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anstarwar · a month ago
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ARF helmets are utterly boopable
Waxer and Boil agree *nods*
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thememerman · 7 months ago
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me whenever a clone laughs or fires a blaster or rests their helmets under their arms or runs their hand through their hair or winks or comforts their brothers or tells a joke or scrunches their nose or lies really terribly or rolls their eyes or breathes or just. me when clones
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dancingwiththeplanets · 2 months ago
Allow Me To Walk You Home, Commander
Commander Cody x fem!reader masterlist
Word count: 2.4k Summary: Cody can't flirt when he's drunk. a/n: nice to see you all again! It's been a while.. I've been writing a lot lately :) took a quick break from a heavier piece I'm working on to do something more fun with one of our favorite troopers. Please enjoy! I'll definitely be writing a lot more clones from now on!
Tumblr media
You sigh, watching the last group of clones stumble their way out of their booth, one of them tripping over the platform and failing to catch himself before rolling around on the sticky floor in a fit of laughter. You scrunch your nose up in disgust as you continue wiping down the counter, evidently alone in your scrutiny of the grossness as the other troopers howl with laughter, one of them hoisting their friend up and supporting his weight over their shoulder. The men, previously sharp looking in their naval uniforms, definitely looked a little worse for wear as they stumbled drunkenly out the door, and you’re pretty sure a few of them had lost their hats at some point in the night. 
They swing the door open, but not before one of the more drunken soldiers shoots you a corny wink and makes a clicking noise, shooting ridiculous finger guns at you, “Thanks, doll!” He calls out at you, before backing into the closing door and letting it slam in his face. 
You chuckle, shaking your head. A relieved sigh leaves your body. You truly thought they’d never leave. It was already well-past when you normally kept the place open. Grabbing your bag from the back room of 79’s, you make sure to shut out the lights, close the blinds, lock up the register, and grab your keys for the front door.
It’s been a long week. You recently got promoted to manager after your boss decided, literally  at the flip of a dime, that she was going to go traipsing around the galaxy with her new girlfriend. No judgment…to each their own. But a little more responsibility and a proper heads up really would have been nice. Because honestly, you’d only just started working at 79’s a few months ago and officially got handed the keys and a manager's book on her way to the space port. So basically, you got the post-it note rundown version on how to keep this place running a week before she left, abandoning the place in your care. 
And you’re not gonna lie, it’s been tough.  
You rolled your shoulders and groaned at the soreness you felt all over. You’d never intended to become a full-time manager and server, and the business side of things on top of the late hours you spent here nightly, it’s really, really had you doubting your competence.
Throwing your coat and hat on, you open the door and feel the cool air bite into your skin with a hiss. Coruscant can get pretty windy in the later hours of the night. The evidence of such shows when a big gust of wind suddenly hits you from the side, threatening to wrench the door violently from your hands before you can lock it. 
You whisper out a few curses, feeling your hat swoosh off your head with the wind while you struggle with the door for the upper hand in your game of tug-a-war. 
Dank farrik. You grunt out in frustration. I liked that hat.
You dismiss the hat as a lost cause, given the layout of the windy city and the open space highways, odds are it didn't survive. You’d just have to make the trek home tonight without it. 
When the strong gust passes, you take advantage and finally clip the door closed, making sure to test all three locks with a jiggle before leaving the bar for the night.
“Excuse me-” A voice slurs from behind you, instantly provoking a panicked scream to cut through the previously silent night. 
You whip around, looking to the dark area where you think the sound originated from. Your hands covering your beating heart as you catch your breath.
There, leaning against the wall connecting the street to your bar, just barely lit by a dying street light, sits a wide-eyed and frozen clone in white and orange armor, holding what looks to be…your hat? You sigh, agitated by the scare, but let your hands relax down by your sides.
“Uh..I- I’m sorry!” He says, holding up his hands in a show of surrender, making you furrow your eyebrows.
You take a few steps towards him, closing the distance between the two of you, not at all worried about your safety with the trooper. If anything, you’re worried he’s the one in need of help, sitting crookedly propped-up, half-asleep and definitely intoxicated by the looks of it. 
“I-I’m not a threat.” He promises, raised hands waving out and away from his body as if to confirm his own words. 
You sigh tiredly, rubbing a hand down your fatigued face, “I know, honey.” You say, letting yourself squat down to rest on your heels so you can get a better look at him. 
