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koniginwrites · 9 months ago
Lost. (Pro!Hero Overhaul)
This is my contribution to the BNHarem Villain!Au Collaboration. Please go check out the other writers and artists! There’s tons to see from all these amazing creators!!
I’ve also drawn some art to go along with it: There’s a preview below, but you can check out the full version here.
Tumblr media
Warnings:  Blood. Mentions of death. Angst, but what else is new?
Word Count: 1053
A/N: I strayed away from Character X Reader this time and kept it all internal dialogue. Just thought it would be a lil dash of something different.
Tumblr media
Breaking news: We have yet another report to add to the slew of attacks this month. This comes just days after we broadcast rumours of villains running rampant over the city. This spate of attacks has put the entire metropolitan area at a standstill, road closures and damaged property making it difficult for commuters to get to work in the morning. Road maintenance endeavour to do its best to keep the city running, but it seems futile when these attacks continue to increase. The entire city was brought to a standstill by the mysterious villain who has still not been named, but reports show they are nothing like we have ever experienced before. 
Where are the heroes now? Who will save us from the terror overwhelming our city? 
Every day the crime toll continues to rise and we have no one here to protect us. The Hero Public Safety Commission assured us earlier in the week that the crime rate would go down, that the top Heroes are out there protecting our city, but if so, where are they? Is it really safe to go out anymore, who can we trust? Would you put your life in the hands of a Hero today? When they have proved our streets are no longer safe. We still have no information on what is going on, or who is involved but we must remain observant. We will continue to report the latest news as we receive it, but for now, we must implore you to heed the warnings of the city-wide curfew that is soon to be implemented. If anyone has any information on these occurrences in the city please send them to us or contact the police, you can remain anonymous. The safety of our citizens is what is most important, stay vigilant and don’t go out unless it is absolutely necessary. 
One thing we know for sure: we can no longer rely on Heroes to protect us. The streets of our once-great city are no longer safe, we are no longer safe.
Through the mind of a pro hero nowadays is a constant battle of maintaining a clean image. One of rationale, healing and peace bringing. To be a symbol as All Might once was. After the downfall of Endeavor due to the villain Dabi, the questioning of heroes in general was at risk. 
A current struggling hero was Overhaul, a mysterious man with a powerful quirk. With tons of destruction happening in cities all over Japan, this man has been able to assist in rescuing lives stuck in the crossfire. 
While he was previously overlooked for his closed off personality and off standish attitude, he has been working non stop to rebuild the city from rubble and dust. Sleepless hours day and night, he was filthy, exhausted and overworked. He just wanted to rest. Well, not wanted, but needed.
Downtown in Tokyo, he helped fix a small local shop. The old woman who ran it was grateful for his sacrifice and help as her pride and joy was returned to its former glory. But the whispers from bystanders grew as they saw the offstandish attitude of the pro hero.
“He’s so cold.”
“Oh he rejected a hug from that poor woman, just like Endeavor.”
“You wonder if he treats his family the same way as him?”
Surely if the population would see that he was just trying to keep everyone safe, and that he’s a kind and caring person, that they wouldn’t whisper anymore.
He needed to go home. 
At home he could be at peace, whether it was cooped up in his office reading a book, or cooking a fine meal fit for someone like himself. Nothing could pull him away from his hidden sanctuary, somewhere in a small suburb. No outside disturbances of television or internet. Only a ring from his agency about an impending disaster. 
Well, only an important disaster. He couldn’t be bothered with simple cat rescues, or the occasional house fire. Petty lower heroes should be tasked with such mediocrity. He was one of grandeur morbidity, needing to be the first on site if a massive earthquake came to destroy Tokyo. Or if a giant monster came to stomp on buildings and civilians. 
A giant monster… Ravaging through the entire country. Chaos and destruction, blood splattered against crumbled concrete. Masses of fallen structure crushing the people of his home, maybe even some that he knew. 
At this point, throughout all the stress and havoc he thought to himself, “Too much.”
It was all too much. 
The catastrophe running rampant through the streets, the voices condemning his solemn attitude, and the filthiness he felt upon himself for not caring anymore.
After days of working, a small glimpse of rest appeared and he snatched it in an instant. To be able to lay in his own bed and just sleep. “A shower first, then sleep.” He reminded himself.
He cursed himself for hiding away his home in a winding neighborhood. The navigation itself was sometimes too much for him. Maybe he should’ve gotten a driver instead of taking his own car.
Though instead of rowed homes, and well painted fences he was greeted with fires and tragedy.
His own home caught in ruin. 
Of distant screams of those around him, spotting him. “Help us! Help my wife! She’s trapped under our house! Overhaul we need your help!”
But at this point, all cries fell of deaf ears as Kai drug his feet up to where his office once was.
Those wails became more demanding, angry even as they shouted up at the pro hero. But Overhaul couldn’t be bothered because his peace was destroyed. 
Though a glint of hope sparkled near his shattered desk. He removed his glove and pressed his hand against the splintering wood, reviving the structure. He ran his palm along the refurbished davenport, remembering how everything looked barely a week ago. 
He opened the top left drawer. “Pops.” He mumbled. A book laid inside with minimal scratches, ready to be opened and enjoyed. 
The first page was opened, dust covered the parchment and he let out a disgusted cough. 
Dirty in more ways than one. Covered in sweat, dust and dirt. Lacking care of civilian life, and lacking care for himself. 
He succumbed to madness.
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gaspingforthedevil · a year ago
The Test
lately i’ve been having some fun collaborating with my lovely girlfriend to write backstory stuff for the pair of Pathfinder rpg characters we came up with together. i’ve gotten her approval to share some of them here on tumblr; enjoy
Andromeda glances over at her most recent claim - ‘the hot one with the sword’ as she internally refers to the sylph girl. Aura has been hanging around as promised, and much to Andromeda’s chagrin, she’s been something of a “good” “influence”, whatever those are. In fact, the headstrong young aasimar wouldn’t even be here, in her private chambers, test materials splayed out on the desk before her, without Aura’s continued nudging that she should get it out of the way.
Pah. Get it out of the way. Apparently the sylph wasn’t a fan of keeping things in the dark to ensure one’s ego isn’t threatened.
“Do you really have to be here for this?” the aasimar asks, voice wavering briefly from its usual sturdy confidence.
Aura puts her hands on her hips, one eyebrow raised at her friend. “Are you going to get this over with instead of griping about it for another month if I’m not?” With a sigh, she relaxes her stance, smiling. “Look, is it really so bad? Wave your hands and mutter some nonsense and you’ll have your dad off your back for a while.”
“I-” Andromeda stutters briefly as her eyes flit to the hands on her friend’s hips, or perhaps to the hips themselves. “Well, you look, it’s not as simple as just trying to cast a spell and succeeding or failing. You have to prove a reaction first. It’s about the potential, you know, that thing everyone expects me to have in spades?”
“Hey, magic or no, you’re Andromeda. You’ve got plenty of ‘potential’, ‘Meda.”
“Thanks for the vote of confidence,” Andromeda mutters, not sounding very convinced.
Aura glances at the array of strange materials littering the desk in front of her aasimar friend. “What are you so worried about anyway? It’s not like you to care what anyone else thinks.”
Andromeda, apparently declining to answer, furrows her brow and starts assembling the first test. A small, clear quartz forms the center of a small circle of what look to the untrained eye to be completely unrelated items - the components. As far as Aura knows, this certainly isn’t the setup for casting a proper spell.
“Like I said, it’s about proving a reaction,” Andromeda repeats herself, resting a couple fingertips against one crystalline facet. “This isn’t going to do anything - which is good since I’d rather not have a misfire blow up in my face, and I’m sure that was the same for all the other jackoffs that took this test - but these components have a… oh, gods, what the hell was that stupid term? They have a ‘natural resonance’? Something something “that’s how spells are cast”. Because yeah, obviously, spells don’t usually go off randomly in the wild - it requires intent, and your own little mortal flare or whatever.
“So, you just have to focus on this quartz, nudge it over to one side, and you should see that ‘natural resonance’ if you have the ability to cast spells,” she finally concludes.
“The natural…?” Aura crinkles her brow, staring intently as Andromeda intricately sets up the test. “Not blowing up in our faces is good though. I’m a fan of that, got to admit.”
“Yeah, well, let’s see how it goes I guess.”
“Hey, you can do this ‘Meda.”
Taking in a sharp breath, Andromeda stares into the quartz, and after a couple seconds - perhaps deliberation, perhaps procrastination - she begins pushing the crystal away from her, nudging it closer to a sprig of holly.
The two items come into contact after a couple seconds.
Nothing seems to happen.
Another few seconds and Andromeda lifts her arm back, letting out a laugh as brittle as shale. “Well! Really, I was expecting that. I’m a half-celestial, so, I mean, it’s not like you’d necessarily expect me to be gifted with arcane talent of all things!”
“I guess your dad wanted to cover all bases. Is just the once really good enough, or do you need to like… try multiple times before doing the other test?”
“Everyone else who tried it and ended up becoming a mage got the resonance to show up first try, so I don’t think repeats would do anything. But who cares, right?” the aasimar laughs again. “It’s the other test I’m really interested in. I mean, dad’s a priest, mom was… some kinda angelic being or another. This is where the real money’s at,” she declares, putting aside the arcane components and picking up a single, even stranger object.
“See this bad boy? It reacts to a person’s aura-...” Andromeda looks over at her companion. “Um. Not like, your name, I mean.”
Aura gives her a tired expression. “I get it.”
“Ehe, well, anyways, every sentient being has an aura of a certain alignment and strength, and there’s a distinct difference in that aura depending on whether that person holds divine magic within them or not. Since this is a test designed for people who ostensibly can’t cast any such spells yet, you need to do something to get this thing to pick up your aura, and then you’ll be able to tell whether you’ve got the juice or not. Again, pretty simple right?”
“So you just have to do something… uh, particularly holy, I guess?” A small smirk on Aura’s face. “You up to that ‘Meda?”
“Oh fuck you,” the aasimar laughs goodheartedly, taking a few steps over to shove at her friend’s shoulder before returning to the table. “I help my dad out with this stuff all the time. I can get it to show up no problem.”
Sliding a hefty tome closer to the edge and opening it with her free hand, Andromeda says, “This is what my dad used a long time ago. That’s why he gave it to me for this. You can’t just read a book and get magic that easy, especially this kind, but if you’re going to try your hand at receiving even a brief divine connection then the prayers in this old thing definitely help.”
With her left hand clutching the gold ornament to her chest and the right pressing gently to ancient leaf, Andromeda begins the second test, her voice sweeter than honey as the Celestial words lift into the air. Aura recognizes it only partially; the words, the soothing nature of what almost constitutes a song, but this time it’s just the two of them together in Andromeda’s chambers, and it’s for no one else’s benefit.
Right on cue, the gold ornament begins giving off a faint light, and Andromeda, eyes nearly alight themselves, holds it aloft as if both to inspect and declare its result. And goes quiet.
Aura, meanwhile, stands staring at the glowing ceremonial object, eyes wide. A brief word of awe escapes her lips, whispered and hushed, but her voice is somehow lost in the silence until she finally brings herself to raise it again.
“I… don’t get it. It’s just- it’s normal.” Andromeda lowers her arm to bring the ornament to eye-level. “Dad’s was… all different. Not just the intensity, that’s obviously gonna be…” she trails off, appearing as if she’s staring straight through the object in her hand.
“What?” Aura’s gaze flits between the ornament and Andromeda’s face. “No –  no way, something happened there, right? Could it be… like, defective?”
Andromeda responds slowly, delayed, “...Don’t think so. I mean it’s- it’s glowing just fine.”
“‘Meda…” Aura trails off, face creasing in a worried expression.
Dropping the ornament back onto the table’s surface with a clack, Andromeda practically ignores her friend to go sit on the edge of her own bed. She leans forward, arms resting against thighs, eyes cloudy.
“Wow. I’ve got nothing. Everyone was wrong about me after all.”
Aura stands there a moment longer, uncertain what to do next. “Hey… Hey, ‘Meda, that’s not true…”
“Oh yeah, Miss GoodWithHerSword?” the aasimar scoffs angrily. “Real rich coming from you. Go on, why don’t you take the damn test yourself? See how good it feels having a bunch of inanimate objects embarrass you.”
“That’s not what I–” Aura huffs, taking a step back. “I don’t need a test to tell me I don’t have any magic bullshit anyway. It’s not the end of the world, ‘Meda.”
“That’s easy for you to say. You get to watch me lose the one thing that anyone seemed to respect in me, and spout off rich lines like it’s ‘not the end of the world’ that I really am good for nothing but getting high and fucking wasting space!”
