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scifiphan · 3 years ago
Confessions Beneath Motel Bedsheets
summary: In a small town in Maryland, a young girl has been murdered. Special agents Howell and Lester, partners for seven years, are called out to the case due to suspicions that it was paranormal. With a mystery to solve in the sleepy town of Millers Grove, the agents find themselves spending the night in the town’s only dodgy hotel, and beneath cheap motel bedsheets Howell and Lester work out that maybe their partnership is more than it seems.
rating: explicit
chapters: 6/6
word count: 10k
tags: bed sharing, friends to lovers (well, coworkers to lovers), slow burn, mutual pining, eventual smut
warnings: paranormal themes, mentions of blood, mentions of murder, alcohol
author’s notes: as some of you may know one of my things i love a lot in life besides dan and phil is the x files! so getting the chance to write a fic based on an txf au artwork was an opportunity i couldn’t resist. i wanted to include one of my favourite x files fanfic tropes (bed sharing), as well as attempt a monster of a week storyline. (you don’t need any prior knowledge of txf to read this)
written for @phandomreversebang / art this fic is based on by @jumigs  thank you to @phanandpenguins for beta’ing this!
read on ao3
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eponymous-rose · 2 years ago
Every now and then I think with great glee of the time eight years ago when I was stuck sharing a very small hotel room with three guys (we’d all been flown out on a shoestring budget for work), and two of them were these really cocky dudes who considered themselves Quintessential Ladies’ Men. They’d heard there was going to be a party hosted at the hotel that evening, and they decided that they were going to (a) crash it and (b) inevitably get laid, like, a lot. The other (infinitely less ridiculous) dude in the room and I politely declined their offer to join in this scheme in favor of (a) reading our books and (b) going for a swim.
These two primped in front of the mirror for over an hour, blaring the very best of 2011 party music and singing along, occasionally breaking into stories of all the extremely cool parties they’d been to and all the extremely hot ladies they’d slept with. They headed out, and the other dude and I went to go hang out at the pool, expecting not to see them until the next day.
They did come back that night, but late, and it took a little prodding to get the full story. Apparently they’d had no trouble crashing the party by pretending to flash invitations, and had walked into the banquet room full of anticipation...
...only to find that the party in question was a meeting of enthusiasts of an artificial waterway, and pretty much everyone in attendance was a man over the age of 60. They wound up spending much of the evening listening to an older guy tell stories about his grandchildren.
Every time I see some cocky dude bragging about his sexual conquests, I just picture these handsome, thwarted Lotharios, with their perfectly coiffed hair, deliberately rumpled shirts, and tasteful cologne... spending several hours in a well-lit room learning all about little Frederick’s toilet training adventures amid the dulcet tones of Barry Manilow.
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annavolovodov · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
humans meme: [1/6] episodes ➳ season one episode six
what’s it like, being you?      
                         frightening. confusing. like my feelings are too big.                                                                           what’s it like being a teenage girl?
the same.
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onlyhams · a year ago
Tumblr media
@east-coaster tagged me to do a stop n drop selfié so here’s me catching myself lookin cute after using the toilet xoxo
so I hereby tag @chaotically-dan @astrobro @the-cobalt-coast @psionic-scion @pengkingting @two-large-fries
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engiqueers · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
@east-coaster tagged me to stop drop and post a selfie, so heres me avoiding todays responsibilities
ill tag @the-cobalt-coast @mistermagius @colloidking @pulse-and-conjure @quinntessent @chaoticallydanny @bottomdoinghisbest to post a selfie if they want :)
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lilac-vode · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Print shop is up!
Hello all!! I have! an INPRNT shop now! I’ve put a few of my favorite recent pieces in there, but let me know if there’s a specific one you’d like to see that isn’t up yet! :)
Also, if anyone orders any of these, I’d LOVE to see photos once they arrive! The thought of my art existing physically in someone else’s house is so wild and fun to me!!
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all-into-nothing · a year ago
Tumblr media
@east-coaster tagged me to get a new selfie posted so here ya go 👏🏼
Ill throw in there @running-in-circles-tonight @unwashedtshirt @masc-n-cheesy @the-cobalt-coast if you feel like it!
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Good luck with this blog!!! So far so good can i request bakugou and karma taking there fem s/o out on a date~~~
Of course! I guess it’ll be headcanons if you don’t mind. 
~ Mei
Bakugou Katsuki
Tumblr media
He would totally take them to a festival or theme park for their date.
He isn’t one for much talking and would rather be in an action packed area besides, actions speak louder than words
He’d be watching how his s/o does at different parts of the date to figure out how he’d plan the rest of it
Bakugou would surprise you though in how much he supports you when you try and win that rigged game.
Even if you lose, he’d definitely be right there trying to win you that prize you wanted to get.
There’s no doubt he’d win it for you, he is the “number one” hero after all.
