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cyberfeather · a day ago
I’ve been rewatching some Bad Batch scenes for writing purposes, and now I can’t help but have soft feelings for that one clone trooper who checks on Crosshair when he’s injured near the ion engine in ep8. I mean, here he seems kind of hesitant to approch him at first:
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And then when he shakes him awake he just looks very gentle and careful about it, you know?
Tumblr media
And later on, after the clone trooper called a medic, we get this shot of injured Crosshair, where I assume the medic would be the one on the left bandaging his head (since it’s his most important injury), which would make the clone from before the one laying a hand over his knee for comfort, or possibly helping with the splint on his leg:
Tumblr media
Which would also make him the one who’s all like “stand back down, you’re injured” when Crosshair gets up after hearing news of the Bad Batch from his troops
Tumblr media
I also have lots of feels about the way Crosshair leans on him when he’s wincing in pain.
Tumblr media
All that to say that this very minor character now leaves rent free in my head, and that I just want to imagine him being that kind of character who’s always trying to take care of their superior, like “Commander Crosshair, I know we just received intel on the Bad Batch’s location, but you’re injured and haven’t slept for three days, you need to rest for once, please.”
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yourcousinjay · a day ago
The Clones at their bi-weekly support group
Rex: I love general Skywalker, he's a great leader and would never ask you to take a risk that he himself wouldn't take, but sometimes. Hm.. He and Commander Tano once threw me off a wall without any warning, they caught me with the force, obviously, but still..
Cody: *Nodding in agreement* I Get it. I mean, General Kenobi is great. he's tactically minded and reliable but sometimes I just think that if he spend half the time he flirts with Ventress into actually trying to stop her, we might actually catch her one day.
Fives: *Nods along* Well I served under General Pong Krell on Umbara and- Bly: Oh don't even start brother, we understand. So what about you Wolffe, whats the worst thing that General Plo's done?
Wolffe: O-oh, well, uhm... General Plo once, handed me too little change when he offered to pay me back for our lunch together.. I mean, he corrected himself before I could say anything about it. But, yeah.
Bly: Why do you even come here?
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phantom-of-the-keurig · 2 days ago
The clones watching while Jango and Obi-Wan fight
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sundownsquad · 23 hours ago
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Ottabura training doodles! Ottas learn fast, but it still takes consistent practice to solidify their training. From top to bottom: teaching the Ottas to steer off of leg cues instead of reins, back up quickly in a straight line, and stand still for extended periods of time.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Knox can get a little ahead of himself sometimes, but a stern eyebrow-raise will usually get him back on the right track. Always wear a helmet when riding giant critters, kids!
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knightscanfeeltoo · a day ago
So apparently only Two Clones of Jango Fett has appeared in the First Star Wars Trilogy, okay...
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queen-breha-organa · 21 hours ago
Stop hating on Commander Fox
Fives is dead he isn’t gonna date you bc you’re “defending” him, leave Fox alone we all know that wasn’t his fault
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clone-bar-79s · 4 hours ago
Yes Anakin is annoying and was almost always wrong, but that doesnt stop me from missing the lttle shit that he was.
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clonewarsarchives · a day ago
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Topps artist sketch cards (2010) by Vince Lee
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catboydogma · 2 days ago
horizontal transfer
“You don’t have to get up,” Tup said, one hand warm and steadying at the nape of Dogma’s neck.
“Not doing anything else,” Dogma grumbled. He couldn’t sit still; hadn’t been able to, ever since the end of the war. Conversely enough, he had all the time in the world to rest, now.
He just… couldn’t.
“We’ve got the thing today,” Tup said after a moment. They unfolded themselves from Dogma’s tangled sheets, Dogma scrubbing a hand over the fuzzy stubble of his hair and Tup messing with his clothing.
Right. The thing. Dogma shook his head in reply, already on his way to the kitchen to see about a cup of caf.
