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#clone wars
moonstrider9904 · 2 days ago
I don't know if he's weirded out by King Manchucho hugging a droid, or if he simply rejects any form of affectionate expression known to living beings and civilization
Tumblr media
Or if he's thinking "Holy shit, I'm next-"
Tumblr media
But Wolffe's reaction here is priceless
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rustic-space-fiddle · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
The other piece I did for the @untoldstoriescwzine to feature as a digital prize! I actually ended up liking this one more than my piece for the zine itself, and it was a huge step for me in terms of painting digitally without line art!
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lisasstars · a day ago
Tumblr media
I absolutely loved the fact that despite Wrecker having a fear of heights he didn’t hesitate to jump down and save Crosshair. His friend, his brother. ♥️
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I miss them working together; always trying to top the other, but in a friendly competitive way between brothers. 😭❤️
I really hope one day they will be like this again. 🥺🤞
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clonetober · 2 days ago
The wait is over! Here is the official calendar for Clonetober 2021!
We will post each week’s prompts at the beginning of the week as a refresher. Tag your friends, favorite writers and artists, and your fellow clone lovers!
All forms of writing and art are welcome, just remember to tag appropriately for NSFW content! Please feel free to message us if you have any questions.
Don’t forget to use the #clonetober2021 so we can find and reblog your work!
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padawansuggest · 23 hours ago
R2D2 in a ‘~here comes the boy~’ video with footage of him giving cute beeps and running to Anakin for loves, with the passive aggressive response of ‘~here comes the BOY-‘ version of Artoo threatening people with his electric rod and running into people without saying sorry submitted by Obi-Wan, the one he’s usually threatening.
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cc7567 · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Some fox sketches because he's my comfort character :)
(i took @amikoroyaiart 's design for his face because it's basically canon to me :'))
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Cabin Fever
Summary: You and Crosshair are stuck inside a small, abandoned hut on the freezing planet of Kijimi after fleeing from a wild animal and getting separated from your squad. It doesn’t help that You get no privacy in this place, the rations are low, and you both don’t exactly get along.... or do you?
Warnings: Language, being stuck together, enemies to lovers, rivals to lovers, SMUTTY SMUT SMUT, Unprotected PiV (wrap it before you tap it), oral (both receiving), Spanking, fluff towards the end, Smoking, mentions of piercings, consumption of like, one shot of alcohol
A/N: Hello everyone! I know it’s been a few weeks, but i am back! This took me a while, i have been going through some stuff but i’m better now. This is my first time ever writing smut, so i hope y’all like it! Reblogs and comments are so so so appreciated as always💕 Check out @nahoney22 ‘s masterlist, she’s written a lovely fic about Crosshair and a Cabin as well (pssst, part two is gonna be up soon!!)
Word count: 5.5k
My requests are OPEN!!!
Out of all the people to end up trapped with in an enclosed space with no privacy, it *had* to be Crosshair.
You glanced over to him still cleaning his rifle, skillfully ignoring you. *Great. I’m trapped with a moody man who’s in the possession of a loaded gun.*
You didn’t think he would actually shoot you; You didn’t hate each other that much. However, You were both going stir crazy being trapped in here.
But let’s start from the beginning.
You had almost completed your mission on Kijimi, an icy cold planet with rather dangerous flora and fauna in all the wrong areas. Hunter had paired you and Crosshair together and sent you up a hill to be the lookout, while he and the others completed the objective; Tech continued fixing the ship. It had taken quite a beating upon landing and the engineer had refused to leave its side until it had been repaired.
The mission went smoothly. You and Crosshair had kept a close eye on your squad and the surroundings while constantly bickering back and forth. It's always been like that with you: constant snarking, teasing, insults, and even some physical altercations if things got too heated. Why? Well, he had a big ego and a heart of stone, so it seemed, and you were sensitive but sure as hell didn’t take shit from anyone. That’s why it was always you two that got into each other’s hair.
While laying low on the mountain, Crosshair had noticed you shaking, even though you tried your hardest not to let it show, especially in front of him. “Ya look a little cold,” he remarked without taking his eyes from his visor.
You thought about snapping back, but truthfully you were too tired and cold for it. “I am,” you admitted quietly.
“Too bad,” came the sniper’s answer with a shrug, and you rolled your eyes. You could not figure out why he hated you so much.
You would never, ever admit it, but deep deep down, you actually liked Crosshair. In theory.
You liked his loyalty to his brothers. You liked his cold humor. You liked how he had an eye for detail and how smart he was. How he would smile to himself over a book when he thought no one was looking. Too bad all of that was overshadowed by rude comments he made about basically your every move, a general mistrust of and those looks that you swore started burning your skin when he kept them up for too long.
