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a-lil-perspective · 2 days ago
Hunter: Wtf do you say after you kiss someone.
Wrecker: Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and smash that notification bell!
Tech: Compliment on their tactic. Elaborate on what a fascinating sensation they provided, and if mutual pleasure is reached, inquire about an additional act of relation—
Crosshair: You want a mint.
Crosshair: If she says no, tell her you’re not asking.
Hunter: *awkwardly putting the ring back into his pocket because he’s a fucking sap for Cyare and one kiss already got him weak* Oh… okay…
Hunter: So just to be clear, no proposing?
The boys:
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echos-newlegs · 3 months ago
could you write something about how the members of the bad batch would react to being called pretty 👉👈
Oml yesyesyes sorry for the delayed response to this but YEAHHH-
Warnings: none
The Bad Batch Reacting to You Calling Them Pretty:
Tumblr media
The first time he heard it he was a bit surprised.
Pretty? That wasn't the first time someone told him he was, but from you it felt.. Different.
You were his everything, even if the two of you weren't in a relationship yet. Everything that you said to him meant the world to him.
So when you called him pretty he was standing there with a lost expression on his face.
"You think so?" "I know so."
He would make it in his best effort to compliment you back. Where it be with a simple endearment, or with acts of kindness. Letting you know that he greatly appreciates everything that you do for him.
He would also swoon no matter how many times you call him things like 'pretty,' 'handsome', or literally anything that's a compliment to his looks. He needs the hype.
"I'm sorry, what did you say?"
This sweet boy hasn't been complimented on his looks a lot. Let alone called pretty.
His heart would be beating a hundred miles a minute while he internally screams. Raking his brain for any sort of information to help him process.
"Pretty? That's not what I would call myself." "Then what would you call yourself?" "Well.. I don't know, but not that."
You would ask him if he wants you to not call him that.
"What? No! I mean, it's fine. I like the compliment. Thank you, you're very pretty yourself, so much that words can hardly express it."
He'd be flustered because you'd be flustered at his sudden admission.
If you kiss his cheek there will be a 404 ERROR going on in his brain. He will just sit there and stare for a good 20 seconds before being all,
"Wait, did you kiss me? You kissed me." And then he would overthink everything.
So please do not just leave him sitting there.
My man will seek any sort of validation or kind comments from you
They remind him that you like him and aren't mad at him. Or that he annoys you.
When you call him pretty, he may just kind of stare blankly at you for a second, but then he breaks out into this big grin.
He's pull you in for a huge hug, because dammit you made his whole week with just that simple compliment.
"You're pretty, too!" He'd tell you with a chuckle. Putting you back down onto the ground.
He expects you to tell him how pretty or handsome he is anytime you get the chance now. This is now your job.
He'd brag about it to everyone, too
"Yeah, y/n called me pretty. Which means I am prettier than all of you." "Technically, Wrecker, it would be 'more pretty,' not 'prettier.'" "Tech, I don't care."
"What did you just call me?"
You would have to repeat yourself. And he would still stare at you like you just called him hideous.
You would ask if you did something wrong, but he would shake his head 'no,' and just walk off.
He isn't one for compliments. They scared him. They make him feel more attached to the person that is giving them to him, and he hates them for that.
Okay, he doesn't actually hate you, but it does scare him, and he may end up avoiding you for a bit.
Even if he did kind of like the compliment.
No, he really liked it, it even went to his head a bit..
"Hey, Crosshair, I'm sorry about calling you pretty.. I didn't mean to upset you, I won't do it again."
He would be upset with himself for making you think he was upset with you. Sure, you scared him a bit, but he wasn't mad. He couldn't be mad at you.
He would half-ass explain the situation and why it startled him. That he wasn't used to being called anything positive. That he did appreciate it though.
If you smile when he says he enjoyed it, you'll get a smile out of him, too.
"Well, it is true, Cross'"
He'd be giddy with joy, but just roll his eyes at you.
This is definitely feeding his ego for the next few weeks.
He would be smiling so shyly when you tell him.
Rubbing the back of his head bashfully, and looking everywhere but at you.
"You don't mean that.." "Oh, but I do."
He'd look at you like you hung the planets in every system.
he would feel absolutely lucky to have you in his life, too.
"Can you tell me everything about me you think is pretty?"
He would be thrilled when you tell him everything you think is pretty about him.
Also from now on, expect him to come to you when he feels insecure so you can hold him and assure him he is in fact pretty and an amazing human being.
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kamino-coruscant · 8 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Wrecker the Gentleman
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drea-bear-forever · 3 months ago
Obi-Wan Kenobi is dropping on May 25th, 2022. The 45th year anniversary of A New Hope 🥺🥺🥺
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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welcome-to-the-holonet · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Crosshair’s new username was @saritakryze ‘s idea.
(Also if anyone ever has an idea for a character who’s username is currently just there name I am open to suggestions)
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fivesx4 · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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lisasstars · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
I absolutely loved the fact that despite Wrecker having a fear of heights he didn’t hesitate to jump down and save Crosshair. His friend, his brother. ♥️
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I miss them working together; always trying to top the other, but in a friendly competitive way between brothers. 😭❤️
I really hope one day they will be like this again. 🥺🤞
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clxnewxrs · a year ago
User: notrealsiv
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multifandomnonsense · 4 months ago
Hunter: we left Wrecker and Omega alone for 2 hours and they dumped three pounds of sugar into the dryer trying to make cotton candy
Echo, thinking back when him and Fives wanted to do the same thing and Rex said no: did it work?
