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incorrect-sandman · a month ago
Cluracan: Don’t worry, I have a few knives up my sleeve.
Dream: I think you mean cards.
Nuala: He does not.
Cluracan, pulling knives out of his sleeves: I do not.
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dream-a-droid · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Gaiman I dare you to do this casting call
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yeetolynchshaw · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Cluracan has so much chaotic energy I love him.
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doesithavetobeaspider · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Sandman #56 by Neil Gaiman and Bryan Talbot
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thisdayincomics · 4 years ago
March 26
First appearing in Sandman #26 (March 26, 1991), Nuala was a faerie gift to the Lord Morpheus. She was beautiful initially, but Morpheus, being simplistic, took her faerie glamour away, leaving a thin, brown haired pixie instead of a beautiful blonde faerie woman. From then on she took on the housekeeping duties of The Dreaming, only stopping when her brother Cluracan brought her back to Faerie. Before she left, Morpheus granted her a boon, which was that she could call on him if she needed to, in exchange for her years of servitude. Nuala had been nursing a crush on Morpheus for some time and eventually called on him. Returned to Faerie, Nuala renounces the glamor that goes with her title, choosing to present her true elfen form. This infuriates the queen of the faeries, but Nuala is steadfast in her decision, and ultimately leaves Faerie over the conflict. She is later found by Lucien the librarian working in The Green Dragon bar in New York City, where she has come to terms with her former employer's death and her minor role in it. Lucien offers to let her return to The Dreaming, but she declines, saying that she is happy with her new life and that returning would feel like a step backwards.
Tumblr media
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turianosauruswrex · 2 years ago
hey kids look more about my beloved bloodhunter gal Corinth, this time That One Time She Drank The Bone-Hurting Juice
“You're strong, Corinth,” Lyta had said, handing her the bottle. “I wouldn't be trusting you with the Hunter's Bane if I wasn't completely confident you could survive it.”
Gasping for air on Lyta's floor, every square inch of her body a raw nerve, alternately shivering and burning, Corinth has her own doubts.
The coppery taste of the potion still lingers on her tongue-- probably thanks to the blood she keeps coughing up in what short breaths she can take-- her skin crawls at just the contact her clothes make-- probably thanks to the poisons she drank, gods only know what Lyta had put in that thing-- her head splits with the sound of a thousand drums all at once, metal drawn across slate, glass scraping and shattering and scraping and shattering and digging into her flesh, it's enough to make her sick.
Lyta hasn't left, at least Corinth thinks she hasn't but it's hard to tell much of anything through the blood-red tinge of her tunnel vision. Sometimes the agony fades enough to let through a cool hand on her forehead or holding one of hers with a soothing murmur that sounds too much like her mother's voice and sends her into a fresh round of sobs, not from the pain alone. Lyta was wrong, she was wrong, her patron was wrong, she couldn't survive this--
At least she'll see her family again soon, throw her arms around Cable and tell him how sorry she is, so fucking sorry she abandoned him, abandoned them all. 
Corinth pulls her hands away from her scalp and sees her nails red with blood.
Shaking, she blinks some of the haze away and finds no one in the room with her. Lyta-- Lyta's gone too?! Gods, gods-- the thought's cut off by another stab in her lungs, another gasp sucked through her teeth. Why would she leave her alone?! Why would she abandon her?!
A figure on the edge of her vision flickers into existence and she starts to call out to it, to Lyta, but that's not... that's not who it is anymore.
Corinth feels her heart skip a beat.
Her mother smiles and tilts her head, but when Corinth blinks she's gone, replaced by a wavering image of Thessaly, pacing and evaluating her, alternately harsh and kind as she ever had been in life, and she's gone. In her place stands Farell, his hands covered in blood, then Johanna, then Az, Alianora, Nada, Mazi, all horrified and pitying in equal measures, and finally Cable, scared but stubborn, a white-knuckle grip on his battle axe as he stares down something much, much larger than him that Corinth can't see.
