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larkin-if · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
That's right folks. Five months, two patch updates and a broken laptop later, Larkin's newest content update is coming to you this Monday, October 4th. You read that right, the next content update will be released a week from today! Mark your calendars, set your notifs, because it's time to head back to Larkin and settle in for the slew of mess that Wyatt's sent down hill for you to catch.
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rosiesedits · a day ago
TLH MODERN AU : Part 11.11
Rosegold Polaroid Series
Tumblr media
"I wish I was good at something that could add beauty to the world rather than painting it with blood, I really do, but there you have it."
Matthew and Lucie love taking photos. And Lucie ships Matthew and Rosa very hard. She might as well be the captain of the Ship. This is a sneak-peek of Matthew and Rosa's photo album where they keep each other's photos. (Fluff Warning : they're too cute together)
Can you guess which handwriting belongs to whom?
Part II. I
Do not repost
Reblog and ask if you want to use
These things take time so I'd appreciate if you just asked before you wanted to use it and gave proper credits.
I took all the photos from pinterest so the credits go to the original owner(s). The edit, however, is all mine.
Taglist : @writeforjordelia @herondalesunsetcurve @buttcrflys-rose @guardianofhell @shadowrunner2000 @amchara @dark-artifices-only @the-enchanted-dreamer @rinadragomir @hardlymatters @books-and-wonders @chrysalism-sonder @julianblackthorn23 @blackasmysoul
P. S. Ask me to be added to my taglist
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moosopp-art · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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illolila · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A Chain of Iron inspired Cordelia Carstairs for day one of @llaertes coi countdown. Cordelia is my favorite so I had to, and I’m so proud of the details on this one. Jasmine flowers on her dress, the daisy, the little moth charm on her bracelet, and the mysterious globe necklace.
She’s up on Instagram too, likes and saves are so appreciated :)
Character is from @cassandraclare and cortana is based on Cassandra Jean’s design.
Click for high res
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blackwood-if · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
“so tell me, what exactly happened that night?”
as a student at blackwood university, there are many things that are expected of you. adaptability. drive. the ability to work under pressure. these traits are what make up a blackwood raven.
they’re also what make up a murderer.
so look. things might have gotten out of hand this semester. so out of hand that you’ve landed yourself in a police station, getting questioned about the murder of one of your best friends.
Tumblr media
you and your friends may or may not have murdered someone. one of your best friends to be exact. as an investigation begins, will you be able to keep what you did under wraps? or will you end your fourth year behind bars?
Tumblr media
fully customizable mc! all the good stuff!
(un)willingly participate in a murder!
(un)willingly cover up said murder!
help your friends work through their guilt! or just let them spiral!
dynamic relationships that change based on your decisions. romance one of your friends or destroy every one of your relationships, the choice is up to you.
and more!
Tumblr media
aliya irwin [ she/her ] - that girl that everyone on campus knows because not only is she hot but she is also absolutely terrifying. she knows almost everything about everyone. has a reputation as an alpha bitch, but that couldn’t be more wrong. hot girl with a heart of gold. older than baz by three minutes. business major.
cade rivas [ he/him ] - with the leather jacket and cigarettes, cade couldn’t seem more like a classic bad boy. he may have been one when you first met him, but these days he reminds you more of a tired dad than james dean. chronic flirt. acting major.
charlie burke [ they/them ] - life of the party. seems like they know basically every person on campus. charlie kind of reminds you of a puppy, in a way. excitable, playful, and perpetually happy. hot nerd with commitment issues. computer science major.
kai da silva [ gender cus. ] - the token jock. captain of the lacrosse team and top of their class. extremely loyal and passionate, kai is the one to trust to make rational decisions. the mom friend and the only one of your friends that is truly responsible. life science major.
sebastian “baz” irwin [ he/him ] - quiet and reserved, baz makes an unlikely addition to your group. almost always lost in his own thoughts. the complete opposite of his twin, he prefers to be the observer, whether it's playing photographer on the outskirts of party or, well, murder. film major.
sunita "sunny" saelim [ she/they ] - five feet and two inches of whoop ass. sunny lives up to her name with her endless optimism and bright personality. however, she burns hot like the sun too. fuck with them or their friends and they won’t hesitate to instigate a fight.
