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#clone wars
maiseey · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Another service massiff for a clone trooper veteran, reporting for duty! She has been dubbed “Commander Cookie” by my dear friend, and she is a PTSD service massiff.
C.C. ‘s vest says “Service Massiff” in white and if you zoom in her little helmet patch says “Brothers Forever, Fallen but Not Forgotten” She is ready to go home with a trooper in need.
Some real life service/guide massiff dog etiquette below!
Please don't touch, talk, feed or otherwise distract the dog while it is wearing his harness or vest. You should allow the dog to concentrate and perform for the safety of his handler.
Don't treat the dog as a pet; give it the respect of a working dog.
Speak to the handler, not the dog. Some handlers will allow petting, but be sure to ask before doing so. If allowed, don't pat the dog on the head; stroke the dog on the shoulder area.
If the handler says no when you ask to pet the dog, don’t be offended. The dog (or handler) might be having a bad day, or he might be in a hurry. Remember, a service dog is as vital to a disabled person as a wheelchair or cane. You wouldn't ask to pet their wheelchair or get mad if they wouldn't let you pet their cane.
You should not give the dog commands; allow the handler to do so.
Guide and service dog teams have the right of way.
Don't try to take control in situations unfamiliar to the dog or handler, but please assist the handler upon their request.
When walking with a guide or service dog team, you should not walk on the dog's left side, as it may become distracted or confused. Ask the handler where you should walk. Depending on the situation, they may ask you to walk ahead of them on their right side, or behind them by their right shoulder.
Never attempt to grab or steer the person while the dog is guiding or attempt to hold the dog's harness. You should ask if the handler needs your assistance and, if so, offer your left arm.
Try not to be overprotective or overbearing when someone first arrives home with the new dog. Be thoughtful, patient, and try to inspire confidence in the handler. In time, you will admire the expertise of the team.
Never give the dog table scraps. You should respect the handler's need to give the dog a balanced diet, and to maintain its good habits.
Don't allow anyone to tease, distract, or abuse the dog in public. Allow it to rest undisturbed.
Make sure not to allow your pets to challenge or intimidate a guide or service dog. You should allow them to meet on neutral ground when all parties can be carefully supervised.
In the USA, under ADA law, you are not allowed to request any documentation for a service dog, require that the dog demonstrate its task, or inquire about the nature of the person's disability. There are individuals and organizations that sell “service animal certification” or “registration documents” online. These documents do not convey any rights under the ADA and the Department of Justice does not recognize them as proof that the dog is a service animal. Basically, any and all documents you can buy online ARE FAKE. Please do not contribute to scammers.
The differences between service dogs, therapy dogs, and emotional support animals in the USA:
Tumblr media
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cc7567 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Saw these gifs by @sergeant-hunter and I couldn't help myself
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verylargerat · 2 days ago
My friend who doesn't know anything about Clone Wars: "Why does that guy have a titty grab mark, is that part of the design?? Or maybe it's a titty slap."
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kasielartist · a day ago
Part II of this AU
I had to make some doodles about them🤣
Tumblr media
Part I of the au here:
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weillschmidtdoodles · a day ago
Tumblr media
Obi-Wan showed Anakin his schedule for classes. In the freedom he was now living in, his time was invested into forming him into a better person with more knowledge and control of the world he was living in. He was excited. The schedule had the locations of each class along with a full profile of the Master imparting them. Obi-Wan smiled warmly taking in Anakin’s reaction to studying.
“I’ll be in some of your practices because of my Knighthood trials.” He added, grabbing him gently by the shoulder. “So if you need anything, you can comm me and I’ll be right there with you.”
“…’Great Pool’, what’s that, Obi-Wan?” Anakin asked. Obi-Wan realized where the boy came from probably would’ve never seen a pool.
“A massive body of water.” He ruffled his Padawan’s hair. “Remember to call the other older Jedi ‘Master’, otherwise they’ll correct you. I think you will like the Great Pool.” Anakin nodded and turned off his data pad. He was ready for his first class and Obi-Wan accompanied him to the door.
