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No, cause it’s a spoiler still at this point and we know how they feel about dropping spoilers. The fact it’s in Tifa’s ps theme and all the hints are still there for it in the game means there’s likely more to that promise night than we were shown and we’ll see the rest of it unfold in part 2. Which is why my fanfiction is called The Wish 😉

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(Thanks! That was mostly @sheseesinthedark ‘s genius at work! Genesis can only be sweet by being an asshole haha!)

Mmm, scraps huh? Okay, so in the SSC team writing server we have this channel called “sketchpad” where we just throw out little bits of writing as they pop in our heads. Context, no context, end of fic or middle, doesn’t matter. Here’s a scrap I wrote a while ago that, based on the way things are going, we aren’t going to use.

Angeal sighed. “Listen, we don’t exactly want to keep you here either,  but until you start working with us there’s not much else we can do.”

Cloud tossed his head and snorted angrily. “There is literally nothing stopping you from letting me walk right out.”

“There are some things,” Angeal returned dryly. “Common sense, morality,  honor

“Honor?” Cloud interrupted incredulously. “What, your honor as a SOLDIER?”

Stung, Angeal snapped back a little defensively, “yes, as a SOLDIER

Cloud interrupted him again. “No one in Shinra can boast of honor,” he said, low and dangerous. “SOLDIER is nothing but a den of monsters.” He cocked his head, eyes far too cold for his soft face. “So what do you think that makes you?”

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Cloud:  ティファも行け。(Tifa, go too)

Tifa:  でもこれ 、 ひとりじゃ。 (But here, all alone…)

Cloud:  誰に言ってる?  (Who are you talking to?)

Tifa:  早くね。(Quickly, okay?)

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Cloud has so many questions for Sephiroth when he does finally show up. Starting with ‘where the hell did the three of them come from?’ and certainly icnluding ‘why did they mistake me for Jenova?’

Of course whether he gets to ask them is a different question because Sephiroth had waited longer than he expected to get his goal of destroying the planet back on track. And even if Cloud does manage to get the questions out Sephiroth is so frustrated by the whole situation he has little interest in answering them truthfully.

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