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Cute bird form Qrow cloqwork headcanons:

- Qrow sits on Ozpin’s head because Oz’s hair is more like a soft bird nest than hair

- Sometimes Qrow gently caws at Oz for attention, Oz normally reaches up and pets him.

- Oz has a perch in his office for Qrow

- Qrow likes to sit on the perch and mimic dumb noises to make Oz laugh if he’s having a bad day

- Ironwood DOES NOT KNOW about Qrow’s bird form.

- So he is very confused when he sees the Ozpin has a crow sitting on his head.

- Qrow doesn’t like Ironwood.

“Ozpin why do you have a bird? And why is it glaring at me?”

“James you’re being paranoid, birds can’t glare.”

- and by Qrow doesn’t like ironwood, I mean Qrow tries to swoop Ironwood any chance he gets

“Why does your stupid bird hate me so much?!” (Qrow didn’t like that comment)

“Ironwood do not insult my bird.”

“But he—“

“You are the general of atlas, can you not handle one troublesome bird?”

- Qrow sometimes decides that Oz isn’t giving him enough attention and will start knocking things off his desk.

- he’ll also Caw loudly at him

- Qrow steals Oz’s turtlenecks any chance he gets and Oz has to fight with his bird bf in order to get them back

“Qrow I need that.”



“Cawwwwwww” *backs up further into the turtleneck*


- A student walked in on Oz doing this one time and was confused to see the headmaster talking to a bird.

“Um, sir? That’s a bird.”

“Yes, it is.”

- Qrow perches himself on Oz’s shoulder

- Qrow only hates ironwood

- he’s nice to everyone else

- Glynda is aware of Qrow’s abilities and tries very hard not to laugh when Ironwood gets swooped by Qrow.

- Qrow sometimes ruffles his feathers at Oz if he in a particularly good mood.

- this one isn’t bird Qrow but human Qrow but still, when Qrow gets spooked, upset, or flustered his hair fluffs up like his feathers do in his bird form.

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Cloqwork wedding

The proposal:

They are both completely surrounded by Grimm in a forest.

Oz: okay we need to think this through…*going through strategies*

Qrow: Hey oz catch! *throws a box*

Oz: *surprised, catches the box, opens it and finds a ring. Looks at Qrow in shock*

Qrow: *shy, hopeful smile* Deal with me forever?

Oz: *bright red, smiles* forever… *frowns and looks at the Grimm around them* But we have a situation

Qrow: *chuckles* than let’s take em down, partner

Oz: *chuckles* of course, partner.

The wedding:

They just go back to Beacon, because why wait and tell Glynda. Who (after face-palming) agrees to officiate it… Right in the middle of lunch.

They both wear the same clothes as usual but are wearing flower crowns in the others colour scheme… They both zone out till the vows.

Qrow: Oz… When I met you I was a piece of shit. I was practically the scum of the earth… Don’t give me that look.

Oz: I will if you keep talking bad about yourself…. I thought this was abt me?

Qrow: shhh lemme finish. When I met you, I never thought of anyone but myself..that all I was, was bad luck *softens*. But meeting you…was like seeing the sun for the first time. You showed me that there was something more to me, that I had a purpose in this world. You gave me friends, the freedom to travel the world and do whatever I wanted. *holds his hand*I love you, and your werid adrenaline rushes… I love you and your dorky outfits and the glasses I got you as a joke… But the best thing you gave me and what I love about the most… was that you gave me a home when I had none. Somewhere to return to after long days, a shoulder to cry on and so much more.. Oz, You’ve done so much for me and I want to spend my life repaying the favour because you are my home, you’re where I’ll always return to… and I love you for that.

Oz: *bright red and tearing up* Qrow… How do I follow that. *He chuckles and Qrow smirks*

Qrow: Well I’m waiting for it.

Oz: Qrow….Meeting you was like falling off a cliff… Exhilarating, fun and probably dangerous.

