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earlseason · a month ago
hi. so summer’s in full swing now. pretty much every amusement park (around me, at least) has opened up, and people are going in droves. there’s just one thing i would like you to keep in mind if you’re planning to go to one-
don’t be a dick to priority riders.
yes, even if they take a while to board, even if they don’t look like they need a pass, even if they took your seat and you’d been waiting an hour to ride. you can wait a few extra minutes.
as an autistic coaster/park enthusiast, i need my boarding pass in order to have a fun time at the amusement parks i love so much. i physically cannot wait in lines longer than around 15 minutes (and a lot of people with passes can’t wait at all). i have to have everything strictly on schedule, and because of that waiting in lines (ESPECIALLY when i have no idea where i am in relation to the ride/event) causes me to have panic attacks because i don’t know how long it’s going to take to get on the ride, and i don’t know how that’s going to change the schedule, and i spiral until i start hyperventilating. like, the park paramedics have had to be called on me multiple times, which leads to the line not moving or even the ride being shut down for a significant amount of time. if you’re complaining about the amount of time you have to wait, know it’s WAY lower than it usually would be if i was in line.
even if me being a priority rider didn’t make things better for you and the park as a whole, physically disabled and neurodivergent people should be allowed to have fun, and have the accommodations needed to let them have fun. i love amusement parks so much, and i know many other priority riders do too. we shouldn’t be denied our right to go places freely just because it might mildly inconvenience you.
our boarding passes aren’t something we’re “lucky to have”, either. they’re an accommodation that puts us on a level playing field with the rest of you, and allows us to enjoy the park as it should be enjoyed. we have our boarding passes because we need them, not because we wanted them or because we thought they’d be cool to have. 
there’s no point in giving an angry glare to a priority rider just because they made you have to wait like 2 minutes more. there’s no point in yelling at a priority rider because they don’t look disabled enough for you. it’s understandable to be frustrated when someone takes the seat you were waiting for, but please let us live our lives and enjoy the park as it was meant to be enjoyed, and acknowledge that these passes are something we need in order to do so.
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smilescience · 2 years ago
Rollercoaster Enthusiast Question Tag
1: What are your top three coasters?
2: What's your home park?
3: Favourite non inverting element?
4: Favorite inversion?
5: Favorite coaster manufacturer?
6: Favourite type of coaster?
7: Do you prefer slightly slower coasters with lots of elements or faster coasters with less?
8: What's your favorite coaster colour scheme?
9: Top bucket list coaster?
10: Top bucket list theme park?
Reblog with your answers!
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Any day I can get on a roller coaster is a good day
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hollyisadolly · 3 years ago
When other parks get cool new roller coasters this year but you’re stuck with a pair of water slides, like I’m totally not crying at the new 2018 coasters.
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saiyanhajime · 7 years ago
Nerdy Coaster Profile
Different Roller Coasters Ridden to Date: 348
Different Parks Visited: 72
Favourite Steel Coaster: Maverick, Cedar Point, OH, USA
Favourite Wooden Coaster: Ravine Flyer II, Waldameer, PA, USA
Favourite Park(s): Hersheypark, Pensylvania, USA and Phantasialand, Bruhl, Germany
Homepark: Chessington World of Adventures, Surrey, UK
Next New Park Planned: Heide Park, Soltau, Germany
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abbacchiosbelt · a year ago
Could I possibly request some Poly Bruabba with a gender neutral reader whose excited to take them to the amusement park?? Scenario or headcanons are fine.
oh, i am an amusement park enthusiast!! i love roller coasters but i also just love amusement parks in general. my home (and favorite park) is kings island. thank you for your request~🎢
It doesn’t take much for you to convince Bruno to come to an amusement park with you. Whether it be a park dedicated more to thrills or focused on the experience as a whole, he’s always willing and happy to go with you. Abbacchio, on the other hand, takes a little more convincing. He doesn’t do well with crowds and he’s unenthused about the idea as a whole — crowds, loud noises, and too much sunlight isn’t really his thing. But with some sweet words from you and Bruno, he can be convinced to go. (Especially if you mention that some places do serve alcohol.)