“You’re an ass, you know that?” You finally snapped with chattering teeth, getting up and stomping away.
“Where do you think you’re going?” the sharpshooter sneered, straightening his back.
“Literally anywhere else. I cannot stand your bullshit right now,” you said heatedly and disappeared. You didn’t know where you were going, but you made sure to always keep the edge of the cliff to your right.
“Suit yourself,” Crosshair hissed and laid back down, rolling his eyes beneath his helmet. He straightened his rifle again, when he heard a loud scream. It wasn’t just any scream.
It was *yours*.
He shot up and started sprinting in the direction you went in only to halt in his steps, when he found you being circled by a big wolf-looking creature, looking at you hungrily.
He wasted no time, grabbing his blaster and aiming for the ground before it to scare it away, which worked - kind of. Instead of fixating on you, it now approached him, baring its teeth and growling. “Run,” He simply said, and you wasted no time. You started sprinting into the forest as fast as you could, and didn’t even turn your head when you heard a shot and a yelp.
The snow that fell from the sky started to block your view, and it was getting so hard for you to see. Every tree looked the same, you didn’t even know where you were coming from. It was still freezing cold, and the snow only piled up more, so you leaned against a tree. “Crosshair? Can you hear me?” You shouted, immediately regretting it. Drawing more attention to yourself while you were alone in the woods wasn’t a good idea.
You didn’t know how long you were standing there; but eventually, you heard steps approaching, and you reached for your blaster. “Easy, it’s just me," Crosshair warned. “We should get out of here, a blizzard is coming," He said, typing away on his comm device to no avail - the storms were blocking the transmissions.
“I-I don’t know where we are,” you admitted, feeling so stupid and helpless. The wind whipped past your face and bit at your cheeks, you couldn’t even feel your face or limbs anymore. “I don’t either. We’ll figure something out” He told you.
And that’s when your two hour long journey to find the others started, to no avail. The storm, cold and snow were so unbearable, and if you stayed outside any longer, you would both freeze to death. Luckily, you stumbled upon a lonely shack that looked pretty raggedy from the outside, but after realizing that it seemingly didn’t belong to anyone, you two didn’t waste time breaking the lock and heading inside.
The inside wasn’t as bad as the outside. It was a one room thing with a bed, a table and a small bathroom attached, and it looked almost like someone had cleaned It before leaving. “It’s p-probably a v-vacation house or s-something. Though b-by the looks of it, n-no one’s been h-here in years” You noted, rubbing your hands together to warm up a bit. Crosshair found an old fireplace and got to work on starting a fire. “How observatory” He remarked.
If you weren’t so damn cold, exhausted and tired, you would’ve said something in return. Instead you opted for sitting down next to the small fire, slowly letting it warm you up. It took you a moment to register that this maniac was starting to take off his armor. “W-what are you doing?” You stammered between chatters. “We’re both freezing and the fire will take a while. You wanna suffer or share the heat that we do have?” He hissed, grabbing the dusty blanket from the bed and sat down next to you, wrapping it around both of your shoulders. You regarded him for a moment. It was tempting. The cold was literally slowly killing you.
“F-fine” You snapped, your lips blue and cracked. “B-but only c-cause i have n-no choice” You slowly took off your jacket and let him wrap his arm around you.
You two didn’t speak for a while. Did nothing, infact, except for trying to patch a transmission through to your squad, without success. At one point, the exhaustion finally crept up to you, and you fell asleep, head lolling against his shoulder.
It surprised you to wake up to the both of you in the bed, the fire now bigger and warming the cabin nicely. He was sitting up against the headboard, not pressed against you anymore but still sharing your body heat with each other. “Shit, how long did i pass out for?” You asked groggily as you sat up as well.
“Couple hours, don’t know. The blizzard is still too strong to give our position to the others” Crosshair answered, not looking up from the book he was reading. He always had one in his kit, though you never bothered to ask why.
“Thanks for… yeah. Putting us up here” You gestured to the bed.
“It’s the least i could do after you ran away, almost got killed by a wild animal, got lost in the forest and caused us to get separated from our squad by several clicks” He said sarcastically.
Having slept enough, you finally found your strength to clap back. “You’re acting like I did that on purpose!!! The only reason I even left was because you were such a bastard!!” You said, and if it hadn’t been for the slight frostbite in your cheeks, you would’ve gotten red from anger.
“So? You still left your position. It’s still your fault” Crosshair said, putting his book down to glare at you dangerously.
