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guillerhomo 2 months ago
at colin robinsons funeral: it shouldve been me. not to die but to push my hand through a bunch of odd green goo
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ylissebian 3 months ago
i just spent all day making this amv in loving memory so u could say im coping well
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laszlinenthusiast 2 months ago
didn't Nadja give Gregor all his pre-reincarnation memories back???? Or did i hallucinate that?
wouldnt that mean that even if Colin did lose all his memory due to his rebirth, wouldn't Nadja (or maybe any other vampire?? Idk) be able to bring his memories back?
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nadjasvulva 3 months ago
im so upset 馃槶馃槶馃槶
Tumblr media
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colinrobinsonn 14 days ago
I鈥檓 still holding out for colin robinson x mikey
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deepseabees 2 months ago
Tumblr media
This is probably a joke for no one and that's okay!
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teacupsandcyanide 3 months ago
A lot of people have pointed out that Nandor has super strength and could have just pulled away from Guillermo or even run away while Guillermo was busy fighting off other vamps, and the tragic thing is that yes that but also Nandor was full brainwashed by that point. He fully believed that he didn鈥檛 have vampiric strength bc he wasn鈥檛 allowed to use it; it鈥檚 even possible he was weaker than usual because we don鈥檛 know what they were allowed to eat there and whether they were allowed to sleep with their dirt.
And other people have pointed out that this whole wellness center thing was something of a cry for help and that鈥檚 tragic too bc it totally was, as much as it was Nandor truly thinking this would make him happy. The fact that he left that pamphlet in plain sight in his room with a passive-aggressive note just to see if anyone would come after him is just fhjskshava [off key singing] Physically Painful~
Like yeah he was manically happy when the camera crew stopped by to do their catchup, but before that how was he? how many days/nights was Nandor lying awake or staring off into the distance (in the small moments he had that weren鈥檛 dedicated to keeping the entire group in such a blind frenzy of rhythmic energy that none of them could think straight) thinking 鈥淚 bet Nadja will show up tomorrow screaming about me leaving her to do all the work herself, and I won鈥檛 even care haha鈥 or 鈥渓et Laszlo just try and show up and tell me I鈥檓 stupid, he鈥檒l feel stupid when he sees how cute my human blowout is鈥 or 鈥渄id Colin Robinson bagsy my room when I was leaving or did I imagine that鈥 or 鈥渨ow I really thought Guillermo would - not that I care what Guillermo would do with his stakes and his big trench coat and his face slapping gloves anyway鈥
And when did those thoughts turn to 鈥渙h. No one is coming for me. They鈥檙e actually not coming for me鈥?
Like it genuinely just guts me that there probably were times when Nandor wouldn鈥檛 have looked confused and horrified to see Guillermo; or when he wouldn鈥檛 have said 鈥淚鈥檝e never been happy until then and you took me away from that鈥, but by the time Guillermo got there it was too late and he was brainwashed to the point where he really believed that what he felt there was inclusion and love and happiness, and that he was a human simply because he鈥檇 been told he was now
But! It also pains me in a different way that even when Guillermo got there too late, Nandor didn鈥檛 run away. He believed he was human and that he was happy and that no one in the Staten Island house cared about him, but there was still enough muscle memory left for him to trust Guillermo implicitly and cover his face, not try to escape, and hold onto Guillermo鈥檚 hand while Guillermo got them both out of there
Anyway luckily this is a comedy so I look forward to the funny montage of deprogramming Nandor over a timeskip using rubber bands and feeding him sheep blood out of a baby bottle
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ataleofnandermo a month ago