It turns out that Abbacchio is more of a roller coaster enthusiast than Bruno is, who ends up as not the biggest fan. So you’ve got a thrill ride partner in Abbacchio, who will tackle even the tallest and fastest rides with you whilst Bruno happily holds anything that can’t be taken and waits excitedly to see the ride photo of you and Abbacchio. Bruno does like the slower rides... just not anything too intense. 
If you’re going somewhere that has a lot to do, like one of the Disney parks, Bruno is a master at planning out your day to get the best experience. He likes the satisfaction of following the schedule he’s made for the three of you. 
Speaking of planning, Bruno also finds out the best places to eat and makes sure the three of you get to enjoy them. Whether it be a reservation at one of the fancier dining areas or a stop by somewhere to get a coveted treat, Bruno has it all written down. Also, please share an elephant ear with him — he wants to kiss the powdered sugar off of your lips. 
If you are going to a park focused on the experience rather than one that boasts a bunch of exciting rides, Abbacchio might look grumpy on the outside but he’s rather pleased to do something so domestic with you and Bruno. He’ll wrap his arms around both of you for pictures taken at the front of the park (or wherever they happen to be stationed) and may even be convinced to wear a pair of mouse ears at a certain park. Maybe. Bruno, of course, will happily wear a matching pair of ears with you.
Bruno and Abbacchio like sneaking merch into their purchases for the day that they see you eyeing, but not asking for. Bruno does the same for Abbacchio, and Abbacchio for Bruno. Knowing your boys, you do the same and end up with many knickknacks at the end of your day! 
If there happens to be a water park connected nearby, both of them are fans of floating in the lazy river with you. Sure, perhaps they want to see you in your cute bathing suit... but it’s also just relaxing. The 21+ pool that serves alcohol and offers lounge chairs is a hit for the three of you as well, especially Abbacchio who looks like a model under his little beach umbrella, drink in hand.
Bruno is very good about sneaking candids of you and Abbacchio, who usually catches Bruno. He likes to see the both of you smiling and enjoying the day at the park, and ends up taking many selfies with the both of you. Bruno likes having memories of the day, especially when it’s something he often doesn’t get to do. 
At the end of the day, whilst Bruno might be a little stressed out and Abbacchio might be a little grumpy and you’re just tired — your boys will be very happy once the three of you get home. There’s nothing they love more than spending time with you, and a day at the amusement park is something extra fun for all three of you. Bruno immediately hangs up your ride photos on the fridge and Abbacchio happily drinks a cup of coffee out of one of his new themed mugs.
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vivilove-jonsa · a year ago
"Are you scared?"
Thank you @amymel86 for the prompt!  My little trip to the local amusement park inspired this meet cute along with a picture I saw on here once of a girl pointing to the sign ‘Single Riders Will Be Paired’ with an adorable grin.
FYI-I still hope to get to as many of these dialogue prompts as I can and am still accepting new ones since I never know what will spark writing joy :)
Single Riders Will Be Paired
Sansa groans as she notices the sign.  The Ice Dragon 325 is the hottest new coaster at Wolfswood Amusement Park and the queue is long.  So, of course the boys want to ride it again…for the fifth time today as the sun is going down.
“One more time!” they’d begged with the most undeniable puppy dog eyes.  
But Big Bro Robb had been forced to make a break for the closest trash bin after the park’s dubious fish tacos and ride number four so Big Sis Sansa is now obligated to ride with them.
Granted, Bran and Rickon take exception to this, saying at fifteen and eleven they are perfectly mature enough to ride the coaster without a ‘legal guardian’ present.  
“Tell that to the people on Zombie Blasters Apocalypse.”
“We were just really into it!”
