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#clover ebi

Sick n tired of trans qrow/cis clover. Let clover be trans. Sometimes the fucking chad is trans and you have to deal with it. Jocks can be trans. Men with muscles can be trans. Big buff gay dummies can be trans. What I’m saying is that clover isn’t fucking cis,

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I wrote a quick warm-up to get the ol’ gears turnin’ and this is what I could come up with lol

Clover meets birb!Qrow before he even knows who Qrow is.

Enjoy! :D

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How about some Fair Game dentist HCs for tonight?

…Well, because I can’t hear you, I’m just gonna go ahead and do them anyway!

-Qrow likes to believe that nothing scares him, and to his credit, very little does. Dentists, however, are one of those few, yet sticking exceptions. The idea of going to one freaks him out. He does NOT like having metal in his mouth, doubly so when it’s pointy, buzzes like a razor, and/or hits his teeth like a gong. Though he won’t do it under any other circumstances, as Tai knows of this fear well, attending or discussing dentist appointments with the girls unprompted is off limits (”Just because you’re afraid of the dentist does not mean I’m letting the girls be, too.”).

-Qrow does try psychologically psyching himself down from his dental fears, but it’s no good. He tries using logic, telling himself that any dentists who ever seriously hurt their patients would’ve lost their license by now. He repeats to himself that the dentist will be using anesthesia on him so he won’t feel whatever the dentist does to him that badly at all. Heck, prior to the present series, Qrow used to drink before going to the dentist to further relax himself. Nothing worked.

-Clover doesn’t like going to the dentist’s either, though he’s not afraid of the dentist so much as annoyed by the visits. The chairs in the waiting room are uncomfortable, everything smells weird, the dentists ask him questions while their hands are firmly planted in his mouth, and even though he knows that it’s procedural, seeing spit or blood against his or the dentist’s bib is disgusting. What’s worse is that he can’t see anything being done to him and just has to infer things based on how the procedures feeling before, during, and after the fact. 

-Clover does what he can to take his dentist visits in stride (After all, they’re just doing their jobs), but by the time he’s home, he’s a unique mix of exhausted, pained, and frustrated. Qrow sometimes runs the risk of pissing Clover off too much as he makes casual remarks about how dentists are not normal, can’t be taken lightly, and should be at least a little bit feared. However, he usually makes up for it by preparing non-solid and non-crunchy foods for Clover to eat on the day he has dentist appointments.

-The first time after getting with Clover where Qrow needs to go to the dentist is a memory which the two of them would both rather forget (Heck, the DENTIST would rather forget it, too). For one thing, Qrow didn’t even initially admit that he had a toothache – Clover basically had to suss it out from Qrow’s painfully obvious context clues and Qrow’s mix of lies, non answers, and dodges that are so good Clover swears he was using them for training. For another thing, even after Clover discovered and insisted that Qrow go to a dentist, Qrow was not willing to give him so much as an inch. It took everything from bribes to threats to ticklishness exploiting to get him outside, and getting him into a vehicle, in the building, and then in the actual dentist’s office is a feat Clover can attribute to nothing else apart from a miracle. At the end of that appointment (Which just ends up being a filling), both are so tired that neither of them are able to stay up past 9:30pm that night.

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Ok I need opinions from fellow artists (don’t think I can qualify as one yet though but anyway) is tracing a good way to practice? Like I traced a picture of flowey from undertale today because I wanted to try the shading they did cause it seemed pretty simple and I struggle with shading. And obviously I will never upload it cause that’s a crappy thing to do but will it actually help me get better or did I waste about an hour or two of my time??

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I accidentally wrote a little OT3 / lucky ironqrow flirting for Chloe <3

“I’ll have you know that committing a lewd act on government property is an indictable offence,” James said.

“Then arrest me,” Clover beamed, flicking out that wink like candy.

“Isn’t that my line?” Qrow muttered.

“Come on! You always get arrested, give someone else a chance.”

Rated T for flirty BFs

Who feels like a little good cop bad cop? XD (AO3 link)

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We wish you luck on your journey through the rabbit hole.

Want to learn more or join him?


♡ Mod Hatter

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Anti-Hero Clover AU

> Clover works for the bad guys. He’s been completely mysterious but loyal to Salem, collecting information and keeping up a great facade as an Ace Op. He’s mainly paired with Tyrian, but as of being a leader of the Ace Ops, he had to work alone until vol7.

> He found Qrow to be vulnerable, and easy to manipulate. After learning Qrow’s semblance was Misfortune, Clover lies and says his own semblance is Good Fortune, simply building steps into Qrow’s comfort space/ good graces.

> While he was using sweet nothings to persuade Qrow, he also began to feel regret for tricking him as time went on. Qrow was sad, but understandably woeful. Taking advantage of Qrow’s weaknesses began to feel dirty than resourceful. Clover would sometimes find himself giving advice or being genuinely kind towards the guy.

> Clover’s death was a fake out, bringing his body to the morgue to eventually awaken and get back to work. His semblance was not Good Fortune, but instead it was Regeneration, a type of immortality he possessed. He cannot be killed so easily, and Tyrian knew this while they fought and how he impaled him. It’d take awhile for Clover to wake, as his body regenerated.

> Once he’s awakened, Clover begins having doubts cloud his mind. The last he saw Qrow, it admittingly broke his heart, even if Qrow was acting out of line. Instead of looking for Qrow, he continues his assignment of finding Penny, the vault, and hopefully he could run into Qrow along the way.

Because I’d love the story more if Clover was a baddie.