Tumblr media
blackwood will be rated 18+ due to explicit content.
inspired by the secret history, if we were villians, seance (2021), elite, how to get away with murder.
demo / ro info / locations / pinterest
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aveskeep · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Two designs of my Dratyr species. The red one is a boy named Phoenix
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gamingperipety · a month ago
Tumblr media
Demons, hellborn, hellenics, fauns, beasts. There have been countless of names to describe horned humanoids throughout the centuries.
Cast from the right to have their soul to pass onto the next life, the only thing Deobri can do is consume those of humans; in hopes of avoiding the inevitable nothingness that awaits at death.
You are a Haldee, a species believed to be the hybrid between a human and deobri; A child born of sin that shall bring the wrath of God along with it.
Since chosen as a Carrier, you have been living the majority of your life confined within the holy grounds, with few exceptions to step outside; Until a wounded deobri staggers on your doorstep, that is. 
Rating: mature, 18 +.
Tumblr media
Fully customisable character including: pronouns, gender, sex (optional!), physical appearance, personality, sexuality (including asexual, aromantic or both!), etc. 
Grow your horns or lose them for good.
Choose your own weapon, speciality and capabilities.
Romance one of the characters, form platonic bonds (or both).
Live and deal with the consequences of your actions.
Create an image for yourself or let the world swallow your existence in the shadows. 
Become a threat to society or mind your own business. Both?
You don’t have to be a hardcore flirt to make a character like you. It’s about the bond; different people like different approaches. The flirting options are there for those who relate to that type of expression.
Options to fade to black for intimate scenes.
You don’t have to kiss ass for the characters to like you (be that romantically or platonically). You might argue with them and they’ll think you’re hot af. Don’t be afraid to express yourself in fear of losing character points.
Tumblr media
demo / faq / pinterest / additional info ↓
Tumblr media
Dominik, your childhood friend (m) (human)
Charismatic, boundless and cunning. You have been together through thick and thin, but the waters are becoming muddy and soon you won't be able to make out who's your friend and who's your enemy.
Blonde hair, fair skin that easily burns in the sunlight and faint grey eyes that rarely find your face. 5’10’’/178 cm. 
Teht, the doctor (f/m) (human)
Secretive, innovative and kind. Teht has lived inside the holy grounds long before you came. They're the best doctor around, but you don't expect any less from someone who's entire family is specialised in the field. Although you've known one another for years, there's still a lot you don't know about them.
Wavy, borderline curly, rich brown hair, green eyes and olive skin.  6’2’’/188 cm (M). 5’10’’/178 cm (F).
Zet, the rogue (f/m) (deobri)
Aloof, loyal and brave. The wounded deobri that you oh-so-generously saved and got yourself in trouble for. Was it worth it? 
Blue eyes, white hair, fair skin. Nimble, toned body. 6’1’’/186 cm (m), 5’‘9’/176 cm (f). Two white horns that grow from the border of their hairline. 
Miata, the watcher (f) (human)
Headstrong, straightforward and blunt. Part of your escort whenever you are sent outside the holy grounds for ceremonial purposes. Is quite literally bound to you and you to her as part of her duty; That comes with the (un)fortunate revelation that she can locate and find you wherever you are.  
Dark brown eyes, black hair that she keeps away from her face in a tight bun while on duty and deep brown skin.  6’0’’/183 cm.
Prisca, the herald (f) (human)
Curious, intelligent and compassionate. A Contractor and the first one to be bound to two deobri at once. One of the newest additions to the Church’s order as well as a deobri enthusiast. As long as you’re not human you got her interest. 
Blue eyes, long and wavy red hair, rosy skin.  5’6.9’’/170 cm.
Narkis, the fiery warrior (m) (deobri)
Abrasive, sarcastic, and moody. The best warrior as far as bonded deobri go. Narkis seems to have a dislike for you that goes beyond factual evidence to back up his hunches. Surprisingly is very skilled with people; Quite the popular figure in places he’s well acquainted and corners that the echo of his name has reached. Wielding a sword as big as a human, he’s not limited to his physical power.