Qrow: *laughs* That’s one way of putting it.

Oz: Buy I never regretted letting you into my life *softens* .You’ve quite literally destroyed every wall I put up… Every facade and got to know me. Something few ever have, you showed me the world… You showed me that life was meant to be lived. I feel safe when I’m with you, smiling becomes as easy as breathing….you’ve made a home in my heart and I never want to let you go. I love you, how your dramatic when you don’t get attention, how you steal my dorky clothes… I love you more than I’ve thought was possible. And I want to stand by your side for the end of time.

Qrow: *tearing up as well*

Glynda: and with that… by the power vested in me I name you husband and husband. You may now kiss.

Oz and Qrow: *wrap their arms around each other and kiss*

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*loudly rings the bell* cloqwork fans come get yalls juice! enjoy some more the prince and the thief au content


“So, where’re we goin’?” Qrow asks as Ozpin leads him down the many, many halls of the palace he’s grown up in. To Qrow, it was dizzying. The endless turns and twists, the many walls covered in paintings or lined with vases and small tables. Decorations. (expensive ones…) To Ozpin, however, it made perfect sense. He couldn’t imagine a life outside of these winding hallways and (painful) difficult stairways. So, leading Qrow down by his wrist was easy for the prince, causing the man to follow behind.

The question makes Ozpin smile over his shoulder. (Qrow has to shove down his heart, lest it beat out of his chest at just one look.) “Somewhere special, I promise you.” Even with the princes lame leg, he seems eager enough to push through whatever twinge of pain he feels as he heads down, down, down to…a pair of double doors at the back of the palace. “You will love it. If you don’t, I will eat my crown.”

Qrow just scoffs. “Prepare to eat gold then, your highness. I’m not easily impressed.”

The prince simply chuckles. “I believe this may catch your breath.” And he shoves the double doors open, revealing-

…a garden. A large one. There are dozens, hundreds, maybe even thousands of flowers among the many hedges and pathways. It was night time, late, with the moon high in the sky and the stars sparkling like small pieces of gemstone hanging suspended within the ethereal feeling of this entire place.

Ozpin sighs softly at the sight. “When I was a child, I suggested we have a garden after seeing flowers in the marketplace. Since then we’ve gotten gardeners to help upkeep the area, but I still enjoy helping wherever I can. Now it has become this.” He leans on his cane and turns to Qrow. “No one else is allowed here except for Oscar and myself. I believe you may be the first person I have allowed out here.”

A whole garden, all for Ozpin…Qrow can’t help but stare with awe on his face, eyes taking in the gorgeous sight before him. White flowers, carefully trimmed hedges, endless paths to get lost in the beauty of it all… He feels a hand under his jaw, and his teeth snap together as his mouth shuts. “You’ll catch flies.” Ozpin teases.

Qrow’s cheeks heat up, and he clears his throat as he crosses his arms. “This ain’t all that impressive.” Even with his cool and casual tone, Ozpin sees right through it, raising a single eyebrow to cause Qrow to sigh. “Alright, you get to keep your crown. This place is stunnin’.”

Ozpin laughs, a smile never fading from his cheeks (“how long has it been since the prince smiled?” was what a servant said during the party when Qrow dropped a single joke that caused the prince to let out a surprised laugh. he doesn’t understand what they could mean. Ozpin is always smiling, always laughing, when Qrow is around. when would he not be?) as he takes Qrow’s hand, fingers laced between gaps, and tugs him along. “Here! Let me show you my favorite spot.”

The “prince” blinks at the claim. “Didn’t you just say the garden was your favorite? Thought we already reached the end.” The question makes Ozpin roll his eyes. A fond expression. “The garden is my favorite area of the castle, but there is one spot I have that is perfect.”

With that, Qrow is once again tugged along through the garden, the two making small talk as Ozpin allows Qrow to really get a good look at everything. The flora and fauna, the gorgeous clear night sky, the moonlight bouncing off a small amount of dew that begins to make itself at home on a few flowers and leaves. No wonder Oz likes this place so much, it’s practically perfect. How much better could it get?