“Welcome, Skywalker.” Master Fisto was waiting for him, his green body glistening by just coming out of the water. “Your swim suit is in the changing room, do you know how to float?” Anakin shook his head trying to not to be distracted by all the water, the other Padawans enjoying themselves in it.
“What happens if I don’t?” Anakin finally asked, taking off his obi, Master Fisto following him.
“Get changed, young Skywalker. We are going to help you float after that so you can join us for a game.” Anakin hurried up, he was excited to get into the water. Everyone seemed to be having fun.
After the basics were taught to Anakin, and he managed to not drown, Master Fisto took a little silver ball from his shorts. He turned it on, and the ball jumped into the water. The other Padawans cheered and dived in. Anakin looked back at Master Fisto.
“The first to catch it wins one of my famous Garlic Croquets. Remember to use your Breather down there, and don’t be afraid to use the Force. It makes bubbles!” Anakin nodded at went inside the water. It seemed like… this game was close to what the kids in Tatooine played with old droid’s motors.
11 Standard Years later.
The war left them very little time to enjoy. After the Battle of Geonosis, the Jedi Temple had suffered a blow into their Masters’ ranks. Many Padawans were left without their mentors, and some classes had to be fulfilled.
The Halls of Healing were crowded, Obi-Wan was sitting beside his Padawan’s bed, waiting for him to wake up after his surgery. It had hit him that it was going to be hard for him to adjust to his new reality… or perhaps he wasn’t going to struggle… as he had adapted once before to an alien life back when he was just nine years old.
Obi-Wan sighed. Looking around he could feel the others’ worry. Some Padawans were in tears, others just numbly accepting the truth of their new future. Obi-Wan remembered the pain he had felt when he had lost Qui-Gon.
“Master…” Anakin hoarse voice made him look back.
“Anakin,” he took his hand in his, “try not to move too quickly, you could pull something.” Anakin smiled softly looking at his other hand, now a metal one.
“It looks cool.” He said, trying how his fingers flexed. Obi-Wan was relieved to hear him be positive.
In his recovery, Master Yoda had asked him to help with some of the lessons for the Creché younglings. Anakin enjoyed these little tasks, made him feel confident on being a Jedi and he got to show off in front of others about his knowledge and control.
His first lessons went well, and then Master Fisto came to him.
“Skywalker!” He shouted in the middle of the hall. Anakin stopped in his tracks and turned around for him to be able to reach him. “I’ve heard many younglings talk about your skills as a Jedi.” Kit had always been a Master in compliments. He knew how to get to Anakin do chores.
“I have the next hours free, do you need me for something?” The smile Fisto returned at him was the kindest he had ever received.
The transport was ready, Anakin had checked the systems and they were ready to go. The hangar was cleared, no clones or other Jedi were in it. Master Fisto arrived with a small group of Padawans. They were recently ‘orphaned’, and had to be trained by the Council while they worked on getting new Masters.
“Most of you are familiar with Skywalker, he is going to take us to our aquarian tour.” The children bowed to him and Anakin smiled. “He is one of the best pilots the Jedi has in their ranks, so you are being lucky today.”
Their way to the planet Castilon was filled with questions from Master Fisto testing the Padawans’ knowledge in their Astrographical area. Anakin enjoyed the flight and when they arrived, the children cheered in unison.
“Excellent landing.” Fisto put a hand on his shoulder. “I require another adult for this little trip, you wouldn’t mind getting your swimsuit on, would you?” Anakin smirked with wonder in his eyes. He thought Fisto would never ask.
Most of the children were aquatic beings, a Selkath and a Mon Calamari while there was just a Zabrak kid. He looked nervous.
“Is this your first time in deep waters?” Anakin asked joining him and aiding the kid with his Breather. The child nodded. “Don’t worry, I need my breather too. I will be close behind you if you need help, alright?” The child smiled with the metal piece between his lips.