“You aren’t a waste of space ‘Meda! Don’t talk about my friend like that! You’re smart, you're funny, you’ve got like…” Aura pauses, “half the teens in this town wrapped around your finger. So what if you can’t do this one thing? Anyone tries to give you trouble about it and I’ll… I’ll punch them or something.”
Andromeda sighs. “Sure. Whatever. Like anyone gave a shit about me for being smart or funny. Your parents are fucking potters; mine are a high priest and a celestial being, respectively. I was supposed to be something special. I mean, sure, I didn’t like how they all fucking breathed down my neck for it! But I… I grew up being told I was supposed to be more than this, and apparently I’m not.”
Putting a hand on the table, Aura looks away, not quite able to bring herself to meet Andromeda’s eyes. “You’re special to me.”
“I’m… what?”
“I – I mean…” Aura hunches her shoulders, face turning red. “What your dad wants, what any of these grownups want, it – it doesn’t matter. You’re already special.”
“...To you? Or just as a meaninglessly generic sentiment?”
“I–” Aura tenses up, still avoiding looking directly at Andromeda. The frizz in her hair pillowing outward slightly. “I like you. A – a lot.”
“Really? I uh, after I came onto you that first time we met, I thought maybe you weren’t attracted to… but, well, I have been seeing you at the temple a lot recently… was that because of me?” Andromeda sits up and presses her palms to the bed on either side of her.
“Y–yeah well, I wasn’t exactly coming in to brush up on my religious studies…” The blush on Aura’s face deepens further.
“Oh, gosh, um… I don’t think I’ve ever really, uh, been with someone in anything but a casual sense? I’m not exactly used to this. I mean, I’ve gotten confessions before, but it was all boys and I’m not…” she trails off.
“Oh.” Aura chews at her lip, voice small. “Sorry – I shouldn’t have put you on the spot like–”
“No!” Andromeda interrupts. “No, it’s okay, really. I wasn’t- wasn’t saying it was, like, bad or anything.”
“I just… not having magic doesn’t make you any less special ‘Meda.” Aura forces a small smile, finally bringing herself to look up at her. “Definitely not to me.” She laughs, “It’s not like I can do any of that stuff either.”
The aasimar scoffs, “Pshh, you can’t say that. You haven’t even taken a test for it yet, right?”
“‘Meda…” Aura rolls her eyes. “Fine, I’ll take the damn test if that’ll make you feel better. Okay?”
“Make me feel better? Yeah, I suppose it would give me a certain sick satisfaction to see you flunk just as bad as I did,” she chuckles.
“Yeah, well… I’m gonna flunk this test so hard, just you watch.” Aura mutters under her breath as she turns to sit down at the table. “What do I do here again? Just like… focus and touch the crystal thing?”
“You have to put ‘em in the circle formation again, like I had earlier. And then, yeah, focus on the crystal, and push it to one edge of the circle.”
“Okay…” Aura frowns, focusing on the set-up in front of her. After rearranging the components back into a circle, she chuckles, nervous. “This magic stuff is so weird.”
With nothing else left to do, Aura goes silent as she stares down the crystal in the center, chewing at her lip. “Okay… Well, here goes nothing.” With one finger she touches the quartz crystal at the center, pushing it to the edge away from her.
At first, nothing appears to happen, and Andromeda mentally assures herself that the same result is about to occur. Not half a second after this thought crosses her mind, however, does a spark of electricity jump from the quartz to the sprig of holly.
Aura yanks her hand back from the crystal, sucking in her breath in surprise. “Uh–” She glances back to Andromeda. “Did you see… that?”
Andromeda, for her part, is rendered dumbstruck, stuck staring at the table with wide eyes. Only after Aura turns back to her does she snap out of it. Pushing herself back to her feet, she moves to stand by the sylph’s side and says, “Aura, do that again. Come on.”
Swallowing a lump in her throat, Aura turns back to the table. Andromeda’s close presence behind her making it hard to focus. “Shit. Um.” Tentatively she reaches out with her hand again to push at the quartz.
Another spark of electricity jumps out and Aura immediately pulls her hand back again.
“Are you… kidding me?!” Andromeda exclaims, stepping back. “You! You can do this bullshit! All that fucking talk about me being perfectly special even without magic and you just casually make sparks fly around!!”
“I didn’t – I’m not – ‘Meda, I…”
“You know what! How about YOU go back to my dad and tell him what a fucking talented girl YOU are!!”
Andromeda, barely keeping the tears from cascading down her cheeks at this point, pivots and runs out of her expansive chambers through the side open to the temple gardens.
“Hey– ‘Meda!” Scrambling to her feet, Aura hastens to follow after her, stumbling on the legs of the chair. “Wait! I’m sorry!” Stepping out in the gardens, Aura slows to stop looking around. This part of the temple still unfamiliar to her. No sign of Andromeda in sight. Putting her hands to the sides of her head, Aura bites her lip hard. “Oh hell.”
“Good going Aura…” Gritting her teeth, Aura lets her hands drop, balling them into fists. “All that – now she hates you.” Spinning on one foot, Aura lashes out at the closest tree, punching the trunk in a burst of anger only to stagger backwards at what sounds like a crack of thunder as her fist hits the bark. “What–?”
Shaking her now throbbing hand, Aura stares at the scorch mark on the tree with a sinking feeling in her gut.
“Well fuck.”
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love-me-a-good-prompt · 2 months ago
I've started a story, now it's up to you to continue it! Below I've written a short paragraph. Reblog this post and add the next paragraph yourself and let the chain continue until the story gets completed. You don't have to put too much thought into it, this is just a writing exercise! Just have fun!
Tucked away behind acres of dense forest and a thicket of brush sits an old log cabin. Only those who have dared to venture far enough from the beaten path have witnessed its existence first-hand. Others have heard plenty about it via the many stories, fables, and tales that have circulated this small town for generations. The rumors range from the cabin being the haunted meeting place for ghosts, demons, and even aliens, to it simply just being the home of a sweet, lonely old man. I, however, have my own theory about the cabin.
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fixyourwritinghabits · 9 days ago
Hey, I’m on mobile (and therefore being too lazy) but I was wondering if you had any posts or advice about writing in teams (like for a fandom Big Bang) or just collaboration between a writer and their beta/editor? Love your blog!
I may... have... collaborative writing experience via... online roleplaying.... >_> So, uh, here are some tips:
Communicate! Now matter how you're working out the story - with a solid outline or pantsing it - you need to be sure you're on the same page as your partner as to where the story's going and what you want to happen. That's not to say things can't veer off course, but make sure you are talking about what your ideas are and where you want them to go. Things fall apart if it ends up you're writing two different stories.
Take notes (and track your progress)! On a similar note to above, you need to keep track of what you've talked about. Have a shared Google Doc, emails, whatever you need to be sure you can both look back at what you've planned. And lemme tell you - scrolling through text convos on your messenger app of choice is a nightmare when tracking down particular plot points. Maintain a notes document.
Be sure you vibe. Not all writers are going to work well with each other. Your styles are too different, or you want different things. Before committing to a large project you'll both end up hating, try something small. If it doesn't work out, it's not because either of you are bad writers - any school experience will tell you that group projects are difficult to do even when we want to do them.
Have a schedule and take breaks from the project (and each other). If it's a long running project, it's very easy to burn out, no matter how excited you both are for it. Consider keeping to a schedule when it comes to discussing and sharing your work, and let yourself focus on other creative efforts at other times. You don't want that spark to burn right through, because it'll take time to reignite, and with two or more people involved, it might never do that for the whole group.
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pennylanewrites · 5 months ago
do me a favor ※ zeke yeager
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
a/n: hi! this is my post for @1252291 ’s forbidden collaboration<33
pairings: step bro!zeke x fem!reader
genre: smut
word count: 1.8k
cw: taboo, stepcest, tiny age gap(22/29), unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it), blowjob, fingering, zeke calls reader slut like twice, hate-fucking
join the taglist // back to main menu
Tumblr media
if there was one person zeke hated more than his own father, then that person was definitely you. zeke couldn't understand why his father was getting married for the third time, and why it was to a woman like your mother; no one remembered the last time your mother was home, claiming she had to stay at work, or go to spa weekends, slowly emptying grisha's wallet.
grisha, however much grew to hate his wife, loved her daughter unconditionally. you didn't have a care in the world and grisha made sure of it. another thing zeke just didn't understand. you were 22 years old, still in college, and you should be working and getting to know the difficulties of life by yourself, not from the comfort of the yeager mansion, not in the convertible grisha gifted you for your 21st birthday, not in the salons and boutiques grisha took you to when he had nights off his clinic.
maybe a little bit of jealousy was hidden inside zeke's deep hatred for you.
it was one of those nights that you were home late. drunk off your head after partying all night, you tried every single key before finding the right one for the front door. zeke looked back at you from the couch and all of his previously good mood was gone.
you sat on the floor and took your shoes off, rubbing your feet with a wince. leaving your bag next to your shoes, you got up and fell on the couch.
“oh, didn’t see you there.” you looked at zeke through half-lidded eyes and placed your legs over his lap.
“are you drunk?”
“was. i’m fine now.”
“yeah, i can see that.” he scoffed and pushed your legs away, hoping you’d care to close them because all his eyes could fixate at was your lack of panties under a ridiculously short dress.
“can you get me a glass of water?”
“fine.” you rolled your eyes and stumbled to the kitchen. the water seemed to help your dizzy head, you were definitely seeing more clearly. you sat next to zeke again, unzipping the side of your dress, much to his dismay.
“what are you doing?”
“it was tight and i felt like i would suffocate.” you shrugged, not minding that you were half-naked in front of your step brother. and he surely didn’t mind either. the only problem was the one in his pants, and how he would leave the room without you noticing.
“silence your phone, bimbo. dad’s asleep.”
“oops.” you giggled and put your phone on silent as you texted your friends.
i’m so pent up, was the text that zeke managed to read before he rolled his eyes at what he was about to do.
“i’m so tired.” you stretched on the couch, laying on the side again, your dress riding up on your hips. you either didn’t notice, or knew exactly what you were doing.
“__, for the love of god.”
“what?” you looked up to see his eyes on your thighs, or rather between them. a smirk overtook your confused frown, and you decided to put on a show. you lifted one leg over the back of the couch, your hands making your dress ride up until your lower half was completely bare.
“you’re so annoying.” zeke leaned down and cupped your jaw in his hand, forcing your lips in a pout. “i hate you.”
“then why are you hard?” you teased, staring down at the tent in his shorts. zeke rolled his eyes and wrapped his hands around your thighs, pulling you down the couch and closer to him.
“hasn’t anyone told you you have to wear panties when you leave the house?”
“i think i gave them to someone.” you lied, only riling him up even more. he unzipped the rest of your dress and pulled it off you, throwing it on the floor.
“someone’s got to teach you a lesson on manners too. naked in front of your step brother, like some slut.”
you would be lying if you said his words didn’t turn you on. you always knew zeke hated you, but you never thought it was because he actually found you hot.
“zeke, not here-”
“shh, shut up. i don’t want to listen to you.” a soft slap on your clit that made you jolt had zeke chuckling as his fingers rubbed your clit slowly, collecting your slick. it was embarrassing really, how wet he made you in less than five minutes.
“don’t be a tease!” you whined when he kept pushing his fingers in your cunt, only to take them out after seconds.
“what did i just say? shut the fuck up.” he brought his free hand to your tits, massaging one of them, flicking your nipple while the other was sucked in his mouth. you arched your back off the couch, trying to buck your hips against his hand until he gave you what you wanted, needed.
“fine, fine, stop whining like a bitch, i’ll give it to you.” he whispered in your ear, biting your neck playfully. zeke’s fingers slid into you easily, thrusting slowly to test the waters. when he was sure you were okay, he picked up the pace, sending your head to hit against the arm of the couch.
“do me a favor and shut up, you don’t want anyone to catch us, do you?” he grinned as he slapped a hand over your mouth to muffle your moans. your walls clenched around his fingers as his thumb added to the equation, rubbing your clit quickly.
“but i bet you’d get off on that, wouldn’t you?” he didn’t expect an answer from you, as he also wasn’t expecting you to come undone so soon. your eyes rolled to the back of your head, hands under his shirt and your manicured fingertips leaving red marks as zeke’s fingers helped you ride out your orgasm until your thighs were shaking and trying to close.
“good girl. maybe you do have a use in this house.” he grunted as he flipped you over. watching you rub your ass against his clothed cock made him want to take you on every surface of the house, to watch you lose yourself as he gave you orgasm after orgasm.
but he would have to wait until his father left for work to do that.