“Here we are!”

A lot, apparently, as Qrow feels floored at the sight of the small, secluded place they’ve arrived at. A fountain sits draped between vines and trees bearing fruit, there are books scattered here and there, a small trolley table with wheels seeming to be ready to serve tea if it weren’t so incredibly late. The place is hidden from the rest of the world, covered in leaves at the entrance. If you weren’t looking for it, you would never find it.

Qrow steps inside, it feels like he’s already tainted the place with just his presence (with his true intentions behind getting so close to the prince, who seems blissfully unaware of the truth still…), taking to the books first. There has to be at least dozens here, and the idea of counting them all makes his head spin. “How many books are even here?”

Ozpin hums as he walks behind Qrow, a hand trailing across his back as he maneuvers around him to get a look at his perspective. (his touch is so gentle, so soft-) “Not as many as my study, or my room.” He says with a shrug. “But, these are my favorites.” He says with a smile. “I come here to read when I am…” There’s a pause, before he stares down at the many books. “…overwhelmed.” (there’s more, but Qrow won’t push. not yet.)

Qrow picks up one of the books, gazing at the cover. ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarves’. He picks up another. 'Sleeping Beauty.’ Another-'The Ice Queen’-and another-'The Little Mermaid’-and another-'The Warrior of the Woods’-

“They’re all…fairy tales?”

The genuine confusion makes Ozpin chuckle as he sits himself down at the foot of the fountain. “Yes, they are. I always enjoyed these stories.” He picks up one (The Tale of The Two Brothers) and feels over the cover. “I find it…interesting, how stories and tales like this were shared so much that they were able to be put into writing.” One leg crosses over the other. A comfortable reading position. “These will never be the original stories, you would only get that from the mouth of the originator of these tales, but the fact that those who heard those stories were so eager to share that they had them written down…” He smiles. “I find that admirable.”

The peace that waves across Ozpin’s face is enough to make Qrow’s heart skip a beat, and he wishes he could just tear the damn thing out and be rid of these feelings. (he has a job to do, but it’s getting harder and harder by the day.)

“Tell me, Qrow-” The man jolts out of his staring to look at Oz properly. That smile hasn’t faded. “-What is your favorite fairy tale? I’m positive I have it somewhere here.”

Qrow can’t help it. He smiles back as he loots through the books, grabs just the one he wants, and hands it over to Ozpin, who looks over it with a quirked eyebrow. “’The Infinite Man’…” He hums with a nod, patting the space next to him before he opens the book. “A good choice. I like this one, myself.” Qrow grins. “I had a feeling you would.” Is all he says before he sits himself down next to Ozpin, settling in for a story.

By the time they decide to return to the palace, it was the next day, with the sun high in the sky, each book read to near completion, and Ozpin asleep on Qrow’s shoulder, the thief having to carry the prince back inside to settle him into bed after their little escapade.

Leaving the palace, leaving Ozpin to rest by himself, he can’t help but sigh to himself as he remembers his job. There will be no feelings. Not anymore. He can’t afford that.

…but Gods, does Ozpin make that part of his job difficult as hell.

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2. What is your favorite snippet of dialogue?

Ahhhhh, this is actually super hard because dialogue is my favorite and I feel like it’s sort of my strong suit 🙈 but this is one is a small piece of my fave convo I’ve written to date (aka the final scene of Bad Luck and a Broken Clock 😅):

“And you’re right. I never thought this would be possible because of, well, that thing. But it occurred to me that if I was going to spend this lifetime with anyone, I wanted it to be you.”

Proud of his explanation, Oz brushed Qrow’s hair out of his face as he waited for his husband to respond. Qrow’s cheeks went bright red, all of his charm and confidence sucked out of him with one well-phrased speech. The huntsman was lovestruck, unable to speak.

