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I sewed a little doll for Baby out of scraps today, complete with their initial on it! It’s somewhat uneven and looks a bit… well, unhealthy due to the colors of the fabrics, I guess? It’s definitely super obvious it’s the first ever piece of sewing I attempted to do in my life, but I still think it’s pretty cute! 😊

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Cloth art doll for sale💕

$60 USD plus shipping from Canada.

She is made from cotton and artificial flowers and has alpaca hair and a smoky quartz on her necklace.

She’s one of a kind and made by me a few years ago but has recently gotten a spa and new alpaca hair!

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For Sale!

“Selene Satunidae” cloth art doll $100 USD plus shipping from Canada.

Made from cotton, Silk, wool, mohair and feathers with machine embroidered and felted accents.

Arms and legs are wired and she can hold a variety of poses💕

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For Sale!

$50 USD plus shipping from Canada.

1 Custom slot for tiny faerie, you pick the colour scheme, eye and hair colour and expression!

Faeries are made from white cotton pillow ticking, have wired limbs, and are decorated with artificial flowers and beads! Clothing is glued on and therefore not removable!

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Cloth dolls in progress -

St. Margot Patron of Vengeance part deux

Alana Our Lady of Baltimore re draft

Chiyoh Patron of the Merciful Hunt

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