“are you on the pill?” he leaned down until his lips touched your ear and you nodded quickly, anticipating to feel him inside you more than anything. “good.”
zeke pulled his shorts and boxers down, his cock springing out and hitting against his abdomen, the red tip leaking, aching to be inside you as much as he did. taking his cock in his hand, he slapped it against your ass, making you squirm and arch against him.
one of his hands spreading your folds, he almost came watching your hole flutter around nothing. zeke didn’t wait any longer to push his cock inside you. you let out an involuntary moan at the way he stretched you out deliciously, only leaving you wanting more, more, more.
“zeke, fuck, please move.” you whimpered, your voice barely audible, but he heard. his dick twitched inside you at how needy you sounded as he placed both his hands on your hips for leverage. the slap of his sack against your clit had you aware that he had bottomed out, his tip right on your sweet spot every time he rutted his hips. with every slow, hard thrust you were sent against the arm of the couch, your hand over your mouth so that no one woke up.
your hands fell to hold you up, your mouth now left open for your moans to leave and get zeke closer to his release.
“fuck, if you keep moaning like that-” he grunted and, with a hand in your hair, pulled you against his torso, one of his hands sliding around your stomach.
“you little slut, you like being fucked by your step brother? what would our dad say?” he teased you, bringing a hand to wrap around your neck, not putting any pressure. you couldn’t even begin to think of a response, your thoughts a blurry mess, your sentences getting slurred and drowned out by the slaps of skin against skin.
“shh. i told you to keep quiet, do you want me to stop? i’ll leave you to get off by yourself.” zeke pushed two of his fingers in your mouth, his eyes rolling to the back of his head as you sucked on them desperately. your walls fluttered around him, squeezing him until he could barely thrust into you, your second orgasm washing through you as he continued with his pounding.
“again? when was the last time you had a dick in you?” tears prickled your eyes at the overstimulation, your thighs shaking, your knees ready to give in. but then you suddenly felt empty, cold air hitting you as zeke flipped you over again.
“suck my cock like the good girl you are, yeah?” he patted your head as you slipped down the couch, on your knees against the rug, as zeke stood in front of you.
you wrapped your fingers around his cock, taking his tip in your mouth, only to pull out and run your tongue flat against the underside. zeke’s hands met with the back of your head, his fingers tangling in your hair to push you further against his length.
“that’s right. take it.” he pushed you until practically all of him was in your mouth. your cheeks hollowed as you sucked him, as you circled your tongue around him, feeling a prominent vein on the side of him. with a hand still wrapped around him, you slowly pushed back and looked up at him through half-lidded eyes.
“zeke...in my mouth, please.” you mumbled before kissing his tip, watching him twitch as his hands pulled on your hair, then pushed you to take him in your mouth again. you let him thrust into you as hard as he wanted, doing your best to not gag as his tip touched the back of your mouth. the trimmed blond curls on his pelvis made your nose tickle and you looked up to see zeke finally losing control when one of your hands massaged his balls softly.
“fuck- you’re going to be the death of me.” he breathed out, and with one last thrust, he kept your face buried in his pelvis as he painted your throat white with his warm cum.
“swallow.” he demanded removing his dick slowly and tapping it against your lips. you did as he said, sticking your tongue out for him to see.
zeke helped you up and wiped your mouth with his thumb, before leaning in and leaving a kiss on your cheek.
“huh. i bet you don’t hate me as much now.” you grinned, starting to pull your dress on again as he sat back on the couch.
“watch it.”
Tumblr media
🏷: @wow-life-love4 @arean @histarean @chaotic-nick @ackermanslutsstuff @saucysuazo also @lazyezstudy i think you’re gonna like this😩
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babe-im-bi · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
and then, there was light
Pairing: Megumi x Reader (fem bodied)
wc: ~4.1k
genre: angst, hurt/comfort, smut
cw: cussing, unprotected vaginal sex, edging, teasing, brief oral (male receiving), slight dacryphilia, slight overstimulation, creampie, aftercare, praise kink, a touch of cockwarming, please let me know if I missed something
you miss megumi... a lot. he comes back in the dead of night, and when you wake its clear he has an agenda; this is part two of "pointed, poignant kisses" but can absolutely be read as a standalone
a/n: ah this is the longest piece i’ve written !!! i might go back and do some light editing, but who knows🤪 also this is a part of @fuwushiguro​’s and @katsupeach​’s capricorn collab thanks so much for doing this and letting me indulge for my fav anime capricorn💕
All characters are +21. Minors don’t interact.
part I ⎸ masterlist
Tumblr media
​​A few days pass, but it feels like weeks. Aches spring up in your legs, back, arms. They all seem to echo each other, trading your tension with each hour: Is he being careful? Why is this mission taking longer than the others? Is this the time he doesn't come back? It's a familiar meandering path, filled with potholes, false trails, and sinkholes. It's one you know from his previous absences, but… it feels different this time.
Megumi's line of work is important. Dangerous, but important; and it also takes him away from you for large swaths of time. It's something that didn't bother you terribly at first. His unavailability became something you grew accustomed to. Before, his sporadic texts, voice messages, and calls were enough to push back the yawning void. Before, your worry for him was manageable. Before, you didn't have this voracious desire for him to be physically here, next to you.
It's not like his presence wasn't comforting or as meaningful before. In fact, you always miss the steadiness he carries. A sense of calm diffidence, accompanied occasionally by small smiles and blushing cheeks. The way he always gave you his full attention: an open softness in his eyes as he watches you tear up in laughter or speak animatedly about some inane quality of your day. How he pauses with you to admire a flower you find particularly beautiful, or examine one of the countless flyers around the city. How he tucks you into his chest, laying your head over his heartbeat when your anxiety runs rampant. The gentle kisses he presses to your knuckles, your palm, and the back of your hand before he lets go. But now? Now you've gotten a taste of what it's like to indulge in your physical curiosities with him, and you ache for more.
A warmth unspools in your chest. It teases forth the memory of his mouth on your neck; the warm weight of him pressed against you; the hotness of his lips sliding over your own; how he kisses you like you are the only thing he wants to taste. You let loose a deep wistful sigh, and your fingers snag on a receipt tearing it in two by accident. You stare down at it, but all you see are those long dark eyelashes of his; the furrowing of his brow when he—a sharp snap of your manager's fingers jolts out of your self-indulgent daydreams. They mutter about not getting paid enough for this, and retreat into the back stockroom. You do your best to suppress a smile, tossing the torn receipt. You shuffle to your next task counting down the minutes until your shift ends.
Another sleepless night looms as the sun finishes its descent. The shadows grow, deepening the hollowness in your chest. Their layered depths seem to mock you. They are a blunt reminder your favorite shadow is unaccounted for.
You stare at a spot on the ceiling, blankets tangled in your legs. Your body emanates a feverishly hot longing. You tried to take matters into your own hands the night he left. Your hand wiggling its way beneath the band of your underwear to continue what he started. You've done it every night since.
At first it eases that small knot of tension sitting in your lower belly. You settle into a steady rhythm, fingers dancing and dipping offbeat to a familiar tune. You recall his breath on your neck, the low rumble of his voice, his soft, raspy moans. And you get so close. It's there hovering at the edge of your grasp, your fingers attempting to mimic him to the best of your ability. Circling your clit, tighter, quicker. In a huff of desperation you press down on it trying to let some form of release wash over you. But they are clumsy in their practice in comparison to his. It stays just out of reach. It's not the same. It's not him.
Sulking, you withdraw your hand flinging it to the side. A small hysterical laugh bubbles up, and you kick the sheets into an even further tangled mess. Squeezing your eyes shut, you curl around a pillow. It’s a poor substitute—but, there… you twist your neck pressing your nose deeper. A faint herbal, almost woodsy scent, snakes its way into your lungs. A small remnant of its origin seated deep in its threading. You inhale deeper and let your body sink into its plushness. Cloying wisps of sleep reach out and wrap around each muscle in your body one by one. With each aromatic inhale, you succumb to its numbing embrace.
— — — 
It's dark when a thunk of what sounds like a door wakes you. Groggy, you open your eyes. The knowledge that someone just entered your place filters into your muddled brain. You scan the inky shadows. In the darkness you make out a tall, lean form with spiky black tendrils poking in the air. Your heart leaps, jumping into your throat clogging it from voicing your elation. Hands fumbling with the covers, you make your way to him.
He lowers onto the edge of your bed, allowing you time to shift into a sitting position next to him. Tentatively, you place a hand on the soft cotton of his shirt. At your touch, he pulls you into his lap, a deep breath expelling from his lungs. His embrace is warm, solid, and comforting. You touch your forehead to the side of his head, the twisting in your stomach recedes. Twining your arms around his neck you breathe each other in.
He's never greeted you this way before, and it feels…not strange exactly, but unsettling. He rarely comes directly to you after a mission. Usually he spends a day or two with his students—taking the time to address turbulent thoughts or physical injuries.
You place a hand against his cheek. His face is cold, clammy. Did something not go right this time round? Did he lose a student and that's why he's here in the dead of night instead of waiting to come in the morning?
Rubbing your eyes you sit up, extending an arm to flick on a light. He drops his head down to rest it on your chest, his ear over your heartbeat, and tightens his arms around you. Instinctively you cradle his head. His hair is damp, and as you rub his back in small circles, his body relaxes an iota. The rise and fall of his chest transforms into longer, deeper breaths.
"I'm sorry I didn't call first. I, um, can I stay tonight?" The lone question is forlorn, naked in its timid presentation.
Fierce affection stabs your chest. You kiss the crown of his head, and rest your cheek there.
"I'd like that."
A small sigh of relief, and he's shifting, stretching you both across the mattress. He maneuvers a pillow underneath your head and settles on top of you. The weight is familiar, consoling. He tucks his face into the hollow of your neck and tangles his legs with yours. He inhales deeply. Breath rushing out, he deflates, melting into you.
The soft, low timbre of his voice bashfully murmurs into your neck, "I missed you."
Closing your eyes you let yourself drift, taking in the herbal smell of his shampoo.
"I missed you too."
— — — 
It's still somewhat dark when you open your eyes again. Slivers of sunlight slip through the curtains. Their fragile beams bounce off the ceiling and walls cocooning your room with a dim glow. Megumi snores softly on your chest. A faint tick, tick, tick of the furnace is the only other sound in the room.
Shifting your hips, he moves with you. Barely there kisses trail up your neck. You think you've imagined them, but they are followed by a wet flick. The flat of his tongue stretches across the expanse of your neck before he bites. An electrifying tingle stems from his mouth shooting through your body. You squirm, moving him between your legs to slot his pelvis against yours. The moment his bulge presses against you, he sucks. Your breath seems to catch in your throat, and you wrap one leg around his waist anchoring him to you. His erection rubs so deliciously against your clit. A moan vibrates from your lips. Your hips rock against his.
At the sound of his voice you freeze, "I thought about you, while I was gone."
"I-I thought about you too, tried to-ah"
One of his hands slides up your shirt, warm and welcome, cupping your breast in his palm, he squeezes. Your nipples pebble. A wetness pools in your underwear.
"Tried to-to-"
He slides his mouth along your throat leaving a line of moisture. Settling on the crown of your collar he sucks once more.
His hips grind so, so slowly against you. Its intoxicating, provoking thoughts of his lips on other parts of your body. One of your hands sneaks up his shirt and you drag your nails lightly down his back. His hips palpitate. Your legs spread open.
His hand adjusts slightly, your nipple caught between his fingers. He kneads it, a loud moan echoes out from you and he swallows it with a kiss. It's lethargic and messy. He sucks on your bottom lip; smears his saliva above and below your mouth; whorls his tongue around yours. Your chest heaves. Something twists in your lower belly—pinching, then releasing. Body humming, you become drunk with anticipation, skin prickling, hands fidgeting.
He pulls back slightly, his breath tickling your chin in hot bursts. Eyes black and wanting, long lashes bat as he drives his hips into yours. Dipping forward, he presses feather light kisses to your temple; the apple of your cheek; the corner of your lips; the edge of your jaw. He takes your arm, hand gliding along your skin until your hand is cradled in his. He draws it upward, kissing your knuckles, and presses it to his heart.
It thrums in his chest as if to scream: alive, here with you, like this? I am living.
A vehement want floods your system. It reaches down, splitting open your chest and wraps itself around your heart. Each pulse of blood in your veins carries it to edges of your limbs. It seeps into your muscles and they yawn open in thirst for its source. You come apart for him, blooming in fevered heat and he will do the same. You will make sure of it.
"Let's switch positions," you whisper.