“Was my answer to your satisfaction?” Oz teased, admiring his husband’s flustered silence. Payback truly was a bitch.

Qrow’s confidence returned as he cracked a smile, “Such an ass.”

“So I’ve-”

“-been told, I know.”

A laugh rose in Oz’s chest. Qrow knew him too well.

6. What’s the detail you wait on bated breath for readers to notice?

It’s not a single detail but I’ve always hoped someone would notice/point out how the first two parts (part 1, part 2) of our shipping AU are interconnected 😅 we obsessed over making sure the continuity fit and we are definitely the only ones who noticed lol.

15. Share a snippet of your WIP!

Ok, I know I just shared a piece of this scene but I was so proud of the Qrow & Ali interactions and I love them ok? So here, have the next interaction, too 😂

“How does it feel to be a Signal graduate?”

The sudden question snapped Ali out of her thoughts. The girl shrugged, “About the same as it felt to be a Signal fourth year.”

“Yeah, well, it’ll start to feel real when you’re on the airship to Beacon- if you get accepted, that is.”

“Don’t even joke about that.”

“I dunno,” Qrow teased, “I’ve heard the headmaster has some pretty high standards.”

“Apparently his standards aren’t that high if he married you.”

“Alright, smartass, watch it.”

“You literally just made fun of me! If you can’t take it, don’t dish it out.”


Fanfic Day Meme

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imma offer y’all a quick lil God AU for funsies. had the idea been done to death? yes. do i care? no.

- Ozpin is the God of Life. After a human woman managed to get in close with him only to steal…somethin, probably water from the fountain of youth, to gain immortality, he decided it would be safer for both others and himself if he were sealed away from the world. (or however Salem could be involved in this idk all that’s important is that Ozpin is sealed away)

- Ozpin’s only other connection to the outside with the other gods and such is through his messenger angel, Oscar! No one really believes him when he claims to be a messenger of the God of Life, seeing as Ozpin has never been seen in many many eons, but he’s persistent! He is the only person who knows how to get in and out of Ozpin’s domain, and is the only one freely aloud in and out at his will.

- Enter in everyone’s favorite man, Qrow Branwen, current student under the previous God of Death, Maria, to learn how to be a proper Grim Reaper. Qrow got the short end of his title as God of Death, where now everything he touches that is alive dies in his hands. He had a tendency to avoid people and even other gods just out of fear for their safety around him. He’s nothing but bad luck.

Still, that luck of his always brings him to strange places, and he ends up finding a small door hidden away within the godly realm. Curiously, he pokes his head in and it is a gorgeous place. Lush grass, trees, winding pathways, white flowers, it’s a beautiful forest and Qrow can’t find it in himself to fret when he takes a step and a small patch of grass under his foot turns brown and dead. It’s like the whole place had a way to calm him.

He explores, heading further in, curiosity being the only thing really fueling him, until he comes across…another person.

Pale skin, long white hair tied off, golden eyes scanning the pages of a book…he looks so calm, so peaceful, it’s almost unfair. When he does notice Qrow, he blinks slowly, like he doesn’t believe what he’s seeing.

“Goodness…this is strange…” He says, making Qrow frown. “Strange how?” The man stands and dusts off his robes, offering Qrow a kind smile and an amused chuckle. “Well, nobody should be able to enter my domain without my permission. But, I suppose it’s just fine. We can get this sorted out.”

He offers a hand. “My name is Ozpin. It is a pleasure to meet you, sir. And…who may you be?

Qrow’s luck is terrible. That is how he found the God of Life after him being sealed away for years and years with no sign of survival.

edit: meant to add this before but im sick so!