If you rewatch the scene from Collaboration (S2E8) where Guillermo tells Nandor he has a better offer about being turned into a vampire and Nandor tells him to take it, Nandor is clearly SO butt-hurt and handles things like an 8-year old child. Like, 鈥淲ELL, BENJI is the BEST familiar I鈥檝e EVER had!!鈥 And pokes his finger at Guillermo鈥檚 tummy. Like, bruh 馃槀馃槀 i wonder why he cares so much about Guillermo leaving him to become a vampire (and potentially never return) when we saw that Benji, a familiar who he clearly liked and had a lot of fun, was abandoned at a bus-stop and had his memory erased after 10 years of service (Guillermo has completed 11 years.) 馃馃. Nandor does get upset and complain to the documentary crew once Guillermo leaves, but dang is he completely taken aback and has no idea how to react when Guillermo threatens to leave him. Like, the man just breaks down and goes into this immature, angsty teen defensive mode. And remember that time (I forget what episode) when he鈥檚 sulking about Guillermo, becomes angry about it, and asks Colin Robinson to take pictures of him having fun to send to Guillermo and make him jealous? He鈥檚 acting like a heart-broken and petty teenager who is upset about their ex and wants to get their attention through social media 馃槀馃槀 (I also find it so funny at the end of Collaboration when he comes to take Guillermo back and Guillermo is running for his life, covered in blood, screaming about how he was at the Orgi ((and then the vampires came and started killing everyone)) and Nandor interrupts him because he doesn鈥檛 want to hear about Guillermo having a good time at the orgi LMAO. Remember Nandor鈥檚 expression in the Casino episode when Nadja and Lazlo were teasing Guillermo about hooking up with girls/a girlfriend? He was like, 鈥榶eahhh sex 馃槒馃槒鈥 And then his expression when he realizes Guillermo is gay says so much. he鈥檚 genuinely listening and taking Guillermo seriously.
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orforeverholdyourpeace 3 months ago
ik that nadja and the doll are essentially the same person, or at least they're as similar as a vampire and a possessed doll can be, but i still wish that the doll was present in the room when colin robinson....well, you know.
she considered the time spent with him a good memory and she's a part of the family and i-
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serendipitouscontaminant 2 months ago
NANDOR: Please, I am speaking here! And when I was the leader of my country, I would kill anyone who disrespected me when I鈥檓 talking about candles.
COLIN ROBINSON: You were the leader of a country?
NANDOR: Yes. I was the leader of Al Quolanudar.
LASZLO: That sounds like you just made it up.
COLIN: Sounds fake.
NANDOR: No, I have not just made it up, it鈥檚 a real country, it鈥檚 not a fake country, it鈥檚 a real country, Al Quolanudar.
NADJA: Bless you.
NANDOR: Guillermo, go on your intelligent telephone machine and look it up.
GUILLERMO: Spell that? A鈥
- S1e8, Citizenship
So, like everyone else in the WWDITS tag, I am Normal About This Show, and thus I have spent way too long thinking about how that exchange makes no sense and how to make it make sense. YES, the real explanation is that it was early in the show and it was the funniest way to do the reveal that Al Quolanudar dissolved and set off the A plot of the episode, but I have still decided to dedicate an extended amount of time to hammering out a Watsonian explanation and now you have to suffer with me as I explain how I handwave many of the inconsistencies/what I as a vaguely obsessive person perceive as inconsistencies in this show.
Anyway, first鈥攚hy does it not make sense? Well, Nandor鈥檚 750+. There鈥檚 no point in time in between that and 2019 where he found out that his country, which he used to rule, dissolved? He鈥檚 also the one who, later in the episode, pinpoints it as part of Southern Iran, and it doesn鈥檛 seem to be something he just discovered. We also find out that he already started the citizenship process, and I feel like some basic research about his place of birth would鈥檝e AT LEAST come up then.
Then, when it comes to the other vampires asking about it鈥ell, in season 3, we find out that the Staten Island house has been celebrating Nandor鈥檚 Accession Day for years. And even if we ignore that because it鈥檚 clear that the writers did not have that planned when writing s1e8, Nandor never shuts up about how he was ruler of Al Quolanudar! The possibility that anyone in that house wasn鈥檛 aware of that aspect of his past is zero.