Of course, when choosing the next ride to go on, he’d let you choose, if you wanted to go into that really pink and love ride type coasters, he’d tag along even if Kirishima was there to watch his manly best friend go into a very frilly and dainty looking ride…
He would be the manliest man on that ride and suck up his enormous pride and go with you
Karma Akabane
Tumblr media
Movie dates are a must
He’d totally be that guy who does that arm move where they pretend to yawn just to put their arm around you..
Not that you don’t like it, Karma’s just that cheesy guy
He’s actually a vampire but don’t tell anyone, he just really likes how it’s dark and you get to see a movie
He’d let you pick the movie some times and then he’d totally diss it with you afterwards.
He’s the type to go to a movie and then discuss it afterwards with whomever he went with.
He does not like to go alone when it can be avoided.
He’d be the one to look up a movie’s ratings and reviews before hand just to see if it’s worth it.
Sometimes he’ll just pick a bad one for the laughs.
Overall it’s a nice time for the both of you and it always ends in a smile whether it’s from the movie or the roast you guys have afterwards.  
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pilotpig-blog1 · 3 years ago
Slowly Turning | BNHA
Merry Christmas, @celestial-descendant !! This is for the @boku-no-secret-santa event in 2017! Wishing you a wonderful holiday full of joy, and I hope you like the present~! 
Think of it as a field trip.
Even though it had nothing to do with becoming a hero. Even though they only had two months until graduation and should have been studying for finals. Even though Kyoka was scheming to leave her and Todoroki alone five minutes into this thing.
Momo sighed inwardly. She was overthinking it, most likely. Besides, after three years of being classmates, she was fairly certain Todoroki would never notice her rather embarrassing attraction to him, and she intended to keep it that way. As she’d often rationalized to herself, such things were unprofessional, and she didn’t want anything as insignificant as a schoolgirl crush to get in the way of their friendship or their future professional work.
“Okay, I just got a last-minute RSVP from Shoji…” Kyoka checked him off her list with a purple glitter pen. “And...that’s everyone! The whole class is coming!” She grinned at Momo.
“Congratulations,” Momo said, trying to put a little enthusiasm into her voice despite the fact that they were already on the bus to Magic Mayhem. It smelled of air freshener, and the bus was cool despite the warming weather, but Momo felt hot anyway, sweat beading on the back of her neck.  
“Aw, cheer up, Yaomomo!” Kyoka elbowed her playfully before putting her notebook into her drawstring backpack. “I know you’re nervous about hanging out with Todoroki, but you guys have been friends for a while, now.”
“I suppose you’re right,” Momo sighed, fiddling with the neatly folded hem of her short shorts. “But do you really have to leave us together…?”
“Trust me.” Kyoka had a strange twinkle in her eye and a smirk on her face. Somehow, her expression compromised the comforting content of her words. “You’ll thank me later.”
Momo nodded, pursing her lips. She supposed Todoroki would probably need a friend, as Midoriya and Iida would doubtless run off with Uraraka somewhere, and she’d noticed that Todoroki had trouble keeping pace with the fun when others got over-enthusiastic...
Once they arrived at the park fifteen minutes later, Kyoka waved at the rest of the class. Apparently, she and Momo were the last ones to arrive, with everyone else already waiting in line for their tickets. Momo barely had time to take in any of the colorful rides jutting into the sky before Kaminari pulled the two girls in front of him, ignoring the rest of the line behind him.
“Kaminari-san, the line—” Momo protested.
“Chill, Yaomomo!” he laughed and slapped her on the shoulder. “We’re such a big group; no one will notice!”
Momo shifted her feet in discomfort and adjusted the strap of her over-the-shoulder satchel, her stomach fluttering. That didn’t seem right…Then again, she had to admit to herself that perhaps some of her reluctance was out of nervousness about spending time alone with Todoroki outside of their studies.
It’s fine, she repeated to herself a few times. Still, the fluttering in her stomach didn’t dissipate.
After a thankfully short wait, they were inside the park. Sure enough, Midoriya, Uraraka, and Iida quickly went off for the water rides, and Bakugo took his group of friends towards the roller coasters, Kyoka tagging along with Kaminari. The others went off with their own to play games and go in the Haunted House. Momo stared after them, feeling a little lost.
“They went off quickly, didn’t they?”
Momo jumped a little. “Ah, yes…” She turned to face Todoroki, who, by the slight sideways tilt of his head, looked a little lost himself. Nevertheless, the t-shirt and shorts suited him, and the sunlight flattered his hair.  
They stood in awkward silence for a bit before he finally spoke. “Do you mind if I tag along with you a bit? I’ve never been to an amusement park before.”
“O-oh, of course!” she stammered, hoping her staring hadn’t been too obvious. “W-would you like to play some games or something?”
He shrugged, following her towards the vibrantly colored game booths as lively music blared from nearby speakers. Momo cringed inwardly as they walked. What was wrong with her? She was never this awkward with him during school, especially not when they were working. In theory, it should have been more relaxed when they were engaging in a leisure activity, not less…
She glanced over her shoulder, but Todoroki was simply looking around, presumably taking in the colorful rides and booths, a neutral expression on his face.
