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We can combat climate change by turning CO2 into rock.

The Hellisheiði Geothermal Power Station in Iceland uses a process called CarbFix to capture CO2 in water. This mothod requires substantial water and the presence of reactive rocks. Scientists are trying to generalize the process with seawater for global adoption.

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L’épidémie de Covid-19 aurait entraîné une réduction de 100 millions de tonnes des émissions mondiales de CO2. The Covid-19 epidemic is believed to have reduced global CO2 emissions by 100 million tonnes.

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Gli oceani assorbono dall’atmosfera circa un terzo della CO2 in eccesso prodotta dalle attività umane. Così le nostre emissioni vengono in parte tamponate e i cambiamenti climatici un po attenuati, ma le molecole del gas serra interagendo con quelle di acqua aumentano l’acidità del mare (+ 30% dall’inizio dell’era industriale). Di conseguenza la quantità di ioni carbonato nell’acqua diminuisce e una moltitudine di organismi come molluschi e coralli sono in difficoltà a costruire e mantenere i loro gusci e scheletri fatti di carbonato di calcio. E’ un fenomeno che non vediamo ma che rischia di stravolgere per millenni le catene alimentari e gli ecosistemi marini.

Photo: ARPA Toscana on Visual Hunt

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I’ve got The Virus™ and am feeling like hell but fortunately so far not too damaged, and hoping I’m one of the luckier ones.

I was distracting myself today by working out that the “average human” loses (very, very roughly) 13 times their adult body weight in carbon over their lifetime by breathing out. (That’s around 40g a day if you’re curious.)

Then thinking more about this, as a trainee dryad my mind has just been blown by the realisation that spending time around trees and plants, of course we’re constantly exchanging molecules - so my banana seedlings and I are slowly becoming One.

I literally just breathed across the room at my bananas and said to them fondly “Hey guys, this is for you… sorry about the garlic” and honestly, I may be pretty ill but I’m also pretty content

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How do you kief…? This is the result of ONE run utilizing our XL Resinator after 15 minutes in a CO2 application. ❄️💪🏼🙌🏻🌱 #drysift #co2 #waterhash #co2extraction #icehash #bubblehash #kief #cannabis #cannabisculture #solventless #medicalmarijuana #marijuana #edibles #tincture #salve #hashoil #botanical #rosin #resin #kief #canabiscommunity #cannabisindustry #trimmingwithco2 #liveresin #theoriginalresinator

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Wegen den #Coronavirus konnten wir dieses Jahr erstmalig unsere #CO2 Ziele einhalten.

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We have forgotten that we belong to the Earth. We are one animal among many. We are  the smartest animals on Earth, but not the wisest. We have had little regard for the planet we live on. We have mistreated it, gutted it in our rapacious hunger for natural resources. We have desecrated it, using it as a bottomless pit for our waste. What drives this thoughtless abuse? Capitalism, especially when its excesses are not limited. Capitalism’s ledger does not count the cost of its stresses on the planet and people. It considers these as a free resource:

“capitalism’s economic subsystem depends on… activities external to it, which form one of its background conditions of possibility…governance functions performed by public powers… the availability of nature as a source of productive inputs” and a "sink” for production’s waste…the capitalist economy relies on, one might say, free-rides on activities of provisioning, caregiving, and interaction that produce and maintain social bonds, although it accords them no monetized value and treats them as if they were free"     —Nancy Fraser

Capitalism’s need for profit and growth without limit destroys everything in its path. It creates open wounds in the Earth as it extracts mineral wealth. Capitalism dumps waste without regard to the human and environmental cost. We are in the middle of multiple mass-extinctions yet we hardly notice. Insects no longer hit our windshields in summer. Bees and butterflies no longer flit about in our gardens. Our polar regions are melting. We have abused the Earth. Before we get to the point of our own mass-extinction, the COVID epidemic has shocked us back to reality that humanity and all living things share this planet together:

“the old Darwinian truth (the darkest of his truths, well known and persistently forgotten) that humanity is a kind of animal, inextricably connected with other animals: in origin and in descent, in sickness and in health.”
—David Quammen

We are of the Earth. We always were. COVID arose from the very life processes we share with all living things. In sickness and in health, the Earth remains our only source of life. Caring for the Earth and caring for each other are the same thing. Because of COVID, the Earth is finally getting relief from the relentless assaults we impose upon it. Areas once heavily polluted now have the best air quality in decades. This might actually be the first year that CO2 levels decline. The Earth is getting a rest it has not had since the beginning of the Industrial Age. One might consider this a Sabbath rest:

“But in the seventh year the land is to have a year of sabbath rest, a sabbath to the Lord”—Leviticus 25:4

During this time of forced rest, our social life and travels have ceased. Our buying has been reduced to essentials. Our focus is now the health and well-being of our families, especially those whom we cannot see because of distance or quarantine.

With our understanding of biology and science, we will eventually beat this pandemic. But we will not be the same. We will have a different understanding of what is important to our lives and what is not. It is my hope we will gain a new appreciation of the reality of the life we share together on this planet. May we reduce our desires to the simple things in life, things not manufactured, but each other. May we discover a new found reverence for all life that shares this planet. 

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There’s a movie 🎬🎥called “CO2″

The movie📽️is supposed to be about a toxic☢️gas😷killing☠️ people in a small town🏙️…Umm, do they know that it is supposed to be CO not CO2.

CO2 is Carbon Dioxide which is what humans👩‍👩‍👧‍👧exhale and plants🌴inhale.  CO is Carbon Monoxide which is the deadly ⚰️gas🛢️⛽

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