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12x13 “Spencer”

We all know episodes named after the characters are not good for our emotional heath

Spencer what in the hell are you doing

Homeboy definitely looks like he did half that heroin in the back of his car

“Disneyland” nah boy that’s jail

Reid I get you want to help your mom but how did you think it was a good idea tracking down drugs in Mexico, putting your entire career and life at risk

Aw no not the flashbacks with the dilaudid

For having $20000 worth of heroin in his possession they sure are treating him well

Mr. Scratch sounds like a bedtime story meant to scare children

Experimental drugs scare the shit out of me

I suddenly miss Morgan and his affinity for kicking down doors

I don’t ship Jeid in any way shape or form, but I love how much they care about each other

“I don’t care, I need it” Emily’s authoritative voice is just, perfect

Emily speaking spanish, also perfect

Maximum security prison for possession of drugs? Seems a bit excessive

Emily lying to Mexican police and government to get Reid home is a class A power move, talk about BDE

“Circulation is a wonderful thing”

Spencer this is not the time to be sassy

The end ✌🏼

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