Momo clenched her fist. She was determined to make this normal, even fun. Especially if this was his first time, she wanted to make sure it was special.
“Here, Todoroki-san!” She waved him over to a ring-tossing game. “We throw the rings onto the wooden pegs, and depending how many we can get, we’ll receive a prize.”
He glanced around the booth, observing the variety of stuffed animals hanging on the back walls, the short wooden pegs. “Alright.”
She gave the man behind the counter some money, and they took turns throwing rings, Momo first. She landed all three of hers. Resisting an urge to exclaim in victory, she gave the remaining three to Todoroki with a smile.
“Go ahead!”
He nodded and threw the first one, which landed between two pegs. The second and third both bounced off the pegs.
“It’s harder than I thought,” he commented matter-of-factly. “You made it look easy.”
“A-ah!” Momo tried to ignore the way her heart fluttered at such a stupid compliment. It wasn’t even a compliment, really. “Th-thank you.”
The man behind the counter handed her a stuffed bear. It was low-quality, and Momo could tell the fur would likely fall out within in a few weeks, but it was still cute with its lopsided eyes and crooked nose.
She handed it to Todoroki. “Here.”
He glanced at it before raising an eyebrow at her. “You don’t want it?”
“Well, it’s a custom that when friends play games together, the winner of a prize gives it to their friend.” Momo held it out closer to him.
“Oh. Thanks.” He took it awkwardly, as though he wasn’t sure what to do with it, but Momo cherished the slight smile on his face.
They played a few more games, but while Momo was quite good at them, it turned out that Todoroki didn’t quite have the same knack. By the time they’d finished with all the interesting game booths, he was carrying an armload of stuffed animals.
“You’re good at the games,” he commented as they walked away.
“I, um, used to go to amusement parks a lot with my parents.” She swiped some stray hair behind her ear, hoping to distract him from her blush at another compliment. “So I’ve played all the games before.”
“Still,” he insisted. “Precision was never my specialty, but I’m pretty sure some of those games were rigged. It’s amazing that you can win them.”
Momo laughed. Her father often said the same thing about carnival games. “Perhaps.”
They went to the locker area next, where Momo created a large canvas bag to stash all the animals while they went on some rides. It was almost lunchtime, and the typical wait for a ride was thirty minutes to an hour, so Momo calculated that they would probably have time for one ride before lunch.
“So, which ride would you like to try?” Momo asked, showing him the map. “I estimate we have time for only one before we should get some lunch.”
He leaned closer to her to look at the map. Despite the warming weather, he still smelled fresh. Perhaps it was his Quirk regulating his body temperature. Momo resisted the urge to lean away from, hoping that she still smelled of the light perfume she’d put on that morning.  
“I don’t know,” he said finally, still staring at the map. “Which is your favorite?”
“…” She looked intently at the map, now, having been too focused on their close proximity to truly examine it. “Probably the Texas Smash.”
It was one of many All Might-themed rides— a roller coaster. It was relatively tame, without upside-down loops, but it had a mountainous path and a spiral shaped descent towards the end of the ride.
Todoroki nodded. “I want to try that one, then.”
She smiled. “Alright.”
They sat next to each other in one of the middle cars, the bar lowered to their laps. A butterfly fluttered in Momo’s stomach, excitement rising in her throat at being on a roller coaster. Really, it had been too long since she’d come to an amusement park...With a sudden jolt, the line of cars began to move, soon ascending the first slope.
Todoroki still had a straight face, but his hands were clenched tightly around the bar. He glanced over the side, where he could see the whole park. The people below were miniaturized, the blaring music from below fading to silence with the altitude.
“This goes pretty high.”
“Going up is the scariest part,” Momo assured him, a balloon of anticipation expanding in her chest and stealing her breath. She’d always preferred not to hang onto the bar for an added thrill, but she’d never been the type to throw her hands in the air, either. Her legs fidgeted on their own, impatient for the drop.
Finally, they reached the top, hanging there for a long second before plunging down towards the earth. Momo screamed in delight, not worried about anyone hearing her when she couldn’t even hear herself over the screaming of the people in front and behind her. The balloon in her chest burst, her body swelling with helium as the cars rushed towards the earth.
It was a fast ride after that, zooming up and down a few more mountains before swirling into the spiral with dizzying speed. The centrifugal force pushed her unexpectedly into Todoroki, who stiffened at the skin of her arm rubbing against his. Embarrassed, Momo used the bar to pry herself away from him.
A few seconds later, the ride was over. She climbed out, a smile glued to her face. Although she’d been a little embarrassed, it was hard to overcome the childish joy she felt after riding a roller coaster.
Todoroki climbed out after her, looking a little weak in the knees.
“Did you like it?” she asked, bouncing slightly on the balls of her feet. The adrenaline made it impossible to stay still.