The trip underwater promised to be interesting, and Anakin enjoyed the task Master Fisto was already giving them before diving in.
my full piece for @untoldstoriescwzine
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nahoney22 · 17 hours ago
loved your Flustered Dogma one shot. Please can I request one similar with Wolffe? I’d love to see how he’d be flustered. Congrats on 1,500 followers. -R ✨
The Faltering Commander
Wolffe X F!Reader
word count: 1.2k
Tumblr media
When trying to give the battle plans to Jedis Mace Windu and Plo Koon, everything goes wrong when his eyes land on a new Deck Officer that suddenly had control of his heart.
warnings: none. SFW. Flustered Wolffe. Slight awkwardness and embarrassment.
The new flagship for Plo Koon’s fleet was practically identical to the Triumphant that they had lost during the battle of Abregado. With a new crew and a new appearance, Commander Wolffe was in charge of giving out battle plans for the upcoming attack on a supposed Separtist cargo-ship.
“Commander Wolffe,” Boost calls upon his vod, bucket set securely on his head, “you’re receiving a call from Generals Plo and Mace Windu. They want to hear how things are going.”
The Commander nodded and walked away from the ships windshield as it shot them through hyperspace and headed towards the command deck and settled in front of a round hologram device.
“Patch them through.” He orders Sergeant Sinker who stood on the other side of his brother. He nodded and hit a button and sure enough, two large holograms were sent through and revealed the Jedi’s.
“Ah, Commander Wolffe,” Plo speaks first, his talons resting under his chin as he greets his Commander, “I trust you are well?”
“Yes, General Plo. I hope the war isn’t too hard on your end, Sirs.” Wolffe casts a gaze to the Jedi beside Plo, giving him a curt nod.
“All is well here Commander, but tell us, how are the plans to track down this cargo going?” Mace Windu speaks up, folding his arms over his chest with a stern yet determined look on his face.
“Everything is under control.” Wolffe speaks, giving a nod to Boost who pulls up a map of the outer rim they were travelling through, highlighting where they believe the ship will appear. “We are planning on a sneak attack, deploy some fighters and have them take out the gunners as well as the-”
Wolffe thought the oxygen on the ship had vanished for a mere second but no, his eyes instead landed on what he believed to be a real life form of art walking among the ship.
Since he could see through the holograms of the Generals, his eyes became captivated on a figure by a control panel, a Deck Officer, data pad hugged to their chest as they spoke with one of the other Deck Officers. He had never seen more of a beautiful sight in his life; even when he had both eyes.
“Yes… Commander?” Plo urges his trusty Clone Commander to carry on, Wolffe snapping out of his trance and apologises justly before continuing but he couldn’t help his gaze wander to you, walking around and doing, simply, your job.
“T-then we will blast in and-”
“I thought you said this will be a stealth occupation?” Mace counteracts before the faltering Commander could continue.
Wolffe, again, had to pry his gaze away from you but then you turned in his direction, allowing him to take a full front-view of your face and it was like he got a lightsaber to the chest; his heart stopped. You were astonishing pretty.
Sinker and Boost slowly turn to one another, Boost giving a not-so-obvious shrug to his fellow vod and so Sinker cleared his throat, loudly, breaking Wolffe again.
“Is everything alright Wolffe? Should we be worried?” Plo asked caringly, finding his Commander's sudden state of flustered-ness to be most bizzare and very uncharacteristic of him.
“Sorry! Everything is fine General!” Wolffe stands taller than before, composing himself and was thankful that you had moved around the deck and towards the back of him so you weren’t in his visible eyeline.
“As I was saying,” Wolffe speaks up again, “we will strategically enter through the main cargo hold towards the rear-end of the Separtist ship.”
Plo and Mace look at one another before nodding in agreement with the plan, allowing Wolffe to discuss more with no distractions this time.
“I have to cut this battle meeting short - I am needed at the Galatic Senate.” Mace speaks, turning to Plo. “It’s best if we both go.”
Plo hummed and then turned and extended his hand. “Wolffe, please fill Little ‘Soka in on the plans whilst I am gone.” Sure enough, the Togruta emerged as a holographic form and folded her arms over her chest.
