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#cloud recess
buriedbybooks · a year ago
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Tried out my new watercolor brushes last week.  Enjoying doing more impressionistic landscapes from The Untamed with them, starting with Cloud Recess.
Watercolor and gouache on 5x7″ watercolor paper
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iruze · 27 days ago
Also on Ao3
"Let's kiss and see where it takes us. Don't you agree so, Er-ge?" Lan Wangji's face burned with red-hot embarrassment at Wei Wuxian's teasing tone. His pink ears detected the rapid drumming of his heartbeat in the quiet of the Library Pavilion. It did not help that the other boy was breaching his privacy, grey eyes sparkling with mischief and hope. So much hope.
"Stop joking." To an outsider, Lan Wangji's voice sounded as if he was deeply offended and scandalized beyond words at the shameless proposal put forward by the Head Disciple of Jiang Sect. However, it was neither of that.
Pure joy built in Lan Wangji's heart. Wei Ying wanted to kiss him. Wei Ying wasn't disgusted by his feelings. Wei Ying, who was now sitting on the desk facing Lan Wangji, awaiting a response.
Wei Ying, who reciprocated his feelings.
Wei Ying, whose eyes started gaining a nervous lit. A restles shift of his posture indicated the gradual diminishment of his initial confidence.
Seeing this, Lan Wangji's chest ached terribly.
Wei Wuxian had always exuded positivity and confidence. He had vast knowledge of talismans and arrays, he was a Master in the field of Six Arts, his swordsmanship was unparalleled, and he was quite intelligent.
Even when Lan Qiren had thrown difficult questions his way, he had answered all of them without a stutter.
But, at this moment, Wei Wuxian looked unsure. Terrified, even. Had he hastened the progress of their new relationship? Had he overwhelmed Lan Zhan with his sudden proposition?
Wei Wuxian might have also picked "misunderstanding Lan Zhan's intentions" if the evidence wasn't sitting a few centimeters away—a carefully folded paper inscribed in Lan Wangji's neat calligraphy, detailing the depth of his hidden feelings for Wei Wuxian, and everything that he loved about the other boy.
It was only a single, unsent love letter out of the dozen others Lan Wangji had written, but anyone could interpret the lyrical phrasing.
Wei Wuxian, who was smarter than most, had figured out not only the meaning behind those words, but also the writer of this letter immediately. It was primarily due to him having spent a long time in the company of the Second Jade, copying rules, and also catching glimpses of the other's handwriting.
In hindsight, Lan Wangji hadn't meant to drop the letter. On that day, he had been particularly furious and thoroughly embarrassed. Wei Wuxian had replaced his poetry book with porn. As a result, he had been exposed to a particular page depicting obscene drawings of two men having sex.
After yelling at Wei Wuxian to get lost, Lan Wangji had picked his belongings and stormed out of the Library Pavilion, failing to take the letter with him.
Later, Wei Wuxian had returned to the Library Pavilion to check on Lan Wangji and apologize for tainting his "pure monk-like soul", when the letter, lying on the desk, had drawn his eye towards it.
Curious, and equally fascinated, Wei Wuxian had opened the letter. The contents in it gave him the biggest shock of his life. For three days, Wei Wuxian battled with this new information and his own feelings regarding his handsome, talented and stoic classmate.
In the end, he steeled his nerves and burst into the Library Pavilion, letter in hand, and unable to resist calling out the name that was always perched on the tip of his tongue.
And now, after having confessed with simple, honeyed words, Wei Wuxian had launched himself into Lan Wangji’s lap, wrapping his arms around his neck and giving a shy peck to the lips. He pulled after immediately, face burning.
“Ah... this is my first time doing this.” Wei Wuxian looked sheepish. “Lan Wangji leaned forward to listen. Feeling emboldened, Wei Wuxian continued.
“As this is my—no, our first kiss, I want it to be a memorable one. It doesn’t have to be perfect. But I want it to be engraved in my memory forever. I want to remember this day and never forget. I want to remember this day and recall sharing my carefully guarded first with you, Lan-er-gege~”
Lan Wangji’s ears heated but the look on his face was pleased.
“Because,” Wei Wuxian drew forward in anticipation, “it can’t be anyone else. Only you.”
Their lips met softly, the beginning of a tender rhythm. There was no rush, no desperation, no war of tongues. The duo just took their time, tilting their mouths in different angles and exploring each other. They would take the next step whenever Wei Wuxian would feel comfortable.
Wei Wuxian would admit it freely that Lan Wangji was a good kisser. And no, he wasn’t being biased at all. He only spoke the truth.
They reluctantly move away to allow oxygen to enter their lungs. Wei Wuxian was smiling so brightly that the not even the sun’s glare could make up for the brightness illuminating the entire room.