“All because you were, once again, acting like a pain in the ass! Crosshair, I'm tired of constantly putting up with your foul mood! If you think this is my fault, why did you even come after me???” You practically shouted. You’ve had enough, all the hurt and anger your conflict with Crosshair had brought you finally got a chance to pour out.
“Oh, so I was supposed to let you either get killed or freeze to death?” He growled heatedly.
“It’s not like you care, anyways! All you ever care about is yourself!” You spat, crossing your arms and turning away from him. You didn’t want him to see the tears pricking at your eyes.
That hurt the sniper. He’s been called cold and careless before, but it never hurt as much as it did when it came from you.
“See, that’s where you're wrong. You know nothing about me” He snapped, and promptly got up from the bed, gathering his things and starting to put on his boots.
You looked perplexed. “Where are you going??” You asked, also getting up and immediately regretting leaving the warmth of the blanket.
“Going to find the others and leave you be. You seem to not appreciate my presence and help. That’s fine with me” He hissed.
“Are you insane? It’s freezing cold outside, you’ll get nowhere! I… i’m…” The words almost got stuck in your throat. But you had to swallow your pride. No matter how mad you were right now, no matter how much you hated him, you didn’t want him to put himself in danger, especially not because of you.
“I’m sorry. Please, don’t… don’t leave” You said finally. He was frozen in place for a moment, not looking at you. He then sat down on the nearby chair without another word, and started cleaning his rifle.
You didn’t know what to do, or say, so after a moment, you crawled back into bed.
There was an uncomfortable silence that hung in the room between the two of you. You were both secretly ashamed for letting the situation escalate, but both too proud to admit defeat. You hated it, and even though he would never let you find out, he hated it too.
The bed was starting to get cold again. It wasn’t because you were still freezing, or because the fire was going out. It was because… he wasn’t there with you.
You glanced over to him cleaning his rifle, skillfully ignoring you.
What could possibly be going through his head right now, you wondered. After what felt like an eternity of thick silence, you decided to speak up. “If… if I admit I was wrong and you were right… will you come back to bed? I’m… cold” You confessed quietly, looking at him softer than usual.
He looked up and met your gaze, visibly weighing out his options. His eyes bored into yours, and you felt that burn again, though this time it was different. It was welcoming.
With nothing but a simple nod, he leaned his rifle against the table, kicked his boots off and slid under the blanket with you at last, not saying a word, just looking at you with a gaze you could not identify to save yourself.
You sighed, his warmth seeping over to you and making you shudder pleasantly. “Thank you” You said, but he didn’t reply. He was still looking at you, as if he was studying you, as if he was planning his next move.
When you started to feel tense again, you decided to reach another figurative hand out to him. “I… have realized I can be very defensive sometimes. I will try to, you know… tone that down in the future. I truly am tired of fighting” You started to fiddle with the blanket.
“Me too. It’s annoying” Crosshair finally said, a smirk threatening to tug at his lips.
You chuckled awkwardly. “I mean- yeah, I admit, sometimes it did get really annoying. Sometimes *i* get really annoying. But that’s only because i don’t wanna upset people but at the same time i don’t wanna take shit from anyone and that’s why i'm so defensive and i-“ But your words were cut short when the sniper pressed a slender finger to your lips.
“Ya talk too much, too” he said lowly. He got up again, and for a moment, you were scared he was gonna leave again, but he quickly returned with a flask that he had retrieved from his kit.
You raised a brow. “Really? You carry booze with you?” Your voice dripping with disbelief and amusement.
“What do you think I made the fire with?” Crosshair shrugged and uncapped the bottle. “To a fresh start?” He asked, offering you the drink. It smelled very much like whiskey, and not bad whiskey either.
You smiled a little and took the beverage. “To a fresh start” You affirmed, and took a swig that was a little bigger than anticipated. After you handed him the bottle back and he took a sip as well, there was that silence again.
“The storm is still raging outside… what do you suggest we do now?” You asked, turning over to lay on your back with your arms crossed behind your head.
“Makeup sex, if we wanna keep it cheesy” Crosshair said with a snort, popping a toothpick into his mouth, flipping it from one corner of his lips to the other.
He had obviously been joking. But you simply couldn’t help your heart skipping a beat, or the feeling of molten lava pooling in the pit of your stomach.
And then a thought made its way into your head: why not?
He was very attractive to you, there was nothing else to do, you did want to start fresh and most of all, deep down you’d been crushing on him for a while. So you made your decision.