He pecks your lips and moves off you. Settling on his back he watches your measured movements. You nestle his hips between your quaking legs. Shifting your weight onto one of your elbows, you loft your hips. You raise your eyes, brushing your nose against his, mingling your breath.
One hand moves to his waistband, trailing along the elastic band. He holds your gaze, eyes wide, and settles his hands on your hips. You dip below, smiling when you reach curly coarse hair. His eyes shut on a shudder and a grunt chokes out from his parted pink lips. You keep going, ghostlike in your touches: down his shaft, along the curve of his balls, lightly flicking his head dotted with droplets of precum. Dragging a thumb along his tip, you circle it around the exposed glands. Gently you smear it along his length, letting your hand roll over him. He is taunt like a rubber band, and you know just how to make him snap.
"You were all I could think about," you confess in a hushed whisper. "Can I…I want to taste you."
His hips stutter up into your grip. "Yeah. Yeah, ok-I-I mean, yes."
You both fumble with your clothes. Shamelessly you watch him strip, his hands shaking under your ardent gaze. His dick springs out, long, veiny, and slender. A deluge of saliva enters your mouth. You try your best not to stare given how red his face is; but, you can’t help the hungry look that rises to your face.
He lies there on the bed, eyes glued to the wall, emitting short shaky breaths. The small greedy shard of you that demands his undoing retreats. Instead a tenderness pulls your hands down. Delicately, you place a hand on each of his thighs. His skin is cool, smooth. Stroking your thumbs up and down, you feel the tautness in his muscles fade. You massage him, searching for any sign of hesitation. You inch your way towards his cock watching it leak with each compression of your hands.
Grasping him loosely in your fist, you lean forward and send a small puff of breath towards his tip. His dick twitches and out of the corner of your eye you catch his hands fisting in the sheets. You lay the flat of your tongue along the underside, then drag it slowly upwards. He is buttery soft and salty, with a hint of earthiness.
He moans, hips jolting. Muffled murmurs reach your ears, but you can't quite make out what he's saying. You open your mouth taking him in one fell swoop, the piquant taste of him inundating your taste buds, blending with your saliva.
Abruptly you rise back to the head of his cock and sneak a glance. His eyes are shut tight, sweat glistens on his forehead, and his lips tremble. You move to bob your head again, only submerging half of him in the slippery cavern of your mouth when a strangled sound from him makes you pause.
"W-wait, wait - I, I'm gonna-don't wanna-I-Ineedasec."
You move off him completely watching as he lies there, panting, one arm thrown over his eyes. He gnaws on his lips, the hand still bunched in your sheets clenching and unclenching.
"Do you want to stop?" Your voice is quiet, concern flutters at its edges. "Gumi?"
He takes a deep breath, then another.
"No… No I just, uh, wouldn't have lasted long if, uh, you kept…kept on, um, you know?" He peeks out from under his arm, face splotchy, the tips of his ears bright red. "I didn't-I mean, not that I don't. I want to, but I just, uh…"
He's incredibly cute like this, bashful and overloaded. You bite the inside of your cheek in a futile attempt to bottle up your next question.
"Megs, where do you want to cum?" your voice is goading, bordering on teasing.
"What?" His arm rises abruptly, neck snapping upwards.
"Where do you want to cum?" He stares at you like a deer in headlights, face flaming. Taking pity on him you smile conspiratorially, "I think… I think I want you to cum inside me."
He gawks at you. Mouth open, eyes blinking, he remains motionless. After a few more beats, his brow furrows slightly and he starts nodding.
"Okay, y-yeah me too."
Bobbing your head along with him, you press your lips together to suppress a giggle. You place one last kiss along his shaft, watching him jerk in response. Smiling, your tongue pokes out between your teeth and you hum with satisfaction. He huffs out a self-conscious laugh hiding his face behind his hand.
Climbing back on top of him, you place your hands on either side of his head. You pepper kisses from the back of his hand up to his spread fingers. Opening your jaw, you suck his middle finger into your mouth and catch it gently between your teeth. You dart your tongue along his knuckle and lower your hips to press your exposed sex against his tip. His finger flies from your mouth letting out a soft grunt.
You want nothing more than to sink down on top of him, to let him fill you inside and out. Instead you reach down and carefully grasp the length of him in your fist. You revel in his sputtering moan as you drag the tip of him along your folds: once, twice, and then you're letting the tip delve into you. It feels feverishly hot, and gratifyingly erotic. Slick gushes from you bathing him in sticky fluid.
His hands wrap around your hips, fingers digging delightfully into your flesh. Momentarily pausing, you swallow, and then rock your hips, sinking a little deeper. An unbidden mewl rips through your throat. He moans along with you, each blending into the next, your own shared personal medley. You plunge downwards and release a whimper when he hits a spongy upper ridge. He fills and stretches you, sitting so snugly.
You glance at his face when you sit fully on him. The dark curly hair at his base tickles the undersides of your thighs. His eyes squeeze shut and he takes long, measured breaths. Pink blotches litter his face, a lone drop of sweat carves a path down from his forehead. You try to stay as still as you can, muscles bunching and fidgeting; but, when you feel his dick twitch, your walls instinctively pulse around him.
"Ah-you," he pants, "you feel so-so good."
One of his hands moves, resting the heel of his palm on your pelvis. His long fingers splay along the softness of your belly. He doesn't push exactly, but it feels more like an exploration. Another piece of tangible proof of how he fills you inside and out. A trickle of slick slides between your joined hips. Your hips jut forward, suctioning him deeper.
His jaw locks and a thin vein pops out of his throat. You instinctively contract around him. His hips buck in response. You roll again, and again, letting your own grunts slip through as the tip of him bumps your cervix.
He's outright panting, aggressively biting down on his swollen lips. You place your hands on his chest feeling the frenzied beating of his heart.
Using his chest as leverage you pull him out until he rubs so exquisitely you flinch. There you lazily bob your hips. His head angles down, eyes glossy, and you look down with him. Together you inhale the vision before you: your sweet folds encasing him, your slick coating his dick, the way your hips move in tandem. It's enough to make your cunt sopping, pulsing around him in a feverish anguish.
You're close. Keeping a steady pace, you raise a hand from his chest hooking a few fingers in your mouth. He catalogs your movements, licking his lips. You reach down and swirl your saliva soaked fingers around your clit. The added sensation is intense. It makes something howl in side you, screaming, just a little more. Then, there. Your mouth drops open, wordless, and your walls flutter around him.
Your orgasm is sudden, but gentle. It skirts over your skin like a warm breeze making you shiver and slump forward. You marvel in the cascading sensation, movements slowing, settling. A listless sigh expels from your lungs.
The next thing you know he sits up, pushing you into an upright position. Wrapping his arms around you he moves swiftly. He slides out of you, turns you over face-down, and angles a pillow under your hips. He buries himself in your soaking cunt, pelvis pressed against your ass. He shifts slightly, as you prop yourself on your elbows and settle on your knees. The softness of his lips press against your shoulder as his hands settle on either side of you on the mattress. His chest rests on your back as he brings his mouth to your ear.
"My turn."
A chill travels up your back. Was he waiting, holding out to get you in this position? Your eyes close and everything except how he drags against your hypersensitive walls falls away. Patiently, he pumps in and out. The veins of his cock tickle and tease. He glides sensually back and forth. It's maddening. It makes your mind inundated with the filthiest thoughts. His cock is so pretty, flawless in how he converges with you. You want his cum filling you to the brim.
A long, wanton moan springs from your mouth with a firm pressure on your clit. Your eyes fly open, a shade of surprise flits through you. Belatedly you realize his fingers are slick. You picture him sucking them before he reaches down to touch you. His tongue swirling around them. Him reaching down and circling them around your sensitive bundle of nerves. With a sudden tremor you're spasming around him, limbs shaking. Its stronger than the last, and even through your walls tighten in a forceful attempt to push him out he stills inside you.
He groans, waiting. You curl forward, shoving your face into the mattress keening his name with wild abandon. The rapid rise and fall of his chest against your back serves as the only indication of his wavering control. Gentle, soft pressures on your neck draw a path back to yourself. His voice filters through the foggy depths of your mind.
"You're doing so good. So fucking good baby."
You involuntarily buck your hips against him, muted wailing suppressed.
You can hear the smile in his voice as he murmurs, "That’s it, that's it. Such pretty moans, tell me more. How do I make you feel?"
His hips resume their unhurried pace. A lament, sweet and needy, vibrates with a gust of air from your lungs. Your legs tremble; they are shaky supports that threaten to topple you.
He picks up his pace gradually. Then quicker, sloppier. You turn your head, laying it flush against the mattress. From this angle your eyes find him. Descending, his mouth tickles your year.
"You feel so good, you-mm-your perfect, perfect."
You ooze around his dick. Delirium creeps in, making your eyes water and teeth clench. Soft squelching fills the room accompanying the muted slap of skin. You feel another cresting on the horizon, moisture beads in your eyes.
"That's it, a-almost there. One more, you got one more for me?" he coos.
He adjusts his angle. Suddenly it's too much: the ridges of him catching on your gummy walls, the earnest pressure on your clit, the plush tip of him hitting the sweetest spot deep inside you. Your walls lengthen, then vice around him, wringing him for all he’s worth. He cums with you, the hot gluey fluid making you burn and constrict even more. He groans in your ear as your vision clouds over, face scrunching. It feels as if it lasts an eternity, wracking your body with sporadic quakes as he disjointedly pumps into you. They only subside when the last of his movements cease.
His forehead rests against your shoulder. Listlessly your legs move, wrapping around his. He settles his weight over you like a warm weighted blanket. You both lie there letting your breaths lengthen. His weight presses your boneless body deliciously into the mattress and he rotates his head letting his lips glide along your back.
After several beats, he slides out. Your legs settle back against the mattress. Faintly, you register his shuffling among the sheets, and the click of your door opening. The room floods with a golden glow. You shut your eyes not ready to face the day.
He returns with a warm damp cloth. Settling a hand on your thigh, he stays there. You feel a sticky mixture trickling out of your puffy lips, out and down. It tickles your clit making you shudder and heat rush to your face. A quick kiss on the globe of your ass is all the warning you get before he cleans you of your shared release.
Tossing the cloth with the rest of your laundry, he slips back into bed. Gathering your pliable body to him, he spoons you. The plush layers of your blankets descend on you both a moment later.
Wiggling, you rotate to face him, eyelids drooping with a contented bliss. He cups your face, thumb skimming over your lips. Leaning forward he kisses you so sweetly, attentively, molding your lips with his. Moisture gathers in your eyes and you sigh into his mouth. Grateful, you are so grateful for him.
Drawing backwards, he gazes at you with an expression your sluggish brain fights to name. His eyes are soft, face open, and relaxed. Reverent. He's looking at you with reverence. It makes you ache for him all over again despite your grogginess. You want to let him know you wouldn't—couldn't want anyone else other than him.
He must see something in your expression, because he places another quick kiss to your malleable lips.
"Sleep," he softly commands, "I'll be here when you wake up."
Your sleepy smile is all the response you give. Tucking into him, he pulls you close. You drift off, satiated and content for the first time in days.
Tumblr media
Thanks for reading, and feel free to check out the other pieces in the collab! reblogs & comments appreciated :)
disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters or people mentioned in this piece & all characters are +21 plus regardless of published canon
please do not copy, translate, nor repost this work or other work belonging to @babe-im-bi
taglist: @anime-central​
Tumblr media
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daddydemus · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
old art I drew of Lucifier looking disheveled and being worried over his partner being sick.
open collaboration drawing, feel free to color it in, if ya do use it just give me credit for lines :)
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otomiya-tickles · 5 months ago
Tears of Themis (Hcs)
Written with @ticklygiggles​ 💖
Tumblr media
It had to happen. Tears of Themis tickle headcanons written with my dearest Mia! She recently received an anon ask if she could write headcanons and asked me to do it with her, of course I’d love to! 
We love our four main guys but there’s also some supporting characters we already like a lot, so those will get some tickly attention too! Starting with precious Luke, and the rest of them under the cut! 
Luke Pearce
Tumblr media
❖ A canon ticklish cutie! His laugh is so precious and he seems especially sensitive around his lower tummy and hips. 
❖ This precious bean is so ticklish he could just jump or back away swiftly when someone reaches out even if it isn't with intention to touch him, it is his instant reflex! 
❖ He’d also flinch if your elbow like accidentally touches his side! We think he's the type of person that can't hold his laughter, even if it's like a gentle touch, he'll giggle softly*w*.
❖ Luke will even giggle if you ever mention you're going to tickle him, and can’t hear the word in general without letting out a soft “heehee”, even when it’s an innocent proverb or a comment like “a tickle in my throat” he just gets blushy, giggly and tingly and commenting things like “Hehe I kinda felt that~”.
