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coffeetillthecoffin · 2 days ago
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Good Karma Coffee, Wynyard Quarter
Drink pictured: Flat white ($5)
Good Karma, located in the Auckland Fish Market building, is closing after Sunday, so I went for one last coffee yesterday, and had a lovely chat with Pato as well. They use beans from Kōkako Coffee Roasters, and also have a gelato window called Little Lato. They've got a few more days left, so Aucklanders: definitely stop by for one more coffee if you can!
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brainstormingtattoos · 2 hours ago
entry two
location: ohio roasting company, ohio
this is a place i’ve wanted to try for a long time. it seemed so nice and pristine, it had to be good, right? wrong. very wrong. the vibe of the shop was overall very underwhelming. there was no music. the first thing I noticed was the staring from every single middle aged women in the shop. the baristas were quiet to my boyfriend and i, only really talking amongst each other. ordering went okay, yet there was no genuine conversation other than taking our order with a half smile. after getting our drinks we gave our thank yous and goodbyes and we were not acknowledged at all. a very disappointing environment to say the least. 
i got an iced toasted marshmallow mocha latte. it was pretty alright, but i can’t say the espresso was as smooth as I like it to be. there was very much a mocha  taste- but not much of a marshmallow one at all. I wanted a bonfire in my mouth and got a dollop of chocolate. it’s safe to say i did not finish this coffee- and will not be going back to this coffee shop ever again. 
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zagrebinaa · a day ago
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smokersarea · a day ago
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questionthebox · a day ago
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theminneapolitan · 2 days ago
there’s no good way to tell your boss that the internet problems the shop has been experiencing the last few months is not because of a connection issue like he thinks, but actually because you accidentally summoned a demon on friday the 13th, when mercury was in retrograde, and there was a super blood moon…right?
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isrtainefable · 2 days ago
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freshthoughts2020 · 2 days ago
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Out Now !
Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/album/live-from-trinosophes-single/1639307600
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dragonbe-laggin · 2 days ago
my local dunkin is amazing. we have like one small coffee shop across town so i always end up at dunkin. and they just. they are always so nice. and they always make my drink correctly. i love them so much and at the end of a very hard school day it’s just so relaxing.
they didn’t have cold brew today so they couldn’t make my drink and it made me so sad but they were so nice. i just love them so much.
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brainstormingtattoos · a day ago
new beginnings
if this is the first post you’re seeing of mine- hi! if you’re one of my followers- hi, as well:) i’ve used this blog for a few different things, simply surrounding my interests at the time. my current obsession is making reviews for various things in my life that bring me joy, and i decided i am going to start posting some reviews for books, coffee shops, movies, etc.! 
location: the human bean, ohio 
entry one: 
i visited a local coffee shop called The Human Bean today. this is a drive-thru coffee shop that offers coffee, smoothies, flavor infused red bulls and more! my one complaint is i love the environment of coffee shops, and i wish i could visit inside this place!! 
i’ve never tried their coffee, and decided today was the day. chocolate macadamia nut breve- that was my coffee of choice. doesn’t that just sound so sugary? i prefer more sauce based coffees; i like being able to taste the rich, screaming flavor that demands to be recognized. this is what let me to this specific coffee, although i did find it a tad disappointing. 
the taste of the chocolate macadamia nut was not very present- but very subtle. now this is obviously someone’s cup of tea(coffee)- but this isn’t normally what i would go for. despite the initial disappointment, i continued to drink my coffee and found it grew on me. again, i can’t deny it wasn’t what i expected- but it was really good after a few sips. overall, this deserved a solid 3 stars out of 5. 
feel free to follow for more reviews! 
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callmescrub · 3 days ago
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gaybreath · 3 days ago
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coffee date and the obligatory picture 🤍
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gerec · 3 days ago
Au-gust 2022
Previous prompts here: AU-gust Challenge 2022
9. Coffee Shop
Pairing(s): Starles, past Cherik Warnings: Cherik as exes
This ficlet takes place about a year after my fic An End Comes to All Good Things which is a terribly angsty piece where Cherik starts out together and breaks up by the end. It's probably the only fic I've ever written where that happens (most of the time they're exes who get back together) and surprisingly it's one of my personal faves.
