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Bom dia! Depois do ☕ vou começar a fazer as contas 🧮 do quanto e$tou perdendo com esta quarentena, mas é melhor falida do que finada, né?
(📽 Repost de - ele é muito fofo!)
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[04/20] It’s early, 6:05 to be exact. I’ve always been an early bird. There’s just something about the morning, the sunrise, the quiet, nature’s sound is more dramatic. There’s a certain calm early in the morning, people are beginning their days, a cup of coffee, a shower maybe, breakfast, a stretch, morning run. Others are readying themselves for bed, they are what we call the night owls, the overnighters, night people if you may. My mom is one of those people. I wouldn’t switch day for night ever, although there is some intense creative energy late at night, but I haven’t felt that in a while. Plus I don’t personally think that a throughout the day sleep is better than a good night sleep.

My boyfriends alarm has gone off three times now. He usually gets up around 6:30am. I will never understand why people do that, set multiple alarms every morning, if the intention is not to get up at the time of the alarm, which is it’s purpose, than why have it screaming in your ear 7x every morning? I don’t get it. If I’m getting up at 6:30, I will probably have an alarm for 6:25am, and be up as soon as it sounds. Although these days I’m a lot lazier than I’ve ever been, specially because I have nowhere to be, well, that and I am naturally lazy which is a daily battle.

6:15am, he’s awake, earlier than I expected, and off to the throne. Does every man have the same routine in the morning? Multiple alarms and poop? I don’t know. It’s kind of funny though.

I’m not sure what I have planned for the day, it’s easy to get lost in these quarantined days. No going out, no socializing, no leaving the house. I tend to binge on Netflix and do something on the side, like Art or homework (yes, school work is keeping me sane). Hours go by and next thing I know it’s 3pm. I hope I enjoy today, I’ll definitely try to.

I’m grateful for the amount of time I get to spend with our pets. I don’t have kids yet, so it’s just me and the pets all day. I can’t complain.

We use a Keurig at home, individual cup servings of coffee, it doesn’t beat a fresh batch of coffee, or a pour over, plus with a Keurig I don’t get the comforting smell of coffee in my house, but it’s practical and we barely waste coffee by using it. For some reason not too long ago we decided to buy a huge box of about 30 units or so of Nantucket Cofee brand, when I am clearly a Starbucks or Peets Coffe kind of gal, not sure why we did that but ever since we’ve been trying to finish off the Nantucket brand to get to the Starbucks one which is so much better if you ask me. So coffe wasn’t great this morning but I was still able to enjoy it.

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Hayat öyle yada böyle bir şekilde ilerliyor. Tüm bu sarsıntıların altından kalkma gücünü de veriyor, altında kalma güçsüzlüğünü de. Bir yerden kırılırken, bir yerden sağlamlaşıyorsun. Herşey o yüzden güllik gülistanlık değil, elbet çiçeklerin solacak ama bir gün açacaklar.

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Nothing like starting off the morning with hot coffee and homework.

I weighed in in the 137s today after I thought I went over my cal limit yesterday with pizza (:

I didn’t have to eat it, but I was hungry and it was right next to me, so I had 2 pieces. Instead of eating chocolate after I ate a bunch of strawberries we had just bought at the store! I love strawberry season 🍓❤🍓❤

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