He nods once more, acknowledging your understanding, before glancing down at the warm cloth in his hands, scrunching it up a bit with furrowed brows before his eyes widen in recognition again and he quickly holds it out to you, “I think this got away from you.” 
He offers up a kind, crooked smile with your hat, further holding it out to you and encouraging you to take it, and you can’t help but smile as you reach for it. 
“How very thoughtful of you, -” you do a quick once-over of the clone, not immediately noticing any distinguishable rank marks on his armor. You try the word out apprehensively, spelling it out slowly, “-Sergeant?”  
He straightens up instantly, eyes widening once more and using his arms to further push his body up against the wall. You lift your hands up, ready to slow him down if he tries to stand.
“S-Sergeant?” He stutters, baffled as if accused of something. “N-no ma’am. It’s Marshal Commander Cody of the 212th, at your service.” 
Ah. So. You’ve got a stranded, drunken Commander on your hands. A Marshal Commander at that. Certainly not your usual stray trooper lingering around the closed bar intoxicated. Not that it happens all that often, but you can’t say you’ve ever had the responsibility of a Commander on your hands.  
You smile apologetically at him, hoping you haven't come across as uncaring on account of your fatigue, despite also trying not to giggle at the slurred version of a clearly rehearsed introduction. “My apologies, Commander Cody. It’s been a long night, and admittedly, I’m not the most familiar with clone armor and rankings.”
The Commander sighs, leaning back at-ease again. He lets out a chuckle, shaking his head a bit before looking overwhelmed by the action, “S’alright, I don’t blame you. I would think myself a sloppy shiny if I saw me like this.”  
You pause for a moment to think. Not quite sure what to do with him. There definitely wasn't a chapter in your manager’s booklet titled What to do when you stumble upon an intoxicated Commander of the GAR passed out in front of your bar. You were just gonna have to wing this one.
“Well, speaking of which, Commander,” You say, enunciating his title and earning another sweet smile from the man, clearly he liked hearing you say it. “Care to tell me what you’re still doing out here at this hour?”
He huffs, shrugging a shoulder lazily and letting his head lull back against the wall to gaze up at you. “Just… catching hats for beautiful civvies.” You smile sweetly at him, and though you’re pretty sure he was just kidding and not really flirting, you can almost see the hearts in his eyes at your response, further provoking a giggle to escape you. This poor guy is really out of it.  
“I see,” You say, the smile not quite leaving your lips. You tug the beanie on as you push up from your squat, his eyes following you as you rise. He frowns a bit at the sudden distance between the two of you, from his perspective at least. “Well, as comfortable as you look down there, it’s a bit late for both of us to still be out, wouldn't you say, Commander?” You put extra emphasis on the title, bringing a slight blush to his ears and having him shuffle his extended feet back a little.
“O-oh, yes. Of course,” He says frantically, trying to match the speed of his words with the speed at which he rises, “Allow me to escort you- whoa!”
You lean over quickly to catch the Commander as he loses his footing, wrapping your untrained arms awkwardly around his chest and shoulders before he could face plant into the concrete. 
“-Walk me home?” You finish, laughing a bit breathlessly as he groans in your arms, muttering out an apology. “Funny, I was just about to offer the same to you.”
“N-no, Ma’am. That’s not necessary at all,” He mumbles, trying to straighten up and out of your arms. You’d slipped down onto your knees to support the Commander as he’d lost his balance, currently propping him up with a hand to his shoulder. “I was just, uh, you know. Setting up my line?” He pauses to clear his throat, “Ma’am.” 
“Your line?” You ask, nodding unconvincingly at the ‘I’m not drunk you can take me seriously’ look he’s really gunning for. 
“Y-yeah,” He chuckles, glossy eyes meeting your gaze as you steady his arms for support.
“Well you know because I- uh,”. He scratches the back of his neck uncertainly, the words slipping out before he could think them through, or come up with something better. “Just- uh, well I-I fell. Right?”
“Yes,” you bite your lip to keep from laughing, “Yes, you did fall.”
“Exactly, hah, I uh- well cause I fell for..for you?” He shakes his head in confusion, a dramatic frown on his face, and this time you can’t help but let a little laugh escape you, to which his eyes widen and he huffs in exasperation, “Ah forget it, I don’t know. Something about falling for you.” His frustrated face is blushing in embarrassment and you place a hand on his shoulder. 