At the time, leaving New York had been a rash if necessary decision, driven by the desperate need to put a literal ocean between himself and his failed relationship. In the year since that devastation and starting his new tenure at Oxford, Charles has slowly and painstakingly rebuilt his life anew, by making new friends and new routines and cutting ties with his past. Raven is the only one he can’t bear to stop speaking to completely, though their busy schedules have kept contact infrequent at best, with only one in-person visit so far when she flew over for the holidays.
The one thing he hasn’t done – still can’t quite bring himself to do – is to go out on a date, turning down fixups by his well-meaning colleagues or the occasional invitation from a new acquaintance. He’s in no big rush to put his heart on the line again, even if the risk of heartbreak is minor compared to what he’s already gone through with Erik.
(He doesn’t think about his ex quite so much anymore, with the pain and anger smoothing over time to a duller and more manageable ache.)
Still, he hasn’t met anyone he’s liked enough enough to share even a simple coffee with, though Moira is always quick to remind him he’s not being entirely honest with that assertion.
“You like that Steve Rogers that took your Intro to Genetics course,” she says, handing him his usual latte at their favorite coffee shop a few blocks from the university. The place has a great assortment and a lived-in feel that matches the general vibe of the city, and Charles much prefers it to the chain stores with far bigger selections. “He’s sweet, smart and handsome, and most importantly – age appropriate.”
Charles snorts. “He’s there to get a degree, Moira, not date his professor.”
“Well, the term’s over so you’re not his professor anymore,” she says, smirking at him over the rim of her coffee cup as Charles smiles and shakes his head. “You should ask him out!”
“It wouldn’t be right. He’s still a student.”
“He’s older than you!”
Chuckling, Charles takes a sip from his cup and nudges her playfully with his foot. “Yes, that’s an excellent reason to date someone; because he’s older.”
“I also said he’s smart and hot, Charles,” Moira teases, “and he seems like a kind and decent man. I understand he does volunteer work with veterans when he’s not getting a degree and teaching art classes at the local college.”
“Are you being paid to sing the man’s praises?” Charles asks, entirely amused by his friend’s knowledge and seeming interest in setting him up with Steve Rogers. “I had no idea you knew him so well.”
Grinning, Moira says, “We have some mutual friends and he comes highly recommended.”
“Oh my god I’m not buying a car, Moira,” he says, waving back at a few of his students as they drift by their table. “And I’m not ready to date. And even if I was ready to date, I wouldn’t want Steve Rogers to be my rebound when he could be an amazing husband and partner to someone much more deserving.”
It’s not what he meant to say; to reveal the part of him that still feels wounded and raw from what happened with Erik, and that he must have done something to drive him away. That if he’d been a better person and a better partner, maybe it wouldn’t have been so easy for Erik to leave him.
Moira frowns and reaches over to hold his hand. “Don’t do this. You are a wonderful man and an amazing friend and you deserve to have love in your life. And if it’s not Rogers than there’s someone else out there for you, I know there is, and I’m not going to sit here and let you wallow in self-pity.”
Charles laughs and kisses the back of Moira’s hand. “I’m alright, darling. Just got a little maudlin for a moment that’s all.”  
“Good, because ‘speak of the devil and he appears’,” she says, nudging him to look to the front of the shop where Steve is holding the door open for a little old lady. His stomach does a strange, unexpected little flip, which yes, he’ll admit has happened the last few times Charles has seen him on campus.
Maybe he’s not quite ready to date, he thinks, but perhaps having another friend in his life wouldn’t go amiss.
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kinoaida · 3 days ago
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not yet
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adoringcunningham · 4 days ago
like pls!!!!!!
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