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#coat of useful things
anonbeadraws · a month ago
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character sheet commission for @chance-of-reaper​ of Ditto the half-elf sorcerer, I love their coat of useful items! ✨commission info in source link below✨
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cozymochi · a month ago
You asked for things to draw so maybe irken Dib? Or human Red? These are the only things currently residing in my brain sorry
big brain concepts…!! 😳 this’ll be my first and last time throwing a bone into the irken!dib pit, embrace his stupid big head face
Tumblr media
And I love human!Red so much and did have a design i’ve been drawing for months!! but mnnn after repurposing that design for original stuff and being informed of art theft I changed my mind on ever showing it publicly 😔 i promise i was super excited to show it but, …ehhh i can’t bring myself to anymore. So irken!dib is solo
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shadeswift99 · 5 months ago
Hermits: S8 will be a collaborative season! We’re gonna have our bases super close and almost always be talking with friends!
Zedaph, already halfway across the map:
Zedaph, not turning his prox chat on during his 1 (one) interaction with another person:
#False described the interaction as 'eerie' and it definitely came off that way in the video but i was really struggling to pin down why#but i think i finally got it#not only did she have to boat miles off from any other civilization to get there after being given cryptic instructions#and then get there to find a SECRET LAB with Zed in a lab coat just standing there#but then he *only typed in chat*#he never spoke#and that would have been completely normal conduct in season 7 but everyone's so used to prox chat by now#that it just came off as chilling -#and he didn't even MOVE either -#like he didn't crouch or turn or anything -#and i know it's probably because he was typing but False didn't know that dhdhfjsk#that whole thing just came off so creepy from her end it was absolutely hilarious#Zed....ZED...Zed you lovable weirdo...#I'm just imagining him walking back to his lab whistling and thinking 'ah yes! good!! i have interacted with a person!!'#'i invited someone over and we did a Successful Social Interaction even though i was nervous i did so good :D'#and meanwhile False is just rowing away like Get Me The Fuck Out Of Here i could have sworn that guy was less spooky last time i saw him -#'like i know it's been a while since we last talked but What The Hell I'm just going to pretend that never happened'#zed....ZED.....#man.....#i love Zed's vibe so much and i love the fact that it's wildly different depending on who you watch even more#and I'm really starting to like False actually#I think I'm going to try to keep up with her eps this season#anyway yeah. Zed fails at human interaction The Movie#(in all seriousness though i love that even though the premise of the season is very community based#they still have it set up so that the people who are more comfortable with a little space can have it)#(i really like that about Hermitcraft. everything is so opt-in; it encourages new things but doesn't overturn any creator's personal style)#Hermitcraft#Zedaph#beloveds#ask
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void-kissed · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
“Is this.. the correct method?” “Hehe, don’t worry! You’re doing just fine, KOS-MOS - thank you for this~”
tag list: @thatslikesometaldude | @garchompp | @beeon | @tex-treasures | @catake | @tartaglialovemail | @kalliopi-ships | @childrenofmeyneth | @kissofthemoonrabbit | @lilacslovers | @vilehusband | @blackbirdcrime | @catcao | @dragonsmooch | @strawberryshipz (to be tagged in what I make, please click here!)
Here is my piece for the twenty-fifth day of sapphic September - it’s just a little cute picture of KOS-MOS giving me (or rather, my self-insert, Calanthe) a kiss! ..I may or may not have completely forgotten about this until eleven o’clock this evening, so suffice it to say I had to get something out very quickly. Oops. But hey, at least I made it in time!~
Comments on and reblogs of my work are always okay, and appreciated, but are by no means required!~
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aro-culture-is · 7 months ago
[empty paragraph in case tumblr eats it]
i’m not technically an engineer yet since i’m currently closing out my third year of undergrad, but i’m currently set to graduate with a B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering in spring of next year! I will basically do a lot of engineering of material properties / processes to achieve those properties, with a specialization in metallurgy (the study of metals) and I’m currently adding a minor in Nuclear Materials :)
- mod kee
#not aro culture#mod kee#👉👈#yeah so y'all might see why i'm so uh. rules and tag oriented#if i don't know what things are and check the rules for them i could aboslutely do Not Good Things#like y'all wouldn't believe what amounts of bullshit you could sabotage with very very small differences in what types of welding or metals#ooh and some fun facts for y'all: there is a type of welding called explosion welding#it is exactly as it sounds. you make a (small) boom and slam the two materials into each other very carefully#kinda has a distinct wavy interface look between the two metals#uhhh one thing that i'm very used to but y'all might not know is that there is often more than one solid phase possible in pretty much any n#non polymeric material and that's only me saying it cause i'm shaky about what's considered solid phases in polymers#also never put gold coating on a silver ring or smth someone mentioned that to me once and the phase diagram is literally totally miscible#aka silver and gold will completely diffuse into each other in time and you'll just have a silver ring with sparse amounts of gold in it tha#on the other hand a true pure gold ring is p a bad investment the added impurities in gold for jewelry are to improve the quality not cheape#pure gold is kinda shitty for the purpose of holding shape#we usually add impurities to give it a more rigid structure that isn't gonna deform the first time you like... accidentally have life happen#ooh also impurity is a neutral word in my field#like sulfur in metalworking tends to be Very Bad because it changes a WHOLE lot of properties in very small amounts (like. it straight up re#reverses the flow of liquid metal in welding)#but like semiconductors wouldnt do shit without added impurities#silicon is just a really really good material to use with tiny amounts of added impurities#uhh i'm p rambling a lot but!!! i like my field!!!#also rip me all the time because metals and ceramics have crystal structures so i do a lot of searches relating to cyrstallography#can you guess what google thinks i want ads for. because i didn't#getting weird healing crystal ads is not an anticipated outcome of an engineering major and no budy i just needed to know what the#lattice constant of a particular quartz phase is to do some estimates#or like. last night i was checking out the phase diagram of hmm i think titanium and aluminum so i could double check that they had intermet#intermetallic compounds (sorry tags were eaten)#and BOY do they. kinda want to see if any of my profs can tell me more about why that's a Thing#disimilar metals really like to form absolutely useless and awful IMCs when you weld them
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junipaca · 15 days ago
do u think I can use two scar designs interchangeably? Cause on one hand, I want to see if I can draw an exoskeleton but underneath like, clothes. I heard its possible for some to be thin. maybe I can magic it somehow. Maybe one needs to charge his exoskeleton (thats thin and still works and functions!) to go around. the thing is id like to have it underneath the clothes, if possible.  he can have his backpack too and its got magic and stuff. otherwise he just uses a wheelchair and tubes too if he forgets. (read tags! ya can reply or tag stuff!)
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