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manda1orians · a year ago
Tumblr media
“we don’t leave our own behind”
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a-lil-perspective · 3 months ago
“Bro” but like reverently
Tumblr media
“Nerd” but like affectionately
Tumblr media
“Dom” but like domestically
Tumblr media
“Boss” but like derogatorily
Tumblr media
“Comrade” but we’re actually married
Tumblr media
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incorrectjedi · 5 months ago
Omega: Admit it, you care about me.
Crosshair: I’d sell you to a demon for a single ration bar.
Omega: Last week someone tried to forcefully take my scarf away and you tackled him and broke his jaw.
Crosshair: That doesn’t mean anything!
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kamino-coruscant · 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Crosshair and Wrecker's Relationship
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maiseey · 15 days ago
Wrecker’s Wookieepedia bio has been fixed! No more descriptions using “unintelligent” and “childish” and whatever other garbage was on there
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welcome-to-the-holonet · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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echojedis · 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
omega and her big brothers who are technically her little brothers
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rebeldaydreams · 11 months ago
the bad batch cuddling hc’s!
because I’m soft for these boys. gender neutral reader!
Tumblr media
He’ll grumble and act uninterested, but really he’s just self-conscious about displaying affection.
If it’s early on in your relationship it will take some convincing to get him to cuddle with you.
Eventually he learns to let his guard down around you, though.
Hunter is actually a surprisingly affectionate person when you’re in private.
Not a big talker, but he shows his love through his actions instead of words. Soft forehead kisses, playing with your hair, kissing your knuckles, etc.
Being a very protective person by nature, he LOVES being the big spoon. 
Very warm and soft and good.
The first time he cuddled with you, it was the best night’s sleep he had ever had in his life.
Tumblr media
Claims he hates all forms of physical contact but listen,, this man is touch starved and secretly loves cuddling.
He would never admit it though. You could ask him and ask him and he’d just grumble, say he’s busy, or not in the mood, etc.
Finally he gives in and lets you cuddle with him one night.
“Fine, if it means you’ll stop asking.”
Takes a while to get comfy, but eventually you settle on him spooning you. It’s about how you imagined it would be – he’s all sharp angles so he’s not exactly the comfiest person to be pressed against.
That said, he’s warm and strong and you like the feeling of his arm draped over your waist…
The next day you wake up to an empty bed, and just go about your day as usual.
Crosshair gives you a mumbled “morning” when he sees you.
You assume he didn’t enjoy the cuddling and don’t expect it to happen again. Oh well, at least you tried.
That night, you’re heading to your bunk but Crosshair stops you and nods to HIS bunk.
“Well, are you coming or not?”
Tumblr media
Echo gets a little self-conscious about his new android body sometimes, so he takes some convincing.
“I’m not sure I’ll be a very good cuddling partner…”
You assure him that him having a metal arm and other implants really does not bother you at all, and tell him he has nothing to worry about.
To make him feel more comfortable, when you’re laying down together you lie on his left side with your head on his chest so he can put his left arm around you.
“This is nice.” “I told you so.”
This man is SO warm. He’s like your own personal heater.
Will kiss the top of your head and tell you quietly tell you how much he loves you when he thinks you’re already asleep.
(You’re not asleep and you hear everything.)
Tumblr media
The KING of cuddling.
In fact, you’re convinced he was built specifically for cuddling.
Big strong scary man who is actually just a giant teddy bear.
B I G  S P O O N.
Sometimes you’ll switch things up and straight up lay on his chest with your head tucked under his chin. This quickly becomes his favourite cuddling position.
Sometimes Wrecker can get a little overwhelmed by everything and struggles to relax, but cuddling with you always helps calm him.
“I dunno what I’d do without you, y/n.”
Sometimes he becomes very aware of his strength and worries he might hurt you by accident but you just lean up, kiss his cheek and reassure him that you trust him with your life.
Tumblr media
Does this man ever actually sleep? Up for debate. Sometimes you do have to physically drag him to bed.
Tech’s not really a cuddly person by nature - that is he wasn’t before he met you.
He’ll often stay up late working, but he’s more than happy to have you lying with your head in his lap while he taps away at his datapad.
Sometimes he’ll read or talk to you about what he’s doing. You’re interested, of course, but you also just like his voice.
The first time you shyly asked if he could read to you, he was surprised, pushing his glasses up his nose.
“You’re…interested in what I’m working on?”
When he gets more comfortable with you, he’ll drop one hand down to gently run his fingers through your hair while he works.
You almost always fall asleep on him, and usually end up waking up an hour or so later when he finally decides to go to sleep himself and is gently pulling you against his chest.
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tech-deck · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
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lychgate · 8 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
i am ONE SLOW TURTLE at finishing a meme but i did it
haha balloon titties 
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doctor-eel · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
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