“It was...interesting…” he replied weakly, giving the cars another glance. His gaze quickly flitted to her bare arm before moving back to her face, which flushed at the attention.
“I’m sorry about sliding into you,” she said. Probably, that was why he’d looked at her arm.
“Oh, no, don’t worry about that.” He glanced at the cars again. “I was just surprised at how strong the centrifugal force was. I’ve never been flung in circles like that before.”
“Ah. It is a strange sensation,” she agreed. With a lull in the conversation, she glanced at her watch, which read 1:30— high time to get lunch. “Would you like to eat lunch, now?”
There were many restaurants to choose from, it turned out, but they settled on one that served hamburgers.
Momo settled down in her chair while Todoroki picked up the food. Normally, eating with boys made her self-conscious, since she tended to eat as much or more than they did, but she knew Todoroki wasn’t judging her for it. Still, this was slightly different than eating in the cafeteria or the local cafe— it was just the two of them, without school books to study or deadlines to stress over…
Todoroki placed the tray down, which held two burgers and two drinks with straws, along with Momo’s side of fries. She’d also gotten a double patty.
They ate in silence, Todoroki sometimes looking out the window to his left. The afternoon sun played nicely on his hair, creating highlights in the red. She could really only see the texture of his scar in bright lighting like this, the skin slightly rough and crinkled. Some might have said that it wasn’t the most attractive feature to have, but Momo felt it added to his handsomeness. It gave him a more approachable look.
Momo cleared her throat, mostly to get herself to stop staring. “So, after lunch, would you like to get some dessert? They have a wide variety of candy here.”
He nodded. “Sure.”
After some cotton candy and Pop Rocks, as well as a few more rides, the sky was beginning to darken. They’d only run into their classmates a few times during all that time, though that wasn’t very surprising given the size of the park. Still, they’d managed to play a round of bumper cars with Tsuyu and Hagakure— who were surprisingly aggressive, play arcade games with Kyoka and Kaminari— who had massacred them, and go into the House of Mirrors with Aoyama— which had perhaps been a mistake. Nevertheless, spending time with their classmates had been fun.
Now, however, they were alone again, with time for one more ride before the park closed. They might not have had time if it weren’t for the thinning crowds, but with the smaller number of people now milling around, Momo predicted that the wait wouldn’t be too long.
She was nervous about asking, but she suddenly felt it in her gut— she would be frustrated with herself later if she didn’t take the opportunity.
He was standing with his hands in his pockets, looking nonchalantly at the map she was holding in her hands. She bit her lip, pushing the words out despite the blush that rose to her cheeks. “Todoroki-san, would you like to ride the Ferris Wheel?”
When they arrived at the line, it was so short they were allowed on immediately, with a small basket all to themselves. They ascended slowly, a warm breeze gaining strength the higher up they went. Todoroki was once again watching their surroundings, but Momo watched in fascination as the two colors of his hair swirled against each other with the wind. The multicolored lights of the different rides and flashy signs were brighter in the evening sky, shining off their skin with an ethereal glow. As they gained more and more height, climbing slowly into the air, the upbeat music of below faded, leaving them in peaceful silence. Momo felt her body relax, a sense of tranquility soothing her.
“Why do you like this ride?” Todoroki asked, suddenly looking at her.
Her heart jumped into her throat, her hands clasping together nervously. The serenity wasn’t quite gone, but the flutter of her heart added an undercurrent of tension, excitement. “O-oh, you don’t like it?”
“No, it’s fine. It’s just...not really like the other rides.” He looked at the spokes of the wheel, rotating slowly, majestically. “This one’s slow. What’s the point of it?”
Momo hesitated, glancing to her side. They were probably about a third of the way through the ride, but it was such a huge circle they were already quite high. “ you quite a splendid view, doesn’t it?”
Todoroki was quiet for a moment.
Momo looked back at him questioningly, wondering why he didn’t reply. A blush crept up her neck when she realized he was staring right at her.
His eyes seemed locked on hers, shining in the fading light. His voice was soft. “Yeah...I guess it does.”
“Um…” Momo looked down at her feet, her words sticking in her throat. Her heart was pounding so loud, she was sure he could hear it. It was probably nothing, she told herself, probably not what it sounded like. “W-well, I hope you enjoyed your time here.”
“I did,” he said, finally looking away from her. “Thanks.”
“My pleasure.” They still had a third of the ride to go, but they sat in silence for the rest of it, not even talking until they were near the exit of the park. But somehow, it wasn’t so awkward anymore.
“See you tomorrow?” Momo raised a hand, heading towards the bus stop to meet Kyoka.
“Yeah.” He started to turn away when he hesitated. “Hey, Yaoyorozu…”
Todoroki walked back up to her apologetically. “I hope I didn’t say anything that made you uncomfortable earlier…I didn’t mean to.”
“Oh, no!” Flustered, her gaze fell on the bag of stuffed animals he was holding in one hand. She was glad he was taking them with him. “ was nice.”
