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#coffee shop

So, today was the day. My first town visit after 3 months. There are still confusing signs everywhere, nobody took them off, and it was just… confusing LOL 

When i was sitting in my fave coffee shop, that voice in my mind was telling me “ just relax, just rekax” LOL I’m not there yet 🙃 But it was the first step back to normal. 

Long not seen guys 


First time i saw the library after 3 months, huh


Ahh, here we are 😌☕.  It’s rainy these days and we had to stay inside. But for a short moment even the sun came out

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I cannot wait to open my own coffee shop. It’s been a dream of mine since I started drinking coffee at the end of high school. The first coffee shop that I went to that wasn’t Starbucks was a tiny shop a few minutes from my house. My mom recommended it to me. Funny, now I know more about coffee than she cares about (but she always listens to me babble about it). That first sip I had of a blackberry latte, sitting on a cozy arm chair looking at local art was magic. 

I could do this forever. 

I practically lived there; a homeschooled teenager designing my own curriculum. I have read thousands of pages sitting in that same comfy armchair.

I could do this forever. 

My parents got me a Keurig, then a coffee machine, and then I started collecting my coffee kit. Beans from Ethiopia. A coffee sock for my pour over my boyfriend got for me. A vintage Chemex that a delightful lady at a farmers market practically gave me because she could see how passionate I was.

I love all everything to do with coffee. I love finding good beans and buying from places where ethical farming and payment is a top priority. I love the way coffee smells in the morning, the way my funky garage sale kettle hums rather than whistles. I love the long names that roll off my tonuge at a new coffee shop because that is what the barista recommended, and I saw their eyes light up like mine do.

More than that, I adore the community that coffee brings. It is truly sacred in so many ways and to so many people. A cup of coffee with a long lost friend, a mentor, a date. Studying for long hours with friends. Going to a shop so often that the baristas know your order by heart. There is something absolutely magical in the community that coffee brings.

I could do that forever.

I want a coffee shop that warmly welcomes everyone. It is going to be a safe place for people of color, for queer people, for those suffering from homelessness. For those who need a friend. I am going to have classes to get people back on their feet, lectures to enrich the lives of my community. I will hire felons, teenagers, anyone that society has dismissed. Together we are stronger. I cannot wait to have my own space to show that.

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