Golden eyes, white hair, pale skin, athletic built. One of his horns is slightly smaller than its counterpart, however it is hard to tell at first glance.  5’11’’/180 cm.
Shin Shian, the catastrophe (f/m) (human)
Confident, passionate and yet reserved. Shin is the youngest child of the Shian family. You don’t know them personally but their sibling, Herian, often talks about them whenever they visit. Likewise, Shin knows a lot about you. Perhaps more than you do yourself. 
Cool dark brown hair, greyish-green eyes, soft beige skin. Shin looks like they’re angry 24/7 (because of their dark and serious eyebrows) but they’re just chillin’.  5’8’’/173 cm. (f) 5′9′‘/176 cm (m)
Herian Shian, the prodigy (nb) (he/they) (human)
Sophisticated, empathetic yet mischievous. Herian is deemed a prodigy in the arts of Sealing. No other human has been abled to break his mental barriers when in the process and his Sygnum are no easy feat to undo. Even though they were placed on a pedestal from a young age, Herian has managed to keep a humble attitude and level head. Thanks to their talent and kind personality, Herian is wildly loved throughout the land by nobles and pheasants alike.
Black eyes, straight and long black hair, soft beige skin that easily tans in the sunlight. 5’11’’/180 cm. Always has an easy smile on their face. 
Kalipso, the assassin (f/m) (deobri)
Jovial, impulsive and charming. You would have never guessed that they can decapitate someone in 3 seconds by looking at them. 
Violet eyes, curly white hair that is kept short and golden brown skin. 5’5’/165 cm. They have shorter stature than the average deobri and svelte build. They have a single dimple on their left cheek. 
The Deobri Killer (f/m) (???)
Stoic, sombre and dutiful. Who they are? Where they come from? No one knows.
Red eyes, long and white hair, porcelain skin.  5’11’’/ 181 cm.
Tumblr media
Ilian (m) (deobri)
Calm, collected and logical. Narkis’ twin. Ilian is known for having a level head yet a soft heart. He tends to be more hesitant in decision making than his older brother, carefully assessing possibilities before throwing himself into action. 
Golden eyes, white hair, pale skin, lean built. 5’10’’/179 cm. Ilian has two scars on his face. One which starts from the middle of his right eyebrow and goes down his eye to finish at the edge of his jaw. The second one is located underneath his bottom lip. His horns are bigger than his brother’s. 
Ains (m) (deobri)
Observant, apathetic and reserved. Ains is Herian’s contracted deobri who dislikes everyone and everything. His fighting prowess are not the best out there but his sharp mind has saved his contractor enough times to prove that he’s a valuable asset for the Shian family. 
Blue eyes, curly white hair that sometimes falls on his face much to his annoyance, sickly pale skin. Lithe built. 5’11.6’’/182 cm.
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thrill-seeker-if · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Last update: July 20th, 2021 | 
Thrill Seeker is rated 18+ for gore, violence, bad language, and themes of physical abuse. Any other warnings will be added as the game progresses.
Thrill Seeker is an interactive fiction horror/mystery game with romantic aspects. Solve the mystery of who killed your mother and make some friends along the way.
Rules for asks
Tumblr media
Upon coming back to the family home from college, you find the corpse of your mother mutilated almost beyond recognition. Apart from the terrible scene, there is seemingly no evidence found by the police and no suspects are brought up.
The lack of answers is driving you crazy, and so you set out to find out who has killed your mother yourself. This job will be difficult-- there will be friends that can help you along the way, but some of them have darkness that runs through them bone deep, and to trust the wrong person can be deadly.Still, if you can find it in yourself to trust them... or to simply look past your own judgement-- you might be able to romance them, as well.
There is corruption all around you-- make sure you know who to trust. Make sure you can trust yourself. 
Will you be led into corruption, yourself?
Tumblr media
- fully customize your MC - choose their name, physical appearance, race, and gender (including cis, non binary and transgender options, all of which will influence the story!)