She screws her eyes shut and doubles over on her side as another wave of stabbing, throbbing pain slams into her-- gods, it's never going to end!-- and it feels like hours before she can see again.
The figure's still there when she can. Blurry and indistinct through tears, but still there. It creeps closer, silent, hands behind its back, and pauses at the table in the center of the room.
“Hello again, my dear.”
For a moment, Corinth freezes. The slow, deliberate cadence, the uncanny familiarity with her-- the green flame illuminating half his face...
“...I-it's you.”
“Who else?”
He looks away from her, running a gold-tipped hand over the tools Lyta left out.
“You've done everything I've asked of you this far-- well done.”
It doesn't feel like a job well done, as needles stab up and down Corinth's spine, but her ability to voice it is limited at best.
“There's just one more thing,” he continues. “One more thing to seal our contract, and you'll have power beyond your wildest dreams.”
He waves her over, and after a moment's hesitation Corinth forces herself upright and shuffles to join him, every step a step on a bed of hot nails. She steadies herself as best she can on the table and looks up at him.
“To seal the contract requires...a sacrifice.”
He rests his gold fingers on one of Lyta's hunting knives.
“You want--” Corinth chokes on her own words and waits for the pain to subside enough for her to speak. “You want me to-- to die?”
He places a hand to his chest in shock. “Of course not. I would never require that of you. Think about it in simple practicality, Corinth, what good are you to me dead?”
She swallows past the lump in her throat and nods. He has a point.
“It just requires a little piece of you,” he says, playing with the knife. “Some of us like contracts signed in blood. Some take a lock of hair, perhaps a little finger. For myself…”
Their gazes meet and he smiles wide.
“I have a penchant for eyes.”
He flips the knife and offers it to her handle-first.
Corinth stares at it, shivering again. “Y-y-you want me t-to…to give you my eyes.”
“Only one,” he says with a shrug. “And in return, power. Everything you could ask for, everything you need.”
The green flame in his left eye socket crackles and dances.
“Don't you want justice for your family? Avenge them, Corinth. I can help you.”
She takes a deep breath and takes the knife. Her patron smiles at her again and steps back.
Lyta hadn't been gone a minute before she heard the girl scream. The whetstone fell from her hands and clattered to the floor as she whirled around and bolted back into the house-- Corinth was asleep, finally unconscious as she suffered the effects of the Hunter's Bane, Lyta had sworn she'd be alright if she just stepped outside to get a new whetstone, finally do some much-needed maintenance on her hunting knives-- gods, what could she have done--!
Corinth still shook, violently, splayed out on her knees with blood dripping from her hands, her face, one of the knives coated in crimson and lying where she'd dropped it before her. One hand kept her upright, the other covered her left eye as her gasps mixed with sobs.
Lyta swept in to kneel in front of her, kicking the bloody knife aside and taking Corinth's face in her hands. Gods, gods, what did she do?!
“Let me see,” she said, prying the girl's hand away.
Despite everything, despite dripping blood and fighting the Bane, Corinth leaned into Lyta's embraced and laughed. Weakly, half-hearted, but laughed.
“Haha, see…you're funny, Lyta. I'm gonna be just fine, promise…”
Lyta froze, staring at the girl's face. The eye she'd been covering was gone, nothing more than an oozing, bloody mess dripping from the socket onto her hand.
“Corinth...what have you done?”
“It's okay.” Corinth's smile wavered, but held fast. “He told me to do it. I'm gonna be fine, he told me so.”
“Who told you?”
“A fey did...I'm a warlock now, Lyta. A warlock!”
Lyta stared at her, shaking her head in disbelief. “Oh, no. No, sweetheart, that's not how it--”
“I'm fine!” The eye Corinth still had started to fill with new tears; her voice warbled despite the confidence she tried so hard to project. “He promised I'd be okay!”
The Hunter's Bane killed many, nearly killed Lyta herself, but she'd never heard of it driving anyone mad until now. But just because she hadn't heard of it didn't mean it was impossible, and who else would suffer it but a young woman already almost delirious with grief?