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<div> The Time General Ironwood Almost Reconsidered his Choice for Ace-Ops Commander </div>
Just remember the most important rule.
No free napkins?
No! the other most important rule. Regarding the rights of citizens.
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i feel clover is one of those guys you seen in a locker rooms, just dick out, towel over shoulder, and just flexing on everyone

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I imagine Qrow being very protective over Cloves after his surgery

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Tonight’s Fair Game HC was a special request made by my 400 HC contest winner @collectingsparechangemadeeasy! I tend to not do darker HCs about this couple because well…canon already made their lives more than dark enough for my taste. However, I got a request from them that was on the darker side of things, but one that I felt I could do, so I decided to go for it. They requested that I do an episode about Qrow and Clover getting into a serious argument, and that sounds like an interesting idea to me, so let’s get to it!

When Qrow and Clover start having a serious argument, the tension wherever they are becomes a completely different beast than it normally is. It’s as if the air itself becomes stiff and stale, electric and sharp. Looking at each other feels simultaneously impossible and compulsive. They can both feel that shift in their relationship’s atmosphere.

Because both know when an argument is on the horizon, their bodies and mind shift accordingly. Clover gets tight-lipped and while clearly frustrated, tries to at least proceed on with whatever they are doing. The only exception to this is when the argument is caused by Qrow insisting on blaming himself for something that’s not his fault. Qrow, on the other hand. grows quiet except for a lot of malicious snips. 

A serious argument builds both quickly and slowly between them. It takes place over a small amount of time from the conflicting ideas being introduced and the argument actually starting. However, in that time period, it slowly builds up step by step.

The arguments start in a stage of almost disbelief (At least on one of their parts) – a tense befuddlement of how the other can feel how they presently feel/do what they did/etc. This is more of a vent for whoever is starting the argument, but given that it’s said towards the subject of their ire, it doesn’t do a lot to de-escalate the situatuion.

It then is followed by both men stating why they’re taking their stances. Their tones become not condescending to each other, but have an air of “why do I need to spell this out to you” littered all throughout it (Okay, a teeny bit condescending). If shouting hasn’t started by now, then their voices have at least raised considerably.

Finally, they start going at each other. The shouting absolutely starts as they point out why they’re right and the other is wrong. There are also a lot of frustrated grunts and groans during this period of the argument. They don’t call each other names, but do kind of tap the line of insulting the other’s intelligence and/or empathy. Qrow gets very easily insulted during this stage of the argument while Clover gets too pedantic for his own good (Like, pedantic, but in a bad-faith-motivated way).

While they wait for the next part of the argument or for their own tempers to calm down enough for them to be ready to resolve the arguments in a mature way, they more or less isolate themselves for some time. One usually stays home while the other leaves. Qrow, given that he can fly, is usually the one who leaves. Clover knows it’s for the best for them to not be together while they’re in the heat of an argument, but he can’t help but feel a dull ache in his heart when Qrow leaves. Qrow’s former tendency to close himself off coming back in such a way makes Clover nervous about Qrow leaving their home. He doesn’t actually believe that Qrow would leave their relationship like that (And Qrow (1) always has his scroll on him and (2) has never been gone following an argument without Clover knowing about his whereabouts at some point for more than four hours), but irrational fears aren’t called irrational for nothing.

When they’re at last ready to resolve the argument, one of them approaches the other in a neutral space (Usually their bedroom, living room, or kitchen). They’ll sit beside one another in silence, maybe attempt to lighten the mood by making small talk for a hot second, and then getting into their resolution. By this point, both understand each other better and are willing to work towards a solution together that makes the most sense and makes them both relatively happy considering whatever circumstances they have to take on.

They’re pretty proud of themselves as a couple once their argument is all patched up, smiling and gloating about what an excellent couple they are as they laugh with each other, right before giving holding one another close and/or kissing.

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Qrow: I like my men how I like my coffee

Qrow: *Eyeing up Clover as he pours whiskey into his mug*

Qrow: Irish

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I was working on slowly updating the Fair Game HC compilation Google Doc and realized that for a few of these HCs (Especially those that happened during Qrowtober and Clovember), I did a topic in regards to one of our guys, but not the other, and I’d like to make sequels to those, starting with Clover and his teeth!

-If you’ve played “Breath of the Wild,” then you know Prince Sidon and that sparkly charming, charismatic, lovable smile of his. Well, Clover’s got a similarly pearly white smile hanging out right behind those friendly and cute lips of his. We’ve seen his teeth before, but they’re even whiter in person than even the animation would suggest. Qrow – a lover of shiny things – finds them quite attractive and gets a particular joy out of seeing them glitter when Clover exposes them.

-Being something of a goody two-shoes, Clover takes care to maintain good dental hygiene at all times. While traveling during the war, at the very least a toothbrush and toothpaste is one of the first things he procures once the group finds somewhere to settle down in each town and they get a chance to go grocery shopping. Outside of the war, Clover has a better toothbrush wherever he has a home as well as a box or two of floss in his bathroom and cabinets and a bottle of mouthwash as well as a tongue scraper, all of which are regularly swapped out as needed.

-I don’t think Clover counts how long he brushes or anything like that, but he’s able to mentally eyeball how long he should go for, distracting himself with thoughts of the day either in front of or behind him while he brushes/flosses/mouthwashes twice a day. 

-Sometimes, as he’s brushing, he talks in brush-ese to Qrow as they prepare for bed at night and they converse. Qrow can only sort of make out what he says, but by the time they’re both in bed, enough time and conversation has passed since that momentary bit of confusion that they’re now back on the same page.

-Clover once got spinach stuck in his teeth during an interview or a mission or a prior-to-Qrow date, and now can’t help but quickly grazes his tongue over and his teeth and sucks in his teeth a bit just to make sure it never happens again. 

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