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“Landing strategy” is so fucking funny to me because the only realistic way I can see that coming in handy is if you’re either a) fighting a Nevermore (which is unlikely because there are several different types of Grimm) or b) a part of the airforce/military (ie. mainly Atlas). Like we know Beacon likes yeeting its students off cliffs but I can imagine the people in Atlas thinking landing strategy isn’t common.

So I give you the mental image of Clover and the rest of the Ace Ops having collective aneurysms at watching the kids and Qrow jump out of an airship unprompted because what the fuck.

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Some RWBY ages because I fucking can

Team STRQ: all 38 because let’s be honest they don’t look any older, (already discussed their bdays). I headcanon that they all went to Beacon at 15 like Ruby, the twins lied about their age and Summer went early because her parents worked for Oz (plus silver eyes duh) and she’s childhood friends with Tai and they refused to go without the other

Winter: 24 as of V7

Cinder: 25 as of V7

Clover: about 37

Ironwood: 42 as of V7

Tyrian: 45

Marrow: 21

Elm and Vine: 34-35 (Vine just looks old to me)

Harriet: 30 idk (not too far from the other ace ops)

Edit: I’m gonna add more to this

Robyn and the HH: 27

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Aliens (1986)

1) Raven Branwen as Ellen Ripley (reasoning: warrior leader and also because of who I have Yang cast as) 

2) Taiyang Xiao Long as Corporal Dwayne Hicks (reasoning: Raven’s love interest and being an all-around good guy) 

3) Whitley Schnee as Carter Burke (reasoning: let’s say that the Schnee Dust Company replaces the Weyland-Yutani Corporation. In that case, it made sense that Whitley took the role of the slimy corporate exec) 

4) Penny Polendina as Bishop (reasoning: android assistant) 

5) Yang Xiao Long as Rebecca “Newt” Jordan (reasoning: Raven’s daughter. Although in this AU, Yang would be Raven’s daughter-figure) 

6) Cardin Winchester as Pvt. Hudson (reasoning: the arrogant, douchebag bully) 

7) Peter Port as Lt. Gorman (reasoning: I was thinking who among the adults could be an incompetent commanding officer and for some reason, Port kept coming to mind) 

8) Winter Schnee as Pvt. Vasquez (reasoning: badass female soldier who hates incompetence) 

9) James Ironwood as Capt. Apone (reasoning: the competent military officer)

10) Clover Ebi, Caroline Cordovin, Vine Zeki, Harriet Bree, Elm Ederne, Marrow Amin and one extra Atlas soldier as Drake, Frost, Ferro, Spunkmeyer, Dietrich, Crowe, and Wierzbowski aka the marines who get wiped out by the Grimm-Xenomorphs in the first ambush (reasoning: Atlas soldiers under Ironwood’s command) 

11) The Grimm take the place of the Aliens/Xenomorphs


Scarface (1983)

1) Adam Taurus as Tony Montana / Scarface (reasoning: minority facing discrimination, power-hungry asshole who becomes a violent leader / EDIT: Oh, I just realized, the name ‘Scarface’ could also reference the branding on his face)

2) Ilia Amitola as Manny Ray (reasoning: member of the White Fang. Also, I have Ilia as Manny mainly because of who I have Blake cast as)

3) Neopolitan as Elvira (reasoning: to keep with the themes of human-faunus relations, Elvira had to be a human character. Also, Neo is a crazy criminal, so she fit the role)

4) Blake Belladonna as Gina Montana (reasoning: one, to reference Adam’s unhealthy obsession with Blake and Blake’s initial fascination of Adam. Two, since Manny and Gina get together and Ilia has a canon crush on Blake)

5) Roman Torchwick as Frank Lopez (reasoning: Roman’s connection to Neo and Roman being a criminal mastermind) 

6) Jacques Schnee as Alejandro Sosa (reasoning: the big-name supplier, just switch cocaine with dust. Also, since Adam is the main protagonist, it made sense to have the Schnees as the main villains) 

7) Klein Sieben as the shotgun-wielding assassin who kills Tony (reasoning: works for the Schnee family) 


The Breakfast Club (1985) 

1) Cardin Winchester as John Bender (The Criminal) - reasoning: the asshole bully who harasses everyone

2) Weiss Schnee as Claire Standish (The Princess) - reasoning: the snobbish girl who thinks she’s all that 

3) Sun Wukong as Andrew Clark (The Athlete) - reasoning: this was a surprisingly hard role to fill in. Eventually, I just went with the character who I thought fit the mold of the “stock high school athlete”, which was Sun.  

4) Ruby Rose as Brian Johnson (The Brain) - reasoning: the goodie-two-shoes nerd who has trouble socializing with people

5) Blake Belladonna as Allison Reynolds (The Basket Case) - reasoning: the shy, introverted goth (well, closest to goth) girl who is seen as an outcast 

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Listen I don’t have any good source of lighting here except sir sun but he ain’t here rn

Mixed days 24 and 25 of Qrowtober, Trust and Music ! It’s Ice skating AU. Gouache is such a wonderful thing to work with :D wtf is qrow’s anatomy in this

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Fairgame - Chasing Cars, part 3


One more part to go after this one! Hopefully I’ll finish it a lot sooner😅

The gorgeous hand-lettering is once again done by the amazing @ludussy !💜

Thank you all for the support on the 1st and 2nd part, and all the 254 wips inbetween. Love you all!💕💜

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Drunk. You get drunk. On what I won’t say.

But seriously, let’s see what we can mix up:


Qrow Branwen x Winter Schnee x Clover Ebi x Tyrian Callows is

Wrong Side of the Law


Running From Home


Antifreeze Intoxication

(The second one was inspired by the fact that all four of these have run from something in their lives, but I think this ship is pretty neat.)

Thanks for the suggestion! Remember ask box is OPEN for Ship Summaries, Ship Trials, Headcannon Requests and Headcannon Chibis!

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