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chcrrybaby2 days ago
okay but those needy doms who are inside you before you can even wake up, whispering things like "I'm sorry baby you just looked so good I couldn't help myself" as they thrust inside you without even giving you a chance to adjust to being stretched out around them...? yeah, I like those.
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slasher-slxt2 days ago
I wish I had friends I could casually hook up with
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slvtty-babya day ago
make me wear something super small n slutty, and position me however you want. make me your cute dumb little doll, ready for you whenever you need. maybe stick a big vibrator in me, so i鈥檓 always ready for you~
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narcissisticdaddya day ago
Of course you鈥檙e dehydrated you stupid bitch. I told you already: drink my spit or keep suffering.
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pretty-little--puppy2 days ago
The fact no one has threatened to kidnap me and turn me into their mindless puppy breeder, living as their pet dog and getting fucked like a good breeding bitch, is honestly quite insulting
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playfully--sadistic2 days ago
Cnc but make it a little bit different.
Dominating someone by taking advantage of them while they're asleep - using handcuffs to restrain them against the bedframe and keep them from fighting back against you once they wake up. Oh so carefully either making them hard or inserting a double-ended strap into them, slowly and gently so they keep sleeping through the whole procedure.
Then, when everything's in place, let them slide into your hole and start riding them - claw at their chest, be violent with your movements, make sure they only now finally get ripped out of their sleep, feeling the weight of you on them and being shocked at waking up to being used, abused, like a cheap sex toy.
Push your hands over their mouth when they start to verbally protest, shush them, lean over them and tell them to shut the fuck up because good little dildos don't talk. At the same time, belittle and degrade them when their hips start moving without them being aware of it. "Oh, so you do like this? Then what was all that struggling about? Just an alibi, you whore?"
Tell them it's not rape when you allow them into your hole, it's a fucking gift.
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pervyncurvy2 days ago
heavy sleeper bf 馃馃徏 covets morning wood gf
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slasher-slxt22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Peek-a-boo 鉀撯潳锔忊嶐煍
Do NOT Reblog
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slvtty-baby10 hours ago
i wanna act all shy and innocent, then have you tease and fuck me until my brain is ruined and i can鈥檛 hide how much i want you anymore. maybe laugh at how needy i am, how easy it is to make me blush. tell me all the things you want to do to me and watch my face turn red and my legs rub together. 鉂わ笍
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comeformythroat2 days ago
Tumblr media
Wearing a short tight skirt with no panties so when I bend over my pussy is on display is a horny mood 馃挄
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pretty-little--puppy15 hours ago
Being drugged and kidnapped. Tied up and gagged at a glory hole with my pussy just available to anyone. Fucked and bred and filled over and over, a plug put in me every time so nothing escapes. Eventually getting sold to someone who liked me enough and forced to live as their breeding pet, living as a true dog and bred like the bitch I am by their stud.
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coyote-suba day ago
drug me and then touch me and hit me so much that i can't even think about resisting you!!
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playfully--sadistica day ago
You really made this a lot easier than I had expected. Not only were you so foolishly willing to chug down every single drink I bought you at the bar, you also seem to be such a depraved little whore that you accepted my invitation straight away... It does make me wonder, do you lack any kind of intuition or are you just too needy to care? Your body trembled at every slight touch of my fingertips, whenever I smiled at you your pupils dilated due to the subconsciously activated fight or flight instinct. Did it turn you on, getting afraid? Nervous? Anxious? Did it turn you on to know that something was off about me?
You act so suprised when we arrive at my place and I let the illusion fade away - revealing the horns, black eyes, sharp teeth and claws, a long tongue gliding over my lips and exposing my appetite. You've been such an easy target so far, though I'm fairly certain you'll start to fight back soon enough. I'm a human's worst nightmare after all, guessing from experience.
Your initial shock subsides suprisingly fast. No signs of panic, helplessness... Just confusion. I decide to use the moment to let your clothes get eaten, burned away by a shadowed smoke circling you for the fraction of a second.
The usual questions come up, at least all humans are predictable with that, however your words are slurred and your voice slow. "Are you going to kill me? What are you? What do you want?" I've never cared to answer, and I don't now, I'm not entertaining mortals during my time on earth... They're my entertainment.
