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In which one night at Cloud Recesses, the juniors fall asleep near the incense burner and they end up in Sizhui’s memory of when he was a baby, with Xian-ge and rich-ge. They see him being hidden by Wei Wuxian at the first siege and being picked up by Hanguang-jun after that.

MDZS prompts Masterlist

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Every time I think about Lan Wangji and the Cloud Recess bunnies, all I can picture is how my bunny likes to hop in circles around my feet and thump when she’s excited to see me.

And then I picture all the little rabbits in Cloud Recess turning into a bunny-nado whenever Lan Wangji has been gone for a while and returns. They’re all circling him and thumping and it’s amazing.

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“¡lan zhan!” exclama por cuarta vez en todo el tiempo que llevaban en la biblioteca de descanso en la nube, tratando de llamar la atención del segundo heredero de los lan, quien se encontraba, como siempre, impasible mientras supervisaba que escribiera trescientas veces las miles de reglas que ya se había aprendido de memoria de tanto transcribir. honestamente, ya no le importaba tanto el hecho de ser castigado por qiren. es más, violar las reglas con la supervisión de wangji era precisamente lo que buscaba. cuando finalmente tiene la atención ajena, le dedica una sonrisa, bastante característica del discípulo de los jiang, porque sabía que ahora eran amigos. o algo así. la primera vez que había enfrentado el castigo, prácticamente en su primera semana de clase, él y su acompañante habían abierto una especie de puerta que él desconocía por completo, existiendo ahora una suerte de complicidad entre ambos, quienes compartían un secreto que únicamente salía a la luz cuando se encontraban a solas. “estoy aburrido…” se queja, inclinando su cuerpo hacia atrás antes de resoplar por la frustración del trabajo. sí, claro que le encantaba estar a solas con lan zhan pero, por otro lado, sabía que su tío preguntaría (o exigiría) pronto la evidencia de su trabajo en detención, y que su supervisor no era precisamente alguien que dijera mentiras. “¿podemos tomarnos un descanso? ¿qué tal si vamos a, no sé, dar un paseo? así mi mente se despeja un rato y puedo concentrarme mejor.” se excusa, sin quitarle la mirada de encima, al mismo tiempo que le dedica una sonrisa estúpida con la esperanza de convencerlo de salir de ahí. “¿qué dices, eh, lan zhan?” // @etlabsinthe

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Just realized that my lifestyle seems like WWX’s lifestyle in Cloud Recess . I’ll give you few examples.


My mother: *plain, cooked for hours in broth, full of vegetables, medicinal herbs and roots*

Me: *stir-fried, spicy, very spicy*

Sleeping routine:

My mother: *gets up at 6 am, goes to sleep at 9:30 pm*

Me: *goes to bed at 10 pm, used the phone until midnight, gets up at 9 am if someone wakes me up, if not, then at 11 am*


My mother: *starts rambling strict rules randomly*

Me: *literally ignores everything and does as she please*


My mother: You should not be too loud, don’t talk much, have exaggerated facial expressions, sit properly when eating and doing homework, no talking while eating…

Me: *Loud, talkative, expresses everything through face (damn mask (*´□`)) and tone of voice, seats sluggishly, has a lot to talk while eating*


My mother: *doesn’t get any joke, either Chinese or Italian, doesn’t joke*

Me: *Get the jokes and starts laughing uncontrollably, jokes in every language she knows*

Is this enough? ꉂꉂ(ˊᗜˋ*)笑

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Being Known 3.6 is coming along! I really hope to post it this weekend. I’m having a hard time structuring it, so there’s been a lot of rearranging going on. In the meantime, have a snippet:

“Jiang Cheng, don’t be so overprotective. Lan Zhan isn’t going to steal my virtue!” Wei Wuxian exclaims. “Not that I haven’t thought about that exact thing multiple times, in great detail—”

“Shut up,” Jiang Cheng groans, turning away. “Nie-xiong, let’s go before Wei Wuxian gets disgusting.”

“Of course, of course,” Nie Huaisang says, his shoulders shaking with laughter. “Let’s go.”

“Finally,” Wei Wuxian mutters, and he smiles at Lan Wangji, his heart racing with a sudden bout of nerves. “Lan Zhan, let’s go to the back hills. Your gift is waiting for you there.”

Lan Wangji takes a breath. His ears are burning red. “Wei Ying, what you said…”

“Ah,” says Wei Wuxian, flushing hotly. The filthy words that came out of Lan Wangji’s drunken mouth have indeed haunted his nightly fantasies ever since they got engaged, but he hadn’t been planning on revealing that to anyone, not even Lan Wangji. “I was just…teasing.” The last word dies in his mouth as he takes in the heat in Lan Wangji’s eyes. “Lan Zhan—”

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lan wangji is WAY too quietly pleased and undeterred about how he drags wei wuxian back to cloud recesses after his resurrection. so pleased, in fact, that i’m fairly positive their conversation went like this at one point:

lan wangji: wei ying, come back to gusu with me

wei wuxian: stop asking, lan zhan! you’ll have to tie me to the back of a donkey and drag me inside if you want me to go!

lan wangji, silently: mark your words

*enter cut-scene of 16 years later*

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