Lyta rubbed Corinth's bloody cheek with her thumb and eased her back to the bed. “Stay right here. We're going to get you cleaned up as best we can, alright?”
Corinth nodded. “It'll be okay, Lyta,” she said again, “it'll all be okay.”
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thereforall · 2 years ago
lucifer and cluracan
The More the Merrier  ||  Accepting
Tumblr media
“While I’ve no problem with Lucifer in this scenario, I’m going to pass. There is only so much of Cluracan one can handle, and I don’t want to find out how his…rogue-ish nature translates in the bedroom.”
She doesn’t add that the idea of being intimate with one who’s likely been with a woman her brother was also with doesn’t appeal to her, but it’s definitely a part of her answer.
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theartofthecover · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
The Sandman 20th Anniversary San Diego Comic-Con [SDCC] 2008 jam art poster (2008)
All art by: *phhhhpt....sigh* Mike Allred (on Lyta and Hector Hall), Jill Thompson (on Delirium of the Endless), P. Craig Russell (on Lucifer and Mazikeen), Marc Hempel (on Desire of the Endless), Dean Ormston (on Rose Walker), Al Davison (on Matthew the Raven), Bryan Talbot (on Destruction of the Endless), Kevin Nowlan (on Cain), Bryan Talbot (on Orpheus), Teddy Kristiansen (Despair of the Endless), Shawn McManus (on Thessaly), John Watkiss (on Titania), Steve Parkhouse (on Mad Hettie), Mark Buckingham (on Neil Gaiman), Colleen Doran (on Barbie), Gary Amaro (on Cluracan), Kelley Jones (on Lady Bast), Craig Hamilton (on Destiny of the Endless), Shea Anton Pensa (on Remiel), Charles Vess (on Shakespeare and Puck), Duncan Eagleson (on The Fiddler's Green [Gilbert]), Mike Dringenberg (on Death of the Endless), Sam Kieth (on Dream of the Endless [Morpheus and Daniel]), Michael Wm. Kaluta (on Hob Gadling), Steve Leialoha (on the Kindly Ones/Three Witches [Cynthia, Mildred and Mordred]), Tony Harris (on Lucien the Librarian), Richard Case (on Nuala), Vince Locke (on the Corinthian), Dick Giordano (on Abel), Stan Woch (on Gregory), Mark Buckingham (on Merv Pumpkinhead), D'Israeli (on Goldie), Peter Gross (on the Dead Boy Detectives) and Daniel Vozzo [for the colors]
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hurl-a-can · 2 months ago
About the Blogger
tagged by: @red-wardens tagging: @snarky-warden @leothelionsaysgrrrr @skullhaver @mahalzevran @andrastini and YOU. Name: Helena; or Maddi (the origin of that one is Silmarillion-related and it is a long story). Sexuality: a fair deal of bi, a fair deal of demi/ace and a generous dose of genderqueer; I'm still figuring it out, honestly. HogwartsFinwëan House: the house of Fëanáro!!! (sorry, I never read Harry Potter and I'm too old and too cross with Rowling to start now) Favourite animal(s): too many to list!; ...but I have a huge soft spot for canines, hyenas, birbs (especially corvids, owls, and small songbirds...and parrots...and chickens...look, I just really like birbs and borbs), sharks, moths, mustelidae, frogs, and spiders. (I also suffer from a moderate case of arachnophobia, but I manage to be terrified and intrigued at the same time) I'm sure I've forgotten something. Yes, yes I have, actually. How could I forget bears? Who even asks for a favourite animal(s) and doesn't expect an essay? Current time: 21:32 pm (Beijing Time) Dream job: Ornamental hermit; I'd say book illustrator but I really suck at deadlines. (and in the past couple of years or so, also at drawing) When did I make this blog: 7th September 2017 (but I've been on tumblr since 2014 or 2015...) URL explanation: I was just messing around with the word 'cluracan/clurachan'. There's a connection with folklore, with booze, and with Neil Gaiman's Sandman (all of which I like a lot). And with hurling cans, which sounds like solid dumb fun. <3
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mask131 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The faces of Dream in Worlds’ End:
Picture 1: Dream as he appeared in the “dream of a city” to the man of which Mister Gaheris tells the tale.