“Commander, I think it’s best if I walk you home now.” 
He sighs, “Yes ma’am, I think that would be best.”
You weren’t actually sure where you should take the Commander, but the Republic Military Base seemed like a good bet, plus it was close to 79’s. 
To say that The Coruscant Guard was surprised to see a civvie stumbling towards the base with a Commander slung over their shoulder at this hour would be an understatement. In fact, you’re pretty sure bafflement isn’t even a big enough word to cover it. 
The two Guards posted at the front gates went through practically every stage of emotion before settling on one: shock, concern, understanding, humor, then downright hysterics. 
In fact you were pretty sure they were crying under those buckets. 
And Cody, poor Commander Cody, just leaned right up against you and glared at them, not even bothering to defend himself. 
Eventually, one of them made a call to a Commander Fox who called a Captain Rex who called someone in Cody’s battalion to retrieve him at the gates. 
You could hear the laughter approaching from behind the walls before it even opened, prompting the Commander to mutter a “Kriffing hell, here we go.” He grumbles out another apology, before the gates slide open to reveal two fully armored troopers in white and orange armor, who just melt at the sight of their Commander in your arms.  “Ooooohhhhh, Commander,” One of them bellows, “There you are!”
“Oh we’ve been absolutely distraught! Worried sick, sir!” “Thank goodness this lovely lady brought you home! You must have been so cold out there in the dark!” You can see the two Corrie Guards trying to stifle their laughter as Cody mumbles something under his breath. You can feel the purposefully muffled insults hitting your cheek and turn to smile at him, prompting him to look up at you with apologetic, guilty eyes again. Your locked gaze was suddenly interrupted by one of them clapping a hand on the Commander’s shoulder, imbalancing you for a moment before he was pulled onto a new shoulder. 
“Awe, come now, Commander. Leave the poor girl alone,” The trooper sighs dreamily as the Commander shrugs him off, reluctantly glancing back at you a couple times as he walks away, sporting much more coordination now than you’d thought he had.  
The one closest to you chuckles, lingering by you for a moment, “Thank you, for making sure he got back safe.”
You smile at him in return, “Well, I don’t think he would have left me out there alone if it were the other way around, would he?”
The clone pauses, tilting his head at your words before speaking, “No, he most certainly would not.” He seems to nod at you again in appreciation, before moving to walk towards his Commander and brother, waiting just inside the gates of the base. 
You could hear Cody muttering to the other trooper as they waited, the latter hollering back at the two of you “Waxer, get a move on.” Waxer throws a quick wave your way, before turning and clapping a hand onto one of the Corrie Guards.
“Make sure she gets home safe, will you?” He says, waiting for the shock trooper to confirm with a “Yes, sir!” 
You assume the Guardsman starts to comm someone for an escort, so you watch the three troopers retreating into the base, catching the tail end of their conversation.
“No. You said what to her?”
“That you fell for her?”
“Would you two lower your voices! She might hear you!”
“Oh, Commander,” Waxer cries out dramatically, heaving between bouts of laughter, “What happened to your smooth game, sir?”
The other trooper laughs at the taunt, you never caught his name, and you can vaguely hear Cody threatening them both with something unintelligible in the distance. 
“Must be some girl, eh Boil? To make our savvy Commander forget how to flirt!”
“Oooh she is at that,” You hear Boil sing, “One time I caught her restocking the higher shelves at 79’s, and she was wearing this pretty little number that just barely gave me a peak at-”
“Alright that’s it-” You hear the unmistakable tone of a Commander, before hearing two sets of feet run, screaming joyfully down the open hallway, followed by a loud, muffled curse and a bang as the Commander lost his balance and face-planted straight into a wall. 
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obes-kenobes-and-codes · 2 months ago
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cody checks his incredibly detailed calendar and excel spreadsheet then drops rex off with another commander like: “here's his lunch and blaster, he’s allowed 2h of using his datapad but needs to finish all his flimsiwork beforehand”
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heathenhouse · 9 months ago
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yessir we are checking the perimeter
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cobaltbeam · a year ago
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"This is not what it looks like commander"
"we were gonna put them back, we SWEAR."
