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How so? Holiday?

N - “…I don’t believe so…

…hhh, my head hurts…

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Get your St. Patrick’s Day T-shirts and hoodies and we can put these logos on anything you want inbox me for more information Tee shirts small to xlarge is 20, 2x & 3x is 25, 4x & 5x is 30

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Book Review – ‘The First 7’ (#2 The Last 8) by Laura Pohl

Book Review – ‘The First 7’ (#2 The Last 8) by Laura Pohl

A group of kids, the last survivors of the human race…

Genre: Y/A, Science Fiction, LGBT

No. of pages: 367

Clover Martinez and The Last Teenagers on Earth are busy exploring the galaxy after leaving earth behind…even if they can’t help but be a little homesick.

So when their ship receives a distress signal from their former planet, they hope against hope that it means other survivors. But as…


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Baby girl. Baby.
Not really a clan member but still there.

Full name: Clover
Nickname: Clo, Clovie
Age: 12
Birthday: June 27
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/her

Species: Stickman - Hybrid
Skin: Lilac
Eyes: Cyan
Height: 143cm (human height)
Sexuality: Confused
Relationship status: Single

Clan: None (protected by Apollyon)
Occupation: Student
Weapon: None
Abilities: Telekinesis, shapeshifting
Weaknesses: Her telekinesis isn’t strong enough to lift large things, she pretty much can’t fight
Status: Active

• Family - None
• Allies - Apollyon, Monilia clan
• Neutral - Other clans
• Enemies - Black Widow, hunters

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Razorwings first Easter Egg hunt

Razor, sees an egg: Egg! *picks it up and puts it in her basket, not seeing a hole in it*

Clover, sees the egg drop through the hole: Don’t do it.

Razor, sees the same egg as before but thinks it’s a new one: Egg! *puts it back in the basket*

Comet, walking over with a big group of kids: She does know it’s the same one right?

Chop Shop, watches her do it again: I don’t think she does.

The group: *watches Razor do it another six times before she notices*

Divebomb: She noticed.

Airazor, prepared to trade baskets: Should we…?

Razor, pokes at the hole: Huh…hat. *puts it on her head and proceeds to collect eggs and putting them in her pockets*

The group of kids:

Razorwing: Hey a green one! I wonder if we have any ham…

Noodle: *recording the whole thing* We’re showing this at her wedding.

Rose: Absolutely.

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