You rolled back over and promptly straddled his hips, looking down at him with a little smirk. The booze had started to seep into your bloodstream and made your courage bubble to the surface. “I’m game if you are”
He stared at you in disbelief, like a deer caught in headlights. He couldn’t tell if you were serious or not. Although he was genuinely kidding, secretly, there was a hint of hope and hidden desire in his joking request.
His eyes didn’t leave yours as he turned his head slightly to spit out his toothpick, and you felt something creeping down your spine that was so hot it felt cold. It was the feeling of sheer excitement and thrill.
After his skilled eyes checked yours for the last time, trying to find any sign that you didn’t want this and upon not finding it, he flipped you over effortlessly, trapping you between his warm, slender body and the old mattress. “Last chance to back outta this, princess” He warned in a sickeningly sweet, teasing tone.
But you didn’t want to back out of it. You wanted this, and you realized you had for a while now, actually. You craned your neck up to capture his lips in a hot kiss, reaching your hand up to pull him down by the neck.
His kiss was so different to what you expected it to be. You always imagined his lips to work roughly, to be cool and quick in their wake. But you found it to be the opposite.
Kissing him felt like being hit by the warm sunlight, it felt like sitting in front of a campfire and letting the heat of the flames tickle your skin.
His lips moved in tandem with yours, gently and so softly it made your heart melt. You carefully swiped your tongue against his bottom lip, requesting access, which he wasted no time granting you.
You could feel slick gathering between your thighs rather quickly as he let his tongue fight over dominance with yours, his slim and calloused fingers finding their way under your sweater. You sucked in a sharp breath, the digits were cool to the touch but the feeling was thrilling, especially since the alcohol made your body so overly warm.
Crosshair chuckled low in his throat, and the sound of it made your pussy clench involuntarily, as it has done every time he made that particular sound. Only this time, you weren’t embarrassed by it.
When you wrapped your legs around his hips to press your heat to him, he groaned softly into your kiss, which only made you moan in return. You could feel him hardening against you, and it made you swell with pride that you had that effect on him.
“Shit… shoulda… done this… sooner” you gasped between kisses, and he smirked, opting to move his kisses down your face and to your throat and neck, where he started sucking dark love marks into your soft skin. “Mhmm” He hummed approvingly, hiking your sweater up to get better access to your skin. “Want this off” He murmured in between two bites to your collarbone.
Who were you to deny that request? With his help, you got rid of your garments, leaving you in your underwear.
You were by no means shy, but the way he was towering over you and looking you up and down with that signature smirk of his, you felt a sudden urge to cover yourself. “If i’d known you were hidin’ this under your uniform~” He chuckled and didn’t continue his sentence, though he didn’t need to.
He reached up to cup your right breast held up by your bra, your nipples hardening under his touch. “Mmm, that’s it, princess” he said hungrily, tugging the soft fabric down and sealing his lips over your stiff peak, swirling his tongue around it.
Your hand flew to the back of his head as you arched up into him. “Crosshair-“ you gasped, followed by sweet little whimpers and moans. He was skilled with his tongue, and the thought of it being a little further down south made the slickness soak through your panties.
“Yes?” He asked teasingly, pulling back with a smirk, brushing his thumb over the wet, abandoned bundle of nerves.
“M-more” You pleaded, rolling your hips against his. “W-want more”
The sharpshooter chuckled evilly. “Patience. We’ve got all the time in the world, and i intend of makin’ good use of it” He purred in that low baritone. With skilled fingers, he unclasped your bra and flung it to the side, starting to pepper your chest in open mouthed kisses.
You had no choice but to flop back against the mattress, bury your fingers in his short hair and let him work you with his mouth. When you got out of bed this morning, you would have never guessed that you would hook up with Crosshair today, not in a million years. And that got you thinking: would this be a one time thing?
You didn’t have much time to think, however, as his mouth had reached your pelvis. “Gonna make you feel good, cyar’ika” He promised, grabbing the hem of your panties with his teeth and dragging them down your legs. This *couldn’t* be his first time doing this.
He placed his hands on your knees and parted your legs, admiring the wetness that was seeping out from your depths. “All this for me, gorgeous?” He asked, swiping his slender fingers up and down your folds idly.
“Mhmm” You whimpered out, biting your lip and rolling your hips ever so weakly to get more friction. Crosshair clicked his tongue. “So impatient. If i’d known you wanted me this badly, i would’ve fucked you ages ago” He tittered to himself as he lowered his face down, his body following suit.
You could feel his hot breath fanning over your wet cunt, and it was driving you *insane*. “Cross, *please*”
you whined needily, white-knuckling the sheets. You’ve never called him by that nickname, you realized, and you found that you enjoyed the way it rolled off your tongue.