But!!! There鈥檚 totally an explanation!!! And by explanation I mean my headcanon, which is that Al Quolanudar existing as the place Nandor ruled and Al Quolanudar being dissolved isn鈥檛 new information to the vampires + human of the Staten Island house. Nandor himself became aware of it鈥攁nd probably had a crisis about it鈥攊n the 1400s. It鈥檚 just that by the time the episode rolled around, he鈥檇 forgotten. And if you forget something completely enough, it鈥檚 still a revelation when you find out about it again.
Colin Robinson, for his part, is just goading Nandor, potentially even being kind of sarcastic. 鈥淥h, really? You were the leader of a country? No kidding.鈥 Naturally, Nadja and Laszlo can鈥檛 help but join in on the teasing. Then when it comes to Al Quolanudar having been dissolved, I think that Colin totally already knew and it鈥檚 a question mark whether Nadja and Laszlo did.
Guillermo, however, absolutely knew Al Quolanudar had dissolved. But he also knew Nandor DIDN鈥橳 know. (And probably never really spent too much time thinking that he ever might have known because that鈥檚, like, kinda sad when you dwell on it too long.) He never broke the news to Nandor because he didn鈥檛 want to upset him. He was fumbling with his phone and asking about spelling because he was trying to act like he had no idea what was up with Al Quolanudar, a place he had DEFINITELY googled because he鈥檚 known Nandor ten years at that point. He and Laszlo just went to the same 鈥渋gnorance is bliss鈥 school of friendship in this case.
Anyway, a lot of 鈥渨ait, how does that make sense?鈥 moments in the show or moments where characters seem to know less about each other or themselves than one might expect are easily explained, imo, by the ravages of time and inconsistencies of memory, especially with Nandor. (For example, I personally think that a non-zero amount of the interactions we see Nandor and Guillermo have are interactions they鈥檝e had before, probably multiple times, that Nandor just kind of forgot. But that鈥檚 a meta for another time.)
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sukurarose92 2 months ago
Look, I am utterly devastated at how Season 3 ended. I think all the Nandermo fans are, at least a little bit. But that does not mean that i am not absolutely thrilled at the possibilities of what is to come.聽
The series so far has had these characters wrapped up in each other. Laszlo and Nadja are a solid duo, you rarely see one without the other.聽
Guillermo鈥檚 character is completely wrapped up in taking care of Nandor and Nandor is dependent on Guillermo for nearly everything.聽
We got to see so much more of Laszlo, as a person, in season 3 via his newly formed connection to Colin Robinson and this really helped flesh out his character and I feel Season 4 is going to do this for everyone else too.聽
Let鈥檚 start with Laszlo. Everything this man has done has been for his wife since the moment he was turned. Sure he鈥檚 had some of his own side projects (like the copious amounts of pornos he鈥檚 been part of) and he鈥檚 got a friend of his own (Sean), but for the most part, Laszlo is content to let Nadja lead the way in everything. Staying behind is the first time that Laszlo has put anything before Nadja. It鈥檚 the first time that he鈥檚 made a choice for himself, rather than for them. That doesn鈥檛 mean that it鈥檚 the right choice but the fact remains that this is progress.聽 I can鈥檛 say much about Colin Robinson right now because the whole mess with him is up in the air. Will he have his memories? will he be a whole new person? Can he talk as a baby? will he age rapidly? There鈥檚 so many variables to consider that there鈥檚 really no way of knowing right now how the new season will affect his character but I do know that he is going to be essential in Laszlo鈥檚 growth.聽 Nadja. This woman wants power. she wants respect and control and she has everything she needs to get it. The problem is that she wants it a little too much. She will tear through whoever is in her path to conquest and that can make her enemies pretty quickly. She needs a steady hand and someone who knows enough about people to understand where the line is and that is where Guillermo comes in. Laszlo is not good at telling Nadja聽鈥渘o鈥. He is extremely supportive, almost to the point of being enabling of bad habits. Nadja needs someone who can tell it to her straight and I think the only person capable of that is Guillermo because he鈥檚 the only one who鈥檚 not afraid of her. I think She is going to soften up towards Guillermo. It might take a little time because she will likely be very hurt by Laszlo鈥檚 betrayal and she鈥檒l take it out on the only person she can, which is Guillermo. That鈥檚 not to say that he鈥檒l just put up with it, I think he鈥檚 grown enough not to... but I think they鈥檒l reach an understanding that they鈥檙e both heartbroken over their respective loves leaving them and they will become closer for that. Guillermo will help Nadja learn to play the game, not just how to claw her way to the top but how to stay there. He鈥檒l earn her respect and i feel like they might just walk out of season 4 with the most badass friendship the show has seen to date.