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suck-a-egg · 26 days ago
Rex, to Fives: My life is in the hands of an idiot! Fives, motioning to himself and Echo: No no no no no, TWO idiots!
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fanficsforheartandsoul · a year ago
Jedi!Reader: One in Five
Fives, trying to impress a waitress: Jumping out of a gunship is dangerous. You know, they say 1 in 5 clones don't even make it to the ground.
Reader, sitting in the corner of the bar, eating pie: What do you mean they don't make it to the ground? Where do they go?
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muguathepapaya · a month ago
Tumblr media
From this post https://amourshipper393.tumblr.com/post/670675712471154688/rex-holding-bread-on-either-side-of-echos-face
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din-djarins-riduur · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I feel broken . . .
It’s so strange because while I hated how the Kaminoans viewed and treated the clones, this was the troops’ home. They didn’t know any better, didn’t know or understand that a comforting and safe home isn’t a laboratory where you get poked at and studied on.
The clones sadly are expendable to the galaxy and it shows with how easily the Empire just destroyed the facility.
It makes my blood boil that everything the clones stood for and died for was for nothing. As much as I want it to be not true, the clones were made to simply be a pawn in Sidious’ game.
And this? This sequence of the empty rooms? It made my stomach feel sick. It was like everything I came to know was just a lie and is now gone.
I truly felt like I lost a home today.
And it’s strange how all this time I could never emotionally understand how evil the Empire really was. Sure, they’re obviously the bad guys in the saga, but I’ve never really experienced something like this where I felt like I lost something dear to me. I never connected with the “hey the Empire is actually threatening and evil. The heroes don’t always win.” until today.
The only death/loss due to the Empire that really made me sad was Kanan’s and Rogue One’s, but even then their legacy went on.
Here though? There’s literally nothing left of the clones. Everything was abandoned and destroyed. The clones were replaced.
And seeing the clones just taken away and used and ultimately having their home gunned down just makes me so angry and hurt.
I hope they find justice. I hope the clones fight back and punch one giant fist into the structure of the Empire.
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laz-laz-ace-pilot · 6 months ago
Thanks to my medication, just woke up from a dream where clone troopers kept falling through the ceiling and then helping me with my laundry, all whilst The Weather Girl’s ‘It’s Raining Men’ was playing.
And all I can say is GOD BLESS MOTHER NATURE because-
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madmusicmarco · 2 years ago
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rexisbabe · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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sachidiva · a year ago
Clones and......
So the 501st helps out a civilian transport caught in the middle of some random skirmish on a mid rim world, and there happens to be a troop of “ galaxy girls” on board. They are so grateful to be saved that they rush up to the clones and thank them asking to take pictures and basically give away their whole pallette of cookies they were bringing to sell on chandrilla and a wonderful working relationship is formed.
Well, the clones learn the joy of galaxy girl cookies (having a canon sweet tooth ) and they become highly sought after additions to rations. AND because of the selfless action of a few clones the entire GAR has privilege to request galaxy girl cookies on any world where they are present ❤️
They offer a special edition cookie where 100% of proceeds go to the GAR as a special thank you to their heroes! As well as a postcard program where little kids send them thank you drawings and sweet little letters.
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yel-ashaya · 11 months ago
I think the reason why I love clone armour is because it makes them look a little bit chunky?! Like their black leotard outfits are kind of ew...
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majorshiraharu · a year ago
Clone Imagines
This is mostly just a test for me lol I have no idea what I'm doing XD English isn’t my first language so I’m sorry if there’s some mistakes <.< Anyway, enjoy, feedback and requests are welcome :)
-Clones reacting to Reader crying over a movie 
C/N= Characters Name (as in whatever movie character you choose)
-Cody: Is completely baffled and caught off guard when you randomly start balling your eyes out while looking at your holopad. He looks around to see if anyone was there before going over to comfort you, when he does he asks what you're crying about. Through the tears and sniffling you tell him how this character you really liked “C/N” died in this movie you're watching. The reaction on his face would be something between utter confusion and "did I just hear this correctly" (he's heard of movies only in passing, but never watched one, he has no idea what a character is and thinks it's a person you know lol). Though he's too proud to ask you to explain, instead he goes with a safe and standard reply while putting his arm around you attempting to comfort you, it works.
