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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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So I had a dream about a really fun christmas party where all my friends showed up and there was even a christmas bear, but then I wokeup and there was no party and no friends and no bear. :(

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tagged by chattersthebutt

1. What’s your name?: Kelly/ Chi-chi
2. When is your bday?: April 9
3. Where are you from?: Originally Maryland, as of now Oregon
4. Have a crush?: Yeee
5. What’s your favorite color?: Green
6. Write something in caps: REMEMBER THE ALAMO
7. Got a favorite band/artist?: Cat Stevens/ Owl City/ Oyster Project
8. Favorite number: 4 and 9
9. Favorite drink?: Thai ice tea
10. Tag 10 joaftheloaf megaphoric turquoisesplash alioopster coconeru flighttune whitetail garnika wildcardmod poni1kenobi

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My Little Pony - Friendship is Still Alive (arranged by Coconeru)

An awesome Portal (Still Alive) & My Little Pony Friendship is Magic crossover piece by Coconeru on youtube! If you like this song, please support him by visiting his channel or here on tumblr! @ ;) Youtube:

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