-spot.

Nervous Subject = Van Gogh. Needs a hug

Melissa Sims = Ponce. Loves life, Dead af

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Clone High OC

Clone High OC coming through!! Her name is Poppy and she’s an animal clone of a silk moth!!

I’m showing both her designs cause yes uwu

The one on the left was her previous design and the one on the right is her redesign. I can’t really choose between the two cause both of them look adorable and cool on Poppy!!

Poppy has an older sibling as well but they are being tested by the government so she never really met them.

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Hey! Of course, that’s no problem. We’re all in the same boat, huh? I’m going to try not to regurgitate the points that @jfks-phat-cheeks made in their post, which you can find on their masterlist if you want to find more of this sort of thing. These are also bordering on just normal dating headcanons because I might as well give you something to simp over. I hope you enjoy :P

If you want general headcanons (they’ll always be gn), or something non specific like “relationship headcanons” I am down 100% of the time. This is kinda short because I didn’t want to stray too far away from male s/o but D:

I am slowly working through the requests! I have just been writing some actual short fic prompts (soulmate au in particular) as of late and I am working through a bit of a perfectionist thing as it’s been a while since I’ve properly written anything. Have a good day everyone!

Van Gogh with a Male S/O

  • Chances are, Vincent is very nervous when you first get together, being very unsure of how to act. This is probably applicable in any relationship though, at least through the first few months. 
  • He has genuinely no clue how to act, just to reiterate. Like, he’s only ever seen maybe one (straight) romantic movie, and he turned it off after five minutes. He also probably hasn’t been in an actual relationship, and if he has, it didn’t exactly end well. So expect a lot of questions on what the hell to do, he’ll do his best to catch on quickly. Just make sure you reassure him that the questions don’t bother you.
  • As long as you have a few occasional talks over what you’re both comfortable with, it’s fine. If one of you isn’t sure about something, you agree to not do it. The two of you are especially patient.
  • From what I’d see, he would do one of two things, depending on the type of guy you are: Take some time to deeply reflect on his nerves, or he simply wouldn’t have the time. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. If you’re super reassuring, his nerves will settle pretty quickly and he doesn’t feel the need to reflect.
  • Chances are, your relationship is a secret for as long as you two can hide it, at most holding his hand in a busy corridor or under the lunch table. There was the odd whisper about it but nobody properly acknowledged it. Your friends were strongly suspicious but figured you would tell them when the time came. You were probably hanging out outside of school, maybe in a quiet park, where someone saw you kissing, then started spreading rumours. The two of you getting a lot of backlash when you gave in to all the questioning.
  • Asides from the expected Homophobia (and transphobia if you are trans, and/or you headcanon Vincent to be) from certain people, a lot of others, such as (most of) your friends and other members of the community, were supportive. In fact, some of your friends were mildly upset you thought they wouldn’t be supportive (Joan)!
  • You get closer with a specific group of people after you guys “come out”, and meet a lot of cool people because of it. Vinny is probably is less social than you, but still really enjoys the occasional company.
  • You get the odd person coming up to you because they’re questioning their sexuality (JFK 100% comes up to one of you after school about the John Dark thing, and Gandhi after that kiss with Abe- he realised he didn’t really have a preference, which was a cool conversation.
  • If you’re not already, Joan may ask you to join the Teen Crisis Hotline, at least specialising in helping young members of the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Vincent is nine times out of ten, the worrier in the relationship.
  • If you’re a reasoner/realist, you’re probably best at calming him down.
  • If you’re a “you’ll find out along the way” sort of guy, then you teach him how to live in the moment, at least every now and then.
  • If you’re also a worrier, the two of you balance each other out and work through what is too far, together. 
  • As for what I mean by worrier, he’s always trying to prepare for this or that, or considering what-ifs, “Did you get this? What if this happens? Could we handle that?” sort of thing. He can be reassuring, don’t get me wrong. In fact, he’s really good at calming you down when he has to, he just “likes to be ready for anything”. 
  • “Even if there is no chance in hell an Australian dragon named Daniel Feldspar will come and offer me a vegemite sandwich, it’s better to be prepared. I don’t even like vegemite” - Probably Vincent at some point in his life.
  •  I personally see Vincent as very sweet and caring, until you mess with him, or someone he cares about (his BOYF). He seems easily angered, or at least by certain things. If someone pisses him off, you bet he’s going straight to you about it. You’re the only person he trusts enough to vent to.
  • If you get pissed at that person too, enough to confront them and tell them to stop, let’s just say he’s 1000% here for it. Add another reason to the list of why he loves you.
  • Remind him he’s good enough. Just, in any way. Hell, even if you go up to him and straight up say that he’s good enough. He needs to be reminded that you care about him every so often. You don’t have to say it, but it’s appreciated. Hug him when you see him, hold his hands, kiss his cheek (or his hands), just, anything.
  • Call him your boyfriend, do it around people you don’t know as well/just met. Watch him m e l t.
  • If you ever draw him- or you show him/maybe even give him your sketchbook/notebook pages of doodles of him from before you were together (artists, we all have it, yes you will get embarrassed about the sheer quantity of hearts), he will cherish the memories/drawings forever.
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