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wickeddominance · 2 days ago
The fact that I just started scrolling through your blog and I’m already wet and considering texting my ex is concerning. 😩🤭
It's not concerning at all my little slut. You know you're fucking place is on your knees and crawling toward me is what you should be doing right this instant. And he's your ex for a reason. It's time to move on to a real man. Now spread your little fucking cunt and prepare to be fucked until you can't close your legs anymore
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yourpersonalflavor · a day ago
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🌼when your comfort zone is challenged do it anyways, everybody else knows what your body needs to be doing. we don't need to have an opinion. we're your puppies ready to be played with.🌼
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abusement · 5 months ago
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♡ when you meet your tumblr mutual ♡
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gwhost · a month ago
“Be a good girl and cum.”
“Cum like a good girl.”
“That’s it, just like that baby.”
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crying-pup · 5 months ago
Imagine waking up face down on your bed, wrists tied to your headboard, and being absolutely pounded from behind. You struggle and cry but all you can do is lay there while this stranger uses you.
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