“Oh.” He hesitated again, glancing to the side for a moment before meeting her eyes again. Her heart hammered frantically against her ribs. “Um...then, would it be okay if…” He knit his eyebrows, an expression she’d never seen on him before. “If your hand?”
Momo blinked for a moment before letting out a small giggle. Without thinking, she kissed him on the cheek, just under his scar. His skin was hot and flushed.
“Oh…” He raised his free hand to touch the spot, both eyebrows rising in surprise. “Um…okay…”
It took a second for her to register what she’d just done. The butterflies in her stomach suddenly flapped in a frenzy, her cheeks catching fire. She put a hand over her mouth, her eyes growing wide, almost not quite believing what had happened. “O-oh, I’m sorry if that was strange—”
“No…” He let his hand drop, a small smile tugging at his lips. Momo couldn’t tell what he was thinking, but there was a warm look in his eyes as he spoke. “It was nice.”
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sortofanobsession · a year ago
Prompt: with everyone mad at him about the lawsuit, Eddie being really cruel, Buck decides to fly somewhere nice for a small break. He misses everyone. On resturn Buck kindly switches seats with another passenger. Buck’s original plane crashes into the ocean. On the news his name is included among the missing. Eddie and the team think Buck’s dead. Buck however is oblivious as he flies home safely. At the airport Buck takes a chance and calls Eddie for a ride. Imagine the chaos. ANGST PLEASE!
Author’s Note: This one is a bit of an emotional roller coaster. Unbeta’d.
Tag Requests and Prompts are open
Warning: Plane crash
Wordcount: 3k+
Tag list: diazbuckleysworld
Jet Lag and Second Chances
The man was begging another man behind the counter to find him a way to get on the flight. His job was at stake. The airline representative apologized but said the flight was already overbooked and he just couldn’t make the flight. The man begged. He couldn’t miss his first meeting. If he did his boss would fire him. Buck felt sorry for the man. Buck had booked the flight to Peru for fun. This man apparently had business. So Buck made a decision.
“Excuse me,” he asked as he stepped up beside the man. “I’m on this flight, I wouldn’t mind letting him take my spot.”
“Can he do that?” the man asked. 
“I…mean, it is not unheard of and if he is sure,” the representative said. “The next possible flight, even if you were to take a connector, would be in 5 hours.” 
Buck shrugged. “I’ve slept in worse places. He can have it.” 
“Oh thank you, thank you so much,” the man was so happy. They spent the next few minutes switching flights and Buck settled in for a long wait. A few hours later he was on a plane and headed out of the country.
Eddie stared at the TV in absolute shock. “No…no. Please no.” He could feel his body start to shake. “Evan…no.” 
“What’s going on?” Bobby asked.
“The plane crashed,” Eddie said. 
“What plane?” Chimney asked as he and Hen joined them.
“Buck’s plane. Carla and Christopher had helped him plan the trip. That…that was his flight.” 
Buck spent a week and a half trying to relax. He enjoyed the food and soaked up the local culture. It helped him relax a bit, but he still worried about the situation at home. He still missed them all terribly. It still hurt knowing they hated him, but he had managed to have some fun. Now it was time to get back to reality. He boarded his flight and headed home.
He was exhausted as he gets off the plane. He dreads going back to work, to the cold shoulders and chores. But he is just too tired to care, just like he is too tired to drive. He needs a ride. He hits the call button before he even realizes who he has called. 
As soon as the call connects he hears Eddie shout, “Whoever thought this sick joke was funny, I will find you and-”
“Jesus, Eddie. I’m sorry, I’ll call someone else. I know you’re mad still but-” Buck was shocked silent when the angry tone in Eddie’s voice turns quiet and shaky.
“Buck…” Eddie said. “Buck, Evan. Is it really you?”
“Uh…yeah, my plane just landed and I need a ride.”
“I’ll be there in 20.” 
“Okay, thanks, Eddie. See you soon,” Buck said as he hangs up. He could have sworn he heard a sob as he did.
Buck was waiting with his bags outside the airport when Eddie’s truck pulled up. He hadn’t expected for Eddie to practically jump out of his truck, run over and nearly knock him over with a bone-crushing hug. 
“Hi Eddie,” Buck said, his confusion clear in his voice. Eddie let out a noise that was something between a sob and a manic laugh as he pulled back. He gripped Buck’s face in his hands. 
“God, it really is you.” Eddie’s eyes are filled with unshed tears. “I thought…”
“Whoa, hey,” Buck said as he pulled Eddie back into a hug. “No matter how upset I am, I’m not about to just run off and not come back. I missed you guys too much to stay gone even if you guys hate me.”
“That’s not what I meant,” Eddie said, it was his turn to be confused. After a few seconds, he realized. “Buck, do you not know what happened?”
“It’s probably the jet lag, but I have no idea what you are talking about,” Buck admitted. 
“Shit, Buck.” Eddie stroked the younger man’s cheek. He didn’t want to tell Buck the bad news. He wouldn’t, at least not yet. Eddie would admit he is a selfish man at times. This moment was one of them. “Let’s go home. Okay, we can sort everything out in the morning.”