聽 Let鈥檚 talk about Guillermo now. Yeah, in some ways he鈥檚 changed from one vampire master to another but I don鈥檛 think he鈥檚 going to put up with the same amount of bullshit from Nadja that he did from Nandor because he does not love her the same way. This time away from Nandor, away from his life in Staten Island, in this whole new place is exactly what our boy needs to grow into his own person. He can learn more about his vampire hunting heritage, gain some confidence and possibly even some connections into the supreme worldwide vampiric council that could be extremely useful when he鈥檚 finally turned.聽 Finally we come to Nandor. This is the first time in centuries that he has been on his own and I think this is a perfect turning point for him. He鈥檚 finally going to get to see everything that Guillermo has done for him over the years, all the ways that his favorite human left scars and stains behind on his heart and in his life. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and I think that before the end of the half way mark on the season we will see Nandor, at the banks of the river Tigris, wishing that Guillermo was there with him, feeling empty and hollow and realizing that he needs the other with him. That he doesn鈥檛 WANT to spend his life alone... he鈥檚 not even sure he wants to spend his life with anyone else. I think he鈥檒l go back to Staten Island because he didn鈥檛 go out and聽鈥渟ee the world鈥 like he had planned. his world was back in that house, hopefully, waiting for him.聽 I have no idea if any of these predictions are correct and I won鈥檛 know until season 4 drops but the possibilities are endless and while this could鈥檝e been so neatly wrapped up with everyone getting their little happy endings I cannot wait to see how these characters grow and define themselves with these new bonds and experiences.聽 I think we鈥檙e going to see new sides to all of them and come out of Season 4 with some really fleshed out and interesting characters and dynamics. I cannot wait! <3
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bigbadgayboy 3 months ago
Taking into account that picture of the main 4 on New Years Eve in 1925, meaning that Colin Robinson was 4-5 years old in the picture
I have a headcanon that Colin is gonna come out as a baby from his goopy corpse and over the course of days/weeks/months or even a whole year (or two) Colin rapidly grows back into adult hood, which is a typical cycle for energy vampires
and invoking the rules from Fantasy High (in which a character is part phoenix), Colin has absolutely no memory of his previous life, but may be able to get back to some same degree by looking through the journals and posts of his old life.
HYPOTHETICALLY, saying all this would be true, this would be Colin's first or maybe only second rotation in a new body
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bulwarkstaff 3 months ago
if i dont see some memorial videos to colin robinson with his ass out and some sad music playing in the background soon im going to super slumber
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nadjasvulva 3 months ago
just letting everyone know that i will never mentally recover from colin robinson鈥檚 death
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sth113 4 months ago
I've seen a few theories on energy vampires floating around, and I wanted to share mine.
I think Energy Vampires may be able to reproduce with humans (thus explaining Colin Robinson's memories of his mom and dad, and the fact that he had a grandmother) but maybe their kids can be normal-ish and age. Then when they would die, they turn instead. That would explain why Colin Robinson may have had a childhood and why he looks like he might be a little older than the weed Energy Vampire (can't remember his name). It would also explain his creepy reflection. And maybe because even their human lives are dull they don't have as many memories of their life before being turned.
Or maybe they're born and age very slowly.