The sniper finally gave in and let his mouth descend upon your pussy, licking into your throbbing heat as he did so.
You let out a satisfied groan, grinding yourself against his face encouragingly. It seemed to spur him on, as he moaned against you and sucked on your clit, swirling his tongue around it a couple of times.
“F-fuck, just like that~” You drawled out, pussy clenching around nothing. It didn’t go unnoticed by him, though. “Mmm, you need a little something more, hm?” He taunted, a slender finger prodding at your entrance and then sliding in with ease. It didn’t take long for a second one to accompany the first.
You moaned shamelessly and felt him smirking against your core. “H-holy shit- keep going please…” You wailed, feeling the molten heat in the pit of your stomach building up.
He listened to your request and curled his fingers up, quickly finding that spongy part that had you gasp out in surprise and sit up a bit to look down at him. “Kriffing hells….” You watched as his fingers pumped in and out of you, his eyes trained onto your own as he sucked your clit like it was the only thing giving him life.
Your legs were starting to tremble and you felt your high creeping closer and closer. “Y-yes- please… baby, right there- i’m gonna-“ You stammered, but were cut short by the coil in your stomach tightening and snapping, the white-hot feeling of a mind blowing orgasm taking over your entire body.
The sharpshooter worked you through it all, stroking your quivering thighs with such care as you came down from it all. You let yourself fall back against the bed with a breathless chuckle, and he crawled back up to your face.
“I take it you liked that, dollface” Crosshair said with a surprising gentleness, even trailing a knuckle over your cheek.
“Y-yeah… holy shit” You laughed feebly, still working on catching your breath. “Just… gimme one second” You held up a finger, making him shake his head in amusement. He leaned over you again and picked up on kissing your neck again, licking and sucking and biting until he was sure he’s left a few marks.
You were so positively surprised to see this beautiful, gentle, attentive side of him. To get his attention, you stroked the back of his head. “I wanna return the favor, if you’ll let me” You said lustily, your eyes dark with want.
“I’d be a fool if i denied that request” Crosshair voiced with a hint of delight in his tone. You grinned in return, and with your regained strength, you flipped the both of you over so you were now on top.
After removing his blacks upon your requisition, you had to take a moment to admire his almost naked form. Sure, you’ve seen all of your squadmates shirtless before- but this was all for you. You wouldn’t bring it up, you would like to keep your head, after all, but his face and skin were slightly flushed, and it looked absolutely beautiful.
He was skinnier than his vode, that was for sure, but now that he had taken off his clothes, you could see that underneath, he was all muscle and hidden strength. You reached out to trace your fingers over a few scars, and while admiring how gorgeous they were, you wished he wouldn’t have had to endure whatever caused them.
“See something you like, mesh’la?” His smug voice pulled you out of his trance and you saw him smirking at you.
“I do, actually” You said sultrily, closing the distance between you two to kiss him again, this time you were in charge of making him melt.
Once your mouth had reached his neck, you felt him physically relax beneath you, and it made your heart throb against your ribcage.
He tried so hard ro not let any sounds spill forth, it simply wasn’t his style. But he just couldn’t hold back soft exhales and happy little hums from escaping his parted lips. And every time your ears picked up on such a sound, your heart skipped a beat and you felt yourself clenching for him.
You kissed his neck and abdomen the way he did yours, leaving a couple of marks in your wake. As you ventured lower and lower, you felt him pitching a tent down below.
Now it was your turn to tease. “Someone’s excited to see me, hm?” You purr, raking your nails over his hardening member, a small wet spot forming over his greys.
“Evidently” Was all he said between rather labored breaths. You chuckled at his statement and decided not to comment on manners.
Slowly, teasingly so, you tugged down his boxers to let his cock spring free. You licked your lips at the sight of him; he was big, but not overwhelmingly so, and had the perfect length and girth. You were surprised to see that the carpet did not match the drapes, the trimmed hair reaching from his navel to his base.
Another pleasant surprise was the Hafada piercing nestled between the space of his member and his scrotum. “I didn’t know you were pierced” You smirked.
“You don’t know a lot of things about me” Crosshair answered coyly.
Not losing a minute, you stuck your tongue out and licked a long strip from his balls to his glistening tip, resulting in him throwing his head back and moaning. You couldn’t help but wonder when the last time was that someone handled him in this manner.
Smiling to yourself, you took him in your hands and gave him a few skilled pumps, using the precum at the tip to your advantage and swirling it around his length.
