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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Name: Coconut Ash Cookie

Age: Adult/21

Rank: EPIC

Gender: Male (He/him)

Combo Pet: Ash Pit

Introduction: Coconut Ash Cookie is a strong and fearsome cookie, but disappeared suddenly when his mother, Coconut Chip Cookie, died. What people don’t realize is that the beautiful woman that runs the pie shop, Coconut Creme Pie Cookie, is actually Coconut Ash! Coconut Ash Cookie took on the alter ego of a gorgeous gentle female, because the pie shop was well-known for having a beautiful woman running it. The woman was the greatest attraction. People would come to gaze upon his mother’s beauty, and Coconut Ash wants to keep that alive so business wouldn’t flop. Once he realizes how sick Charcoal is, Coconut Ash gives up the business to seek revenge on Elderberry Cookie for cursing Charcoal Cookie.

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MerMay Day 15: Coconuts


🥥Okay, okay, so, Mammon’s an idiot, right? We understand that. But what happened was: Mammon was trying to make fun of Asmo. You know, Asmodeus is ALWAYS trying to look his best, strut his stuff and the like. Mammon got a little fed up with Asmo’s girly attitude so he tried to wear some coconuts on his chest and mock his little brother. (He had seaweed in his hair at one point to mock Asmo’s hair style) But when Lucifer told him enough was enough… he panicked. It turned out he got the coconuts stuck to himself and became the one being laughed at. Don’t get me wrong, Lucifer was also amused at this misfortune.

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Name: Coconut Creme Pie Cookie

Age: Adult/20

Rank: EPIC

Gender: Female?? (She/her)

Introduction: Coconut Creme Cookie is a sweet and gentle little cookie that took her mother’s pie shop into her hands when her mother died and brother went missing, most likely also presumed dead. She always wears a soft grin on her face, but something feels like there’s something behind her smile that others may not know just yet.

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MerMay day 14! Adrift! Here we got a couple of mermaids floating around and relaxing with some coconut cocktails. 🧜🏼‍♀️ 🥥

I didn’t say this part over on Instagram, but this was inspired by a time that I did this with my ex-best friend. We went on a camping trip and there was a creek so we bought a couple of inter tubes and drank and floated around. That should have been a good trip but it wasn’t.

I am not an artist, I am just having fun!

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Animal Crossing: Looking for Fruit

Hi, I’m looking for someone who can trade me apples and/or oranges. I currently have pears, cherries, and coconuts. The trade will be ten for ten. 

Ten apples or oranges for ten of any of the fruit I have, but only one kind. So ten apples for ten cherries or ten pears and so on. If you have apples and oranges that your are willing to trade then you will get ten of two of the fruit, 20 total, still your choice. 

My dodo code is H4NB6

Edit: now I’m only accepting apples

Edit: trade is now closed. The response was so overwhelming. Thank you for everyone that helped me.

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