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nadjasgizmo 2 months ago
Thoughts on the retcon / muddled logic of things in the show:
All of the main vamps (aside from Colin Robinson) are centuries old so they'd be incredibly unreliable narrators. Sometimes I can barely remember what happened a year ago, so imagine trying to accurately recall events from hundreds?
Plus, there's normally a common theme in vampire media (albeit more serious works) that consuming blood also grants the drinker knowledge of the victims memories. So maybe some of those memories get thrown into the mix and that's why lore and time lines are very confusing.
Or maybe we're all just thinking WAAAY too hard about it.
We are definitely thinking way too hard about it but they could also be unreliable narrators. The mutitudes this show contains. 馃挄
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teacupsandcyanide 3 months ago
The outcome I honestly want most is 鈥淐olin Robinson comes back as a fucked up baby and the vamily have to raise him for s4鈥, which I鈥檝e seen circulating around and am constantly delighted by
Mostly because I am just a big slut for accidental baby acquisition tropes and 鈥渋diots have to look after kid鈥 and any kind of adoption theme however vague and tenuous but I argue that with this we could get endless comedy potential:
鈥 They argue over what to call him now. Nandor says they should just keep calling him Colin Robinson because he鈥檚 still Colin Robinson. Nadja says that鈥檚 fucking stupid look at him you idiot he鈥檚 a tiny stupid baby and what are we going to do when we need to distinguish between talking about old Colin Robinson or this thing. Guillermo suggests Collie Rob and Nandor tells him to stop larking about and take this seriously please.
Laszlo: No wait. He鈥檚 into something. Cummy Bobs.
Guillermo: [chokes] we can鈥檛 - we鈥檙e not calling the baby Cum- that
Laszlo: He鈥檚 MY BABY I get to name him
Guillermo: YOU CANT you can鈥檛 call a baby that it鈥檚 so inappropriate
Laszlo: [voice warbling with emotion] How so? Respecting a dying man鈥檚 wish is inappropriate? Sounds like you鈥檙e the one projecting YOUR weird shit onto Cummy Bobs
鈥 Laszlo acts like a new mother who is convinced her baby can do no wrong even though the last time Cummy Bobs got out onto the front lawn they found it hunched over the unconscious postman, eyes glowing bright blue, chuckling an adult man鈥檚 chuckle
鈥 Nadja goes through a phase of dressing Cummy Bobs up in her collection of dead Victorian baby dresses which she calls that bc they鈥檙e all from dead Victorian babies. More arguments break out over how to dress the baby and Guillermo has to settle things by sewing little baby sized replicas of Colin鈥檚 old clothes
鈥 Nadja Doll objects loudly to sharing Nadja鈥檚 attention, and the attention of the household at large, who have fussed over her since her little tantrum. She does not want to have her picture taken with him in matching outfits. She does not want to share her little swords with him. Generally acts like a jealous first child. Repeatedly tries to murder Cummy Bobs, who is blithely impervious to all attack. This makes Nadja Doll even more murderous. The others don鈥檛 take it seriously, except for Guillermo, who is deeply alarmed when he finds Nadja Doll trying to assassinate Cummy Bobs.
Guillermo, holding a smiling Cummy Bobs in one arm and a screaming kicking biting Nadja doll in the other: [panting] Guys. Guys I just found - she - she was trying throw him down the well
Nadja, unbothered, working on making the VC website even more awful: Oh good they鈥檙e finally bonding
Guillermo: What NO she was trying to kill him again it鈥檚 the fifth time this week
Nadja: [looking at him over her glasses] Little Gizmo. You didn鈥檛 have siblings did you?