“Karking hells…” The sniper hissed, supporting himself on his elbows to watch your every move. You decided to stop teasing and finally wrap your hot mouth around his head, giving it an experimental suck. You assumed he liked that by the way a hand flew to your hair, gripping it ever so gently without pushing down.
Slowly, you started to bob your head up and down, swirling your tongue and hollowing your cheeks expertly, delighted by his taste. It was warm and salty and just so *him*.
His groans and pants only spurred you on, and you took him deeper and deeper until your gag reflex started kicking in.
“Easy, easy, Princess” Crosshair carefully pulled you off him and leaned down to kiss you. “So eager for my cock, hm? What a good girl” he murmured against your lips and made you shudder.
He promptly pinned you down on the squeaky bed and settled himself between your legs, grunting softly. “You sure?” He asked one more time, one hand holding the back of your neck while the other swiped his member up and down your folds.
“Yes, Cross. Just fuck me” You whispered huskily, crashing your lips onto his. He kissed you back hungrily as he guided himself into your heat inch by inch.
You were not expecting him to be so gentle in his approach, but you appreciated it immensely. The stretch burned a little, since it had been quite a while for you. He felt so good, though. Filling you up perfectly, as if he was simply made for you.
From above you, Crosshair tried his best to look collected, but you could tell he was feeling just as good as you are. “So kriffing tight” He hissed, finally bottoming out. It didn’t take long for him to find a rhythm you liked, the old bed squeaking beneath you with every thrust.
The sniper was watching you closely, drinking in the sight of you beneath him, the way your face contorted so beautifully, the way you moaned out his name and your tits bounced with every harsh snap of his hips.
“S-so… fucking… beautiful…” He grunted, smirking evilly when he felt your pussy clench around him with every word. “You like being praised, hm?” He murmured in your ear, nibbling on it as well.
“Y-yes… kriff, i love it” You whimpered, clawing at his back, causing him to hiss. “H-harder, please” Your tone was pleading and your eyes were as well.
“Harder, hm?” Crosshair choked out, swiftly pulling out and rolling you over, lifting your hips with ease but not before delivering a smack to your ass. “Harder i can do” He slid in from behind this time, and with your chest and face still pressed to the mattress, you were seeing stars. “D-do tha-ha-hat a-again” You begged weakly, making the sniper smirk and slap your rear end again.
He was working your body just how you needed it, how you haven’t ever had it before. The pace was becoming rougher and his thrusts turned sloppy.
“Wanna feel you cum again, princess. Wanna feel your pretty pussy clenching my cock tight before I fill you all the way up. Gonna come inside that tight little cunt” He purred in your ear after having pulled you up by your shoulder, holding you securely in place as he kept pounding into you. There was an edge to his voice, it was huskier and more desperate than usual.
“Y-yes!! I-i’ll cum for you… o-only for y-you” You wailed, grabbing onto the headboard helplessly. This was pure bliss, and even though you were at his mercy and he was bending your body to his will, you never felt unsafe or threatened by him. Quite the opposite actually; you felt taken care of and just euphoric.
The pleasure inside of you was building up more and more, you couldn’t get enough of it and really started to lean into that warm flowy feeling, not holding back any sounds, not trying to be cute or pretty. You could let yourself go.
Your high hit you like a fast train, knocking the air out of your lungs and making your vision blank out. You were glad to be in the middle of nowhere, otherwise, everyone in a close radius would’ve heard your absolutely shameless moan.
Behind you, Crosshair was thrusting into you a few more harsh times before reaching his peak as well with a languid groan, pinning your hips together and painting your insides with his sticky-white ropes.
You both stayed like this for a while, trying to catch your breaths and control your trembling thighs, but eventually, you collapsed onto the bed, cheeks flushed but grinning through the pants.
The sharpshooter laid down next to you and gingerly pulled you onto his chest. “Easy… you’re okay” He soothed, rubbing his skilled fingers up and down your spine. You could hear his voice rumbling in his chest and it made you close your eyes.
“Wow…. holy shit” You said breathlessly, blindly reaching for his hand. He did not expect that at all, but he let you take it. He even interlocked your fingers and adored the way your lips curled up into a happy smile when he did.
Crosshair didn’t know what came over him. With his usual hookups, he was a ‘wham, bam, thanks ma’am’ kind of guy, but with you… he felt a need to protect and care for you now.
“Are you hurting? Need some water?” He spoke up, trying to sound as unbothered as possible. “Not hurt, but water would be nice” Your reply came, and he got up to bring you his canteen. He also brought over his belt pouch and started rolling a cigarette.