- Change your MC’s personality - your choices affect their reality, and change your ending (some which are good and some... which are less than good, by the conventional sense)
- Befriend and/or romance three love interests (gender selectable) who influence YOU just as much as you influence them, and who can change your ending
- Solve your mother’s murder and/or ruin your life
Tumblr media
Hansol/Hanyoung Blackthorne | m/f | 26 yrs old | Hansol’s height: 195 cm | Hanyoung’s height: 180 cm | Korean/Vietnamese descent
Hannie was your old high school rival, going to the same private school as you did. Differing from you, who got there on scholarship, they got there on their parent’s money. Their family owns a law firm, which has always been Hannie’s dream to own-- and own, they now do. 
You remember them as infuriating and just a little too perfect to be real. Sometimes people are gifted with just a little too much-- save some talent for the rest of us! It would’ve been easier to let go of your rivalry if they were just some silver spoon-- no, they just had to be a golden one, too. Smartest in class, best in athletics, super tall and super handsome-- and to make matters worse, they ran for student body president. You never stood a chance-- you were forced to go for vice!
They were the last person you expected to see at your mother’s funeral, and you expected even less their want to help you. Again, the thought comes into your head... too perfect to be real.
You both still butt heads-- it’s hard not to. But at least they’re genuine. 
Oliver/Olivia Williams | m/f | 25 yrs old | Oliver’s height: 173 cm | Olivia’s height: 179 cm | British descent
Oli was your neighbour and best friend growing up. You’ve always been together for as long as you can remember, and they’ve been there for you through thick and thin. You haven’t seen them in a while-- you lost contact when you left for college. 
Still you can remember how they made you smile. You can’t think of a more bright person. They lit up every room they were in, their laughter was infectious, and they were always there for you. Whether it was your first breakup, another time of Hannie beating you, through thick and thin, they were always there. And, you can bet you were there for them, just as much, and you cared for them with just as much ferocity as they cared for you.
They were one of the first you contacted when you found out about her death. They were a cop, after all, and they lived in the same area as your mother-- there was no one you trusted more. 
But for all of Oli’s kindness and similarities... something seems off. They aren’t the same person they used to be, and you don’t think it’s just the years. Something changed them.
You can only hope it’s not for the worse.
Nneka/Naasir Adebayo | m/f | 28 yrs old | Nneka’s height: 149 cm | Naasir’s height: 185 cm | Igbo descent
N Adebayo is a doctor... or at least, they’re trying to be. And they’re almost done their studies!
They met your mother when they were just a child. N had many health problems, but your mother had been there for them and always treated them with kindness. She inspired them to go into medicine. If they could make a difference in someone’s life like how your mother made one in theirs-- that would make them happy beyond belief. 
You met them at the funeral, and they were passionate about helping you. They had already been looking for might have done it-- you were surprised to find that. N is passionate in everything they do, and they pour all of their heart into everything. They're the kindest person you’ve ever met, and your heart feels light just looking at them.
However, there’s a sharp edge to that smile. They change emotions so quickly-- and they’re so good at acting, too. What do they really feel? What do they really want?
Just pray you’ll have the upper hand when you find out.
Find out more about the RO’s: N Adebayo | Oli Williams | Hannie Blackthorne
If you’re interested, please follow the development of Thrill Seeker on this tumblr <3 My ask box is always open, too!!
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rosiesedits · 2 days ago
TLH MODERN AU : Part 111.v11
Ghostwriter Fest Series
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“If I must fade,” he said, “I would like to fade remembering this as my last waking dream.”
“Don’t go,” she whispered. “Hold on, for me. We are so close.”
He touched her cheek. “Only promise me one thing,” he said. “If I do go, give us a happy ending, will you? In your book?”
“I don’t believe in endings,” she said, but he only smiled at her, and faded slowly from view.
Lucie and Jesse are that photogenic photographer couple in the gang. And Matthew and Rosa never miss the chance to tease them. For the upcoming Ghostwriter Fest 2021, the sneak-peeks of Ghostwriter's photo album is to be revealed.