Guillermo: Actually -
Nadja: Exactly. I had 17 and believe me baby this is just what it鈥檚 like! He鈥檒l look back on this with very fond memories! [over the sound of Nadja Doll snarling and trying to bite Cummy Bobs] you know I remember the first time my brother Andrei threw me down a well!! Oh how we laughed and I screamed and bit him on the ankles鈥
鈥 Episode where Guillermo has to go away for the night and expresses deep doubt that the vamps can be trusted with looking after the baby without him around. Cue the vamps being strenuously and melodramatically offended by such spurious accusations. And of course the moment Guillermo leaves the house a never ending sequence of catastrophe breaks loose wherein Cummy Bobs is drowned, set on fire, dropped off the roof, and nearly thrown headfirst into the meat-grinder Guillermo uses for body disposal. He鈥檚 comedically unharmed, obviously, but by the end of the night the vamps are a dilapidated shell of their former selves from trying to simply feed and bathe and clothe the baby and put it to bed as Guillermo instructed.
鈥 Obviously the baby wears Colin鈥檚 glasses
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g-a-y-g-o-y-l-e 2 months ago
i find the claim that "colin robinson Will drain you no matter what" a bit odd
1. "if youre interested in everything he'll switch to attempting to annoy you"
annoyance has always been colin robinsons weakest skill, as shown by the clumsiness with which he delivers lines he has learned online. not only are his attempts extremely basic, but they tend to rely on a workplace or household atmosphere- places where people have to tolerate him, as opposed to places where anyone can leave whenever the fuck they want, or honestly just slap him or otherwise threaten physical violence if provoked too far.
not to mention that he has no real physical fighting skills, meaning that hes relatively defenseless aside from the draining, which can be unreliable at times. the only time i can recall that he successfully used his draining in a defensive capability was with a literal troll who wanted to fight him in an alley- not exactly hard to rile up. and while colin was being vaguely annoying, mostly he was boring the troll as a stall for time.
(which was more of a stalemate than anything, until the sun came up. if colin had gotten too close, the troll couldve crushed his skull like an empty water bottle without much effort, or even just fallen over on him, really)
come to think of it (no pun intended), he didnt really seem able to drain the witches, did he? his friends were about to be essentially tortured for black-market organ dealings, and colin still didnt drain the attackers.
while its possible that witches have a natural-born immunity, they would be the only population so far, and it wasnt mentioned or hinted-at, because its not like colin tried and they resisted (and i have a hard time believing colin wouldnt mention it later when attempting to find out more about energy vampires). he just seemed to sort of assume it wouldnt work, as if he'd learned the hard way not to put too much faith into his powers in the combat arena.
2. "he can feed on any individual"
while the Topher Situation is a bit unclear (we havent gotten an explanation on that one yet), colin completely and utterly failed to drain a government worker, describing it as if (and im paraphrasing from memory here) such employees had no humanity left in them.
the fact that colin was unable to feed on evies prey due to her getting there first, despite them draining in different ways, also demonstrates my point here- that the "energy" colin feeds on can be made unavailable by other means.
if a victim is too worn-out, or has learned to be resilient against social offenses, they can show resistance. laszlo also unintentionally demonstrated this by "humoring" colins jar-jar impression- resisting without even realizing that colin was intentionally attempting to drain him.
(not to mention, again- colin relies on a workplace, and other than that only gets smaller (but still significant) dosages of energy from his roommates and the internet (which ill get into next). he cant just walk up to anyone anywhere and guarantee success)
(traditional vampires also seem to be susceptible to certain victims being not worth the hunt- those drained of energy are also drained of "nutritional value", and many others are ruled out just on the basis of "bitterness" or "sadness")
3. "he'll do whatever it takes to get under your skin"
colin robinson has consistently struggled throughout the series with social isolation and the overall consequences of his actions. his attempts to needle his roommates have given him a bad reputation within the house, and he doesnt seem to have much of a social life outside of that-
he only drains his coworkers online or at the office, and goes for a morning walk to presumably anonymously tweak signs and scuff grass (and i mean, i also have to imagine that, on some level, he just likes to go on a walk).
he even struggles with this with strangers- his reputation precedes him, and when he asks a fellow energy vampire (and fan of his) if he knows anything about how energy vampires are made, the guy assumes hes being drained, to colins chagrin.