❖ He also kind of just stops functioning when he’s tickled, he can't fight back and is too busy laughing and squirming dkfnf.
❖ Even when he is like this, he can be a ler too, like, he could tickle someone but at the same time he’s quite giggly himself and jumpy whenever he suspects a counterattack, he'd be laughing just as hard, but he is quite good at tickling!
❖ Being so super ticklish himself he knows what works best but he has to be careful not to get easily overpowered, so his ideal strategy is just to pin the lee down and tickle them mercilessly.
❖ *credit to anon who posted in my inbox* yes we agree, and love the idea of Luke getting even more ticklish as years pass by. Imagine you as the childhood friend! "What's this Luke? I don't remember you laughing this much when tickled you here? Did you get more ticklish?" and "omg, I don't even want to try tickling your worst spot! You'll probably die!” *Goes for the worst spot*.
❖ And giggly Luke would probably say something like "dohohon't tickle mehehe please! I'm more ticklish than you remember!" Hahahha something like that, the cutie is just so sensitive he won't even deny it hahaha.
❖ He also says "not there!!" for every single spot, EXCEPT when he's tickled in his worst spot omg, he's just so sensitive, he can't do anything besides laughing! He can also be teased extra by saying "oh so you're tickliish heeere?" and he's all giggly like "I sahahaaid yehehes ahahalready! S-stoohhop!"
❖ It’s super adorable but we think he can actually get into lee moods, not like we know it in the tk community per say haha, but more like he's feeling playful and will try to fire the other person up to play with him/tickle him! He'd be so annoying HAHAH but like cute annoying, he'd poke the other person or would playfully push them or snatch away their own/phone/whatever they're holding just to make them chase him down.
❖ And while he's being chased, he'd be laughing so hard already, and although he can be quick and nimble, he gets a bit weak when the ler says teasy things, and it is easier to catch up to him. And when the real fun starts he’ll say things like "thahahahat's n-not eheheheven tihihicklish!" as he laughs his head off, or "I'm not even ticklish there!" while he's crying of laughter xD. That’s lee mood Luke.
Artem Wing
Tumblr media
❖ TICKLISH EARS. This beautiful gorgeous man has such a sensitive neck and ears, there is this canon scene in the game where MC leans towards his ear and ‘he jolts to the side, startled.’ We see you, ticklish sweetiee. You can’t hide.
❖ Imagine how he’s just so sensitive and trying to hold back, squirming and blushing slightly when people whisper in his ear which probably has to happen every once in a while.
❖ He'd really die if someone nibbles his neck and ears omg dkskdd he literally can't speak because he's giggling so much, covering his mouth with his hand and trying to hold back!
❖ Artem blushes so much which actually looks great on him with his pretty blue eyes. He is someone who can get easily teased about his blush too: “are you blushing~?” and he tries to cover up soooo bad, and in his despair to cover up his face he reveals his body that also can get so sensitive if tickled in the right places with the right kind of pressure! So combined with teases he just whiiiines hahahaha, trying so hard to keep up the serious mature facade but he can't!
❖ He'd be juuust a little squeaky, like overall we think he's not too loud, but he'd let out this sweet squeak, everytime he gets tickled somewhere new, as well as some gasps and sometimes this low beautiful chuckle that just makes any ler go weak. We think his hips are a fairly good spot too aaaaa, and his armpits dkdndkd!
❖ Also we hc he smells reeeeal good (also mentioned in canon somewhere), imagine his ler teasing him about it while they sniff over his neck and behind his ears 😍😍 and it tickles so he'd be laughing!
❖ That’s a lot of lee Artem but his ler side is sooo gentle and sweet, and teasy! He usually tickles as revenge, but he sometimes gets the sudden urge to tickle and just attacks:D. Then it’s just random ler Artem making his rare appearance and surprising the lee with sudden tickles. We think he could be especially playful in mornings after waking up
❖ As a ler he’s probably very thorough and doesn't even need to apply too much force or pressure to make someone weak. He also closely studies his lee's reactions, which is so flustering for his poor lee! 
❖ And while Artem himself gets easily teased about his blush he likes to compliment/talk about the other's laugh during the tickling, like when the lee begs to stop and he just sighs “how can I? Your laugh is so pretty~” and it’s not even just a teasy joke but genuine, which can be worse and even more flustering hahaha. 
❖ "I think this is my favorite spot on you, I can hear your real laughter so well. It's beautiful" *self combusts*  ...."I'll have to tickle you forever so I can hear that laughter" ..."Hang on, let me get my phone, I'll record you~" x3 
Vyn Richter
Tumblr media
❖ Vyn, Vyn, Vyyyn. This charming cutie tries to hide how sensitive he actually is omg, so he's usually the ler, but if you catch him off guard, he wouldn't have time to prepare himself for the attack and you'll get to hear the most amazing laughter.
❖ Jskskf he probably is super ticklish to liiiight tickles~ His sides and his back are so so so sensitive to geeentle brushes of fingertips or light scratches. AND HIS INNER THIGHS. A great spot. he gets so flustered when he's tickled theeeere!! 
❖  And... his tummy 🥺 imagine he has quite a toned stomach... and it is very sensitive haha!
❖ But we think you wouldn't want ler vyn after you because he OBSERVES AND ANALYZES. He knows the EXACT right things to say to make a lee flustered. He'd look at his lee so intently and then be like "oh, so it's here" and his fingers would find the Lee's most ticklish spot! He’s terrifying.
❖ Flustered lee be like “hohow did you knohohow?" and he'd be like "you told me yourself, my darling~"
❖ He can get super teasy; "did you have fun tickling me? Now please have fun being tickled by me~" and "it is my turn now", this man sounds super calm and teasy but when he uses his strength to pin the lee down it's like O____O Help.
❖ Vyn also hushes the lee like "no no no , just stay still” while they’re already making a scene, squirming and struggling just because how flustered they get hahaha. 
❖ No lee can hide their tickle spots or ticklishness from him, he is master at detecting lies and verbally confronting his victim already without even tickling yet. Just his words, claims and teases can get the most ticklish people squirming and giggling at his mercy.
❖ He also likes sharing his theories -- they're just casually having lunch and he's like "I was actually thinking. Your knees must be exceptionally ticklish." ... *lee chokes on food* EXCUSE ME. 
❖ And he likes to talk about it in a deeper sense? Like how tickling opens people up or something, also using the terms Knismesis and gargalesis hahaha + probably also a fond fan of ASMR - soft tickles (more like giving them, he gets a bit shy if he's the one getting submitted to it).
Marius von Hagen
Tumblr media
❖ Rich little ticklish brat. He actually feels quite superior and has a lot of ler experience, but is very inexperienced as a lee, which makes him a great target. He has this confused and surprised laughter, also occasionally saying things like “whahahat are you dohohoing?! No noohohot there! That is- aahahah!”
❖ He’ll discover sensitive spots of his own like his hips, thighs and knees. Also probably his feet are super sensitive which he does know. He won't let people near hid bare feet easily. Marius has the gorgeous healthy feet of a rich man, hands off. 
❖ If he's ever under ticklish threat he's probably the person to wanna negotiate his way out of it, being the peacock he is, all teasy and stuff but the moment the other person mentions tickling him, his face drops and he’s like !!! "... Now... We're civilized people .. we don't need to use such savage methods!"  ("what? Are you admitting you're ticklish?" -- "What no wAIT").
❖ He gets a little nervous when MC / other ler puts their hand on his knee/thigh aksndkd, and actually gets so very flustered when someone acts a little dominant over him since he considers himself superior all the time. So MC and probably his private tutor Vyn make fitting lers. 
❖ The moment he gets flustered and nervous, his cocky attitude just crumbles and he goes into that sweet dorky negotiation mode. "I'll treat you okay? Let's not do thihis, hehehey where are you touching!”
❖ Eventually he even produces these cute little threatening cries of how he is gonna tickle them back so bad but he's already losing ahahaha. Since he's so surprised about the sensations, he won't be able to hold back his laugh, but he will still try! 
❖  He’s also so squirmy omg, but uncoordinated! yes its hilarious, and getting extra flustered when the ler comments on his movements: "Quite the dance moves you've got there Marius~”. Damn right he’s a blusher too.  And his laugh can get quite surprisingly pitchy!
❖ As a ler he is a mischievous poker! He likes to poke MC and his assistant and other people randomly. And with real tickle attacks he seems to go for generic spots that are convenient to reach, so probably mostly sides and tummy. Maybe the neck too by blowing on them like the tease he is, or he will slide a finger down their back. All while wearing this cocky smirk.
❖ He's an extremely arrogant and teasy ler and he loves loves loves to see his victims so flustered, acting as if he isn’t so painfully ticklish himself xD. He really gets a genuine power boost, forgetting his own ticklishness. 
❖ Marius actually won't pin his victim that much because he wants to use both hands so he can tickle them even more! He really is merciless yes, a very dangerous ler that will make a lee beg for mercy, but he can also get quite into it and maybe let his guard down, so the lee either needs to find an opening to retaliate or call reinforcements because if not, this tickle monster will not stop anytime soon~
Darius Morgan 
Tumblr media
❖ So serious hehehe, we actually got quite the soft spot for this one and would happily turn that frown upside down skskfkdkfkf. We bet he's got an amazing laaaugh, so deep, yet bubbly???
❖ His hips are a very good spot, but also his stomach and ribs!! He's so toned omg 😍😍😍! The poor man is just so stressed from work and has a lot on his mind, he feels a little exposed when he gets tickled and tries to resist and hold back his laugh, but actually his body does eventually relax.
❖ He does think tickling is childish, not in a bad way like maybe when someone he trusts is trying to tickle him, he'd chuckle and be like "what are you doing?" and oh yes he would tickle that person back because he knows how to hide his ticklishness!
❖ Darius probably needs to be provoked real bad if he goes into tickle attack mode. If not it's just a few warning pokes and squeezes that makes the lee laugh and he'll charmingly chuckle along, but when the lee doesn't behave he might just use his weight on them and sigh, “alright but you asked for this....” before going into full attack hahaha.
❖ and BOY he is strong. He literally doesn't need to use his hands to pin down his lee, his BODY is enough to make them unable to move! He might be a bit embarrassed, but he also likes to nibble his lee's neck while his hands are roaming around their body.
❖ PLUS he’ll rub his lil scruff against them, also breathe in their neck and mumble things like “hmm what? what's wrong~?” when the lee giggles like crazy👌. 
❖ Omg and when he feels playful he'd grab his lee and just use his little scruff to make them giggle. It's like a 4ever running gag with his s/o that he needs to shave and he's like hmm naah.. "if I shaved, I couldn't do this-" kskdndkfnf
Vincent Kim
Tumblr media
❖ Master Marius’ precious assistant, he is adorable! What’s wrong with Secretary Kim? Well he’s just deadly ticklish and has a bratty boss who keeps poking him and making him flustered.
❖ But... This cutie can be a devious ler if he wants to! He kinda needs to be provoked real bad to unfold some surprising tickle monster side (mostly when dealing with Marius haha). He’d even tolerate Marius’ mean pokes and tickles, giggle and laugh when he is teased. but he does have his limits.  
❖ Definitely looks baby, but he's really good at wrestling and pinning someone down, even Marius dkdnf. That smiley face and his teases: "Did you have your fun~? Now it's my turn, hmm?" and oh he keeps smiling so calmly while tickling him and marius always gets surprised like o////o.
❖ And that little peacock still teases Secretary Kim whenever he can xD But Vincent can be quite teasy too like “don’t forget what I told you yesterday~” and it was something he told him while absolutely wrecking him.
❖ Still he is also a super ticklish cutie and he has this adorable “ah!” when his sides get poked or when his neck gets flicked, and his blush is very sweet. He's got the cutest reactions, that's why Marius can't resist to tease him!
❖ He probably needs to get tickled like ten times or so before he's suddenly like alright now that is enough, and shows his vengeful side.... and then goes back again to being obedient secretary for a while. Tickle monster side recharging. 
❖ Omg and he definitely "punishes" Marius when he forgets something or after he does some mischief that caused him to work extra hours dkdnf. Be careful rich boy.
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1252291 · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
♡  ‘ forbidden ’ collaboration event  ♡
Tumblr media
sometimes relationships don’t always turn out the way you want them to. whether it’s because other relationships get in the way, or you’re just not allowed to see the other person. maybe it’s taboo, and you really should avoid getting caught. this collaboration highlights those relationships!  