Pictures 2 and 3: Dream as he appeared to Cluracan, when he was imprisoned in Aurelia of the Plains. I believe it is the fairy version of Dream, due to his unusual features and hairdo - and, in another panel not included here, we can see that this Dream has long pointy ears. 
Pictures 4 and 5: Dream as he appeared to the recently deceased Prez Rickard in the afterlife of “Boss Smiley”. 
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incorrect-sandman · a month ago
Dream: You often use humour to deflect trauma
Cluracan: Thank you
Dream: I didn't say that was a good thing
Cluracan: What I'm hearing is, you think I'm funny
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neil-gaiman · a year ago
Just finished The Sandman : World's End and Cluracan is by far the most relatable character. He's just so chaotic and he doesn't even try to hide it. I'm not sure why I'm telling you that, but I just had to. ALSO I'd like to mention that every time i read your books it's so hard to come back to reality- it takes quite a while for everything to settle in and to be like 'ok time to be an adult again.' I don't know how you do that. Whatever you're doing, please never change? That's it I'm out.
I loved writing Cluracan. Best gay possibly alcoholic Irish unreliable narrator fairy ever. In my opinion.
I won’t change. It’s much too late now.
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semper-legens · 7 months ago
133. The Sandman: Season of Mists, by Neil Gaiman
Tumblr media
Owned?: Yes Page count: Unknown, not numbered My summary: Hell is empty, and all the souls are gone. Some of the damned dead return to the earth, to wander anew in the lives they once had. In the Dreaming, Dream has been handed the key to its gates, and now must decide what to do with this deadly new gift. My rating: 4/5 My commentary:
Sandman Week-and-a-bit continues with one of my favourites, Season of Mists. This one mostly focuses around the plot with Lucifer emptying Hell and turning its key over to Dream, who has to figure out what he wants to do with it. After some foreshadowing in previous books, it’s also our introduction to the mythologies present - all of the gods are out there, but here we see Susanoo-no-Mikoto from Japanese mythology, Thor, Loki, and Odin from Norse mythology, Bast from Ancient Egyptian mythology, and some Christian angels and devils. There’s also Cluracan, of faerie, who doesn’t count as a god, but is still a mythological figure. All of them want Hell for their own purposes, and threaten Dream with retribution if he doesn’t turn over the key.
So let’s start with Hell. The Sandman world is very culturally Christian (I don’t know how Gaiman identifies religiously) in that Hell and Heaven, called the Silver City, are prominent concepts, and Cain, Abel, Lucifer, and Eve are major characters, more major than any other faith’s representation in the series. Also Lucifer looks like David Bowie. That’s not relevant, but bears noting. I find Lucifer and Dream’s walk through Hell long but interesting, particularly with the subversion of expectations - we are lead to believe that Lucifer will fight Dream when Dream returns to Hell, but instead they have a chat and Lucifer hands over the key. There is a lot of setup and foreshadowing for what will come, almost too much to talk about now, but really I just view the Hell stuff as a preamble to the meeting in Dream’s home, which interests me far more.
There is one interlude in this book, specifically showing what happened when the dead returned to the mortal world after Hell closed. It focuses on a boy, Charles, left at his private school in the holidays, tormented by the undead children and teachers, his only solace being a dead boy he befriends. It adds little to the main plot but is absolutely crucial in terms of themes. See, the theme of the story is that the dead are trapped in these abusive cycles - when they return to the mortal world, they do the same things they did when they were alive, going round and round with no recourse. But Charles and his friend decide to opt out of this system, Charles refusing to move on with Death and both of them leaving the school to wander the world, moving on emotionally and having new experiences while their tormentors are trapped in the same old cycles. Change and death are huge themes of The Sandman as a whole, and this story works in its own way to underscore those themes.