After being guided out from Ozpin’s little domain by the god himself, and is bidding his goodbyes, Ozpin stops Qrow for a moment and carefully pins a little symbol onto his robes. The same simple gear that adorns Oscar’s tunic. “There.” He says with a smile as he admires his work. “With this, you’ll be able to come and go as you please.” Before Qrow can ask, Ozpin simply brushes a piece of his bangs back. “I appreciated your company today, Qrow. I would be honored if you entered my domain again. Perhaps we could have tea next time.” He chuckles. “As long as I am more properly equipped to have guests.”

And that is how the God of Death made friends with the God of Life. By complete accident. What are the chances?

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SP! Oscar:

- Grows up in the slums of Mistral

- A Scared homeless kid running around with another homeless junk robot girl.

- Oscar has a bit more of a Robin Hood philosophy, but it more focuses on himself and Penny than others.

- Knows how to pickpocket really well, but ends up giving it back to the person he pickpocketed.

- Pulls this with particularly rich people.

- Scenario:

*Oscar pickpockets a Rich Mistrelian*

Oscar: u-uh sir! Did you drop this? *shows the mans wallet*

Man: what’re you doing with that?!

Oscar: I-I saw you drop it, I didn’t take anything I swear! I just wanted to give it back to you!

Man: *looks to check if anything is missing* y’know? You’re different from those other street rats, here, have some lien for being one of the few decent ones who know not to steal *hands him 500 lien*

- He gets money for being a ‘good’ kid.

- Ozpin ends up being one of the people Oscar pickpockets but isn’t dumb enough to not notice what Oscar is doing.

- Ozpin later adopts the two and Oscar is in amazement at how much money this strange man has. Qrow much later shows up.

- Oscar doesn’t trust Oz as quickly as Penny does.

- Oz takes interest in how great Oscar is with tinkering

- Oscar finds Oz to be

- Weird

- But he appreciates Oz nonetheless

- Was sold by his parents to the Mistral black market when he was 3.

- He does not care at all for finding his parents.

- Knows his way around the Mistral black market because of this

- Managed to escape with Penny who was also sold.

SP! Penny:

- Was created among another batch of androids.

- When she started exhibiting emotions and opinions she was deemed “flawed junk” and sold to the Mistral black market for parts.

- Found Oscar and managed to get out of the market with him.

- Didn’t have a name before she met Oscar:

“*breathing hard after running for a very long time* So, what’s your name?”


“Yeah, you got one?”

“I have a few, Junk, Trash, Parts, Flawed.”

“Excuse me, What??”

“That’s what they called me…”

“Well those names suck!”


“Do you want a new one?”


“A new name. Do you want me to give you a new name?”

“…ok, what were you thinking?”

“Penny. Penny Polendina”

“I like that name”

“Me too.”

- Oscar helps work on her parts when she breaks down

- learns how to be her own person without deeming herself to be an Android.

- has to hide her hands and face as to not be caught as a flawed android.

SP! Ozpin:

- this man is weird

- he’s friendly but he’s weird.

- a bit eccentric.

- mad scientist man who loves kids with a passion and hates people who hurt kids, with a passion.

- Was not at all pleased to hear what Oscars parents did to him.

- Wasn’t happy to hear about what happened to Penny either.

- g a y

- no matter what AU he’s G A Y:

P: “Do you have a wife?”

Os: “*gritted teeth* Penny you’re not supposed to ask that! That can be seen as rude!”

P: “sorry…”

Os: “it’s ok, just keep that in mind”

Oz: “don’t worry about it! I don’t mind the question, but no. I do not have a wife.”

Os: “so you live by yourself?”

Oz: “Ah! I said I don’t have a wife! Not that I didn’t have a spouse.”

P: “what do you mean?”

Oz: “I have a husband, a quiet man, he has a soft spot for kids too! He may seem a bit scary at first but I promise he’s friendly!”

Os: “What’s his name?”

Oz: “I guess you’ll have to find that out when you meet him”

P: “no fair!”

- Ozpin works on weapons for Vale

- Nobody knows a whole lot about him.

BONUS! SP! Qrow:

- He doesn’t show up until much later.