“Really?” You raised an amused brow at him after taking a few sips of the water. He just shrugged. “I always have one after” He explained, lighting it and taking a drag.
You didn’t mind too much, you frequented bars with the squad where smoking was normal. You both laid
beside one another, and it felt so weird to you.
“Do uh… do we… cuddle?” You asked a bit awkwardly. You were craving nearness and affection, especially after what the two of you had just done.
Crosshair said nothing, he just pulled you onto his chest and offered you a drag of his cig, which you accepted. “Thank you” You murmured, letting your fingers dance over his bare chest.
“For what?” The sharpshooter asked, a hint of confusion and amusement lacing his voice.
“For… you know… for the sex” You said shyly, now realizing how stupid that sounded. He laughed quietly, though for once, it wasn’t at you. “You don’t have to thank me. This was fun” He stated, and it made your heart skip a beat.
“Very” You smiled timidly. That’s when thoughts started swarming your head: what if he didn’t like it? What was this just now? Would this be a one time thing? How would things change between you now? And what was this unfamiliar feeling in your chest?
Crosshair, with his skilled eyes, could tell from your expression and the way you picked at the skin of your thumb that you were thinking too much again. “Hey” He tilted your chin up with his finger. “We’re okay” He murmured, leaning down to kiss you. Though this one wasn’t one of passion or with that hunger behind it, it was pure… affection. You melted against him and kissed him back.
You two were okay. Maybe even a bit more than that.
Part Two? 🌝
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sexy-rex · 2 days ago
HC that Fives and Echo sleep in a pile together wherever they are and whenever they can
I saw a post about how team rocket just casually sleep on each other and I couldn’t shake the image of this being Fives and Echo. Like whenever they get a chance you can find them slumped against each other in the most ridiculous positions getting a little shuteye. I think all the boys would do this to some extent, because they’re just all so exhausted all the time, but Fives and Echo are the most prolific and there are whole files of photos of them.
And sometimes after a particularly bad time of it, you’ll find the whole squad sleeping in a pile together with Fives and Echo at the centre, because the other boys went to find them and then curled up with them.
I can imagine Rex wondering why it’s so quiet and going to look for them, and finding them all like this - he’d watch them for a moment, noting their carefree sleep faces, and then find a spot for himself, somewhere in the middle of them all, and sleep the best sleep he’d slept in a while, surrounded by his boys.
((Sometimes I really wish I could art))
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another-xmen-nerd · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Recently finished my Duchess Satine cosplay! Having her debute this weekend! So exciting! Worked on this costume for almost 2 years!
Everything handmade by me!
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hyperesthesias · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Howzer’s colors are the same as the PTSD/C-PTSD Awareness ribbon. 
PTSD is a disorder that can occur in people who have experienced or witnessed a traumatic event and is marked by symptoms such as flashbacks, hypervigilance, and invasive, unwanted thoughts or memories.
C-PTSD is a disorder that is marked with symptoms that overlap with PTSD, however it is often developed in childhood or in prolonged traumatic environments. Symptoms can also include a lack of sense of self and an inability to regulate relationships.
PTSD is often misunderstood and not well represented, C-PTSD even less so. But together, we can create a healthy conversation that fosters healing and understanding for those who have suffered through trauma and its lasting effects.
“Who will stand with me?”
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schlorbe · a day ago
Tumblr media
ahsokas concept winter fit
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Sick Day (Drabble)
Captain Rex x Fem!Reader, Fives x Reader, Echo x Reader 
Tumblr media
GIF by @dailyrex​
Summary: You take a sick leave in short notice, but it just so happens the boys are in town as well
Warnings: Trigger warning for throw up, you being overloved by the boys, soft!Rex, soft!Fives, and soft!Echo, all fluff guys, I just had to
A/N: This was last minute, and even though I’m on the mend at not as nausious as yesterday, I still want to feel loved by my favorite boys. This is poorly written and edited, so I’m sorry hehe
Disclaimer: I also originally had Rex and reader be in a romantic relationship, but even if it seems that way in the end, there are some innuendos from Fives. It’s purely platonic, that’s just how I imagine him like. Hope that makes sense!
“Are you sure you’re alright in there?”
Fives stood outside your door, worry easily shown in his amber eyes as he heard you dry heaving from inside. This has been going on for hours now, and you don’t know if you had anything left in your system to drain out. Rex remained by your side however, Kix on his comm, allowing his vod to instruct him on what to do in your state, holding your hair back and rubbing soothing circles on your back. 
“Do you have any energy drinks by your side?” You heard Kix over the comm. “If she’s been throwing up for some time now, you need to keep her hydrated, or she can become lethargic.”