Tumblr media
how to join:
send me an ask with which character you’re going to write for, as well as which trope you’ll be writing for. the rules are under the cut, so please read them before joining! please be following me so you can see the other's contributions when I reblog them!!
trope examples: these are just examples, and you can write whatever forbidden relationship you can think of!
professor and college student
families are rivals
best friends significant other
brothers/sisters best friend
you must be 18 or over
your characters & y/n must be 18 or over
you can write dark content to your hearts content! just make sure it’s tagged appropriately. do not write actual incest, or wildly inappropriate themes.
you can also write fluff, or nsfw. I encourage nsfw, just because that’s what my blog is mainly about, but if you’re more into fluff, I’m here for it!
don’t forget to tag me in the post so i can reblog it. also feel free to message me once it’s posted so i make sure i see it and get to reblog it !
there’s no limit to the characters. if you see they’re on the list already, you can still join the collab!! just try not to do the same character with the same trope!
your post should be at least 500+ words! but i won’t be mad or anything if you hit underneath that amount. no max count on words 😮‍💨
this is an open event. you can write for any anime that you want to! just keep in mind that my blog is mainly aot and jjk, so i’m more open to those two ! but there’s no cap on who you want to write for.
you can write for up to two different characters (aka join the collab twice)
you can join anytime from now to the deadline date!
The deadline is August 20th, 2021 !  that’s 42 days from tomorrow. If you need more time, that’s totally fine. Just message me to let me know! 
Tumblr media
step-brother ( @aqueencomplexx ) — fic!!
dilf & babysitter ( @bunnysuit-femboy ) - fic!!
step-brother ( @bertlsbeloved )
step-brother ( @jenijae )
brother's best friend ( @boston-bakedbeans ) - fic!!
priest erwin with demon reader ( @yeagerslut )
employer & secretary ( @tetsunormous ) - fic!!
the next door neighbours husband ( me )
sire & fledging ( @onyxoverride )
families are business rivals ( @chaotic-nick​ )
mob bosses girlfriend falls for somebody else ( @ghost-party )
step-brother ( @weepinglevi )
step-sister ( @saccharine-darling )
step-brother (@pennylanewrites ) - fic!!
* * *
step-brother ( @haikyutiehoe )
feat. sukuna - straight!itadori & step!bro sukuna argue over who fucks better, and test out on male reader ( @fvckme-sir )
cheating on significant other ( @katboykiyo )
step-father ( @haikyutiehoe )
brother's best friend ( @nocturnalazura )
* * *
coworker ( @saccharine-darling )
step-cest ( @hyperdensityseals )
Tumblr media
a final mushy note from n:
thank you so, so much from the bottom of my heart to everybody that's decided to follow me. while I don't share my milestone numbers, I want you to know that you mean so much to me, and I see you!! I see you interacting with my fics, and commenting on them. and I appreciate you so much. you make writing so much fun for me to do after I stopped writing for a good year, and excited to scroll through my dash and see the thirsts ahahahaha.
If you ever need me, I'm just an ask box away! probably screaming into the abyss until somebody looks at me bahaha. okay, I love you. don't forget to drink some water. I'll see you!
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witchygirl99 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Thank you again to everyone who participated in @inu-spiration, and to all the mods who worked so hard to make this happen. You're the bestest, and this witch loves you.
@otaku-108, my darling, never leave me.
Rated: E
Sneak Peek:
“Wait a second, let me get this straight,” Miroku starts, his blue eyes wide as he stares in disbelief. Inuyasha gets it. He does. It’s just not helpful at-fucking-all right now. “You somehow convinced Kagome – a woman who, at best, tolerates you on a good day – to pretend to be your girlfriend, and now you’re banging her.”
“Do you have to say it like that?”
Tagging: @ideasthatbuildcities​ @wolfcry77​ @alerialblu​ @misspepperpottss​ @sailorbabydoll92​ @willowandfog​ @amethystablaze​ @fawn-eyed-girl​ @noyourenotreal​ @hnn-wnchstr​ @liz8080​ @nsr0716​ @superpixie42​ @itzatakahashi​ @mandirox89​ @inussunflower​ @cstormsinukagblog​ @nartista​ @hopidoodle​ @princessinume​ @lavendertwilight89​ @anxietyaardvark​ @omgitscharlie​ @theinuyashareader​ @ruddcatha​ @umacaking​ @kagometaishostory​ @cammysansstuff​ @sacred-arrow-writes @sacred-arrow @gicu2 @neutronstarchild @kalcia
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searidings · a month ago
Since its praise Faye hours which I gladly celebrate, my absolute favourite fic of yours and supercorp fic of all time is the soulmate one where Lena and Kara hear each other in their heads. I'm always weak for a good ol' soulmate fic but yours hits so much more than seeing colours or having the first words imprinted along their bodies.
It fits supercorp so well because they both go through the same shitty childhood and pain of losing their planet BUT things are better because they have each other and that makes everything they experience, not so bad. Especially when its told through Lena's POV and I love love LOVE the visual aids you wrote like Lena blocking Kara out before her mental walls dropped down and Kara "falling" backwards as if she had been banging on the door to Lena's mind. And how quickly Kara was able to comfort Lena. (I will also mention how I love that Kara is the type to say stupid jokes just to make Lena laugh and Lena DOES laugh as well as that scene where Lena felt Kara's joy at making her laugh because God that was so well written)
I love it because it shows them as kids and then teenagers and then adults and how their thoughts grew with one another and their feelings too ESPECIALLY when Kara mentioned how she can't wait to meet Lena while being all shy which Lena felt and it gives me butterflies??? And with canon Lena being lonely and sad, your fic makes me feel so good? To know that in that universe, Lena has Kara by her side throughout and that Lena has something to look forward to (with someone who loves her back just as much!!!) even when the world goes to shit. That Kara will always be there and Lena is *loved* which is all I want for my bb
Well this turned out to be a rant but that fic is the only tab I always leave open in chrome because I keep re-reading it so if the hits start going up just know its me
Tumblr media
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gaspingforthedevil · a year ago
first meetings
lately i’ve been having some fun collaborating with my lovely girlfriend to write backstory stuff for the pair of Pathfinder rpg characters we came up with together. i’ve gotten her approval to share some of them here on tumblr; enjoy
Aura flexed her fingers around the hilt of the scimitar, the weight of the blade straining her wrist as she held it out in front of her. How was the grip? Would it hold? The bits of scrap leather felt rough against her fingers. The weapon was old, some forgotten family relic. How long had it been rotting away in the attic?
With a breath, Aura shifted her stance, mimicking the pose she’d seen the temple guards take during their training. Fallen twigs cracked under her boots. Feet planted, one foot forward, one back. Free arm in front, weapon raised – hells this thing was heavier then she had expected. The tree in front of her showed no mark from the hour of practice so far. Not a single hit had bit. Shift weight, swing forward–
A solid thunk reverberated numbed Aura’s fingers and up her arm as the blade hit the bark of the tree. “Fuck!” The scimitar clattered onto the bare earth in a rattle as Aura instinctively yanked back her hand. Wind sent a rustle of leaves through the forest as the young woman shook the pain out of her hand. At least out here away from town no one could watch the too-tall gangly teenager make a fool of herself.
This wasn’t getting her anywhere.
Maybe it was hopeless. Whatever magic the Katsaros family line had when her great-grand-whatever-ma used this scimitar was long gone. The Katsaros were a line of potters, not planar travelers, or magicians, or warriors or any other grand tale. Maybe she should just give up already and accept that the only future she had ahead of her was following the family trade. A future life of working with clay, and mud, and pots, and bowls, and wheels, and damn pots, and cups, and damn fucking pots.
The breeze pulled at her hair as Aura’s frustration mounted. Red curls escaping her hairband to flutter definitely in front of her face. How long had she been at this? A month now? Sure she had fixed the hilt – or tried to anyway, but had she actually gotten any better? It didn’t feel like it. With a frustrated groan, Aura picked the scimitar up again and gave it a few experimental swings through the air. Maybe there was something she was missing. Some trick of positioning or movement. Or maybe this scimitar was a rusty piece of garbage and she’d be better off practicing with a kitchen knife.
With a frustrated cry Aura spun around to kick the tree that had definitely resisted her. The shock of impact rattled the branches in the wind, sending an irritated bird cawing into the sky while dull pain vibrated up her foot and leg.
In the distance, someone screamed.
“Dude it’s like really, ACTUALLY angry!”
Nearly drowning out the words, a chorus of laughter rings out, hardly even interrupted when the enraged forest creature leaps at the nearest tripped-out teenager and causes her to scream. Something (but who knows what, really?) tells the group that they should probably be backing up, though it doesn’t stop the incessant banter and laughter.
At least until it goes for the largest cluster of teens. Then they all start shrieking. Shriek-laughing, really.
They put in at least some amount of effort to run away, but for one unfortunate soul, the ultimate result of that effort is the catching of her ankle on an exposed tree root and the quick meeting between the earth and her face. Between the annoyance and the distant concept that it’s probably a bad thing she’s stopped moving away from whatever was chasing them, Andromeda does briefly find herself thankful that she didn’t break anything.
Meanwhile, the scene that greets Aura as she enters the clearing takes a second to process. In the distance between the trees, the fleeing form of someone screaming. Sprawled on the ground, one foot caught over an upraised root, a well-dressed dark-skinned person with long black hair struggles to get up. Some feet away from them, a strange, hairy, four-legged creature stomps its hooves.
There’s the crunch of boots against the forest floor and Aura runs to put herself between the stranger and the animal pursuing them.  Gripping the scimitar in both hands, she holds it protectively in front of her. A quick glance backward to check that the fallen person was conscious. “Don’t just lay there! Get going!”
Gritting her teeth, Aura turned her attention back to the animal. Some kind of pig? It had a lot of tusks for a pig. Maybe she could scare it off somehow? The creature snorted, stamping it’s forelimbs. Whatever it was doing it looked mad. Aura narrowed her eyes, heart pounding in her chest.
The pig creature charged forward. With a cry of alarm and a wince, Aura swung the flat of the blade down in front of her in time to have the animal crash face first against it. The momentum of impact sent her toppling backwards onto her butt as the animal recoiled.
Aura whooped as she scrambled back to her feet. The pig creature snorted, shaking its head. A tense moment held as Aura brought the scimitar up between them again, straining to ignore the throbbing soreness from her wrists. Finally, miraculously, the pig creature turned away, stomping it’s hooves.
With a sigh of relief Aura let the tip of the scimitar fall to the dirt. “”Holy shit that worked.”
“Holy shit that worked,” a raspy, feminine voice echoes. As Aura turns back, she comes upon a familiar face: Andromeda Cirillo, daughter(?) of Hektor Cirillo, the high priest. Her eyes are wide, her cheeks flushed, her pupils slightly dilated. Apparently, she hadn’t gotten going.
“What on earth are you doing out here?” Aura quickly glances away from Andromeda to inspect the surrounding forest. She hadn’t been staring. Not at all. Shaking the soreness out of her free hand, she pats down at her hair, more strands having come loose in the excitement.
“Uh… depends on how much of a snitch you are,” Andromeda replies completely unsuspiciously, rising shakily to a standing position.
Aura follows Andromeda’s gaze to the weapon in her hand. “I won’t tell if you don’t.”
“Oh, that’s like, bad, huh?” A wide grin spreads across the darker girl’s features. “Guess that settles it. We’re accomplices now.”
“I like the sound of accomplices.” A nervous grin matches hers on Aura’s face. “...what are we accomplices of?”
“The dual crimes of going into the forest to do shrooms, and uh,” a glance down at the heirloom scimitar, “recklessly swinging around old weapons at local wildlife?”
“I’m practicing!” Aura hunches her shoulders, defensive. A beat, and then, she tilts her head. “Shrooms?”
“You know, eat ‘em and you get all high and stuff. You sounded like you were pretty cool so I was wondering why I hadn’t invited you out to something yet, but I guess you’re still new to being a delinquent, aren’tcha?”
A flash of heat floods Aura’s cheeks as she avoids looking directly at Andromeda’s smirking expression. “W–well – aren’t you… like, the High Priest’s daughter? That’s like… the opposite of a delinquent.”
“Yeah, name’s Andromeda Cirillo. Nice to meetcha.”
The gangly teenager rubs at the back of her neck with her free hand as more curling red hair escapes from her hairband, waving slightly in the breeze. “It’s, uh, Aura Katsaros. My parents run that pottery kiln?” Sky blue eyes search the woman in front of her. “It’s nice to meet you too.”
“Oh, yeah, I know that place. But, anyways, it’s not as if I set out to be called a delinquent or anything,” Andromeda crosses her arms, “but apparently sex and drugs and whatnot are Bad. Fuck that, I say. Ya know?”