and while evie doesnt seem to mind her own social isolation (or at least is willing to keep going anyways), its worth noting that, as the only other recurring energy vampire in the show, she also seemed to lack any personal connections other than colin robinson, and even he broke it off.
furthermore, colin has only been microaggressive (aside from refusing to "read the room") in certain circumstances-
A. in the house- the only moment that comes to mind is his fake attempted kiss with nadja, where a few things are worth noting:
nadja and laszlo are hypersexual even by traditional vampire standards. sex and similar activities can be requested, accepted, or denied much more casually than with most other people. i have no doubt shes attempted to kiss/otherwise seduce, and been rejected by, people many times throughout her years (and im sure the reverse has happened even more often).
(especially before she honed her powers- though its worth noting shes never seen using them on anyone other than human prey. it may be possible that she sees her seduction powers as a drug, or extra-powerful hypnosis (which is, imo, what it seems to be), and therefore finds it distasteful to use them for personal sexual gain- even vampires have standards)
(i may do a post on this at some point- vampire morals may be full of holes and in some ways outdated, but they do exist, and some of the core tenets are especially revered)
colin did back off, and has not since repeated this "attempt"- while he is feeding off of her, he is doing so without actually crossing any established boundaries.
(and his roommates are, in general, slightly annoyed, sure, but overall fine with this "not-crossing-the-line-but-still-making-you-cross" behaviour- they do live with him, after all, and have never mentioned any attempts to replace him as their roommate. they outnumber him and could kick him out if they really needed or wanted to.)
(as such, his roommates (including nadja) have sort of given him a bit of unspoken permission to needle them at his own risk of social isolation. honestly, its sort of amazing to me that they dont explicitly forbid him from draining them at all- thats a lot of trust and tolerance from such flighty, violent folks)
in fact, he hasnt tried anything like this on anyone else, either- its possible he came to regret this "attempt", as he has in fact worked to "reel it in" a bit in regards to draining his roommates, as he genuinely feels that they are a found family on some level and feels discomfort at being shunned by them.
B. online, where his personal reputation and everyday life is not at risk. colin may enjoy feeding, but he does have a sense of pride and his own set of personal standards, and as such only feels comfortable "doing his worst" anonymously. in person, he is much milder, and prefers to annoy people more "decently". this is no doubt in part due to his past experiences with social backlash.
C. to meg, apparently unintentionally. remember, colin never indicated that he was trying to fail to seduce meg, he just, Did, and then frustratedly stated afterwards that clearly she must not be into men, since that didnt work (he turned out to be right about her orientation, but no doubt only coincidentally).
heres the only confirmed relationship colin has ever had: evie. how did he start dating her? he drained enough to earn her respect and team up. between that and his constant search through the most annoying parts of the internet for more ammo, its no surprise he fell for the idea of "negging" as a legitimate and effective seduction tool.
the only other romantic attempt (that he did for himself, anyway) that i can recall is when he attempted to kiss the nadja doll, which he did mean sincerely, and it did hurt when she rejected him.
edit: just remembered the siren, though that whole thing was nebulous at best in terms of how much it reflected actual flirting style. regardless, if i recall correctly, colins flirting there was pretty awkward.
colin is surprisingly na茂ve about some things, just like the other vampires- hes just better at hiding it, because he feeds by reciting trivia or being awkward, and his weaknesses lie more in general social arenas than human/daywalker ones.
i think some fans assume that his awkwardness is calculated, but id argue that its just coincidentally beneficial- he never gets any smoother, even when it would benefit him greatly. hes just Like That.