Anyway, back to Dream and the gods and myths in his home. I love this whole section. It’s about the politics between gods, anthropomorphic personifications, myths, and the worlds they inhabit! I love it! This is My Shit, right here! Dream’s dilemma is treated with gravity, and the various agendas and motivations of the petitioners are shown throughout, lending this feeling that we are glimpsing into this big, complex world of shifting priorities and viewpoints. One minor quibble I had was with the angels - their cursive font is hard to read sometimes, which annoys me. Still, largely, this is the content I love to see.
This is also the last we see of Nada, as Dream rescues her as retribution, and helps her to reincarnate on Earth. I don’t have much to say about this, but I am glad that the narrative doesn’t have her forgive him that easily, especially when his first apology is ridiculously half-assed.
And that’s it for this one. Tune in tomorrow for the halfway mark, and another personal favourite - a Game of You.
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thenightling · 2 years ago
LGBT+ Neil Gaiman characters
All right.  Let’s begin.  This is a long list so I’m bound to accidentally leave a few out.  Feel free to correct me if you think of one or two I may have forgotten to list.
Tumblr media
April Spink and Miriam Forcible from Coraline (couple.)  
Tumblr media
Angela (Lesbian). 
The character Neil Gaiman created for Spawn is Angela.  Angela is now owned by Marvel.  Angela is a lesbian in a loving relationship with a transwoman named Sera.
Tumblr media
Salim and The Jinn from American Gods (Couple).
This relationship got nominated for a GLAAD award.  
Tumblr media
Sam Black Crow in American Gods (Bisexual)
Tumblr media
Snow White (Lesbian) Snow White (Yes, the fairy tale character) is the lesbian protagonist of The Sleeper and the Spindle, which is a sort of crossover fanfiction of Snow White and Sleeping Beauty that Neil Gaiman wrote as a short story.
Tumblr media
Captain Shakespeare in the film adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Stardust (Gender nonconforming.)
His sexual preference is ambiguous but he loves feminine, soft, and pink things including womens clothing, hairdressing, and theatre. He also leads a band of cutthroat pirates who follow him loyally so there is that.    
Tumblr media
Loki (Loki)
There’s Loki in Neil’s book on Norse Mythology.   Loki also appears in American Gods and The Sandman.
Tumblr media
There’s also quite a few LGBT+ characters in Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, which include (but are not necessarily limited to):
Paul and Alexander Burgess (male couple).  
It should be noted that Alexander and Paul were clearly in an open relationship (Polyamorous?) in the 1960s (With Alexander Burgess likely being panasexual) and they are now exclusive to each other by the end of Sandman: The Wake.
Tumblr media
Judy (lesbian). 
Judy was, unfortunately, phyiscally violent with Donna and it cost her the relationship.  Judy died along with several other character at a diner when John Dee (Doctor Destiny) got a hold of Morpheus’ dream stone.
Tumblr media
Donna AKA Foxglove (lesbian). 
Donna is Judy’s ex-girlfriend but she ultimately found happiness with Hazel.  
Tumblr media
Hazel (lesbian).
 Hazel had a one night stand with a man that resulted in pregnancy. She did not really enjoy it and now she and Donna (Foxglove) raise the baby together after having overcome many relationship issues.  The baby was named after Wanda (the transwoman character).  Since the baby was a boy they named him with Wanda’s deadname to remember her (Personally I think Wanda should have just been his middle name. Wanda hated the name Alvin).     It should be noted that Donna and Hazel’s love story (which starts in Sandman: A Game of you) got a spin-off comic called Death: The Time of your Life and that comic won a GLAAD award for representation in the mid-90s.    
Tumblr media
Cluracan (Bisexual.  Possibly panasexual by modern standards.),
Tumblr media
Wanda (Transwoman). 
Tumblr media
Desire (Genderfluid and panasexual).    Desire is the living embodiment of desires, good and bad desires.  One moment they might want your death, the next they’re helping save the universe.  Desire can be male, female, both, or neither at will.   