“Shouting ‘It’s real! They’re coming for us all!’ and inciting a panic isn’t just being ‘into it,’ Bran.  And neither is hiding behind the host stall in the hopes of sneaking back on after you’ve been banned for the season, Rickon.  Just hope Robb and I don’t tell Mom and Dad.”
The pair of them had given her the stink eye and the silent treatment all through the queue after that.
But now, they’re nearly to the front and Sansa’s staring at the steel monstrosity and feeling decidedly queasy.  If only Arya had come today instead.  She’s not fond of roller coasters, especially not ones like this.  Two minutes and twenty-six seconds of sheer terror await. A 200 foot drop at the start with unnatural G forces in the inversions and speeds up to 80 mph, it doesn’t sound like anything the human frame was meant to endure in her opinion.  
“Gods above,” she murmurs before turning to the boys.  “So, this is my first time.  Who wants to ride with me?”
They both continue to give her the stink eye.  Boys.
And here’s the other thing that doesn’t make her a coaster enthusiast.  She hates the over the shoulder harness system with these kind.  There’s just something so oppressive about feeling pinned to her seat.  Not that she’d want to go flying off mid-ride but being trapped, held down is something akin to a phobia for her.
When the gates open for them to board, her heart starts fluttering madly and every instinct is telling her to run. The boys are perfectly big enough to ride alone and it’d be hard for them to get up to much mischief on a ride like this.  
However, like they’re on autopilot, her feet follow the path to her seat with the boys right in front of her.  
It’s two minutes, Sansa. You can do this.  
Two minutes and twenty-six seconds…Sweet Maiden.
She’s trying to buckle her restraint despite her shaking hands when the attendant calls out:  “Single Rider, here!  We got room for a Singer Rider!”
Great.  She doesn’t want some stranger squeezed in beside her as she battles a hopefully mild and outwardly concealed panic attack.  But she hears a voice call out and suddenly there’s a body climbing in next to her. 
She catches a faint whiff on cologne or aftershave (a pleasing scent and nice contrast to the multitude of  people here who seem to have forgotten to apply deodorant this morning…including Rickon) and then she sees a mop of dark curls, a head turned away from her as her fellow passenger reaches to secure his end of the belt.  
When he turns so they can join the two halves, she’s met with dark grey eyes and ridiculously kissable lips.
“Hey,” he says in a quick breathy way.  Gods, he’s gorgeous.  
She opens her mouth to reply but the overhead harness is coming down, blocking conversation for their few remaining seconds before blast off.
They’re off before her seatmate looks her way again and Sansa’s heart is pounding once more from her upcoming terror.  
Or maybe not.  
The view’s quite lovely really as they climb the lift hill.  She doesn’t care for the rattling sound of the chain pull but she can block that out and look around.  She can see for miles.  There’s mountains in the distance and she can picture herself as a bird, free to fly and not held back by anything at all.  
“Why have we stopped?” She tries looking behind her but her view’s restricted by the coaster cars and her harness.  “Bran? Why have we stopped?!”
“I don’t know.  It’s a new ride.  Maybe it’s just a safety check.”
How can he be so calm? How can anyone be calm?  Why is she the only one who’s on the verge of having a total freak out here on the coaster after coming to a stop for all of fifteen seconds?!
“Are you scared?”  
No, I’m peachy, she’d like to say.  She whimpers instead.  
“Sorry.  Stupid question.  I’m Jon.  Are you okay?”
She hates to admit she’s not but she is not!  “I’m…I’m Sansa and I’m not okay.”
“Okay, Sansa.  Is that your brother ahead of us?”
“Yes, both of them.”
“Did they talk you into riding this?”
“Sort of.”
“We did not!” Rickon shouts. “She just doesn’t trust us to behave!”
She hears what sounds like a chuckle from Jon before he’s talking just to her again.  “Would you rather me talk to you or shut up?”
“Talk to me.  Please, talk to me.”
So, he does.  He talks about innocuous things, gently testing out topics that help her relax.  It helps more than she’d expect.  They’re both students at Winterfell as it turns out.  