“Hang on, cyare,” Rex spoke gently, continuing his ministrations on your back. “Fives! Echo!”
“Sir!” You recognized Echo’s mannerisms, even off duty. “I have water and Ginger ale right here!” Echo’s voice was in a calm state of panic, hearing Fives protest as Echo probably pushed him aside to get through.
You heard the bathroom door creep open as he dropped off the contents, opening the can of ale for you to drink. But just the smell of it made you gag, eyes watering at the gagging reflex.
“Come on, now,” Echo spoke. “You have to try.”
You felt a second hand on your back, but you remained over the toilet, afraid of making a mess. “Can’t.” You gasped. “The smell-” You cut off, coughing as you eyes continued to water at the pressure, throat dry from all the heaving.
“Don’t think of the smell, sweetheart,” you heard Fives’ voice. “Just drink it. Please.”
Gagging, you let Echo bring the can to your lips, taking a small sip as you heard Fives flush the toilet. Your eyes felt heavy, all the energy drained as you gave in to hydration, the ale leaving a sour tang on your tongue and your throat stinging at the gas the ale provided. 
“How long has she been like this?” You heard Kix again. “Should I head over there?”
Kix’s voice drained out as you realized that Rex stepped away to talk to him, leaving Fives and Echo to tend to you as you started catching your breath again. You felt like crap. A light sheen of sweat coating your forehead, and your nightgown clinging to your form as you felt dirty, from throwing up.
“Need- need to shower,” you murmured. You wanted to fall asleep more than anything, your eyes already feeling heavy, but you wanted to feel refreshed, get ready for the next day and whatever it brings. 
“I don’t know,” Echo looked at the time. “It’s late, and you need to rest.” Fives and Echo shared a glance of worry, even if your breathing had gone back to normal and you got up to rinse your mouth. 
“I need to,” you sighed. “I feel dirty.”
“Well, I’m not sure if you’re able to bathe alone,” Fives spoke, placing a hand on you head. “No, I’m not trying anything!” He exclaimed as he dodged Echo’s punch to his arm. “Normally, I’m all for bathing with my favorite girl,” Fives winked, causing you to roll your eyes. “But I’m serious this time. I’m afraid you won’t be able to stay upright.”
“I’ll help shower you in the morning.” Rex walked in, the top half of his armor removed. He guided you to your side of the bed, where he placed a glass of water by your nightstand. “The boys are right; it’s late and you have no energy to do anything else tonight.”
You eyelids felt heavy before you could say anything. Perhaps he was right; there was no rush in freshening up. Your stomach relented, the contents you needed to get out finally released as you settled in bed comfortably, on your side as you faced your nightstand, a small trash can ready in case. 
“We’ll be back in the morning,” Echo spoke to Rex, ushering a protesting Fives out the door. “I know you probably won’t be needing us, but we want to make sure how’s she’s doing in the morning. Comm us with any updates.”
Rex nodded, and you heard a silent goodbye from Echo and a small pressure on your forehead; probably Fives giving you a goodbye peck. 
“See you in the morning, sweetheart,” he whispered to you. “Rex’s here; you’ll be okay.” 
You murmured a ‘thanks’, and the silent whoosh of the door indicated they had left your apartment, the chaos finally leaving, having you notice how late it actually was. 
Arms pulling you flush against his chest, Rex held you close while not applying too much pressure on your still aching stomach. Even if Rex did this to you every night, that didn’t stop your heart from jumping each time as you smiled groggily in his embrace. 
“Thank you,” you smiled, feeling Rex’s stubble tickling your neck. “I know this probably wasn’t what you expected coming home from a mission.” You coughed, the noise coming out all dry as your throat burned again. 
A chuckle rumbled in his throat, breath on your neck as he kissed the juncture between your neck and shoulder. “No, it’s alright.” His hands started going underneath your shirt, tugging the material up and settling his hands on your stomach and waist soothingly.
“You always took care of me, cyare.” You heard his words as your eyes started to close in exhaustion. “Time to return the favor.”
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starwarslostclone · 2 days ago
Mace windu:
Plo koon: Okay, what in the force are they doing?
Kit fisto: Seeing who has deal with Kenobi and Skywalker’s bullshit today
Mace: *blinks
Yoda: HA! Deal with them ,you shall
Mace: Dammit!
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palprotein · 16 hours ago
Mace: what was the first thing Obi-Wan said when he woke up?
Anakin: he said ‘where am I, Ahsoka?’
Mace: and why did that upset you?
Anakin: my name is ‘Anakin’
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