Tumblr media
The Corinthian (gay), 
Tumblr media
John Constantine  (Bisexual.) Though not originally created by Neil Gaiman he was written by Neil Gaiman in a few stories.  Including his appearance in Sandman.
Tumblr media
Lucifer Morningstar. (Complicated.) Lucifer Morningstar (like all of Neil Gaiman’s angels) is depicted as having no true biological gender in both The Sandman comics and in Lucifer’s own solo comics.  Lucifer presents as male and uses male pronouns.  He self-identifies as male but many other angels don’t really consider themselves as male or female despite how they present themselves.   
Tumblr media
In the TV adaptation of Lucifer he is portrayed as having male and female lovers.  It should also be noted that in the comics Lucifer was physically modeled after biseuxal rock star, David Bowie.  
Tumblr media
Mazikeen (Female identifying.  Bisexual) Mazikeen is a female-identifying demon portrayed as bisexual in both the TV show Lucifer and in Lucifer’s spin-off comics.  In Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman she was Lucifer’s lover.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Eve (Bisexual)
Eve appeared in Neil Gaiman’s Sandman and in Lucifer as well as American Gods.   In the Lucifer TV series she is portrayed as bisexual.
Note: Eve can change her age and appearance at will.   Sometimes she’s young, sometimes she’s old.  Sometimes she’s middle aged.  And though she’s often appeared as white (such as in Sandman), she is black in the newer Sandman Universe comics, and in Good Omens.  
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Various angels.  (Diverse)
This one is a little complex.  Many of Neil Gaiman depictions of Angels do not actually identify as male or female though many of them present as male.  
Anatomically they are without gender unless they will it to be otherwise. Many of them have taken male and female Earthly lovers.   You can see Lucifer depicted without physical gender in Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman, and other angels depicted similarly in the Lucifer solo comics that spin-off from Sandman.  
Tumblr media
Pollution from Good Omens (Non-Binary)
Tumblr media
Aziraphale and Crowley in Good Omens (Couple. Demi panromantic celestial?)  
Neil Gaiman does not personally view Aziraphale and Crowley in Good Omens as gay because they only present as male but aren’t truly male or female by nature. He has also said he does not view a male and female presenting angel couple as straight either for the same reason.  He has said “I never said they are not queer.” just that he wouldn’t use the word gay for them.
Tumblr media
I know that’s not all of them but there you go.   A list of LGBT+ characters created by Neil Gaiman.
And before I get a stupid hate-DM about how Wanda is “transmisogynist” because you read a Mary Sue article by someone who doesn’t understand context, understand this.   There was no Trans representation when Wanda was created.   She can’t follow a stereotype.  The stereotype didn’t exist yet.   She had not medically transitioned and ask yourself if you find her problematic just because she isn’t the conventional idea of feminine in her bone structure and height (Something even cis women have to struggle with).   Yes, Wanda died but it was to show the cishet readers of 1992 that her soul was always that of a woman.  There are still people today (even some Trans people) who don’t think you really count unless you fully medically transition. Wanda was scared of surgery but that shouldn’t matter.  She was always a woman and that was the point Neil was trying to make.
Yes, Wanda’s family was transphobic.  They were supposed to be seen as transphobic.  Also Thessaly AKA Larissa and George are NOT supposed to be seen as good people.  They are supposed to be seen as Transphobic. Thessaly is a pretty horrible person in The Sandman comics. She’s selfish and kind of homicidal.  She represents the cold, self-absorbed immortal Morpheus used to be like.   And before you try to argue “Just because Transphobia is real doesn’t mean Neil has to depict it!” (and yes, I’ve been given that argument while defending Neil Gaiman) ... Before you argue that, I want you to know something.
A Transman friend of mine was deeply moved by Wanda’s story because he went through similar.  His parents still deadname him and misgender him on birthday and holiday cards and gifts.   They never disowned him but they want to pressure him to “realize” he’s a woman.  When he saw that Wanda went through similar, especially at her own funeral, he no longer felt so alone.   Wanda may well have saved his life.  So yes, I will defend that “problematic” character who died nobility and who was used in the early 90s to teach cishet readers that Transwoman (medically transitioned or not) are still women.  Also, Neil is NOT accountable for how the story was drawn.  He’s not the illustrator.  So stop using the artwork to claim he’s homophobic.  A comic book writer essentially writes a script and then it is up to the illustrator to draw it as best they can.   By the way, the illustrator of Sandman: A Game of You (Where Wanda came from) was Colleen Doran, who was nominated for a Gaytastic Spectrum award in 2001.     
