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destinyc1020 · 59 minutes ago
Now that Tom was spotted in Scotland I just don’t see how he could be doing this long distance relationship thing with Z without visiting her in these few months that have passed. He rather go to Scotland than over in LA. I don’t want to be a debbie downer but it’s just not looking good right now, however I do think they are remaining solid friends.
Now that Tom was spotted in Scotland I just don’t see how he could be doing this long distance relationship thing with Z without visiting her in these few months that have passed.
"These few months"??? 🥴
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Idk which calendar you're going by Anon, but technically it's actually only been about a month and 10 days lol. 😂
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Y'all still thought Tadia was dating in Jan even though it had been 5 MONTHS since August. C'mon.... 😏
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Either way, I've already stated (once again) when I'm going to be hanging up my Tomdaya coat. 😊
If you want to go ahead and hang yours up right now, feel free to be my guest. 🤷🏾‍♀️ It still won't change my own personal observation time.
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donteverchxnge · an hour ago
everyone shut the fuck up so i can pretend that spn had a scene with dean in the trenchcoat
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silverwitch42 · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Two mad scientists with some very different aesthetics.
I've mentioned before that these two are friends, and maybe dating at one point or another, but I haven't really shown them together before. (aside from that one comic)
They're basically mutual bad influences. And sometimes good influences, because they can remind each other to take care of themselves. And maybe get out of their labs once in a while.
They don't work in the same lab, less because they aren't close and more because they have very different ideas of what a lab should be like. Verra's is really neat, organised, and clean, lots of (possibly partly disassembled) machinery and stuff. Bryony's is a labyrinthine mess that's overrun with plants. I kinda like the more classic mad scientist look for Verra. Makes a nice change from the pseudo-futuristic clothes I usually draw him with.
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blue-lions-thoughts · 2 hours ago
It's obvious that Mercedes is the Mom of the Blue Lions, so consider the following:
They have all absolutely called her "mom" at one point in time. Everyone. EVERYONE HAS.
Some try to pass it off as a joke (Sylvain, Yuri), some just Ignore It Entirely and if you bring it up you're Dead (Hapi, Felix), and the rest just start calculating what are the probabilities of death if they just throw themselves off the nearest window.
I can't see Dedue calling Mercedes mum though, so that does make me wonder if he's the dad?
They fit don't they.
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ggunight · 3 hours ago
need a bestie to wear matching bright blue and red long coats with me
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cafe-solo · 5 hours ago
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bullgod1997 · 7 hours ago
I dunno, there's something about watching soneone who seems to be making a performance at first, an act so silly it doesn't seem possible to be sincere, that over time reveals itself to be a pit of self defeat that makes one want to reach out.
But the longer you watch as a stranger wanting to offer a hand, still dubious on its sincerity, it sets in that this isn't an act nor a play, nor a state one can aid another out of without exerting massive emotional labour. Instead you watch, out of morbid curiosity, the same self pitying denial of ones flaws that wouldn't structurally be out of place in an incel forum.
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Listening to The Yawning Grave by Lord Huron while trying to design the villain/LI of a potential new WIP.
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adrenaline-equestrian · 8 hours ago
willie heard me talking shit abt him holding the coat and decided to be shivering cold this morning
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