The venators had been remodeled with extreme prejudice, in the wake of the war. At the start, they had been filled to capacity—now, the only thing filling the Resolute were the ghosts of Dogma’s vode. Clusters or squads had small compartments to themselves for sleeping, one or two troopers to a room, and communal gathering areas and kitchens shared between three squads—or fifteen vode, for the squads that had been left fragmented by the killing grounds of Umbara and Geonosis and—
Dogma ran a hand down his face and watched the caf machine burble a cheery greeting. A little pixelated face lit up on the menu screen; the time blinked at him in the corner. All that was left of his squad was Tup, who was friends with Hardcase, who was friends with Fives, which, naturally, meant that most of what remained of the 501st’s command corps—
“Can’t sleep?” Rex asked from the doorway, face dark with exhaustion.
—were living in the same space as him.
Dogma nodded, silent. The caf machine whistled at Dogma. He picked up the gently-steaming mug and offered it to Rex.
“Thanks.” Rex took another mug down from the durasteel shelf—previously a gutted filing cabinet—and slid it into place under the filter. “Rough night?”
Relatively speaking? No. Dogma’d had rougher. He turned back to the caf machine and determinedly watched the time remaining tick down on the display screen. They had a count of eleven vode living here, including Tup and Dogma.
“The Jedi have offered the help of their mind healers,” Rex said, apropos of nothing. “They can do holo-calls. It’s not the same, but it’s—you wouldn’t have to go to a Temple for it.”
Dogma had met a Jedi mind healer. A number of them, actually, which he thought was a pretty frivolous waste of resources and time. He didn’t need a magical space wizard to tell him that he needed to avoid loud noises and sudden movements; he’d already known that.
“Some of the medics have been learning from them, too,” Rex said. He was plowing on despite—or maybe because of—Dogma’s silence. “Might do you some good, vod.”
It might. Or a mind healer would take one good look—another good look—and decide he wasn’t worth the time or cost. Dogma wrapped both scarred hands around the too-hot mug of caf and let the scalding heat sink through his skin, his bones. The warmth eased the stiffness in his fingers, the ones that had been broken by Dooku’s droids—and then healed—and then broken again—and Dogma tightened his grip. The war was over. Kaminoan geneticists were being put on the stand for the cruel and unusual treatment of sentients in their shining white labs.
Even so, Dogma could never shake the knowledge that he was one bad step away from getting sent away to be reconditioned or decommissioned. He was always one wrong day from going the way of the rest of his batch, culled like an animal. Like a dog.
“Just—think about it alright?” Rex nodded to Dogma, then made his way back out of the kitchen. The fluorescent light strips overhead threw rectangles of white onto the durasteel counter. It looked more like a laboratory than a kitchen, but given Fives and Hardcase’s “culinary” tendencies, this was still a little accurate.
Dogma drank his caf. He thought about it. He came to the conclusion that he was perfectly fine, thank you very much, and that he’d had enough psych evals to last several lifetimes with accelerated aging. It felt like all he’d done after the war had ended had been going through psych evals. He hadn’t been afraid of the consequences of killing Dooku; he was afraid that the Republic might yet still find him wanting. Defective.
A shuff at the hall connecting the kitchen to the living quarters made Dogma look over just in time to find Hardcase engaged in a jaw-popping yawn. Hardcase always managed to look fresh from a sonic, bright-eyed and clean-shaven even early in the morning.
“It’s the Kix-Mandated Group Therapy today,” Hardcase said, bracing both hands against the top of the doorframe. “Y’know, the thing.”