Stop looking for reasons to hate one of the only men who has been trying to give the LGBT+ community representation since the 1980s.
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nitewrighter · a year ago
Brooo I love how Sugar Plum Mercy is a horny idiot. What other crap does she pull with Genji
Well, I have to give her more credit than “horny idiot”---being Fae, she’s more in the “Thot” category alongside such fellows as Cluracan from Sandman.
Genji: Don’t you have your own Genji?
Sugarplum: *hanging off of him* I do. But you’re trying to ignore me, which means I need your attention. It’s all in good fun. I mean just between the two of us--isn’t the Vanilla Me a killjoy?
Mercy: Vanilla?! Did you just seriously call me ‘Vanilla?!’
Sugarplum: *gestures up and down at her* Vanilla.
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the-wardens-torch · a year ago
Three Characters Similar to Mine
A meme that @lettersnorth​ tagged me with MONTHS ago, but I drew a total blank on it.  Fal is a character I made to explore some character traits I’ve never written about and/or am uncomfortable with, and I just …couldn’t think of anyone for some reason?  I feel like I’m missing some really obvious ones, but this is what I dredged up!
Tumblr media
Jean - from the JRPG, Lunar: Eternal Blue
VERY obscure character, but she’s the first one that came to mind, honestly.  I think of her when I think of how Fal manages his SMN abilities when he’d rather just sing, just like she manages being forcibly trained as an assassin when all she really wants to be is a dancer. She’s also got a friendly, upbeat personality and has spent a lot of time wandering with other bohemians. 
Tumblr media
Cluracan of Faerie -  from the Neil Gaiman comic series, The Sandman
…You know how gay men are sometimes described as “fey?“  Yeah, like that. One the one hand he’s witty, charming, free-spirited and a good storyteller. On the other, he’s a hedonist who shoots off his mouth, makes horrible decisions and prefers to run away from his problems rather than fix them. He also owes quite a lot to the charity of others, for better or worse.
Tumblr media
Tuca Toucan - from the Netflix Adult Swim show Tuca and Bertie
She’s passionate, fearless, sensual, and not afraid to be herself.  But she’s also impulsive, clingy and really bad at forming intimate relationships.  Her relationship with Bertie also strikes me as how Fal behaves with his shy friends.  He’ll always stand up for them and (loudly) cheer them on, even if it sometimes means embarrassing them or forcing them to face their fears.
...I’m a little ashamed that I couldn’t come up with any classic literature/film characters, eheh. Not sure who’s done this one already, but tagging @scatteredstoryteller​ and @ainarosewood​ if they haven’t done it already!
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sinnhelmingrmoved · a year ago
🎉 - from Death
the first kiss of the decade. ll accepting. ll @thereforall
There is no telling what was in her glass. 
A fine vintage is like that, when it’s smuggled out from Tir na Nog. She has tasted the rain of centuries, the ebb and flow of queens, the secrets that fattened the grapes that became her drink. Beyond that, Hel knows nothing, and the Cluracan’s high mood turns him into an inter-dimensional man of mystery.
He can keep his secrets, too, so long as her glass is never empty.
Ignorant to its present whereabouts, she sheds not a single tear. The night is so lively in this pretty Dublin tumbledown, air electric with languages within and beyond her ken. The table beneath her holds strong against her airy footing, the stomp of heel and twist of ankle. Her skirt kisses at appreciative onlookers, old gods and wights and ghosts alike keeping beat with whatever was available. This, too, is intoxicating, more than the wine could ever be.