Another blush runs up Aura’s face the moment Andromeda says the word ‘sex.’ “I – I guess. I mean – my parents have been pretty strict too.” She lifts the hand holding the scimitar. “They’d flip their dumb pot if they knew I was out here.”
“Which is why we’re accomplices now.” The shorter girl pauses to scrutinize the taller’s blushing face. “Oh, you’re like… that held down, huh. Virgin?”
“I – What – Uh –” Aura sputters, eyes going wide. “What does that matter!?”
“Because I’m curious.”
“Well that’s not–” Aura takes a step back, face beet red. “I – I’ve been busy! Helping with the pots, or – or…” She deflates.
Andromeda laughs heartily before giving the taller girl’s shoulder a swift, solid punch. “Look, don’t worry about it. Always time to fix that. Anyways, we should start heading back before my dumbass friends get worried and tell my dad or something,” she says, quickly starting to head off in the direction of town again.
Face still burning, Aura follows behind the shorter girl. “...do you all do this a lot? I’ve been practicing out here for like… a month? I didn’t think anyone else was out here.”
“Not a lot… well, we take stuff a lot, but not out here usually,” she muses, hopping over another tree root and nearly losing her balance for a moment. “We!!!! Uh, ahem, we usually just get it off someone else. I felt like being adventurous today is all.”
“Careful there…” Aura bites her lip to keep from smiling as Andromeda wobbles, jumping over the same root with ease. “Adventurous? Well… I guess you got your wish today then.”
“Oh? You taking an interest in my wishes being granted, girlie?”
“G–g–girlie?” Aura stammers, foot catching on a fallen branch as she staggers. “I – I guess? I mean.. If – if you need someone to scare off any more wild animals, I’m your girl?”
Andromeda laughs again, almost with a faint hint of tinkling bells hidden within. “Oh~, you’re my girl, are you?”
Aura finds herself grinning. A light, buzzing tension in her chest as the breeze blows against her back. “I mean – I’m not like… one of your cool kid friends there.”
“Not yet, you mean. Remember, we’re accomplices now, so we’ll be going on plenty more adventures if I have anything to say about it,” she declares firmly.
“Planning to harass some more wildlife?” Aura laughs, “More adventures… That could be fun.” A moment of silence passes, and then Aura adds, hesitantly, “I think I’d like to go on a real adventure some day – just like, leave town and everything.”
“Yeah?” Though not visible for her walking partner, Andromeda’s face drops to a more somber expression. “I can’t really imagine what’d motivate someone to want to leave. But,” her voice picks right back up again, “hey, I’m not the type to tell anyone how to live their life.”
“If I stay here, I’ll end up stuck behind some potter wheel for the rest of my life.” Aura groans, “If I get one more lecture about shaping clay, I’m going to lose my mind.” She swings the scimitar up to rest over her shoulder. “This old piece of junk has been in the family for generations, if I could…” Aura cuts herself off, “Sorry, I’m just complaining now.”
“Hey, I getchu, I getchu,” the other assures her, “you don’t see me spending all my life in that temple reading religious texts and offering blessings like my dad would probably want.”
“Um… Haven’t I seen you doing exactly that?”
“I said all my life!” Andromeda huffs. “It’s not like I mind helping out sometimes. I just want the freedom to be able to enjoy myself too, and Dad’s been good about that. So, I’m pretty happy here.” A pause. “But I can see why you wouldn’t be. That sword of yours, then,” she glances back, “you’d rather be able to fight than make pots?”
“I – yeah! I mean…” Aura jumps over another upraised tree root. “I don’t know. There’s like… this old story about my great, great grandmother or something. She was, like, this… magic swordswoman? Or something like that. I thought maybe I could use her sword? Or uh… It’s a scimitar, I think? Anyway, that was the idea, but I don’t know the first thing about using it.”
“Well… you scared that weird boar-thing away from me. That’s not nothing.”
Aura giggles, “I still can’t believe that actually worked.”
“Still! Don’t discount yourself. Look, if it’d make you happy, I could talk to my dad about getting you into training for the Temple Guard, how’s that sound? I’m sure he’d look favorably upon someone who saved his precious daughter or whatever.” A hand reaches up to cup her own cheek. “Uh, just means we’ll need to make up a good excuse for why I was out here. But I’m sure we can handle that.”
“I – really?” Aura goes quiet, slowing down her pace as she thinks. “I’ve been trying to watch when they train but to actually…” She looks back up at Andromeda, “What story do we make up? Um… Maybe you were picking flowers or something? Is that a thing you would do?”
Andromeda can’t help but cackle in response. “‘Picking flowers’, Dad would just ask if that was a euphemism for doing drugs probably! Thankfully I haven’t been caught leaving town just to get high yet. How about we just say most of the truth, like, lie that I was invited out to go birdwatching or something with my friends, and then truth from there? Boar-thing we stumble across gets territorial and angry, you swoop in and save me, my heroine, how dashing, she’d be perfect, the works. Sound good?”
“D–dashing?” Aura stutters to herself, a tinge of blush returning to her face. “Uh–” She coughs, speaking louder, “Yeah! That sounds good. Great. That’s great! Thank you!”
“Anything for my girl, eh?” Andromeda says with an obviously amused, teasing inflection.
“D–don’t say it like that!” Aura breaks out into giggling again, anxiety fluttering in her chest. “Y–you make it sound like something else!”
“Something else?” Her voice dips into feigned ignorance. “What is it you think isn’t happening here, girlie? You oughta spell it out for me.”
“I– I–” Aura sputters, picking up the pace and pulling ahead of Andromeda. A dozen different lines of thought colliding in her head. “You keep making it sound like you’re – you’re uh, interested in – uh, you know!”
“I’m interested in many things, so I really don’t know! Why, it sounds like you’re having an awfully difficult time getting it out of your mouth, too,” the younger girl cackles, in spite of herself.
“D–don’t laugh! I’m not usually like this!!” Aura’s voice tilts up in a frantic edge.
Continuing to giggle, Andromeda says, “Sorry, sorry, I just can’t help but notice how cute you are when you get like this. Shame we haven’t spent more time together before now. Thankfully, we’ll be changing that, won’t we?”
“Cute!?” Aura squeaks out, floundering. “Well – well your laugh is cute! So there!”
“Oh~? You’re not as hopeless as you seem. You should stop by my room later.”
A strangled half-note escapes Aura’s throat. “Why’s that? You – You got more shrooms stashed away somewhere?”
“Trust me, sweetheart, it’s not drugs I’m wanting to share most with you right now.”
“Then what– oh.” Aura goes quiet, the blush reaching her ears. “I – I’m going to have to – to – to turn that one down. Um, s–sorry.”
“...Ah, well, can’t say I didn’t try.” Shrugging her shoulders, Andromeda internally resolves to look for an opportunity to change her new accomplice’s mind, though she wouldn’t in a million years admit to it out loud.
Aura giggles, relaxing slightly when it becomes apparent Andromeda isn’t going to press it any further. “You… certainly aren’t what I imagined from the high priest’s daughter.”
“I get that a lot,” she chuckles.
“Well… if – if we do get your dad to cooperate, I guess… we’ll be seeing a lot more of each other now, huh?”
“Yeah,” Andromeda smiles again, eyes wandering out across the wild verdancy to one side, “I’d like that. I wasn’t just trying to get into your pants when I said you seemed pretty cool.”
“Th–thanks.” Aura smiles, a light hum in her chest as the edges of town start to become visible on the other side of the trees. “So do you. For a delinquent.”
“Oh shut up!” Said delinquent rushes forward to punch the offending girl’s shoulder in another playful display. “I’m cool because of it, and you know it. No way some stuffy brat who quotes scripture at you day in and day out and, even worse, is abstinent would be half as fun as I am.”
“Well…” Aura’s voice takes a light tone as she rubs her shoulder. “You’ll just have to prove it then.”
“Just gimme a chance to,” she winks in response. “Come on, let’s get to the temple and get this all sorted out so I can take a nap.”
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broadwayrecyclingbin · 3 months ago
Does anyone just randomly feel like overanalysing Falsettos and to put that into essay form before they realise that they are just one person who is a student and has assessments and doesn’t have the time to write multiple essays about one singular show and put it in chronicle form simply for their own enjoyment or satisfaction in the future?
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pens-swords-stuff · a month ago
hey undine! you mentioned having a writing partner that you write with—i was wondering how you make that work mechanically. any tips for co-writing?
p.s. hope you’re doing super well💞
I've actually been considering doing an entire series of posts on co-writing if that's something that people are interested in learning more about 🤔 Because believe me, I have so many thoughts, feelings, and theories about it since it's my life.
The biggest tip that I have for anyone attempting to co-write is to find the right person. Co-writing can be an incredibly intimate and personal experience because writing is something that is near and dear to our hearts. Sharing that with someone can make this hobby so much more enjoyable and less isolating because you always have someone to talk to, who knows the story exactly as well as you do, and someone who is equally invested. On the other hand, when it doesn't work, it can be devastating and really difficult.
You're probably going to be talking to your partner a lot, and you have to make sure that you're (literally and figuratively!) on the same page. I think compatibility and chemistry is so important in co-writing. The ideal writing partnership is with someone who shares your vision, who makes you so excited to write with them, and someone who gets equally as excited to write with you. And it's a hard journey! There's a lot of disappointments and partnerships that don't work out along the way, and it can be taxing.
The mechanics of co-writing is a little harder to define because there are so many ways to co-write. You and your partner will need to figure out what works best for both of you, and chances are it'll take a lot of trial and error.
For me and my partner, we have found that a roleplay-style of co-writing is the most effective method for us. I write for the characters that I've created, and my partner writes for theirs. Then we go back and forth, writing for those characters. I think the easiest way to conceptualize what we do is by thinking of dialogue. I write my character saying something, then my partner writes their character's response. I write my character's response to that, and so on and so forth.
We do a very rapid back-and-forth where we write anywhere between one line to several paragraphs before passing it onto the other to continue the narrative. Character interaction is a massive part of our co-writing.
Rather than having a very detailed outline, we usually discuss vague ideas that we have as a starting point for a scene and anything we might want to accomplish. Then we just usually let our characters take over and vibe off each other, and follow wherever they take us.
One additional thing that we're very deliberate about is avoiding head hopping. When you're writing with someone else, it's very easy (and common) to go back and forth into the perspective of our own characters. So we've created a process and a writing style where my main character is the POV character. I write all of the internal monologue in our WIP because that's my strength in writing. My writing partner is a lot better at writing action, so they're the one who moves the scene along with their characters, and write the actions/words of their characters without delving into what's going on in their mind. We've found that this has really made our writing seamless, and like one person is writing it, rather than two.
Obviously there's a lot more that goes into this, so if anyone is interested in learning more about what we do, feel free to come ask or chat about co-writing! But this should serve as a quick rundown for the process that my partner and I have.
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annavek94 · 10 months ago
Dangerous Game
Hermione’s back arched into Draco as his large hands curled around her thighs and pulled her to the edge of the desk.
“We musn’t,” she gasped, her nails clawing the grains of the wood. His only response was a wicked laugh that rumbled through her as he ran biting kisses down the column of her throat.
Tumblr media
Their hurried breaths were deafening in the quiet office; only the hubbub sounds of the afternoon DMLE filtered through the flimsy door. Hermione peeked at the moving silhouettes she could see through the frosted glass, and bit her lips to muffle her moan.
“We must,” Draco murmured against her skin, as he popped the buttons of her dress. “I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the black lace that you have on under here since this morning.”
Hermione squeaked as Draco dropped down to one knee and the rough pads of his fingers slipped up her thighs.
Tumblr media
“What if someone comes in and catches us?” she whispered as her knees unconsciously fell wider.
Draco’s grey eyes glinted over the frame of his glasses, his kiss-bruised lips tilted to a smirk. “Then tell them to come back later, Deputy Granger.”
Her response was lost as she lifted her hips at his urging. She held his heavy gaze that darkened with lust as he slowly peeled the delicate lace from her body.
Tumblr media
Her breath quickened, her body tingled with anticipation as Draco stood, pocketing her lingerie before he loosened his belt.
Hermione grasped the straps of his holster as his firm grip parted her thighs around his waist. She could feel every brush of air over her newly exposed skin that slickened with gathered arousal. Draco swallowed her whimpers as he stole the breath from her lungs.
“These are staying with me,” he said against her lips before he captured them between his.
Tumblr media
“I’m not going to stop,” he growled darkly as she felt him at her core, “until the entire fucking department knows who makes you scream.”
Ficlet also available on Ao3
The incredible @thusatlas and I did a thing - again. Enjoy our combined minds over some unapologetic smut.
