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#coffee and study

More work on my history coursework after ballet. I’m off on a date later but I figured I should probably get some work done beforehand because I’m going to be back late.

Also, 100 Days of Productivity was much harder than I thought, because although I might do work everyday (mostly) it isn’t always stupidly aesthetic.

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I find sometimes that i can’t get out of bed because i’m so tired and lazy, and just really not in the mood to open up a textbook. And lets be honest sitting and doing nothing makes you even more depressed, like you can actually feel the pressure of the undone job suffocating you slowly.

These are a few tips that have actually worked for me:

  1. Cleaning your room: so i may sound like your mum right now but honestly guys clear space= clear mind. I find that when my room is tidy and everything is in place that i actually am more willing to work and be productive, especially if i had just cleaned it myself
  2. Take care of you: I find washing my face and brushing my teeth helps me feel less oily and icky (usually feeling like shit is like feeling oily, foggy, heavy and icky idk why but that’s how i feel) and just freshening up gives me a push towards being productive. You can stay in your pajamas, but also making your hair look decent (combing it, a bun or ponytail) really helps clear your mind and i’m gonna have to say that when my hair is messy i feel as though it gets in my way. Last tip on this step is putting your bra on. I don’t know if anyone else feels like i do but putting on my bra means business.
  3. Set up your desk: by this i mean like try to make your desk look like an office desk. I personally like to go for the organised/slightly messy desk look. I find that this keeps me going when i feel like i’m too tired to continue working cause i just keep looking around my desk and feeling professional. it like sets the tone for success not even lying.
  4. Make Coffee/Tea : you can drink whatever floats your boat but i find that drinking my coffee while working helps me get the feeling that I’ve got my shit together even when i haven’t gotten a clue. Also Coffee has this strong yet soothing scent that calms me down when i’m under stress. Using your favorite/cute mug is the key.
  5. Open studyblr: I have to be honest that sometimes what keeps me studying is watching other people do it too. I’d be writing and memorizing while at the same time looking at pictures of people’s desks and perfectly designed notes with their cups of coffee on the side. It’s inspiring and motivating you’d feel like you’re not alone and it would help you last longer.
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had 3 cups of coffee already and i kept on moving my things from my desk to the balcony until i ended up on this table and i’m quite comfy (felt like a change from my desk) so you can already guess i barely studied at all!!!! ………… no sleep tonight……sleep is for the weak…….. 

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I was in surgery yesterday and it seems like that was a success so hopefully there won’t be any more chronic pain. Today was booked in for recovery but I actually feel okay, the anesthetic didn’t hit me as badly this time as last. I’ve headed out in the spring sunshine to the coffee shop near me to work on my conference paper for Germany in May.

I’m about ⅔ done with my dissertation so I’m trying to write a minimum of 1,000 words every day this week.

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Disarida calistigim bir gun olduuu hava aldim gezdim sevgilimle zaman gecirdim ve iyi oldu ve guzeldi. Dun karin agrilari ve zorlu bir gundu bir de tatli krizleri djsnwkks anladiniz siz 🤓🤓🤓 neyse iste yarin bu cektiklerimde hafifliceek sabah parka yurumeyi bir tur atmayi (yaklasik 4km) sonra bir kahve guzel bir ders calisma tabii en bi sevdigimle ardindan eve donuus 👌🏻 bazal metabolizmamin cokcok altnda kalori almamaya calisicam spor yuruyus icin enerjim olmali 8 hazirandan itibaren chole t. Spor videolarindan kendime yonelik 2 haftalik bir seri hazirladim oncesinde tartilip olculcem de bakalimm ne olcak 🧚🏻‍♀️ herkese mutluluk

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