At some point, her hair was loosed, ribbons traded for more of the fool Faerie’s wine. The dark locks twist down her back now, ticking at the base of her neck. It became her mantle as she danced, her face shielded from those who watched her, vision blanketed by the scented tresses. Through it all, though, something begins to come into focus, someone.
Dark she is, and beautiful, beyond compare. Hel sees her, and she smiles, coming to a stop with her chest heaving. Applause rose up with the death of music, and it doesn’t matter at all. Red-cheeked, she steps nearer to the edge of her stage, daintily dropping to sit on the edge. From here, she can be eye to eye with the Endless, without need to crane her swan’s neck for a better view of ebony eyes and soft smiles.
The clock chimes and, unthinking, Hel presses her mouth to Death’s, smearing her lips with dark lacquer.  As the abandoned farmhouse echoes with excitement, she grins down at her dearest friend, impish, breath sickly sweet with wine and poor decisions.
“Happy New Year, my Lady.” she croaks, and then, turning her head to be heard above the din – “Cluracan! A glass for my Lady! And where’s mine gone–”`
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pinkprogram · a year ago
sibling update list for the iruY.
1. The Program: Me
2. The Senmurv: Okami
3. The Demon Hunter: Big Sister Yuri
4. The Wanderer: Big Brother Ryoga
5. The Wyrm: Nidhogg
6. The Eternity: Feng Huang
7. The Mud: Sehkmet
8. The Velocity: Velocity
9. The Swim: Nymph
10. The Wolf: Lupus
11. The Ax: Axe
12. The Heal: Amy
13. The Gill: Gill
14. The Gravity: Elizabeth
15. The Deep: Orcus
16. The Guardian: Susano Orbatos Vajra Arat
17. The Gun: Gun
18. The War: War
19. The Green: Leshy
20. The Weaver: Arachnea
21. The Gold: Aurora
22. The Surge: Adrenalynne
23. The Fear: Malphis
24. The Twist: Kushinada
25. The Sight: Delphina
26. The Sprite: Lime
27. The Warrior: Hunter
28. The Evolution: Genesis
29. The Chrysalis: Chrysalis
30. The Phantasm: Daniel
31. The Calm: Serenity
32. The Ship: Sylphe
33. The Chaos: KaOs (Kei)
34. The Luck: Kirin
35. The Mentat: Deckard
36. The Bear: Ursus
37. The Chalice Chalice
38. The Siren: Moiera
39. The Paladin: Simon
40. The Dance: Cluracan
41: The Golemim: Golem
42. The Dragon: Dracos
43. The Gate: Portal
44. The Mechanic: Vulcan
45. The Mischief: Eris
46. The Rot: Crucifer Rust
47. The Aether: Reiha
48. The Climb: Spider
49. The Echo: Echo
50. The Hawk: Hawk
51. The Warp: Washu
52. The Trumpet: Jericho Gabriel
53. The Entropy: Bagheera
54. The Radiance: Sierra
55. The Archive: Lina
56. The Flood: Noah
57. The Smile: Selkie
58: The Sentinel: Gemini
59. The Archer: Artemis
60. The Handmaiden: Sateva
61. The Rook: Bastion
62. The Excavator: Prithvi
63.  The Crown: Keter
64. The Eden: Melusine
65. The Recall: Tengu
66. The Seeker: Petra
67. The Harbinger: Valkyrie
68. The Codex: Rosetta
69. The Paradox: Alice
70. The Storyteller: Shaharazad
71. The Atlas: Calypso
72. The Interloper: Enya
73. The Gremlin: Imp
74. The Tapestry: Verdandi
75. The Scribe: Callie
76. The Mercy: Morgaine
77. The Grace: Zephyr
78. The Sculptor: Tiamat
79. The Chimaera: Nyonye
80. The Godslayer: Modgud
81. The Inferno: Ifrit 
82. The Hive: Hera 
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kansascity-marshwiggle · 2 years ago
Clurichauns! That's the fairies I was trying to think of the other day!
Also spelled Cluracan, they're like Leprechauns except instead of making shoes they're lazy bums who hang around drinking.
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