“Commander Wolffe.” She nods at him with a smile to which he returned but only lightly.
Ahsoka begins listening to the plans to take hold of the cargo that is supposedly carrying explosives and other weapons to attack the Republic with. Although Wolffe didn't enjoy repeating himself, at all, at least he was now composed and had almost forgotten about you but that was until you cleared your throat from beside him.
“I’m a little busy-“ he cuts off his own sentence as his eye, including his cybernetic one, gets lost in your own once he turns to face the voice that had interrupted him.
His breath hitches for a moment, his tough exterior faltering in front of you as you held out a datapad towards him. “Sorry for the intrusion Commander, the Admiral on the upper deck requested me to give you this as soon as possible. It’s the plan for when we head to Aleen in the next couple of rotations.” You spoke to him, looking down at the device and then up to him to just see him staring at you. There was no anger, no frustration, no nothing on his face but his gaze was piercing and penetrating straight into your soul.
‘Why isn’t he taking it?’ You thought. You look towards the Sargent next to him, wondering if you had done something wrong but you couldn’t tell due to the bucket on his head.
It was almost animalistic of him but he swore he could get drunk off your scent. You smelt sweet yet also floral. He wasn’t even sure if you were wearing perfume or if it was your own natural scent. Either way, it was making his heart slam repeatedly against his ribcage in the hopes you’d take his heart and treasure it.
“Is this… not the right one?” You asked slowly, a little apologetic as your bright eyes turned soft and worrisome which was enough for Wolffe to snap back to reality. Mortified at his pompous staring, he clears his throat, stands straight and extends his hand.
“No, that’s perfect. Thank you.” He takes it from you and immediately turns away as you take a step back and get back to your job whilst Boost and Sinker began sniggering behind him. They had never seen their brother so unfocused in all their lives. Even Ahsoka had an amused dazzle in her eyes.
“Smooth Wolffe, real smooth.” The teenage Jedi muses to Wolffe’s horror which only emitted Boost to almost choke on his own laugh, having to turn around and remove his helmet and swipe away the tears that streamed down his cheeks.
“Get back to work.” Wolffe snaps to both of the snickering clones and they soon depart but not before gossiping about the Commander's clear attraction to the pretty Deck Officer.
“It’s a good plan Commander,” Ahsoka says, letting the atmosphere cool down, “inform us if you have any mishaps and we will send a squadron to aid you in your mission. Or,” she pauses for a moment, a smirk growing on her plump lips, “I’m always here if you need advice on how to talk to girls. May the force be with you.” She winked.
The transmission then died and Wolffe pinched the bridge of his nose, breathing shallowly at his hideous presentation in front of not only one but three Jedi’s. Ahsoka’s comment did help either. If it was obvious to his brothers and to Ahsoka about his clear flustered attitude, he couldn’t help but think if you had the same thought process they did. The thought intrigued yet terrified him at the the same time.
He had never acted like this but he couldn’t help but move around the ship and maybe, just maybe, take one more glimpse at you before you raid his dreams that evening.
part 2??? Maybe???
taglist: @colorfulloverbatturkey @mustluvgd @taz-107 @eyecandyeoz @ashotofspotchka @in-the-crosshairs @kriffclone @butch-medusae @14mcmd1122 @kirinpl @commxnderwolffe @archisstically-done @ladykatakuri @sitherin-mxschief @badbatch-simp24 @justanothersadperson93 @isb-808 @ladydiomede @kaitou2417 @adriiibell @crispyheartcollection @mavendeb @imalovernotahater @techissweet @nonsenseandm3mes @equalityforcats @clonecyare @letitrainathousandflames-archive @queencousland101 @shiniest-captain @itsjml @paige6768 @therealnekomari @bb-8 @smoldjarin @ahsoka1 @1fineslytherin @brynhildrmimi @why-not-movies @djarrex @essadaliz @darasuummanda @disgruntldd @ladydracula666 @techssexythighs @grogusbff @captxin-rex @sexy-rex
thanks for the request @stoneagequeen 🤍
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doctor-ren · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Depression so bad that I can feel my spirit leave my body. 