- Was busy taking care of a hoard of grimm attacking a city

- Internally panics when he sees two children in his house.

- “Oz, what did you do?”

- He gets along well with them

- teaches Penny how to be her own person

- teaches Oscar not to hold onto too much of his resentment towards his parents

- He’s tired, a lot

- Tired bird dad who loves his kids and husband.

- has prosthetic legs.

- likes to take off prosthetic legs in front of Oz just to mess with him.

- “Qrow come on, dinner is on the table”

- *Qrow takes his legs off*

- he protecc and attacc

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To make up for all my chaotic-ness tonight

Have some wholesome Cloqwork! (Mostly assorted AU’s I’ve had floating around my head for a while)

- So I think we all already know that Ozpin steals things for Qrow

- like that’s basically a given

- but it’s what he steals that makes Qrow happy.

- Evil! Oz has the tendency to kinda watch over Qrow when he doesn’t realize it, and then goes ahead and buys him practical items.

- Coffee machine broke? Boom, new one sitting on the counter the next morning.

- Qrow’s favorite blanket went missing under mysterious circumstances? There you go there’s a new handmade one laying neatly on the couch.

- Qrow loses one of his favorite shiny things? It’ll be back at his house in no time and thrououghly cleaned and polished.

- Ozpin is impressed that Qrow can wield his sword with only one hand.

- He never doubted how strong Qrow is of course it’s just that, how do you only hold this stupid hunk of metal and gears with 1 hand all the time?

- Oz totally didn’t try to wield Qrow’s sword once when he was out doing something

- I’d like to think that Ozpin knows a ton of different languages and that one day, he decides to try and mess with Qrow by saying something dumb in Mistrelian with a swexy voice.

- Qrow speaks Mistrelian.

- Ozpin was confused at first when Qrow busted out laughing.

- Oz was then red as a tomato when Qrow responded with his own stupid sentence with a swexy voice in Mistrelian.

- Oz tries Atlesian, Valian, and Vacuan too but Qrow, because he’s a NERD, knows what he’s saying anyway.

- Oz’s birthday is coming up, and Qrow has been working on something nice for Oz.

- something he has been desperately hiding from Oz to the point that Oz is worried he’s done something wrong.

- Qrow isn’t hanging around him much anymore, he won’t let him into his small art studio anymore, and overall isn’t really talking to Oz.

- Qrow isn’t trying to of course, but he’s worried that if he talks to Oz, he’ll let the surprise slip.

- Working with Summer who is technological genius he manages to convince her to give him a pair of colorblind glasses.

- Did I mention the Ozpin is completely colorblind? As in black and white colorblind.

- Qrow knows that Oz not being able to see the colors in his paintings makes Oz a bit upset so he wanted to do something special.

- On Oz’s birthday, he has Oz cover his eyes and leads him into the small art studio.

- When Qrow gives the OK for Oz to open his eyes it’s and absolutely massive painting of Beacon! And then Qrow says there’s one more surprise.

- He hands Oz the glasses.

- Needless to say Oz cried and it was probably the best birthday he ever had.

- British Oz likes to mess with Qrow by talking low.

- Qrow becomes a blushing mess because SWEXY

- Oz sometimes likes to kinda, lean over Qrow when he does this. Since he’s so tall.

- Qrow basically just dies on the spot when he does.

- There have been many people who have made fun of Oz’s accent. And Qrow is ready to throw hands with EVERY. SINGLE. ONE OF THEM.

- Me too Qrow, me too.

- When Oz is drunk his accent gets dummy thick.

- He’s speaking English! He’s just speaking English with a very very heavy British accent.

- Qrow can’t make out what he’s saying.

- Oz gets drunk once before he confesses to Qrow and he, to this day, is so glad Qrow COULDN’T understand him.

- it was a lot of wholesome and *ahem* not so wholesome compliments to Qrow.

So before I go, I just want to say something.