I wonder if you don't fight back because of the alcohol in your system or because of the fear paralyzing you - it doesn't truly matter, I've got other thoughts on my mind as I grab you by your throat and lift you up, back against the wall, my body cornering you. The first kiss isn't gentle, I assume it's almost painful. My tongue not just invading your mouth but your throat as well - the same throat that is being cut open by my claws, not dangerously deep, but still enough to leave wounds. I wouldn't want you dying too soon, would I?
Manifestations of smoke wrap themselves around your body like chains, forcing your legs open and pulling you further up by your shoulders and arms. My hand releases your throat just in time to stop you from losing consciousness. Even though you're fully helpless, hanging in mid-air, high enough for my face to be perfectly in front of your cunt, my claws still dig into the skin of your waist and additionally hold you in place.
"Someone's excited, huh?" It's a distorted voice, nothing like the one you've heard from me at the bar. I look up at you after taking in the view in front of me. You're wet. Your hard clit is throbbing, your hole too. Humans never failed to suprise me after all. "Are you just a slut for anyone who presents themselves to you? That's pathetic."
It's an invitation. Your mumbled, incoherent words are meaningless - I trust in your body, and the way you hump foward when my tongue slides across your whole pussy, testing the waters. You thrust forward again, a needy whimper coming from your mouth, and I give in to that silent request. We both move in a rhythm together, my tongue sliding back and forth, lapping at the opening every now and then, teasing your swollen clit - and when I suddenly stop, you continue to move, thrusting against the warm, wet, bizarrely long surface, humping, picking up speed. Your shameless moans fill the air, and I watch your face, distorted in pleasure, as you make yourself cum on my tongue. The smoke grants you just enough freedom to move for you to lean forward a little, your hands trying to grab my hair, my shoulders, anything.
It's sweet, I must admit. I've never quite met a human like you, so eager. The lack of fear in your composure is certainly something I never knew I craved. It makes me want to test out how long that's going to last.
"If you're good for me, I won't have to restrain you. Can you be a good little human?" The smoke lowered your body, our faces now aligned, and I grant you a terrifying smile. You're too far gone to notice the throbbing cock right beneath you - too large to be that of a human, too thick for it as well. Large enough that it might lead to a bit of shed blood.
You nod so enthusiastically that I have no doubt in your honesty, and the smoke vanishes, you're left being held up by my hands around your waist, and you're now close enough that I hear that shy gasp as I press the tip of my cock against your hole. You look down and only now do you begin to struggle, fight back a little, only resulting in being pushed even closer against my larger body, and down a little, my tip being forcefully pushed into your tight, wet pussy. Do you realize that squirming and wiggling in my grip only makes it so much more amusing to me?
"Shh, I'll make it hurt a little bit more just for you. Don't enjoy yourself too much or your pain tastes shallow." My tongue slides across your neck, teasing your ear, following the line of your jaw, as I push you down entirely. Your scream is muffled by another rough, deep kiss. Claws dig into your hips this time, most of your upper body covered in your own blood by now, the insides of your thighs soon following.
The thrusts are harsh and fast, I breed you against the wall with your back hitting it every now and then, no scream escaping your lips but I can taste the agony off of them, sweet like honey. Bruises form beneath the grip of my hands, you gasp for air whenever I grant you a small break from our kiss, you whine against my tongue, moan, whimper, cry out, but I don't stop fucking into you. I'm not bound to human restrictions, and I take my time with you, feeling you clench around me, your whole body tensing up every so often.
By the time I cum into you - an amount that bulges out your stomach to a point where it looks like it might burst - your body is limp in my arms, and you don't have any energy left to scream, but you still cum one last time to the feeling of being filled up, of being properly bred like that. It gushes out of you instantly when I pull back, and I put you down in the puddle of my seed on the ground, right in front of my feet.
"Thank you, my pet. You won't mind me visiting you sometimes, do you?"
I vanish, not waiting for your answer. It's not your decision anyway. You've performed well enough to be considered a long-term investment... And that's definitely an accomplishment that you should treasure.
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tommysprettyworld2 days ago
i just want someone to turn me into a whining and begging mess.. like destroy my holes while im crying pretty and overwhelmed from how long we've been going, fuck me hard till im begging you to stop but you just tell me to shutup and stuff me with your cum<3
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