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#coffee shop

suprise suprise another AU people lol

I always wanted to do a coffee shop AU because it’s like obligatory that every ship must have one so yeah take some soft horrordust lol 

Dust is THE BARISTA BOI! Dust works there because it’s kinda like therapy for him, serving and helping people basically. It makes him feel better after what he did.

Horror is in college like he is majoring in becoming a chef. Though the more i think about it, I think i should skip the college idea and just make him a chef, like the story takes place after he graduates. I wil see lol

Stay safe!!

( dude, Idk why but the colours look so weird on the phone…Idk how to fix it lol if anybody knows plz let me know)

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got any new coffee shop AUs? preferably fluff , thank you!

yess!  - karri

coffee shop au tag

Very Gay a.k.a Keith Kogane by BleuSarcelle (1/1 | 1,361 | General)

“Can I get a name?”

“Oh, uh, yeah, I’m - “ Keith pauses, if only for a moment, because he could not only get drunk over the voice that barista is graced with, but also in those eyes. Those cheekbones, lips, eyelashes. That skin, hair, nose. And woah, just woah.

Don’t fuck this up, Brain.

“I’m - uh, I’m gay.”

You’re an asshole, Brain.

[Or based on the prompt that Keith is too gay to function and he’s at the mercy of a cute Cuban boy with bright blue eyes behind the counter.]

Lifeline (1/1 | 1,751 | General)

Keith has always had an approximate idea of when his Soulmate and he would meet, the words revealing more than just their flirtatious personality. Likewise, Lance knew that his words would be something corny, based on how his Soulmate reacted. This is the story of how they finally met.

Milk and Sugar, Oh and a Scone by sleapyGazelle (1/1 | 1,430 | General)

3 times Lance didn’t notice Keith flirting with him, and 1 time he finally did

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CottageCore Starbucks Drinks And How to Order

These are drinks I personally have tried as a starbucks brista and really like. Also this is a note that I personally am not the biggest fan of coffee (I know, its ironic I work for starbucks) so most of these drinks will either have no coffee or it will not be very strong. Also feel free to modify these however you want! Let me know what you guys think!

Snowy Field Latte 🏞❄


How to order:

  1. Ask for a Matcha Green Tea Latte
  2. Add vanilla bean powder
  3. Add java chips
  4. Sub soy milk

Its a sweet, slightly earthy drink thats a nice dark green. Ask for whipped cream for the “snow” part of the drink. Can also be made as a frappuccino (which is the drink in the picture). This drink has no coffee in it.

Subtle Sweet Peach 🍑


How to order:

  1. Ask for Black Iced tea
  2. If they ask if you want it sweetened say yes
  3. Ask for them to add peach tea
  4. Add light soy milk
  5. Add vanilla syrup
  6. Optional: Ask for a Black ice tea lemonade if you want it to be sweeter

This drink has no coffee in it. The taste is subtle but it is peachy and sweet and the contrast in the cup is really pretty too. The size in the picture is a Venti but you can get any size. Fyi: the drink might taste different every time you’re ordering it cause the barista probably won’t put the same amount of ingredients in it each time.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries🍫🍓


How to order:

  1. Ask for an iced Mocha
  2. Add white chocolate mocha
  3. Ask for strawberry puree in the sweet cream
  4. Add vanilla syrup
  5. Add foamed sweet cream

This drink has coffee in it. This drink also has milk products in it. This drink if for you coffee lovers, its a chocolatey drink and the strawberry cold foam is sweet and light when it mixed with the drink. The color scheme is more or less like a chocolate covered strawberry, as the name includes. The chocolate is smooth, though the coffee makes it a bit more bitter, and the sweet cream with the puree tastes almost like melted strawberry ice cream or strawberry milk.

Tabby Cat Delight 🐱


How to order:

  1. Ask for a vanilla latte
  2. Sub heavy cream
  3. Add vanilla bean powder
  4. Add Honey
  5. Optional: Can be made hot or iced, picture is iced for aesthetic reasons (and cats like cold milk 😉)
  6. Optional: Ask for a vanilla steamer instead of a latte if you don’t want coffee in your drink

Warning: Heavy cream is very fatty and is not good for you to drink often! If you are watching your weight do a different milk option. This drink has coffee in it. It is very thick and creamy, the sweet or the vanilla and honey and the bitter of the coffee really compliments each other with this, the coffee taste very subdued. It gets its name because it reminds me of something a cat would love to lap up (cats are lactose intolerant though so don’t give them heavy cream please!)