Right. The thing. Dogma rinsed his caf mug out and let it to dry on the dish rack that had, formerly, held rows of charging packs.
read more on ao3 :)
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cc7567 · 18 days ago
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Ok so I was stuck thinking about how Boba probably had to step over hundreds of corpses that looked exactly like his father right after watching him get beheaded and it ruined my day so here you go
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jessescoldbrew · 8 months ago
2003 Clone Wars was on something completely different
I can't with this I'm actually crying
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the-ridiculous-blog · 3 months ago
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Safety first by Tropical Bird (x)
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captainrexs · 28 days ago
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CLONES APPRECIATION WEEK - Day 7: Free Choice ↳ Named Clones in Revenge of the Sith
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howie-ner-cyare · 6 months ago
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kamino-coruscant · 3 days ago
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I can offer you something no client ever has
The Book of Boba Fett Ch. 4 | The Clone Wars 7.09
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maiseey · 7 months ago
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Friend please I beg
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yukipri · 7 months ago
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RIP Rex...
Rex meets Omega and he's not expecting what she's got to say to him.
This is so stupid I'm so sorry
Tumblr media
PLEASE DO NOT REPOST, EDIT, TRANSLATE, OR OTHERWISE USE MY ART. To share, please reblog! Reblogs and comments greatly appreciated!!!
❀ You can see the rest of my art through the Masterpost pinned to the top of my blog!
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phoenixyfriend · 2 months ago
I think Anakin deserves more clone love, not in the sense of being owed love, but in the sense that fandom tends to put up Obi-Wan as this like... paragon of a Jedi for clones to adore? And Anakin gets dismissed as like "I guess they like Anakin as much as they like any other Jedi, maybe less because he's reckless and his body count is kinda high" or tolerated-and-ignored at best in some cases, and I disagree!
I think the troopers would genuinely like Anakin as much as Obi-Wan, but in very different ways.
(Canon) Anakin is the same developmental age as the clones at the start of the war. They're all frat boy age. They relate to Anakin in ways they can't necessarily relate to the older knights and masters. Obi-Wan is a teacher you want to impress but Anakin is your classmate that passes you notes during lectures. The clones are regimented and wouldn't pass notes because they're trained not to ignore said lectures, but my point stands.
Anakin sees contraband and his only comment is "don't get drunk until we're back on Coruscant, I don't want you getting shot if we're ambushed." Like he doesn't even disapprove quietly, he just doesn't want them getting dead.
Anakin would make jokes about his arm and I think they'd appreciate that.
(Canon) Anakin has repeatedly gone headfirst into dangerous situations without backup even when he's the least expendable person there. Bro evacuated an entire Venator and flew it alone to deal with a Separatist blockade. He just. Does that. Regularly. The troopers would be angry that he's risking himself but also kinda flattered and grateful that he jumps into danger with the rest of them.
Anakin's traumas have been many and varied and I think that if he tried to comfort a clone about something, they'd be able to feel his sincerity about how he Relates, though he might have to trauma dump a bit to get them to believe him.
I don't think he gets invited to Clone Only Things but I think that if he asks "can I join" and gets awkward "can we even say no?" affirmatives, he recognizes it BETTER than Obi-Wan does because Anakin's been the slave hiding traditions from free people before, and so he backs out and lets the clones do their thing.
Anakin has definitely traded ration bars with a clone for their preferred flavor if he heard them complaining about it. He then used foraged bugs to enhance the flavor of his own rations. This is considered a plus.
He's just. A bro. Doing bro things.
Sometimes if a bunch of troopers die, he loses his shit and completely destroys the enemy and the clones know it's not good for the Jedi to do that but like. It's flattering and reassuring that he values them.
Anakin comes with a little sister who bites things. This is a plus.
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kkrazy256 · 2 months ago
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So the clones heard Halloween was a thing and wanted to dress up 👻🎃
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thememerman · 2 months ago
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I wish I could say I’m sorry for this but I’m not
To celebrate 501 followers on Tumblr (I technically surpassed 501 followers several days ago but OH WELL) I decided to do a 501st themed post for my mini Clones + Office quote series!! The altered quote popped into my head a couple weeks ago and I scrambled to put it in my notes app at like 2am sksjdjshs please enjoy the glimpse to the inside of my brain
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