Cad Bane
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karlyanalora · 12 hours ago
The boy, Ezra according to the astromech, is sleeping. He’ll wake in a few hours, perfectly fine from his ordeal, Obi-Wan assures the little ‘mech.
“Chopper,” the astromech identifies itself after being called little one too many times.
Obi-Wan takes a seat and watches as Chopper comes to a stop right in front of him. He begins a recording and Obi-Wan feels his blood freeze.
It’s Wolffe, his hair a shocking white. He’s broken, a paranoid wreck running his fingers through his hair and glancing around furiously.
“Thank you, Chopper,” he says. “I know General Kenobi is dead, that Rex’s right, but if the kid...well, just in case. Just in case Ezra is right, I have to do this for Cody.”
Obi-Wan has to remind himself to breathe.
Wolffe stares dead ahead and he looks so frightened. “General, there’s this chip in our heads. It made us do things, made us turn on the Jedi.” Tears are welling in the commander’s eye. “I know that sounds like a dumb excuse, but I swear to you, Cody would never betray you! You were like a brother to him,” he whispers.
Obi-Wan stares as the once noble soldier slides to the floor a broken old man. “I’m sorry, General, I’m so sorry.” And Obi-Wan has a feeling those words extend to more than just him.
“Please, Obi-Wan,” Wolffe says at last. “Don’t hate us; don’t hate Cody.”
A pair of plastoid clad legs enter the frame and kneel down beside Wolffe. Even with a beard and a bald head, Obi-Wan recognizes Rex despite the changes as quickly as he had recognized Wolffe. He watches with tears in his eyes as Rex comforts his brother and Chopper discreetly ends the recording.
Obi-Wan wipes at his eyes and smiles when Chopper asks if he’s okay.
“I’m healing.” Because Cody never betrayed him. Because his other little brother had never come to hate him. It was a horrible awful tragedy. But knowing the clones still wanted them and would await them in the Force made it better.
“Thank you, Wolffe, and may the Force be with you.”
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hellyeahpancakes · 13 hours ago
+ one of those sketches that i have no idea how to line so it'll probably stay sketched. yes hes peeling fruit
Tumblr media
Ah hell forgot this
art tag list (no google form yet because that would be dramatic just tell me and I'm slapping you on here for now):@sleepdeprivedstuff
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maiseey · a day ago
This is weirdly specific but I work in healthcare and put on fresh gloves approximately 200000 times a day. I was wondering if single use gloves are used in the same way in the field or generally how hygiene is maintained when you are in such an uncontrolled environment? Would a medic carry around a whole box of gloves?
We do use gloves in the field, but really they are only good for protecting the medic somewhat from bloodbourne pathogens. In an ideal situation, you would be able to change gloves often, but in reality it’s usually not very feasible. Gloves rip, fall on the ground, get nasty…it’s just not a controlled environment. So the chance of casualty infection is very high. To combat this, each combatant carries a CWMP, or a “combat wound medication pack”. The CWMP is found in the casualty’s Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) or Joint First Aid Kit (JFAK). It contains medications for pain and antibiotics that can be taken by mouth.
The CWMP contains the following components:
1. Two 650mg caplets of acetaminophen (total 1,300mg) in extended-release form
2. One 400mg tablet of moxifloxacin
3. One 15mg tablet of meloxicam
Each of the three medications in these dosages is contained in a blister pack.
The popular nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen, naproxen, and aspirin interfere with platelet function and blood clotting and can significantly increase the risk of bleeding in combat casualties. Tylenol and meloxicam do not alter platelet function and are safe and effective for use in combat casualties. Meloxicam does not alter platelet function and is the preferred NSAID for personnel who may see combat in the next 7–10 days.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This YouTube video is a really great overview on this subject, just be aware that it is graphic and depicts wounds, injections, and blood. But if you can handle that, its very educational, and I highly recommend it ------>   “Tactical Field Care Antibiotics”
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