-Wolffe: While he's working on some reports he hears you failing at hiding the sound of your crying from across the room. He walks over to you looking over your shoulder only to see some figures moving on your holopad, he thinks it might be a recording of people you know. So he asks if you're alright, you try to act tough as to not show weakness around Wolffe (people say he gets annoyed easily so you don't want to do anything to make him annoyed at you, especially since you were crying over a movie when you were supposed to be helping him with reports). You tell him you're fine and that you just got something in your eye, Wolffe is clearly not buying your reply... He rolls his eyes before kneeling down to your level, putting his hand over yours, (it was so warm and gentle it made your heart skip a beat) and then he softly tells you that it's okay and that he's here for you. You try to tell him what you’re crying about but you couldn’t get the words out, he stays there for a while, just looking into your eyes and holding your hand. (You never had the courage to tell him that it was a movie character you were crying about)....
-Rex: He's going to your quarters to pick up a report from you, when he gets to your door and is about to knock he hears you crying. He's not sure what to do, he was never trained for something like this, "should I do a tactical retreat?" he thinks "no, I couldn't do that". About 5 minutes later he's still standing there running through scenarios in his head, mean while you're still crying your eyes out, unaware he’s standing outside. Finally he decides to just knock, you jump from shock and start wiping your tears away as you say "enter". Rex enters your quarters and you're a caught a little off guard, you ask what he needs, he hesitantly mentions the report you promised to have finished. You apologies to him for forgetting that he was going to come by as you reach for the holopad with the report on it. As you hand it over to him he just stands there for a few seconds with a look of concern on his face, he takes the holopad and asks if you're okay. You try to laugh it off and tell him you were just watching a movie where your favorite character C/N just died, a stray tear running down your cheek as you say their name. Rex isn't sure what you're talking about but he knows you're in pain, he reaches his free hand up to your face and wipes away the tear, holding your face for just a few seconds before he pulls his hand down and puts it on your shoulder, telling you the next time he was on leave he'd gladly watch the film with you so you wouldn't be crying alone again, you nod in agreement.
-Echo: While your all on a transport to Coruscant, off to take your leave for a few days from the war, Echo hears you sniffling and looks over to you. Seeing tears streaming down your face he gets worried you were injured or something terrible had happened and that as usual you were too stubborn to tell anyone, but then he notices that you're watching something on your holopad. Noticing that your seem to be crying about something on the screen he's now afraid to bother you.  Though still being concerned for you he puts a hand on your arm, whispering to you, hoping none of his brothers would hear him, he asks if you’re okay, you look at him, shocked he noticed, but delighted to see he cared. You try to get the words out saying your okay, but your failing miserably, letting out some kind of mumbled version before mumbling the words "they killed C/N" without even thinking he takes you into his arms, placing his hand over your back and putting the other on your head, you bury your head in his chest, staying like this until you reach Coruscant. The others pretend not to notice.
-Fives: You're both out drinking at 79's, you two just happened to both be there that night, he was surprised to see you there and wanted to join you, but was too scared too approach you. That is until he notices you shaking putting your hands up in your face, thinking something is wrong he rushes over to you, leaving his drink behind at the bar. As he gets over to the booth you're sitting alone at, he notices you're watching a film on the holoscreen, he makes his presence know by making a joking comment about how he can't believe you started watching this film without him. You look up and kind of blurt out his name surprised to see him standing next to you, making him let out a small laugh in response. He sits down next to you wrapping his hands around yours and making some of his typical corny pick up lines. He ends up ordering you both some drinks as he comforts you after you tell him why you were crying, he makes some jokes, but makes sure not to tease you too much. You both stay there in each others arms watching the next film that started playing.
-Kix: You'd been injured and were in the med bay for a few days, catching up on some movies you missed while off at war with the 501st. Kix hears you crying, immediately drooping his holopad and everything he was doing in that moment to run over to your bedside, thinking your injury reopened or that you were trying to get out of bed again, without his help. He basically comes sliding/crashing into the med room your in with a horrified and worried look on his face. He sees you still in bed and sighed with relief before coming over to your side to check your injury and ask you what was wrong. When he asked why you were crying reaching for the bandages around your injury just to check that it was okay, you grab his hand telling him your injury was fine and that you were crying because of the film you were watching, he looks confused, but relieved that it's not your injury bothering you. You let go of his hand as he sits down on the bed next to you, you try explaining to him how this character “C/N” you really liked died in this film and that you couldn't help but cry, he wonders why you would watch something that would make you so sad, but instead of questioning you he just gives you a kiss on the cheek telling you to remember not to get too stressed since it's bad for the healing process and he offers to stay with you to make you feel better. You two finish watching the film together and sure enough he's crying by the end too.