“I…okay.” Buck was still confused but he climbed into the passenger’s seat of Eddie’s truck while Eddie put Buck’s bags in the back. The drive home was awkward. Eddie kept glancing at Buck like if he looked away too long, Buck would disappear. It took Buck way longer than usual to realize they weren’t heading towards his apartment. “Wait, Eddie, I thought you were taking me home?”
“I am,” Eddie grinned. They were quiet again, even as Eddie parked the truck and grabbed Buck’s bags. Buck silently followed, even as Eddie unlocked his door. Buck was afraid to do much else. He was afraid if he did he might wake up and realize this all was just some dream and he was still on the plane. Eddie just carried his stuff into his bedroom and set it down inside the door.
“Eddie…” Buck said. 
“Shh, okay,“ Eddie said. “Just…humor me.” 
“I can take the couch.” 
“Not necessary,” Eddie leads him into the room and makes him sit on the bed. 
“I should shower,” Buck said. 
“Don’t care.” Eddie kicks off his boots. He can tell Buck is too exhausted and confused to comprehend what is going on. Eddie chuckles but manages to get Buck out of his shoes and his jacket. He gently nudges Buck until he lays back and Eddie tucks him in. Eddie runs his fingers through Buck’s hair and smiles down at him. “Just get some sleep, we can sort everything out in the morning.”
Buck woke up thoroughly confused. He was in a room that wasn’t his and there was an arm around him. His carefully rolled over and his brain short-circuited when he saw it was Eddie. He was in Eddie’s bed, with Eddie. He thought back to the night before it had been like a surreal dream. He carefully got out of bed and decided that he’d panic over this in the shower. He was just getting out of the shower when he heard a shout.
Buck quickly wrapped himself in a towel and stepped out of the bathroom to see what was wrong. He was surprised when Eddie pulled him into a hug. Buck held the towel tight with one hand and wrapped the other around Eddie.
“Eddie,” Buck said. “What’s wrong?” 
Eddie let out a shaky breath. “For a minute there I thought…”
“Eddie,” Buck frowned. “I was only gone a week and a half.”
“God, Buck.” Eddie pulled back, wiping the tears off his face as he did. 
“Shit, Eddie, are you crying?” Buck stared at him. “Is it…is Christopher okay?” Buck went back into the bathroom and tugged on his jeans. “Please tell me Christopher is okay,” Buck said as he pulled his shirt over his head.
Eddie smiled sadly. “He’s fine. He’s at a sleepover at Bobby and Athena’s.”  He laughed as he got closer to Buck. He stunned Buck again as he tugged the younger man’s shirt over his head. Buck watched as Eddie turned it right-side in and turned it correctly. Buck hadn’t even realized he’d put it on wrong. 
“Then what is wrong?” Buck frowned. “Eddie, you’re freaking me out.”
“I love you.” Eddie blurted out. He cringed at his own ridiculousness. 
“Um okay…I love you too, but what the heck happened? Two weeks ago you hated me.”
“I never hated you,” Eddie admitted. “I was an ass for treating you the way I did. I will spend the rest of my life apologizing if I need to.” 
“Eddie, I did some stupid things, and I’m sorry, especially about the lawsuit and not being able to be there when you guys needed me.  but why the sudden change?”
“Buck I just…I want you to know, that I’m right here. I’m here for you.”
“Okay, Eddie, you are really freaking me out,” Buck said as Eddie nudged him until he was sitting on the bed. Eddie sat down beside him and pulled up a video on his phone. Buck took the phone and watched in horror as the new castor spoke about a plane crash. The plane he was supposed to be on. The one he’d let that other guy take his seat on. Buck let out a sob. That man died, instead of him. It should have been him. Eddie pulled him into his arms.
“He’s…I…I…” Buck tried to talk.
“Shhh, I know,” Eddie said, he moved into the bed and pulled Buck down with him. He held Buck as he cried. 
“It…should have been me,” Buck said when he finally managed to calm down.
 “There was no way you could have known,” Eddie assured him. “I know this is so hard for you right now, but I need you to understand something.” He rubbed Buck’s back as he spoke. “This might sound selfish, but I am so glad it wasn’t you.” Eddie placed a kiss on Buck’s forehead. “I know you’re hurting because that man died taking your place, but the same thing happens on hundreds of flights every day and nothing bad happens. My heart breaks for that man’s friends and family, but I will forever be grateful that I have a chance to make things right. Evan, we all thought you were on that plane.” Eddie reached up to stroke Buck’s cheek. “I thought I’d lost you before I could even tell you I loved you. We all-” Eddie stopped. “Come on, we have to go.” Eddie kissed his forehead again before getting up and getting dressed. Eddie sent out a mass text, telling everyone they needed to get to Buck’s now. He’d added for Bobby to bring Christopher.
Eddie held Buck’s hand tight as they waited.