Other parts list :
Part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 part 5 part 6
Do not repost
Reblog and ask if you want to use
These things take time so I'd appreciate if you just asked before you wanted to use it and gave proper credits.
I took all the photos from pinterest so the credits go to the original owner(s). The edit, however, is all mine.
Taglist : @writeforjordelia @herondalesunsetcurve @buttcrflys-rose @guardianofhell @shadowrunner2000 @amchara @dark-artifices-only @the-enchanted-dreamer @rinadragomir @hardlymatters @books-and-wonders @chrysalism-sonder @julianblackthorn23 @blackasmysoul
P. S. Ask me to be added to my taglist
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moosopp-art · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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abyss-if · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
What was supposed to be a simple job has spiraled into something far greater than you. After receiving a strange, gut-wrenching message from your brother, you embark on a journey through space on an old ship, alongside wanted criminals. Somehow, in an attempt to save your brother, you become entangled in a heist bigger than the galaxy has ever seen.
But not everything is as it seems, and it looks like you may have accidentally started a revolution.
Tumblr media
Customizable MC (play as a female, male, non-binary or trans, choose your appearance, craft your personality and hone your skills)
Save your brother (or at least try to save him)
Fall in love with one of the four unique RO’s, two of them with customizable gender
Rob the rich
Overthrow a government or two
Attend a Alice in Wonderland themed party
Found family trope, because who doesn’t love that?
Adopt an alien pet – a space dog, bird or a rat
And remember, arson is okay
The demo is finally here! 
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mage-parivir · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
UPDATED 20 Aug 2021 |   NEXT Mid-Sept 2021
Tumblr media
DEMO! | Patreon | Discord | COG Forum Thread
Tumblr media
They speak in low whispers of the mage, of night terrors or a hero returned, a demon and a saint in the same breath. Heresy, said the priests; hearsay, said the lords. But the crown is silent even as the grapevines unfurl, and so the rumors swell and spread all the same.
Like wind passing through the trembling trees, certain as the coming of the dawn, the word travels through farmsteads and castles alike:
The mage lives again.
You are a talented mage on the run from your mysterious past, who becomes embroiled in a tangle of royal politics and warfare you had never seen coming.
This chain of events sees you executed for a crime you did not commit--and resurrected by a mysterious group bearing a vicious vendetta. As around you the world moves to repeat the tragedy of an age-old conflict, you must find a place for yourself in the midst of this chaos...before it claims your life once more.
Tumblr media
Play as a man, woman, or non-binary. The game will never ask you to define your romantic or sexual inclinations; you may assess your attraction to each potential suitor as they arise.
Walk the path of a legendary mage, combining four different schools of magic to devastating effects.
Uncover the secrets of your dark heritage, and harness the tremendous powers that run through your bloodline.
Find love from among five romance options, including a warrior king, an aspiring saintess, a pair of underground revolutionaries, and a figure from your distant past.
Strike a bargain with arcane deities beyond your ken, and invoke their powers on the field of battle–at a steep price.
Shape your character’s personality, and have it influence their dialogue with others in the world.
Rise to lofty heights as the right hand of royalty, and experience a fall from grace resulting in your execution.
Take revenge against the kingdom that executed you, or seek a path to reconciliation.