I know that a lot of the chaotic stuff that’s been happening in the Ozpin/Oscar fandom is weird and confusing but also funny but I just wanted to thank all of you.

I was not in a good mood today, I’m stressed, I’ve been crying a lot today and just overall not feeling too hot.

Y’all came together and did a bunch of stupid shit that made my day a heck of a lot better, so thank you 😊

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I just want to sit here and feed my birds

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For janurwby day 8, the prompt is time period and I chose 2008. Don’t mess with emo oz and his catboy

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Art Cloqwork AU Headcanons!

- Qrow’s medium is more of your traditional drawing and painting. He also occasionally does spray paint art and animation.

- Oz does a lot of Sculpting, Resin, and Woodworking, (and possibly welding?)

- Qrow and Oz meet through an art class, since they don’t know anyone else they decide to sit and talk to eachother.

- Oz eventually gains a crush on Qrow and doesn’t realize it until he accidentally sculpts a small mini Qrow

- Oz finds out later that Qrow feels the same way when he accidentally catches a glimpse at Qrow’s sketchbook that was on a page that had 10 different drawings of Oz.

- Each drawing having a compliment written next to it.

- Now thoroughly knowing that Qrow likes him back, Oz decides to ask him out.

- except he’s still a nervous wreck and leaves a note in Qrow’s sketchbook instead.

- Qrow finds the note.

- “he’s asking me to do w h a t.”

- They go to a coffee shop. TL;DR “incoherent happy internal screaming

- Oz orders a hot chocolate while Qrow gets a coffee, Qrow teases Oz about his hot chocolate and Oz scolds Qrow for his atrocious sleep schedule.

- they order and share cinnamon rolls :)

- Qrow likes to animate memes and send them to Oz when he’s sad

- sometimes they’re vines sometimes they’re homemade memes.

- Oz loves them.

- their next date is at an ice rink


- he freezes up and Oz has to hold him the whole time

- it was still nice.

- most likely follow eachother on t u m b l r . c o m

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-Qrow and Oz are on a date at an ice rink!-

Qrow: Hey Oz?

Oz: hm?

Qrow: can you hold something for me?

Oz: sure! What is it?

Qrow: my hand?~

Oz: *red faced* d-did you just—

Qrow: but no seriously please hold my hand I don’t know how to ice skate and I’m scared.

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Bad Luck and a Broken Clock (Extra Scenes)

Chapter 6: I’ll Always Come Home

Summary: Oz stays up a little too late, waiting for his favorite bird to return home.

Warning (just in case): Oz does have the beginnings of a panic attack in this chapter. Nothing too serious, but you never know.

Relationship: Qrow Branwen x Ozpin

Categories: Fluff, hurt/comfort (or comfort no hurt??? Is that a thing???? Is that just fluff???? Idk, I give up)

Author’s Note: if you couldn’t tell, I love anxious/overly worried Ozpin. Maybe it’s my self projection, maybe it’s not, the world may never know

Also, this is the fic that goes with this drawing I did. Although, admittedly, the scene depicted did not make it 🙈

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-Qrow and Oz messaging eachother-

Oz: hello :)

Qrow: Hi, I’m sad rn

Oz: Why? :(

Qrow: Art block and I think my art looks bad

Oz: noooooooooo

Oz: Ok hold on give me about, ehhhhhhh 10 minutes

Qrow: for what?

Qrow: Oz?

Qrow: Ozzzzzzzzzzz


Oz: *kicking aggressively at Qrow door with his arms fills of snacks*

Qrow: *opens* what the—

Oz: ✨I’m here to make you feel better!✨


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You can thank the official unofficial cloqwork playlist for this doodle

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Janurwby Day 4: Favorite Ship

Cloqwork, feat. Wait for Me by Rise Against

Accidentally spent three hours making this then realized today is favorite ship day 🙃 go figure.

I don’t have a rant to go with this, I just love these two 🤗

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