“Eddie I swear to God, I will-” Maddie’s anger faded instantly the moment she saw her brother. Tears started falling as she rushed over and hugged Buck. “Evan…”
“I’m sorry Mads,” Buck said as he held his sister tight. “I had no idea. I’d have come home sooner or called. I had no idea the plane went down.”
“Sorry Maddie,” Eddie said, “I should have called you last night. I was just so caught up in having him back.” Maddie pulled away and slapped Eddie’s arm.
“You had him all night and you didn’t call me to tell me my brother was alive?!” Maddie pushed at Eddie’s chest and went to smack him again when Buck stopped her.
“Jesus, Maddie.” Buck put himself between her and Eddie. He looked at Eddie. “You okay?” Eddie nodded but kept his mouth closed. Buck looked back at his sister. “What the hell, Maddie?”
“What the hell, me? What the hell, him?! First, he drives you away, then he keeps the fact you were alive to himself for hours?!”
“I’ll…give you guys a minute,” Eddie headed towards Buck’s front door.
“Wait, Eddie,” Buck called after him.
Eddie gave him a sad smile, “I’m just going to wait outside for Chris.”
“Ok…” Buck nodded.
“Are you okay?” Bobby asked as he got out of his car. He took one look at how shaken Eddie looked and pulled him into a hug. Eddie chuckled. 
“He’s alive, Bobby,” Eddie said. 
“Who?” Athena asked as she closed the car door behind her. 
“Buck,” Eddie answered. Both Bobby and Athena froze. 
“What?” Bobby asked.
“He’s alive. He’s upstairs with Maddie right now.” Eddie said. Bobby looked up at the apartment. Eddie shook his head and took Bobby’s keys out of his hand. “Go, I’ll bring Christopher up.” He waved the two into the building before, moving to help Christopher out of the backseat. 
“Hey buddy,” Eddie said, as he took in the tear-filled eyes and shaking bottom lip. That look was more painful than any hit Eddie had ever taken. “Oh, Christopher.” Eddie pulled him into his chest and hugged him close. He didn’t even bother getting the boy’s crutches. Christopher clung to him like his life depended on it. “I promise you, buddy. You will feel so much better in a minute.” Eddie tried to sooth his son but he’d never been so glad to see elevator doors open than he was when they opened on Buck’s floor. He felt Christopher’s grip tighten and the boy’s face press tight against his neck as he started down the hall. Sending Christopher for a sleepover with Harry and Denny had been a last-ditch effort to try and cheer Christopher up. The boy had spent days crying over losing his Buck. He’d already lost his mother, then he’d lost his Buck. It had been a painful 10 days. Eddie knew his son would be over the moon when he saw Buck, but the way Christopher was clinging to him now was heartwrenching. Eddie regrets having not done all this the night before. No matter how tired Buck was or how caught up in his emotions he’d been himself, Maddie was right, Eddie was a selfish ass. He could hear Christopher’s muffled cries as he let himself into Buck’s apartment. He barely made it two steps before Buck was there attempting to peel Christopher off him. The boy just dug in tighter. Eddie gave Buck a sad smile.
“I-I’m here, Buddy,” Buck said, his own voice filled with pain as he raked his fingers through Christopher’s hair. “I’m so sorry, I scared you, bud, but I’m here. I promise.” Buck moved to rub the boy’s back. He could feel the muscles shifting as Christopher let the vice grip he had on his dad’s neck go and slowly turned to look at Buck.
“Bucky!” Christopher immediately latched on to Buck. Eddie grunted slightly at the quick motion but managed to keep some sort of grip on his son until Buck could get a good grip on the boy.
“You good?” Eddie asked as he carefully extracted his arm from between the two. Buck nodded. Eddie carefully removed his son’s glasses since he knew the boy wouldn’t be able to see through his tears anyway and went to join the others. The four of them watched as Christopher, now glasses-free, burrowed even deeper into Buck’s hold. Buck held him tight and talked softly to Christopher, doing everything he possibly could to reassure the boy he was really there. Even the promise of souvenirs from his trip couldn’t get the boy to loosen his grip. Eddie smiled as he watched the man he was madly in love with sitting down on the couch, Christopher still clinging to him. Eddie’s attention was drawn away when he felt a smack on the arm. He turned to face the others. 
“I know, I should have called last night.”
“Yes, you should have,” Athena said. 
“I know, I’m sorry. He was just so tired, and I don’t even really remember the drive to the airport. I thought I was losing my mind and I’d hallucinated the whole call, but then I saw him, waiting for me and I…I’m sorry. I just, he didn’t know. He had no idea about the plane crash. He was so tired, and I was exhausted after the past week, and I just wasn’t thinking right. I’d have called you guys this morning, but he was so upset when I told him about the plane. He just cried and I…”
“You did what boyfriends do.” Athena sighed. “You caved.”
“He’s not-” Eddie started to correct her.
“You told him you loved him, twice,” Maddie said. “And he said it back. You’re boyfriends, just accept it.”
