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ffxvcaps · 30 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
FFVII: Remake → *Battle theme intensifies*
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elisheanaufeminin · an hour ago
Une dictature numérique qui permettra de surveiller et pirater vos pensées et émotions
Une dictature numérique qui permettra de surveiller et pirater vos pensées et émotions
Une «nouvelle» proposition de l’administration Biden de créer une agence fédérale axée sur la santé sur le modèle de la DARPA n’est pas ce qu’elle semble être. Promu comme un moyen de «mettre fin au cancer», ce «DARPA santé» ressuscité cache un programme dangereux. Mercredi dernier, le président Biden a été largement salué dans les médias grand public et axés sur les soins de santé pour son appel…
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itusersgazine · an hour ago
Nueva línea Seagate One Touch SSD
Nueva línea Seagate One Touch SSD
Nueva línea Seagate One Touch SSD aumenta el rendimiento con un almacenamiento portátil y elegante. La One Touch SSD ofrece velocidades máximas de lectura/escritura secuenciales (hasta 1.030 MB/s)1 y hasta 2 TB de almacenamiento, que la convierte en una unidad externa de alto rendimiento y eficiente para administrar y transportar archivos importantes FREMONT, California, 7 de mayo de…
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trashop · an hour ago
Persona VII
Cloud?: Oh look at me, I'm so cool I can do anything
Cloud: ???
Cloud?: Face it, you're just a fake pretending to be more than who you are
Cloud: Who are you?!
Cloud?: Why, I'm you of course. Lonely loser Cloud from backwater Nibelheim.
Cloud: Shut up!
Cloud?: Oh, that's right, you can't accept the truth, that's why you build a new persona based on your dead, more amazing friend who carried your ass, and you don't even remember his name!
Cloud?: Face it! You're not a hero, you're never a SOLDIER! You're just me. Small, insignificant, unimportant Cloud. Can't save Tifa, can't save your mother, can't save Zack, can't save Jessie, CAN'T SAVE AERITH!
Cloud?: That's right. I'm not you. I'm my own person now.
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b-radley66 · an hour ago
Chapters: 5/24 Fandom: Star Wars - All Media Types Rating: Mature Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Ahsoka Tano/Original Character(s), Original Character/Original Character Characters: Ahsoka Tano, Enfys Nest, Benthic Two Tubes, Weazel (Star Wars), Antoc Merrick, Garven "Dave" Dreis, Lassa Rhayme, Null-11 Ordo Skirata (cameo), Jame Blackthorn | Bryne Covenant | Taliesin Croft (Original Character), Dani Faygan (original character), Meglann Florlin (Original Character), Nola Vorserrie (Original Character), Null-13 | Drop | Tarre Tredecima (Original Character), Original Characters, Shyla Merricope Additional Tags: Family, Force Weirdness, Personal Growth, Love, Broken Force Sense, Inappropriate Use of the Force, Crisis of Faith, Rebellion, Crimes & Criminals, Building a rebellion, Canon Compliant, Canon-Typical Violence, Adult Content, Maybe canon-adjacent with some truth in Legends, Or Legends-adjacent, The Cloud Riders-Past and Present Series: Part 34 of Rise and Fight Again Summary:
Choices in the future and the present: We make choices in life; choices that defy odds and expectations, that help us form new paths, as well as change our destiny. 
In the future, the last surviving New Republic Admiral, Meglann Florlin and her small Corellian carrier task force have managed to survive for a year after the Hosnian Conflagration. As she prepares to make a choice of what path to take, she remembers those choices that she made in the past—when she was just beginning her path as a protector and a warrior—over four decades in the past.
Choices guided by her loved ones and her mentors, including Ahsoka Tano, Bryne Covenant, Dani Faygan, Nola Vorserrie, and Lassa Rhayme, as well as new mentors such as Antoc Merrick and Garven Dreis of the Virujansi Rarified Air Cavalry.
Choices that brought her into contact with a teenaged marauder named Enfys Nest, who is desperately searching for her mother and hoping that she doesn’t have to become the Chieftain of her band at age fifteen.
Choices that shaped and changed the embryonic Rebellion against the Empire, while helping those loved ones make new discoveries about themselves and the mysteries of the Living and the Cosmic Force.
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stirimeteo · an hour ago
Temperatures Europe at noontime (Temperaturile pranzului în Europa)
Temperatures Europe at noontime (Temperaturile pranzului în Europa)
Noontime temperatures Europe – Major cities temperature #weather (Temperaturile pranzului in Europa). Europe midday temperatures are found in the following chart. Europe main cities. Also find real time tempertatures on Europe here:  Temperaturile pranzului pentru Europa se gasesc in urmatorul grafic. Principalele orase europene. Noontime temperatures Europe      (14:00 Western Europe, 15:00…
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itpl · an hour ago
Top AWS Cloud Consulting Services in INDIA | Indapoint
We provide best AWS cloud consulting services in India and USA and monitored highly secured and scalable solutions with AWS web for our global customers, including startups, small businesses, and enterprises.
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itusersgazine · 2 hours ago
Escasa colaboración entre equipos de seguridad y de redes frena proyectos de Transformación Digital en Latinoamérica
Escasa colaboración entre equipos de seguridad y de redes frena proyectos de Transformación Digital en Latinoamérica
Según un estudio de Netskope. La escasa colaboración entre los equipos de seguridad y de redes frena los proyectos de transformación digital en Latinoamérica. Pese a compartir objetivos, las relaciones “combativas” y “disfuncionales” entre ambos equipos comprometen los proyectos de transformación, para los que se prevé una inversión de 6,8 billones de dólares a nivel mundial entre 2020 y…
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