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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.
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Here to drop Lollie’s/Cinna’s playlist because I feel like it. It’s overall just a mix of songs that fit her when she’s in costume and when she’s out of costume.

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i would like to share with u all one of the best websites i’ve ever accidentally discovered

here it is. its the story of a salvation army thrifted clown sweater that someone got in 1997 and started a project where they send the sweater around to be worn and photographed in as many people as possible, with photos uploaded of all the people who have worn it, including some who look like they may be in the buzzfeed offices, going back to 1997

one of my favorite parts of the site is the FAQ section. here u are.

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My silly fursona for whom this account is named, Cringe the clown!! :•)

Cringe is a paradoxical chaos entity who is, and knows, everything and nothing all at once! It manages to keep a stable form by copying things it sees, but having that much in your brain is a little overwhelming, so it tends not to blend in to reality quite right. Most of the time, it bases its form off of PBJ, its gracious mortal host and best friend! 

- page

Reblogs appreciated, and I read every tag! <3 

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I am most happy to hear of your family’s expansion! What good parents they shall be! And what a good caretaker you are! It does my general equivalent of a heart good to hear of your clowns and their spawn! Do let me know if you need anything else! I shall always be willing to help :o)

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this is how i take notes in school

yes this is a self portrait

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