-Jesse: You two were sitting in a booth at 79's while Rex, Hardcase and Fives were arguing about something, you both had clearly not been paying attention to their conversation, you were watching a film on the holoscreen above the table in the booth while Jesse blankly stared at his brothers in amusement while downing some more of his favorite drinks. He starts to hear your crying over the boys shouting and turns to look at you sitting next to him tears going down your face and falling onto the table you were leaned onto clearly only focused on the film you were watching, he looks at the screen not sure what's going on since he hadn't been watching it, he turns and looks at you again. Taking his one hand off the table and reaching it under the table to put it on your leg, this startles you and you turn to look at him jumping back to reality, tears still going down your face, he moves closer to you so he can hear you over the surrounding sounds of the bar and his brothers shouting. He looks at you with this sweet smirking smile, asking what he missed (referring to the film), you let out a small laugh, amused with his question and the way he said it, this makes him light up and move closer to you. He takes his hand off your leg and puts it around you pulling you in as you two cuddle up and continue watching the film while you tell him what he missed.
-Hardcase: Notices you're sitting alone in the corner of the mess hall facing away from everyone else for some reason, he gets up and goes over too you, not wanting to be alone himself, since all his brothers were too busy with their reports to come to the mess right away. As he approaches you he notices something is wrong, he hurries over to your side wondering why you're crying, he reaches you almost dropping his tray on the table as he bumps his knee into the seating around the table. You look over to see what happened, seeing Hardcase fixing his tray on the table with one hand while holding his knee with the other. He then moves to look at you, for a moment you had forgotten that you were crying, but then you quickly turned away after realizing and you used your arm to wipe away tears before turning back to look at him, with your puffy eyes trying to hold back more tears. He's unsure what to do, how to help you, so he tries to make you feel better by making a joke; "I didn't know you missed me that much, guess I should have come over sooner" he says knowing just how stupid it sounded, but you didn't care, you couldn't help but laugh, making him smile like a little an idiot.  You half-heartedly punch his shoulder as he starts laughing, because of how hard you were laughing, you were unable to stop yourself, his jokes always made you laugh. You two sat there for some time unable to stop laughing, while the rest of the clones in the mess looked at you two confused as to what happened.
-Waxer: He was walking back to his quarters retiring for the night, as he walks by the empty mess hall he hears a faint crying, he stops and waits for a minute wondering if it was just his tired mind making him hear sounds, but as he looks into the mess he sees a figure illuminated by a small light coming from a holopad that was playing something. He walks over cautiously not wanting to barge in on something that wasn't his business, but as he gets closer and closer he realizes the figure is you, he walks over standing next to you as you turn to see who found you. He looks at you while sitting down next to you, never breaking eye contact, you try to wipe away your tears quickly as your realized you still had them running down your cheeks, he reaches his hand up and wipes some away before you can, he tries his best to comfort you as you tell him why you were crying and were all alone in a mess hall (you were watching this film while walking back to your quarters, but this scene in the film came up and you had to duck in somewhere because you knew you’d be a crying mess). When you finish telling him, you say how silly you feel for worrying him all because of a film, he hugs you, holding you gently telling you it was okay and that it’s not silly to cry about something like that. You end up going back to his quarters with him as he doesn't want to leave you in the mess hall alone, you tried to protest but clearly not too hard.
-Boil: Tries to pretend he doesn't hear or see you crying at first, you're both sitting in a hall near the command center of the ship, both waiting for your next orders, it was still a while before you were set to arrive at the destination so you two had decided to just sit and wait near the command center. You try to hide your crying from him, afraid he'd make fun of you, but then he surprises you as he moves closer and just puts his arm around you pulling you closer to him as you move your head slightly to look at him he turns away, he looks embarrassed, which causes you to smile and let out a giggle. He turns his face back to you with a smug smile on his face and then says "made you laugh" making you feel embarrassed in return, you lightly slap his hand away, but hoping it returns, it does, you two sit there in silence looking at each other smiling until an alert comes through your com links and you both rush off together into the command center.
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traditionallymodern · a year ago
𝗥𝗲𝘅: there is a small child help what do I do
𝗘𝗰𝗵𝗼: t-pose to assert dominance
𝗙𝗶𝘃𝗲𝘀: kick the child
𝗝𝗲𝘀𝘀𝗲: play video games and beat them in it
𝗞𝗶𝘅: give them a pat
𝗗𝗼𝗴𝗺𝗮: ignore them
𝗛𝗮𝗿𝗱𝗰𝗮𝘀𝗲: Pick them up
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suck-a-egg · 22 days ago
Fives: So that’s my plan. Echo: Are you alright with constructive criticism? I don’t want to sound mean. Fives: No, go ahead, I want to hear it. Echo: It fucking sucks. Fives: That’s not constructive criticism.