Unravel the truth behind the continent’s age-old conflicts, and see its future shaped according to your influence.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Formerly the leader of the White Fangs, a band of mercenaries operating out of the Parami city of Calinger. Leon is a member of the Royal House of Param, and a celebrated war hero who liberated his nation from foreign invaders. Although in his youth he was known to have a laid-back and sunny disposition, recent events have rendered him solemn and aloof. [RO]
Tumblr media
Former healer of the White Fangs. Ilya is a priestess and foremost candidate for the position of Saintess of the Jovian Church, one of the most influential positions in all of Arvanand. She is also heiress to a noble house on the brink of ruin, and living at the edge of destitution has tempered her into a wise and dutiful young woman. [RO]
Tumblr media
Brother to Leon and himself a prince of Param. Though there is a childishness and naivete to him that speaks of his youth, Saine is the model prince in nearly all aspects: he excels at his studies, observes decorum perfectly, and is a fighter talented enough to hold his own in the White Fangs. Yet the prince seems to have a strained relationship with his station in life, and is markedly resentful of those who seeks to tie him down to it. [Non-RO]
Tumblr media
Formerly Falco/Flyss Oscionne. A young mage possessing prodigious skill in commanding the arcane, with the ambition to match. They are irascible and easily given to grandstanding, and they further seem to carry a particular dislike for you. [RO]
Tumblr media
Formerly Yusuha/Yurui Cheilong. A native of the Yotai Free Cities, though their maternal family tree can be traced back to Salantira. Flirtatious, kind, and easygoing to a fault, which makes them seem an odd fit for the sinister organization they work for. And though they often advocate against the crude methods of those they work with, their loyalty to the cause never seems to waver. [RO]
Tumblr media
A combat healer whose cold demeanor belies a heart of gold. A close confidant of yours in your childhood, Eli was present during the most traumatic moments of your life and was the only reason you survived them. Certain events compelled them to sacrifice their life to save yours; now that you’ve been miraculously reunited, they seem adamant to stay by your side at all costs. [RO]
Tumblr media
A woman of ethereal beauty who serves as a priestess of the Ishavak Faith. Though on paper her position within the Ishavak Church is a lowly one, in truth she acts as the covert leader of its military arm. As the foremost expert on matters of the arcane, an able political strategist, and an incredible mage besides, Tahlia is perhaps the Ishavak Faith’s strongest asset in reestablishing its presence throughout Arvanand.  [Non-RO]
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smellsblood-if · a month ago
Tumblr media
smells blood demo: tba
Despite the fact that your power sucks, you managed to become one of the most loved figures in the country. 
After an accident that would end your short career as a hero, to keep the secret behind the reason of your retirement under the radar, you were assigned a last mission; To protect the leader of the P.N.S (public national safety) agency by posing as their spouse to the public, while working as a school teacher to monitor a child who shares the same power as you but on steroids.
▪︎Romance a school teacher, your childhood friend turned villain, the young CEO whom you’re in a fake marriage with, their best friend or your common rival.
▪︎ Costumise your main character, including appearance, personality, gender identity etc.
▪︎Choose one of the four powers: 
enhance (you can enhance the power of whoever you touch), 
future vision (you can see a few seconds into the future; it gets triggered every time your life is in danger), 
immortality (a far fetched name. You're not immortal by any means but a bullet to the head wouldn't do much damage unless your head got cut off), 
telekinesis (be careful what you wish for).
▪︎Take care of a brat with an attitude.
▪︎This is a character driven game so relationships are important, be those romantic or platonic.
Romantic options:
Killian/a "Kei" Trevor [M/F][29]: Your fake spouse and the CEO and founder of Public National Safety agency that operates with the assistance of D.N.M families such as yours. After a series of attempted assassinations, your father got the brilliant idea of offering you as Kei’s bodyguard, but due to some unforeseen events the whole thing became more complicated than what you had initially thought to be a simple job.
They have dyed blonde hair and amber eyes, a lean body with a height of 182 cm and a look of confidence in their eyes. 
Nicoletta “Nico” Adriano [F][27]: The youngest daughter of the prestigious Adriano family and your rival. After your retirement all the attention went to her as the most powerful D.N.M in Vras. You have saved one another's lives many times, but while you had to rely on your wits for the most part, Nico is made of raw power and hard earned experience.
Nico has a petite body of 160 cm, cool long dark brown hair with bangs, soft beige skin and pale blue eyes. 
Victor Lee [M][35][192 cm]: A middle school teacher who could have probably become a model if he so desired. He don’t seem to like kids that much so you’re not sure why they became a teacher in the first place.  Although they appear aloof, Victor is very attentive to other people's moods. He can catch the slightest change in someone's demeanour like it was a walk in the park; and he hates it.
Broad shoulders and back, inverted triangle type of body. He’s always wearing glasses that sometimes rest atop his black hair that he keeps combed back and out of their face.