Apple Pie Macchiato 🥧🍎


How to order:

  1. Ask for a caramel macchiato
  2. Ask if they will make it half apple juice half milk
  3. Add cinnamon dolce syrup
  4. Add cinnamon topping (note:some stores has this as a topping you can add yourself)
  5. This drink probably tastes best hot, however I made it iced in the picture for aesthetic purposes (the iced version was good too though)
  6. Optional: can be made as a frappuchino too! Just ask for a caramel frappuchino instead of a caramel macchiato and follow the rest of the steps!

This drink has coffee in it. It really does taste like apple pie! Its really good and the apple isn’t too strong and mixed with the cinnamon nicely. You can add whipped cream if you want too! I know the picture is kind of bad but I couldn’t get a good one while I was working (and the lighting sucked lol) but its good I promise 😭

Toffee Mountain Frappuchino 🗻


How to order:

  1. Ask for a Violet Drink
  2. Optional: ask for the very berry hibiscus refresher of you don’t want milk included
  3. Ask for it blended
  4. Add vanilla bean powder
  5. Add toffeenut syrup
  6. Optional: Add heavy cream if you want it to be more like a milkshake!

Warning: Heavy cream is very fatty and is not good for you to drink often! If you are watching your weight then don’t get heavy cream. This drink does not have coffee in it. It is a very sweet drink with a nutty, salty tang that is very pleasant. The fruit and toffee nut compliment each other surprisingly well! It comes out a nice pastel pinkish-purple. Note: you’ll have to ask if you want whipped cream with the berry inclusions on top!

Peppermint Addiction Milkshake 🍬🐄

How to order:

  1. Ask for a green tea frappuchino
  2. Add peppermint
  3. Ask for only half the matcha (this is what makes the green tea part)
  4. Sub heavy cream

Warning: Heavy cream is very fatty and is not good for you to drink often! If you are watching your weight I would just avoid this particular drink and trying something else instead. This drink does not have coffee in it. This tastes a lot like the McDonald’s shamrock shake, except better cause it doesn’t come out of a machine. Its nice and thick and creamy like a milkshake and the peppermint works really well with the sweetness of the cream and matcha. Would highly recommend!

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Truth or Dare? by royalwatson (1/1 | 5551 | general)

“What,” he repeated more cautiously. He knew Bill had given him a dare, but at that point, he hadn’t really been listening.

Putting his cup down, Bill leaned forward and rest his elbows on the small table between them. “I s-said, I dare you to airdr-dr-drop a selfie to a random p-p-person.”

Eddie immediately shook his head. “No fucking way, Bill.“

When Eddie accepted Bill’s dare to airdrop a selfie to a random person at their school, he didn’t actually think the stranger would accept. What normal person would? But then again, any normal person wouldn’t have sent Eddie an airdrop back either.

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9. 43 am, coffee shop

“So, you grow out your hair.”

I looked up and as expected, I found the owner of the voice. It never changed. He then sat in front of me. The chair was empty.

“You’re here.” I said.

“Yup. Just got back. Train arrived a moment ago.”

“Oh…” I lifted up the broken white mug and sipped the black coffee in it. I had nothing else to say.

“I know you’ll be here. That’s why.” He still stared at me scanning and continued, “In case you’re wondering.”

“But, why?”

“I don’t know. I’m just used to it.” But I knew. That was just the way he said that he misses me.

He then just opened his backpack and took out his laptop; left it on the table and got up to take his order on the counter.

I stared at his back while he was walking there and directly looked at my laptop pretending to write once he turned around. I didn’t know what is actually going on here.

And just it. I was still in the middle of writing my final assignment when he finally fell asleep after emptying his mug. He seemed tired. There was black color under his eyes. He still hadn’t taken a shower; only washed his face and brushed his teeth in this coffee shop earlier.

I paused my work and stared at him a little longer this time. He was breathing steadily. His shoulders went up and down. I bet it wasn’t comfortable at all to sleep while sitting. Moreover, he just experienced this thing few hours ago on his way to this city. But I didn’t wake him up to ask him to go home, so he could sleep properly. Later on, I was back to the writing with him sleeping in front of me.

Probably, I also missed him and his company.


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