(yes, hes probably even more socially inept than his vampire roommates- at least nandor got married and had kids and now has two roommates who dont dismiss him as much as they dismiss colin robinson, and nadja and laszlo have each other.
im not saying that married people are inherently more skilled than unmarried folks (im aroace myself), but i will say that here, with these people specifically, like- can you imagine colin casually getting married or otherwise having a significant romantic/sexual relationship that goes better than evie?
because he does seem to want something along these lines, but to our knowledge hes never achieved more than a partnership that was based more on coworking than personal social bonds. and its not like he has any other significant social bonds outside of his roommates, among whom hes sort of the least favourite.
i dont think colins like, destined to be extremely socially awkward forever, but i think that, right now, he is that awkward, and getting better at socializing is a work-in-progress (and that progress has been delayed significantly by The Baby Situation, though im really focusing on adult!colin in this post))
as i said in point 1, colin robinson isnt actually that dexterous at annoying people- he does it pretty clumsily, and doesnt seem to care about why methods work as long as they do, and as long as they dont seem too despicable for his tastes- even anonymously, he was only microaggressive, which is bad, but also the least bad he could be using those sorts of methods- he couldve done much, much worse.
when someone humors him, or doesnt seem drainable at all, colins just sort of, at a loss, and either tries the same thing again or gives up. his hunting method of "annoying" people specifically is equivalent to reading off a script in a language hes not actually fluent in- and he doesnt have to be in order to annoy people to some degree, so he doesnt seem to mind.
as ive mentioned- this man is lonely as hell, and his compulsive feeding (both he and evie seem to struggle with this a lot) isolates him from everyone he drains. as a result, id like to suggest something:
i think that colin robinson would, eventually, learn to appreciate people whom he cant drain.
after all, isnt that essentially what happened with laszlo? laszlo refused to be deterred, and eventually colin stopped trying so hard to drain him, and started just like,, hanging out. having fun together, as friends.
and you can extend this even further, to his other roommates who resist his draining, whom he also shows care for, even if it wasnt as focused-on this last season.
dont get me wrong- i think that, initially, colin is typically frustrated at his own failure to drain someone, as he visibly was with the jar-jar impression i mentioned earlier.
colin does seem prone to shortsightedness on his own social actions, which im sure is in part due to the fact that, again, he never needed to learn to be quite as socially dexterous as folks usually do- as an energy vampire, being awkward is sort of one of the tools of the job. so anything that gets in the way of immediate feeding probably does frustrate him a bit initially.
but, beyond that, he could benefit from someone resistant to his compulsive feeding. while we didnt see much of it, one has to assume that he and evie agreed not to feed on each other directly much during their relationship, and, as mentioned, he sort of stopped focusing on draining when he was around laszlo (he also, if i recall correctly, seemed to like topher quite a bit).
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starleska 3 months ago
Tumblr media
in the interest of honouring Colin Robinson鈥檚 memory, i鈥檇 like to draw attention to how in聽鈥楾he Siren鈥, after lathering himself with suncream just because it聽鈥渇eels good鈥, he proceeds to pull his shirt back on immediately over the top, with none of the suncream soaked in. imagine the sensory nightmare that would be 馃槶 on the other hand, nothing like a slippery, creamy Colin Robinson 馃槼
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airyairyaucontraire 4 months ago
I'm confused about Colin Robinson's quest in season 3 of What We Do in the Shadows. It seems that he doesn't know where he "came from," as an energy vampire, and the way he talks about it suggests he can't remember his early life. In the season 2 episode where Laszlo, Nandor and Nadja summoned their human ghosts, Colin Robinson summons the ghost of his grandmother to tell her a joke, but dismisses her soon afterwards saying he doesn't have time to catch up. So if Colin Robinson knows his grandmother, how is he so vague about his own origins? It's not clear whether he remembers being a child (or ever was one), but most people with grandmothers have been children, and he doesn't seem to know whether he's been an energy vampire all his life or became one at some point - how does one not know that? We know Nandor's memory is borked from extreme old age, to the extent that he's forgotten how to speak his first language, Persian, but he knows that type of thing about himself.
Of course, it's Colin Robinson, so it's perfectly possible he's making it all up to get attention or to bore and annoy his friends. He is, after all, down to clown at any time.
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