Meian/Mei-An Ibara [M/F][24]: Kei’s best friend as well as your current supervisor pertaining Kei’s assassination attempts. Easy to get along with but hard to get to know, Ibara prefers to keep you at a distance, however they’re the first person who’s willing to lend you a hand if you’re having trouble with ‘the brat’. Whether that refers to the child or Kei is something you’ve never quite figured out. 
They have tanned skin, deep brown, almost black hair and broad shoulders. Ibara has a high of 180 cm. 
Azazel [M][26]: You've known him long before he took on that name. Both of you came from homes that held high expectations of you and while some are able to maintain the status quo, others like him crumble by the immersive weight. Azazel and you used to look after one another, but as times change, so do feelings. 
Slim build but with enough lean muscle, blue eyes, black hair and dark brown skin, Azazel stands at 177 cm.
Oscar [M][6]: The brat under your surveillance. Oscar has an immersive amount of power that could easily exceed that of Nico, however because of your similarities, the higher ups trusted him to you instead. He has a hard time controlling his powers and often allows his emotions to get the best of him. His favourite pastime is ‘attacking’ you when your attention is not on him. A metaphorical cat in the form of a child. 
Morian Lee [M][10]: Victor's son, Oscar's favourite playmate and you biggest fan. Unlike Oscar, Morian is a very calm and level headed child, preferring to stay inside and read or play videogames instead of doing whatever other children are doing outside. His favourite pastime, however is watching documentaries. 
Morian is a split image of his father to a ridiculous extend. If you happen to see a picture of Victor when he was the same age as his son it’d be hard to see a difference. 
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lacunafiction · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Last: 8 July 2021 (Intro to Chap 4 [119k]) | Next: To Be Determined
Tumblr media
>THE DEMO!< | COG Forum |  FAQs | RO Aesthetics
Tracking #Fernweh Saga and #Lacuna Fiction for art, MC edits, etc., but you can also @ mention this blog too.
Tumblr media
[ Fernweh Saga is a character driven, romance focused interactive fiction with slow-build horror elements that unravel as you move deeper into the plot.]
~Some homecomings feel more like rude awakenings, but this one will become a waking nightmare...~
You return to the small town of Fernweh after the death of your grandfather, which is ironic because you were explicitly sent away from the town by him following the tragic death of your parents in a house fire. It's been several years since you left. Returning isn't something that you had considered, but the vague letter you received about tying up loose ends was on fancy stationary and looked official enough.
What was supposed to be a quick trip to collect personal belongings and sign some legal documents soon spirals into a grim mystery when you learn of the odd circumstances surrounding your grandfather's death and start experiencing vivid nightmares.
Familiar faces are all around; you know some of them as former childhood friends, rivals, or neighbors, but they may become current allies as you all try to unravel what exactly is going on in this small, seemingly idyllic, forested town.
A feeling of unease grows with each sleepless night spent within Fernweh's borders, but you can't leave yet...
It won't let you.
Tumblr media
Play as a man, woman, or non-binary person with the ability to customize your sexuality, fashion style, physical features, room theme, etc.
Allow your personality, habits, decisions, and relationships to influence how you face-off against what lurks within Fernweh like in a horror film/book.
Experience different types of romantic burns and tropes (rivals to lovers, friends to lovers, unrequited love (or is it...?), no strings attached, and more) alongside different types of horror (dread, cosmic, supernatural, survival, and more) as you progress through the series.
Develop ‘something’ (the choice is yours) with the 4 romance options; there are 5 romance routes that are fully integrated into the plot.
Create friendships and relationships with the main cast of characters that are tracked by different point systems.
Understand your past, your parents’ death, and what really happened to not only your family, but to you.
Add to (or take away from) an inventory system that will impact/unlock certain choices later in the game. Clues, weapons, odd items, etc.
Discover that there are more than just small town politics at play; factions will remember how you treat them and may help or hurt you in the future books. (Book 1 is about hints/discovery, while we learn more in Book 2.)
Fight, resist, flee, struggle, or adapt to face whatever is invading your nightmares and the town; there is more to it than a boring ole’ monster…Much more. 
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Tumblr media
[The ROs are open to all players and their genders are set by your preference.]