“Maddie…” Eddie looked at her. 
“I’m still mad at you, but you make my brother happy, so I’ll figure out a way to get over it. But Eddie, I swear if you hurt my brother, I will end you.”
Eddie held his hands up. “That’s fair. I’d kick my ass too for what I did.”
“We did,” Bobby corrected. 
“Yes, you all did.” Maddie glared.
“And they will be making it up to him, even if they have to beg,” Athena adds.
“I don’t think that’ll be necessary, but I’ll happily do it,” Eddie said.
“I’m sure you will,” Athena said. 
After they all talked for a bit, they all managed to say goodbye and promised to tell the others. Maddie said she’d call Chimney. Athena said she’d call Hen and Karen. Eddie walked them all out so that he could make a quick food run. His boys would need to eat at some point.
“Don’t screw this up,” Maddie said. 
“I will do everything I can not to, Maddie.”
“You better,” Maddie said before starting her car and driving away.
Neither Buck nor Christopher had moved when Eddie returned with a few groceries and a take out. They’d had to promise Christopher that he could sit on Buck’s lap to eat before the boy would even budge. The three of them spent all day snuggled on the couch watching TV. They had a pizza delivered so they didn’t have to move much. Christopher didn’t even make it past 8. He was fast asleep, still glued to Buck’s side. 
“Should really get him to bed,” Buck said. 
“Yeah,” Eddie nodded as he stood up. He stretched his muscles before picking Christopher up he turned back to Buck. “You coming or what?” 
Buck grinned and followed Eddie up the stairs to his bedroom. He helped Eddie get Christopher’s shoes and glasses off. Buck kicked off his shoes and crawled into the bed. He pulled Christopher into his chest as he did. He watched carefully as Eddie turned out the lights and joined them. He kissed his son’s forehead before leaning in to give Buck a kiss. Buck hummed in content as he kissed back. 
“Night Buck,” Eddie said as he laid back, his arm over both his son and the man he loved.
“Night Eddie,” Buck replied. He dropped a kiss into Christopher’s hair. Buck fell asleep faster than he had in weeks, maybe months. The warmth of Eddie’s hand on his arm and Christopher’s head tucked against his neck reminding him he was home, truly home for the first time in weeks.
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Tumblr media
Tagged by @theoretical-thot for the stop drop and selfie
I tag @east-coaster @fuckyoukatherineheigl and @thiswebsitenamesareweird
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Find the word tag
Thanks a lot for tagging me @oh-no-another-idea <3
Target (I have now used up all my excerpts with target in them haha)
She gets straight to the point, “First question, have you heard any strange noises, or whispers maybe, since you started living here? Or have you perhaps seen anything out of place?”
“I don’t think so,” she replies after a moment of thought. “Usually when I hear banging on the walls or any other strange sounds, it’s coming from Melinoe. And I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything weird either.”
So only Melinoe is being targeted by the spirits. It doesn’t happen that often that only one of the residents is being haunted, but it’s also not totally uncommon.
Lift (omg Ozul is falling apart!)
“Ew.” Ozul winces as the eye goes in.
“You okay?” Nerezza asks.
“Yeah, eye’s just gross.” He tries to sound indifferent, but Nerezza knows how much he actually hates it.
“It’s over now.” He strokes a hand over his hair. “You got any other wounds that need patching up?”
“On my left leg, just above my knee,” he says, lifting the hem of his robe slightly for him to see. A gaping wound covers his leg, starting above his knee and ending on the outside of his thigh.
Disgrace (Nene being a mysterious fucker haha)
There is no response for a moment. Not even the slightest movement. He just stands there, still like a statue, that streetlamp radiating his presence. But after a few seconds, he makes his way over to Nova.
He takes long, even steps, and carries himself with that same grace as always, ever in control of his own movements.
Never (careful, Nova, your crush might show!!) #Nova in the last one be like #if only
“And how long have you two been together?”
He shoots Nerezza a quick glance. “Together? How do you mean?” It takes him everything not to stumble over his words, and he has to force his hands to stay around his cup. He knows he always rubs his neck when he’s embarrassed or uncomfortable, and he doesn’t want Nerezza to notice.
“You are a couple right?”
He shakes his head. “No, we’re not,” he replies, his voice, luckily, staying steady.
“Oh, I thought- never mind.”
Nova steals another look at Nerezza, but the angel just gives him a confused shrug.
Open tag for everyone! Also tagging @drippingmoon (I can't remember if I've already tagged you in a previous one haha), @dontjudgemeimawriter, @fuyugomori​, and @solipsism-lemonade​ , if you want! Your words are uncommon (or common if you don’t have it), eye, control, and shrug.
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Cutie @east-coaster tagged me to post a selfie. Here’s me a little tuckered out from this week’s wedding festivities, but things are good. :-) <3
I’ll tag @keepbreathingky @wesley-2 @boybarrett and anyone else who feels up to it. ;-)
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