#cnc kink
gwhost · 2 days ago
phrases that degrade and praise at the same time <<<333
“my good little slut”
“my perfect whore”
“my pretty fleshlight”
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dadfuck3r · a day ago
when bfs bring their friends over so all of them can use you as a cumdumpster ♡
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gooodpuppy · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
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drippykiddy · 2 days ago
cant stop thinking about having big sister who will hold me down and rub our cunnies together and im too young to understand whats happening so im squirming and laughing because it tickles so much until my baby hole starts to get wet and feel tingly and i start moaning and crying bc it feels like im gonna pee
after she makes me cum with her cunny she starts using her fingers and mouth, then holds me down and makes me use my baby mouth to give little licks to her cunny and im too dummy to say no, and it feels good anyway.
after a while she starts opening up my girly parts with dildos and straps and is always fucking me, she sends me to school with adult undies, or no undies at all, and then she starts sending me to school with things up my little holes so i spend the whole day wet and needy.
jus want a big sissy who will train me to be the fuck hole i was born to be 🥺
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bby-girl-wishes · 2 days ago
Reblog if you have a:
Praise kink
Degrade kink
Maso¢hist kink
Cum kink
Br33ding kink
CNC kink
Pet kink
All of the above
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daddylovesyoubby · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Daddy needs this babygirl
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lilkkoneko · 2 days ago
I want someone to see how wet and needy my pussy is and then proceed to fuck my ass. Making sure I know my pleasure belongs to them and I don’t deserve any satisfaction. 🥵🥵
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academic-villain · a day ago
All i wish is to have an older boyfriend who's obsessed with me and touches me without my permission while praising me
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daddylovesyoubby · a day ago
Tumblr media
You will learn to be a good girl
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pwuppyclown · a month ago
Tumblr media
Me, when? 🥺
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