>Becca/Beckett Warrick (RO Aesthetic) 
-Current friend of the MC
♥ Personality: Someone who naturally tends to fret or worry over things because they mean well and overthink; B is your friend who didn’t want you to make the trip out to Fernweh alone. A realistic, borderline pessimistic viewpoint tends to be taken, but they will always try to reassure and assist their friends no matter their own assessment of the problem. They don’t know what to expect from the town, but are loyal, hesitant, sometimes goofy, and will remain close by your side for as long as you will let them…
♥ Appearance: Expressive hazel eyes. Wavy light brown hair (Beckett’s hair is cut short with natural wave, while Becca’s is medium length). Olive skin with a golden undertone. Somewhat athletic build. Tends to have an earnest expression that may allude to some caution, but a tentative half-smile often curves their lips. An unassuming posture; sometimes fiddles with their hair or hands as an outlet for nerves.
>Sofia/Silas Dorran (RO Aesthetic) 
-Former neighbors with the MC
♠ Personality: ‘Wait and see’ characterizes their approach to most things, since assessing and learning more is what is preferred before making effort and getting invested; however, once they decide to be invested, actions that defy logic and reason will be considered to protect the ones they care for. Their keen intellect is often made that much sharper by their dry sarcasm. No stranger to hard work, S helps out their mother at the B&B and is the type to assist without being asked. Your sudden return to Fernweh is unexpected and new in a way that S isn’t quite sure how to approach…
♠ Appearance: Dark brown eyes. Long ebony hair that has been braided with care; a few lengths have been dyed a deep cerulean blue. Dark brown skin. Lanky, willowy build. Tends to school their features with cool neutrality, though there is often a natural curiosity and inquisitiveness to how they look at things. Relaxed, unbothered posture.
>Ruby/Reese Verner (RO Aesthetic)
-Former playground rivals with the MC
♦Personality: ‘I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it’ is applicable. Playful, arrogant, calculating, but also charming, perceptive, and sometimes well-meaning, R can leave people off-balance and uncertain of where they truly stand with the Verner heir. Their mischievous smirk can just as quickly turn into a frosted over, sharp smile once they are crossed. They have an irreverence for the tradition that they were strictly brought up within. Your return to Fernweh is viewed as a potential diversion from the stuffy business meetings, glitzy parties, and small town politics that they must deal with, though R’s interest may go beyond that…
♦Appearance: Pale blue eyes. Sleek platinum blond hair that is styled with some sort of product (Reese’s hair is crew cut and styled back, while Ruby’s is long length). Fair borderline pale skin. A runner's build toned without extra muscle. Tends to have a proud set to their lips, not quite a smirk or a smug smile, but amused at what is happening around them that they are above. Perfect, elegant posture.
> Jane/James Corvin (RO Aesthetic) 
-Former childhood friends with the MC
♣ Personality: ‘All work and no play’ could characterize J alongside a strong sense of what is right and wrong. They take their job seriously because they do care about the town and the people within it and don’t want to mess up as the Detective. That care—that conscientious—that protectiveness extends to you, so your return to Fernweh is something that was marked on their calendar, though they wish it was under better circumstances...Intense and unwavering with a carefully guarded softness, they stand by their choices and those they care about, though sometimes that is at the cost of what they want.
♣ Appearance: Intense green eyes more often than not accented by faint dark circles from sleeplessness. Medium length, raven hair often restrained by a hair tie (James’s hair is jaw length, while Jane’s is closer to shoulder length). They have naturally tan skin with a warmer undertone. Well-built and muscular, broad shoulders. Tends to have a severe or serious expression that can unintentionally intimidate. Tense posture with arms often crossed.
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bekahdoesnerdshit · a month ago
Tumblr media
An absolutely stunning commission of my D&D character Cog by @sadfishkid! Cog is a bright-eyed young sorcerer with a kind heart and an eagerness to make the world a better place, and though her blind optimism has often butted heads with the realities of the world she still goes out of her way to make the world a softer, gentler place where she can. Everything about this piece shows who she is so beautifully and succinctly; I couldn't be more happy with how it turned out!
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