A scratchy voice comes through an intercom and reports the delay is temporary and should be resolved in less than thirty minutes.
“Thirty minutes?!” she screeches, all of Jon’s calming progress completely forgotten.  She’s suffocating.  The restraints are cutting her in two.  She can’t breathe.  She’s trapped and there’s no escape.  She’s going to die here.
“Hey, we’re okay, I promise. We’re going to be okay.  We’re stopped and there’s steps here along the track if they can’t safely get the ride moving for us to use.  May I hold your hand, Sansa?”
She nods as best as she can, not trusting her voice right now.  His hand is warm and a little sweaty just like hers.  She doesn’t care.  She holds it like its her lifeline.  
“I hope it’s not thirty minutes,” Jon tells her next.  “I was in such a rush to ride one more time.  I should’ve hit the head first.”
“No shit,” she snickers, suddenly feeling marginally better with his admittance.
“Well, I just need to pee but yeah.”
She laughs harder but that reminds her of the restraints again.  “I don’t like feeling held down,” she whispers, not sure if he’ll hear her.
“It can be a very unpleasant feeling,” he says softly, his thumb lightly caressing the back of her hand in a regular pattern.  “Let’s take a few deep breaths together and think of something else.”  They take several breaths.  It helps.  “I feel like humming.  Would you want to hum with me?”
It’s ridiculous but it works to relax her even further.  
“I want off this thing!” Rickon shouts suddenly, his own voice edged with more than a little panic.
She’s the big sister and she’s here with them.  “We’re okay, Rickon,” she says, looking to Jon and finding confidence in his smile. “They’ll either get us moving or get us off as soon as they can.”
“Robb’s going to be worried,” Bran says next.
“He knew we were riding and I’m sure they’re keeping guest informed of what’s happening.  All he has to do is look up, right?”
She’s feeling better than she’d expect between holding Jon’s hand and having the boys to take care of.
“Robb?” Jon murmurs beside her.
She glances his way and the question is pretty clear.  “My older brother.  Too many rides combined with fish tacos.”  She makes a gagging face and Jon starts laughing.
“Oh, gods…that’d be nasty. Good thing I got you and not him next to me.”
She tightens her grip on his hand and they’re grinning just as the chain pull rattles back to life and they continue their journey.  
When it’s over, she’s sure her hair’s a mess and she knows Robb’s waiting to take them home.  But she hates to say goodbye to Jon and think she’ll never see him again.  Maybe they’ll run into each other on campus.  She wonders what he’d say if she offered him her number.  She doesn’t have to wonder very long.
He’s got his hands stuffed in his jeans pocket and biting at those kissable lips of his.  “So, Sansa…if you’d care to get stuck on a roller coaster again sometime…or maybe go grab something to eat instead…”  He’s blushing and it’s really adorable.  
“I guess I’d need your number in case I’m heading on any more coasters…or maybe if I decided to grab a bite to eat later since I was wise enough to avoid the theme-park fish tacos.”
He gives her his number and then starts walking away backwards through the large crowd exiting the ride as long as he can just to watch her.  She can’t stop smiling as he does.  
Once he’s out of sight, she puts her arms around her brothers who apologize for her horrible first experience on the Ice Dragon.
“Oh, it could’ve been worse,” she says before clicking a picture of that notice sign and sending Jon a text: Single riders will be paired and this single rider feels like pizza tonight if you’re interested.  
His reply that he would love that comes through within seconds.  
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thecoasterbro · 9 years ago
This has nothing to do with roller coasters at all, but since you guys follow me I would like to post stuff from time to time so you internet strangers can get to know me a bit.
I have a passion for roller coasters and amusement parks. I also have an equal passion for throwing a ball between my legs (it's called long snapping). This past weekend I went to a combine to showcase my skills for long snapping as I am trying to continue to play hopefully pro football. Just thought some of you may be interested in seeing it. It's not every day you meet a coaster enthusiasts who can chuck things between his legs!
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