“That wasn’t so bad,” Wei Wuxian grinned. Not wanting to be apart from the beautiful boy, he snuggled into the crook of Lan Wangji’s neck. He felt Lan Wangji’s chest rise and fall.
Lan Zhan was laughing at him!
“Wei Ying is better at this.” Wei Wuxian gasped dramatically, pushing off his lover’s chest to sputter in embarrassment.
“Lan Zhan! Warn me the next time you say something romantic like that! Your Wei Ying’s poor heart can’t handle so much at once!”
“Mn.” Lan Wangji’s mouth quirked upwards slightly, his head bowed. He dove in for another kiss, halting Wei Wuxian’s dramatics. When they broke apart, Lan Wangji’s eyes were crinkled at the corners. He looked at Wei Wuxian with such fondness that not even an accomplished scholar would be able to describe it in poetic words.
Wei Wuxian almost suffered from a cardiac arrest upon sighting that smile. It was too much, ah!
Lan Wangji’s tone was gentle when he spoke next.
“Of course, Wei Ying will be warned the next time, be it a simple gesture of affection, a kiss or danger. But, that would be unnecessary.”
Wei Wuxian did not blink when Lan Wangji pressed their foreheads together, too stunned to react to the silent oath that the other boy uttered next.
“Because I will always be there to protect you.”
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yibocrisis · 10 months ago
wwx making out with nie huaisang at cloud recess when they were teens only because he was bi-curious as hell and nhs was the only gay he knew is very much canon for me
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thymianne · 8 days ago
If so many things are forbidden in Cloud Recess, then what exactly is allowed?
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wuxian-vs-wangji · a year ago
Can you share the way to make the ACNH Lan flag? I don't have Abel sisters yet.
Tumblr media
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wangjisbathtub · 7 months ago
guys there’s a song called yunshenbuzhichu, the same name as cloud recess.
idk if this was written in relation to mdzs as it’s also a phrase from a poem but it sings about waiting alone in yunshenbuzhichu. it just made me think of our hanguang-jun, so here it is.
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heretherebedork · a year ago
Every time I think about Lan Wangji and the Cloud Recess bunnies, all I can picture is how my bunny likes to hop in circles around my feet and thump when she’s excited to see me. And then I picture all the little rabbits in Cloud Recess turning into a bunny-nado whenever Lan Wangji has been gone for a while and returns. They’re all circling him and thumping and it’s amazing.
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updatebug · a year ago
“Give me your arm,” Wei Wuxain hissed to Jiang Cheng in the aftermath of the Waterborne Abyss, bumping up against his shoulder. Careful not to draw too much attention, Jiang Cheng shifted so that Wei Ying could take hold of his forearm.
He immediately hissed, as Wei Wuxian grabbed on so tightly that he could feel the bones grind together. He winced, shooting a glimpse at the group, to make sure they didn’t notice. Fortunately, they were all too busy worrying about the unconscious Wen Ning, and that one idiot disciple that almost got them all killed. Wei Wuxian’s face was pale, and he was gritting his teeth so tightly that Jiang Cheng thought they were going to splinter.
“We still have rooms at the inn,” Jiang Cheng said, in a low voice, “Do you think you’ll be okay until we get there?”
“We aren’t staying,” Wei Wuxian hissed through gritted teeth. He nodded his head at the First and Second Jade who were in quiet discussion on the other side of the dock. “They’re worried about the Abyss. They want to get back to Cloud Recess as soon as possible. They – it wasn’t natural. They want to talk to Teacher Qiren about it.”
Jiang Cheng winced. He shot a glance at the still unconscious Wen Ning. Surely his sister would not want him to be carried up the mountain in such a state. “Perhaps we could –”
“It’s fine,” Wei Wuxian said shortly, panting slightly as he tried to even out his breathing. “I’ll just – I need a minute. And then I’ll be fine.”
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castor-romeo · a year ago
wei wuxian spent all his time at cloud recess unintentionally checking out lan wangji
and mentally calling him pretty 
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maryzeeprz · a year ago
MDZS prompt 75
In which one night at Cloud Recesses, the juniors fall asleep near the incense burner and they end up in Sizhui's memory of when he was a baby, with Xian-ge and rich-ge. They see him being hidden by Wei Wuxian at the first siege and being picked up by Hanguang-jun after that.
MDZS prompts Masterlist
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thebookshopsfox · 2 years ago
When you admire the beautiful decor that was made for this drama and you know that half of them are gonna burn down before the halfway point
Cloud Recess!!!! Lotus Pier! I WANNA GO THERE
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Lan Xichen is my favorite <3
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