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kote-wan · 2 months ago
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the 212th’s finest! 🧡
(actually just the first 3 that came to mind after Cody lmfao)
((also ive been crying about waxer on umbara for the past 3 hours))
this isnt like the best art i’ve done but eh, n i definitely could’ve done cody better but im lazy and have No time to fix things :D
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sunflowersinheaven · 10 months ago
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Obi-Wan teaching Waxer & Boil how to knit
Tumblr media
They made little knitted sweaters for Numa, and the tookas!
Tumblr media
Cody got one as well, but from his General
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sloanesmortuary · 10 months ago
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...it means "brother"
((commission info: here !))
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maiseey · 10 months ago
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Armor and Helmets
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kai-in-the-sky · 21 days ago
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Just realised i never posted those. Enjoy ^^
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k0t3nok · 4 months ago
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I had to do a little thing inspired by this reblog!!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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multifandomnonsense · 6 months ago
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paperback-rascal · 11 months ago
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I have  all my fingers The knife goes chop chop chop If I miss the spaces in-between my fingers will come off (...)
The knife song by Rusty Cage
I think that "the regs were hostile towards clone force 99" is one of the biggest misinterpretation and disservice Filoni's LucasArts has ever done to CLONES as a whole.
I know WHY it was done - to make Clone Force 99 more edgier/broodier than it was necessary - but the way they went about it was from totally wrong angle!
What I believe Filoni's LucasArts was trying to say was: Clone Force 99 were suppose to be outliers, but not in outcast or outsider sense of that word. The only reason why Kix and Jesse could be wary of The Batch was their 100% success rate... and the last time they worked with someone with a high score... Umbara happened.
In TCWs7 arc, when Cody proposed to Rex to ask for CF99's help to save Echo, he wasn't disgusted to have to speak to Hunter. There was no resentment between Cody and Hunter when they shook hands or The Bad Batch, Rex, Jesse and Kix during missions (except altercation Crosshair instigated). Furthermore in unfinished reels Clone Force 99 got medals at the end of their mission. As they were decorated, "regs" cheered in recognition of their achievement. Not to mention it also nullifies 99's arc, a clone that many fans love and adore to this day, as he was the OG lesson about bravery, brotherhood and accepting differences.
The Bad Batch's relationship with "regs" should be a harmless (except possible few wounded egos) never-ending pissing contest with dash of heightened self-importance on Clone Force 99's side (as they are *NOT* like the other clones): claiming "the best score" at the shooting range, arm wrestling competitions even literal pissing contests... or whatever people at military do to prove they are better than others.
But what Filoni's LucasArts end up making is a hot-take on bunch of high-school cliques cosplaying as military... and I'm salty about it.
HEADCANON: Crosshair is the knife game champion not only in GAR but also Empire.
STAR WARS: The Clone Wars/The Bad Batch © George Lucas/ Dave Filoni/ LucasFilm/ Disney
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vclkyrxe · a month ago
innocents of ryloth has got to be one of my favorite clone wars episodes. between meeting numa for the first time, waxer and boil shenanigans, seeing wooley, and codywan working together. what’s not to love☺️
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cobaltbeam · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
They're trying to bake a cake. "Trying" being the key word
This is for @cacodaemonia who loves these three more than anyone else I know and it's so wonderful ♡♡♡♡♡♡
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three-fold-symmetry · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
A collection of Waxer's favourite memories throughout the war.
Aurebesh translations: 1) "Made a new friend (he just doesn't know it yet)" 2) "Me, my best friend (and Boil)" "Uncalled for..." 3) "I think we got adopted" 4) "Shoreleave!" "Finally!" 5) "Boil's got an admirer"
I've been working on this on and off since way back in May, and I'm so happy that I can finally show it off. The gif is a bit rough, but it works and that's all that counts!
Leaving the separate pictures under the cut in case anyone wants to see them uncompressed and unmoving.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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ahhrenata · a year ago
Tumblr media
Lmao so I saw some of those pictures of people getting scared in haunted houses and thought they were a funny reaction for the boys seeing grievous in spider mode for the first time.
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brother-genitivi · 2 months ago
screaming thinking abt the clones going to a grocery store
warnings: mention of alcohol
Hardcase starts by grabbing a shopping cart, then runs for momentum and lifts his feet off the ground, barrelling his way down aisles and almost crashing into Rex. His captain is not pleased.
