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platypustiger · 2 days ago
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@spicyblueberries had a meme of baby Kit Fisto being carried to temple in a plastic bag that are used to transport goldfishes. Of course, in the temple they would be housed comfortably in a fish tank. @ahsoka-in-a-hood: Good idea to let master Yoda know baby nautolan is not a tasty fish snack.
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fives-bf · 2 days ago
Anakin *meeting grievous*: Hm general, you are shorter than I expected
Anakin *meeting Rex*: Captain Rex, you are shorter than I expected
Anakin *meeting Luke*: Son? Wow you are shorter than I expected
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ahhrenata · 23 hours ago
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boss fight
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bevebee · 2 days ago
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Got very very bored so did some sketches
Plus I have blyla brain rot that came out of absolutely nowhere
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paperback-rascal · 2 days ago
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A Meme-redraw! It was suppose to be a sketch to just end up in a folder on my PC but it took me surprisingly a while to finish and I like how it turned out.
Padme and Wrecker go into hiding as farmers, with the sapper being senator’s bodyguard
I dunno why, plot I guess?
STAR WARS: The Clone Wars/The Bad Batch © George Lucas/ Dave Filoni/ LucasFilm/ Disney
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viktignis · a day ago
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According to the plot, Fives was supposed to be here with a shaved head, but I wanted something else..
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tiny-badbatcher · 23 hours ago
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Rex and Echo Comparison
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bibannana · a day ago
Fives *draped on a bed in medbay*: I'm dying!
Kix *standing next to him making notes on his datapad*: You're fine. Stop being dramatic.
Fives *clutches Echo's hand*: Death had come for me vod!
Kix *shaking his head*: It's a cold.
Fives *tugging Echo closer*: Do not weep for me after I am gone!
Echo *who just wants to go get some food and sleep*: I won't.
Kix *who keeps getting distracted by Fives*: Fives, if you're dying please do so in silence.
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deoxd · 2 days ago
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Again, zero reasons to draw the armor.
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padawansuggest · 2 days ago
Jedi fam: *out to dinner*
Check: *arrives*
Obi-Wan: *pointedly looks the other way because he’s never paid for anything in his life, sugar baby moves*
Ahsoka: *is 18*
Cody and Rex: *unsure what to do with that either*
Anakin: *picks up the check, shocking everyone* I got this one, fam. *opens the book to check the price, turns to Padme, gives her big eyes* ���� Mommy 💗
Padme: *already has her card out anyways* I know, baby.
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fives-bf · 2 days ago
POV: you're in a room full of star wars men and you feel safe
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starwarslostclone · a day ago
Padme : *yawns*
Anakin : Yeah, being that pretty must be tiring.
Padme: Then you must be exhuasted.
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witching3 · a day ago
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I just love the way he looks... this man got me 🥴🥴
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paperback-rascal · a day ago
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This is one of the older ideas I’ve came up with @kalm5.
We concur the widely accepted fanon that Wrecker’s muscles hurt/ache almost on daily basis, but we’re kind of on the fence if it’s more due to his mutation taking a toll on his frame or is it him not taking proper care of his body.
after Echo’s rescue, Kix gets suspicious about Wrecker’s condition - the guy lifted a freaking ship in the air, mauled waves of droids, threw several people in the air, caught his falling comrade mid air while handing up-side down by one leg and after all of that he is fine? He ain’t buying that!
Kix assign Wrecker some tests and once the results came back - the field medic visibly pales - Wreck, in theory, shouldn’t be able to lift his arms yet this man thinks he can lift a Gonk droid as a form of warm-up!? not on Kix’s watch!
Wrecker admitted his body hurts often and pretty bad, but he kind of try to forget about it. It’s not that bad when he wears his armor (as it turned out, by coincidence, it acts like a medical corset/back brace). Once Wrecker is just in his blacks - it’s entirely different story.
When Wrecker is in too much pain, he just tries to sleep it off (it seems to be a recurring theme with CF99) mostly due him hating needles but also he is aware he needs a lot of painkillers and often. The problem is they get the same amount of medical supplies as every squad so if he takes appropriate dose, someone else’s gonna end up in pain.
Kix send Crosshair a death glare to NOT comment about the colorful tapes, braces on joints and heat patches covering most of Wrecker’s body when the sniper came to medbay for visit (Crosshair said it was a visit but Kix knew about his optometrist appointment because he signed the sniper for it himself) - it took Kix forever to convince Wrecker to let him put all that on to alleviate his pain.
CF99 knew Wrecker had issues, but not that they are THIS bad. The guys make a silent pact to make sure Wrecker always sleeps in a cot while on Havoc Marauder (never on the chair!) and make him sleep in a hammock when possible and a proper bed is unavailable.
I’m aware of various stances there are about Therapeutic Tape and the discourse whenever they work IRL or not. I’m not a doctor, just an (fan)artist. But from visual standpoint you have to admit KT looks kinda cool and futuristic.
So for the sake of this AU, let’s all establish that space!Kinesiology tape works in SCI-FI setting.
I mean... Star Wars have bacta, for Force sake!
STAR WARS: The Clone Wars/The Bad Batch © George Lucas/ Dave Filoni/ LucasFilm/ Disney
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anotherineffableidiot · 17 hours ago
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You’re honor, I love him.
Coruscant Guard CMO Carrion, from the amazing @spacerocksarethebestrocks stories! And listen, everyone, their stories are absolutely fantastic, and I really cannot recommend them enough. I will also be continuing to illustrate from her stories (as they cause me to go absolutely feral sometimes and I know no other way of showing appreciation then through art); so this will not be the last of this wonderful man, or any of the Guard for that matter. 
And did I make a whole new playlist of music just for clone medics because of this? …Perhaps. 
Alternately lit version below (because I got a bit carried away; but I have no regrets, only joy). 
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pecera-de-mariposas · a day ago
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aankir · a day ago
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Besties ✨
Ngl one of my fav chaotic duos 🙆‍♀️
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