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fanficsforheartandsoul · a year ago
Padawan!Reader: Kiss The Captain
Echo: Tell us everything
Captain Rex: There's nothing to tell
Fives: You're fucking lying
Captain Rex: ... They think I'm tasty
Echo: Wha-
[2 hours earlier]
Reader and Rex kiss for the first time:
Reader: Finally...
Rex: Yeah, I-
Reader: Finally some good fucking food
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ladyaes · a year ago
inspired by a tumblr post
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din-djarins-riduur · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
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laz-laz-ace-pilot · 2 months ago
Chapters: 12/? Fandom: Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008) - All Media Types, Star Wars: The Bad Batch (Cartoon) Rating: Mature Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence Characters: CT-21-0408 | CT-1409 | Echo, CT-27-5555 | ARC-5555 | Fives, CT-7567 | Rex, CC-2224 | Cody, Hunter (Star Wars: The Bad Batch), Wrecker (Star Wars: The Bad Batch), Crosshair (Star Wars: The Bad Batch), Tech (Star Wars: The Bad Batch), Omega (Star Wars: The Bad Batch), Original Clone Trooper Character(s), Original Characters, Commander Bly, Commander Cody Additional Tags: echo-centric, bad batch are in it very briefly, fives and rex are largely in flashbacks, more troopers when we get there, Angst with a Happy Ending, Echo is a badass, CT-21-0408 | CT-1409 | Echo is a Little Shit, Fix-It of Sorts, echo loves his reg brothers, Separatist original characters, Canon-compliant violence, Mental Health Issues, They get better, Descriptions of Injury, Past Torture, Slavery, Echo kicks Sheev's wrinkly ass, Physical Disability, Disability, negative attitudes to disability, implied sex work, blink-and-you'll-miss-it transphobia, Nejj is a trans man btw, Implied/Referenced Child Abuse, Implied/Referenced Rape/Non-con, discussion of sexual violence Summary:
In the wake of Order 66, Echo decides to leave the Bad Batch and tries to save his other, forgotten brothers. While on the search for survivors, he must come to terms with the traumas of his past and the legacy of his lost brother Fives - and has to do so quickly if he is to secure a future for his clone brothers and avoid the wrath of the Empire.
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lifelong-learner-715 · a year ago
Tumblr media
My boi Fives. Yep, I love him.
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multifand0m-simp · a year ago
Clones at a sleepover:
I decided it would be fun to do a preference on what some on the clones would be up to if they were at a sleepover..
Rex: Trying to get everyone to calm down but secretly loves the craziness
Fives: Jumping all over the place and planned a prank for when everyone falls asleep
Echo: Reading and getting sick of Fives being so loud
Jesse: Dropping  subtle  hints that he should be an ARC trooper to Rex
Dogma: The party-pooper who tried to stop any fun whatsoever (He eventually gives up and has a good time)
Tup: Watching videos on the Holonet with Hardcase bugging the hell out of him
Hardcase: Trying to start a conversation about an extremely random topic but super loudly whilst jumping around with Fives
Cody: Talking with everyone else from the 212th and not being crazy like ahem.. the 501st
Waxer: Being everyone’s mother without ruining the fun
Boil: Also being normal but brought snacks that Hardcase ate within a minute
Wolffe: In the corner, being pestered by Sinker and Boost
Sinker: Trying to get Wolffe to stop being boring and by-the-book
Boost: Trying to get Wolffe to stop being boring and by-the-book
Bly: Zoning out and daydreaming about Aayla
Hunter: Covering his ears with a pillow because of his heightened senses and the fact that everyone is screaming
Wrecker: Being super load and trying to blow something up inside
Tech: Trying to stop Wrecker from being a lunatic whilst also watching a medical show on the holonet
Crosshair: Using the door for target practise and barely paying attention to anything that is happening
Boba Fett: He didn’t show up
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sachidiva · a year ago
Ok but why do I kinda want a fan fic of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers except the brothers are clones and the girls aren’t...you know...abducted? Yes? No?
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yel-ashaya · 11 months ago
Wouldn’t it be lovely if AZ (that cute awkward droid from Kamino who turns into a hoverbike) managed to find Fives and the two of them teamed up against Palpo and his evil plans for Order 66?
Yes, it would.
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