Kix immediately makes his way to the ice cream section. He takes many tubs into his arms, thinks about the cost, and opts for eight tubs of ice cream instead of ten. "We'll ration them."
Jesse accidentally takes someone else's trolley, thinking it was Rex's. He doesn't realise until the person politely asks for it back. Jesse thinks about digging himself into a hole and never coming back out again, and to make matters worse, Tup saw everything.
Whenever they need to put an item back, Dogma's the one to find which aisle and which exact section it came from. Otherwise, he loiters around the snacks section. He can't wait to get his hands on every sugary treat they have there.
Tup has a basket of his own. He fills it with items ranging from fluffy slippers, to a caf machine, to face creams, to 'wonky' fruits because they're cheaper. The slippers are for Fives because he ALWAYS complains about his feet being cold. He got the face creams because his skincare routine is practically non-existent, and Kix nags him every time he picks at his acne. The fruits and caf machine are for the barracks. He forgets to buy caf pods for the caf machine.
Fives swapped his armour with Echo. He spends most of the trip impersonating his brother and doing things to embarrass him. This includes lying on the floor facedown. Somehow Fives manages to knock over a pile of boxes in his attempt to prank Echo, and ends up embarrassing himself. He's steady on the battlefield, but outside it is a very different story.
On the other side of the store, Echo has long forgotten to impersonate Fives. He has more important things to do, like get the caf pods that Tup forgot, and milk, and sugar, and deodorant, and cheese- and before he knows it, the trolley Hardcase commandeered is full.
Rex is trying to have a good time. Key word: trying. He's already lost the shopping list Echo made (that's what he gets for not using a datapad). Hardcase nearly trampled him with a shopping cart earlier, and attempts on his life, accidental or not, tend to sour his mood. To make matters worse, Fives - and he knows it's Fives - is pretending to be his batchmate and inconveniencing customers in the process. Jesse nearly stole someone's cart. Kix has gone missing. Dogma's worked himself into a panic trying to return items they don't need, and Tup's trying to convince him to let him buy the caf machine. Rex pinches the bridge of his nose and contacts Cody.
Cody shows up with a datapad and trolley, Waxer and Boil in tow. He's in ori'vod mode. He has a shopping list, credits and a budget.
Waxer is busy piling items into Cody’s trolley. He ends up bumping into Echo. They look over their items and realise now they have two of everything. At least Echo remembered the shopping list, Waxer thinks.
Boil’s headed right for the alcohol. He has no ID on him save for the code on his wrist, but that’s not going to stop him from trying. Surely he passes for older than 18, right? Right?
Plo Koon hears from Obi-Wan that members of the 212th are at a grocery store. He thinks the Wolfpack could use a shopping trip, supplying each of them with 100 credits each. No one asks where he got the credits from.
Wolffe takes a basket and makes it clear that nothing is going in it unless it’s cleared with him and Plo Koon. He also has a budget. To his utter dismay, C3PO is also in the grocery store to get supplies for Padmé. Wolffe pretends not to see the droid, but C3PO spots him before he can escape. He rolls his eyes, yet makes no verbal complaints. It’s only a matter of time before C3PO has to leave. He can do this.
Boost takes a leaf out of Hardcase’s book and takes a trolley for the sole purpose of using it to zoom around the speeder parking area. Sinker films the whole thing, then climbs into the trolley. Boost pushes him around, and they forget about actually buying anything.
Rex manages to pay for their items without incident. His headache is slowly going away, and they managed to find Kix outside with a bag full of ice cream tubs. Cody gives him a look that’s half ‘you really called me out here for this?’ and half ‘well done for getting it done’.
Wolffe finally escapes C3PO’s clutches and gets his items paid for, including a mug that has ‘Galaxy’s No.1 Dad’ on it. Come to think of it, he can’t recall seeing Plo Koon drink from a mug, but it’s the thought that counts.
Boil emerges from the store with alcohol in hand. Waxer loses his mind over it.
Plo Koon loves his mug.
Obi-Wan makes a mental note to join his men the next time they go shopping. It might, dare he say, be fun.
Anakin and Ahsoka definitely plan on joining them. Rex has another headache just thinking about it. Still, the boys enjoyed themselves. Maybe he can survive another shopping trip.
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cc7567 · 8 months ago
They are petitioning to keep her with the 212th
This is just an over-polished shitpost lmao
Just going to drop here my two favourite frames :)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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