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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#clone wars

Wait so I don’t think we have heard any of the older Arc clones CT/CC numberings and it makes me curious how much of the old ARC trooper lore is still canon. I had assumed that the first ARC troopers had the legends backstory before making it just a general thing with them trained by the og ARC clones.

Anyway are ARC clones still called ARC-XX?

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This is Mikka, my human-togruta hybrid oc. She was injured in the droid factory explosion that killed her first master and most of their clone squad. The incident left her partially deaf on one side, blind in one eye, with burn and shrapnel scars, debilitating migraines, occasional balance issues, and PTSD. The explosion and shrapnel broke her left montral (which causes the migraines, partial hearing loss, and balance issues). The burns on the bottom half of her left lekku and her left ring and pinky fingers caused the tissue to die off and required amputation.

She and her new master go on relief missions to villages on planets that have been damaged/destroyed in the battles against the droid armies of the seprarists. They are assisted by a group of disabled clones that were saved by her master from being “decommissioned” - and by saved, I mean they were smuggled off Kamino.

Maybe I’ll write something for this at some point idk.

Cross posted on my IG (lecterdetector) and twitter (trashqueen3000).

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My oc Atlas. Haven’t drawn him in a while so decided to tryout some lighting! For those who have seen The Clone Wars, who’s your favorite and why?
.Follow @comicoffii on insta for more!⁠

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Three Daughters of Chaos

FINALLY I’ve finished drawing our star trio!! ⚡⚡⚡ This piece you see is a result of cooperation with my dear @fallenrepublick featuring her sw au about kids! Meaning:

  • Eris is Darth Maul’s daughter 🔥
  • Theoni is Grand Admiral Thrawn’s daughter 💫
  • And Aviva is Savage Opress’s daughter! ✨

More details under the #kidtalk tag!

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