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bookwyrminspiration · 4 months ago
due to an unexpected delay (a child), the next keeper book will instead be written by the entire fandom, one person writing a chapter and then passing it the next, who will take it from there and then pass it along to another like those insidious icebreaker exercises in English classes /j
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babe-im-bi · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
megumi relationship headcanons
Pairing: Megumi x (Gender Neutral) Reader
wc: ~1.8k
genre: straight up fluff + comfort (with a little bit of hurt)
cw: vague references to anxiety/intrusive thoughts, please let me know if I missed something
authors note: some megumi relationship headcanons because i can’t stop daydreaming about them:) this is also part of @kireirengoku​’s Capricorn Season Collab, happy belated birthday♡
All characters are +21. Minors don’t interact.
Tumblr media
✧  He’s such a sap, but only you know it.
✧  Like third week of dating he sent you a playlist* with the promise that he will always add to it.
✧  At first you teased him about it but he blushed so hard and then was going to delete it until you told him how much you loved this gift and asked if he wanted one from you. He got all choked up and said yes before you even finished asking him:(
✧  Whenever he comes to meet you is never empty handed: a bubble tea, lunch, a desert to share, a book you mentioned, your favorite snack, a new journal, flowers, small art prints he thinks would look good in your space and that you would like, random things you mentioned in passing when forgetting to get it from the store, even shows up with raw materials to cook you dinner.
✧  You found it odd at first because one time you saw him approaching, hands in his pockets, but when you opened the door to let him in, he had a bouquet of flowers in his hands.
✧  It's not until later when you open the door prematurely and find one of his  hands raised to knock, the other in his shadow, elbow deep, pulling out a bag of candles you ran out of last week that you realize he holds all these things in his shadow for you.
✧  Listens to you talk about anything: your day, a new recipe you want to try out, a really pretty leaf you found, the walk you took earlier that day, what you're looking forward to reading, the plant that he got you and how well its growing. He just loves how much you appreciate the little moments of beauty in life and that you are so willing and able to share it with him.
✧  Often when he passes by something like a blooming flower, graffiti on the wall, an empty bench, it reminds him of you - he pictures you stopping and taking a moment to either watch, engage, or sit with the world around you and pretty soon he starts taking pictures of all these things too.
✧  You only find out when you take his phone to look at the candid pic just he snapped of you. You scrolled a little too far and saw a pic of a cute puppy on a walk, then a really pretty rose bush, a fluffy cloud, an enormous tree.
✧  He doesn’t admit why he has them on his phone, but after you wrap your arms around his neck and whisper in his ear how much you like these photos, why didn’t he send them to you? Unless he was saving them all to talk to you about them? 
✧  His face gets so red and he immediately hides in your neck marveling at how your shoulders shake when you laugh and the vibrations that emit from your throat, so he presses several kisses there tickling you and making you laugh harder. 
✧  The next time he's away you are sure to send him pictures of you and your day. Do this with the excuse of “adding to his collection 😘” 
✧  After a certain point starts sending pictures back to you of himself (but not when he's bloody or beat up), the others he’s on a mission with, or just really nice pictures of where he’s at and of course he’s such a great photographer without even trying
✧  A bit of playfulness emerges from him as y’all continue to do this when he’s not with you. Its refreshing, and as you get more silly with your pictures and texts, so does he. 
✧  He makes sure to back up as much as possible from your text chain with him. Does this by automatically uploading pics to his cloud, organizing them into folders, and taking screenshots of his favorite jokes or things that make him laugh (or want to laugh) the hardest.
✧  Likes to be a source of stability for you, but you also try to be the same to him. When he is away on missions more often than not, this is where you encourage him to lean on you and you'll be sure to tell him if you need anything from him.
✧  Eventually, he asks to sleep at your place when his missions are at the highest volume even if you don't actually see him in the morning or when he gets in late at night.
✧  You clear out a drawer and other spaces around your place for him to put some of his things. He shows up with, like, a bin with his stuff and you realize that he intends to store his stuff in there. 
✧  You show him the spaces you cleared for him and he, just, stares. After a little, he swallows a couple times and starts unpacking. You give him some space and he finds you when he’s done, wrapping his arms around you and whispers a thank you in your ear. 
✧  He likes to leave little notes for you telling you to have a nice day, or asks you to text him about the dream you had as you were talking a lot in your sleep that night. One time he left an ibuprofen with a note: “you were sleeping funny before I got home and you might need this”
✧  During his slow season he spends most of his time at your place. Also starts to notice how when you get really busy how cluttered your space can get so he will convince you to take a nap. He will lay down with you, and then when you're out he goes off to organize/pick up/ clean around your space. When you thank him he gets all bashful: “don’t mention it…” 
✧  On his particularly rough days, all he wants to do is cuddle with you. You either spoon him or he lies on top of you, his head resting on your chest, your leg hooked around his waist.
✧  In these instances you don't really talk, just play with his hair, massage his neck, and run a hand up and down his back in a steady motion, more often than not he falls asleep and you'll take a nap with him, matching his breaths as they get longer, deeper.
✧  When you wake up, he's so soft and gentle with you staying in your barely awake states pulling you closer to him and burying his face into you. He doesn’t really attempt to leave your embrace, but rather stays as long as you’ll let him. 
✧  After a bit he’s much more open to talking in hushed whispers about what was wrong. Depending on what it is you either just listen, offer advice, or ask questions. Every time though you make a point to thank him for telling you what he was feeling, that you want to hear about what makes him upset and that you’re glad he can share these parts of himself with you.
✧  If you're feeling down or having a bad day he asks what's bothering you. Often he will spoon you in bed placing kisses strategically on your neck and holding you close whispering in your ear that it will be ok, answering any questions that arise in your current state.
✧  There are other times where you don't say a word, and instead will just watch him go about whatever you had initially planned on—random chores, making food, watching a movie, playing music softly in the background listening together, him reading a book while you play with the strings of his hoodie.
✧  Times like these when its too much to put into words, he makes a point to keep the quiet, or create still moments with you to sit and sort through your thoughts, more often than not you get a little clingy, coming to wrap your arms around him as he washes the dishes, cooks, or sit on his lap curling yourself into him.
✧  He won't admit to it anytime soon, but he likes when you get so clingy, and doesn't mind not shifting for a while. Sometimes his foot will fall asleep and even though you apologize he just shifts his position and places a kiss on your cheek or your temple, holding them there until you get comfortable and resume your quiet thinking.
✧  When you are ready to talk about what’s bothering you he’s listens so intently sometimes you can’t look directly at him. He doesn’t offer solutions exactly, but asks questions to get a better understanding of what you’re feeling. Honestly, he tries to mimic what you do when he’s feeling upset. He gets really self conscious when it comes to comforting you emotionally, but he always wants to try his best because you show up for him in this way and he wants to do the same. 
✧  So whenever you ask for his opinion on what you should do or the situation in general that is making you upset, he takes a moment, thinking, and then provides a perspective you might not have considered. He encourages you to trust yourself and your judgment—its one of the things he loves about you and he hates to see you doubt yourself. 
✧  I firmly believe that he does not have a preference for any part of your body, allow me to expand: he goes through phases of cherishing each part of your body almost like a fixation, its sort of a playlist that's on shuffle with him. Sometimes he goes back to some areas more than others, but all is in dedication of appreciating every part of you in as many ways he can think.
✧  One week he will be so obsessed with your hands, constantly holding them everywhere. In the privacy of your living spaces, he presses soft, gentle kisses to each of your knuckles and holds the back of your palm to his cheek when sitting and reading together. Another week he will be enamored with your thighs, squeezing them, resting his hand on them, laying them over his own and stroking them.
✧  He always makes sure to catalog your responses to these small shows of affection. He stores the information away for later use 
✧  Whenever he leaves or has to go on a mission he always says goodbye in the same way - pulling you close and giving you three kisses: one on the corner of your mouth eliciting a small smile from you, a peck on the lips, and then a slow heated kiss that has you wrapping your arms around his neck in a feeble attempt to keep him from breaking away too soon. 
✧  He leaves you in a teetering, dizzy state, taking a few breaths with your foreheads touching before squeezing you one last time befire slipping out of your embrace. You text him not soon after he leaves and he always responds the same way: “love you, see you soon.”
Tumblr media
disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters or people mentioned in this piece & all characters are +21 regardless of published canon
please do not copy, translate, nor repost this work nor other work belonging to @babe-im-bi
taglist: @anime-central​
Tumblr media
nav ⎸ masterlist  
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kiranatrix · 3 months ago
What Comes Out in the Wash
Day 1: Hair @deathnotetober
Characters: Light, L, Watari, & mentions of Sayu // Rating: Gen; platonic (or Lawlight if you squint) // Summary: L wakes up with a huge rat’s nest in his hair and Watari says ‘handle it yourself,’ so Light has to help.
Co-written with @resilicns
Sleep was something that was becoming increasingly rare for L to achieve these days, and when he did, it could hardly be called restful. He’d spend those few measly hours tossing, turning, kicking, and just squirming in general. When he slept on his own, this was hardly an issue, but now that he was sharing a bed with Light, things were getting a bit complicated.
L grunted quietly, pushing his elbow and forearm down into the bed as he lifted his head up off of the pillow, resting on his side. Blinking sleep from his eyes, he gazed around the room drowsily, trying to desperately grasp for awareness, until his gaze landed on a mirror. He lifted his other hand to feel his hair, touching the knotted mess he had noticed in his reflection. His hair was almost comparable to a bird’s nest at this point. Grimacing, he lifted the receiver off of the phone on the end table, pressing the button mapped to dial Watari’s phone in his office. He held it up to his ear and sighed quietly.
“Watari? I need you to come to my room. My hair is in need of brushing this morning,” L muttered, wincing as one of his fingers caught on a tangle and yanked the strand in that brief instant.
“Apolog--” Quillsh had covered the receiver to try and mask his hacking cough but it still came through the line. “Apologies, sir. It seems I’m unwell. I wouldn’t want to infect you with whatever I have. It’s quite dismal.” He held the phone away to sneeze several times into a monogrammed handkerchief. “You’ll have to make do on your own today.”
L paled slightly, holding the receiver away from his face for a second to stare at it as if it had personally offended him. When he held it back up to his ear, he sighed quite loudly. “I suppose we’ll have to inform the task force that they have the day off, today. However,” he frowned, pushing himself up into a sitting position as he clutched the phone. “Who will brush my hair? Who will prepare my meals? Who will select my clothing?” While he knew the latter was not necessary, the panic in his voice made it obvious he wasn’t thinking clearly.
Light opened one eye to see what all the fuss was about, frowning as he glared up at L. He hadn’t even gotten to sleep until after 3 am because L insisted on bringing his laptop to bed, loudly clacking on the keyboard and munching on panda cookies. The clock on the nightstand said it was just 6:30 am. I’m expected to work on a measly 3 hours sleep?!
“Can you keep your voice down, Ryuzaki?,” he huffed while turning over. “I’m not getting up until 7 and that’s that.”
Quillsh replied to L, “Everything will be fine. You know as well as I do that all your clothes are the same, no selection required. There are cakes and fruit in the refrigerator, and instant coffee if you can’t bother with the coffeemaker.”
He sighed tiredly, barely able to muster the energy needed to argue with L. “As for your hair...no time like the present to pick up a brush and try it yourself.” It was really past time for L to do that anyway but it meant time not focused on work, and was thus always deprioritized.
L gritted his teeth, gripping his own hair in his hand as his anxiety spiked just from the thought of trying to brush it himself. “But-..!” He stopped himself, squirming and making the bed bounce slightly. He completely ignored Light, his attention entirely focused on the call. “…alright. My apologies for disturbing you. Please get some rest and take care of yourself,” he murmured, quietly saying his polite goodbyes before hanging up the phone.
He turned to face forward, glancing at Light out of the corner of his eyes. He stared at the younger man for only a few seconds, moving to the end table and pulling out one of his hair brushes. He took a deep, loud breath to try and settle himself in preparation. However, no amount of preparation could prepare him for the instant pain that followed one frantic and barely-effective brush through his hair. He immediately chucked the item away from himself, hugging his knees to his chest in defeat.
Light snickered into his pillow and looked over his shoulder. “That’s it? That’s all you’re going to try?” He turned over to face L, yawning and rubbing the sleep from his eyes. “Don’t tell me that the World’s Greatest Detective has been defeated by an eeeevil tangle,” he teased. He couldn’t help but rub it in a little after all the grief L had put him through lately.
L shot Light a bitter glare, his eyes slightly moist from the shock of pain. “It is painful, and I am choosing to avoid engaging in painful activities. I will just wait until Watari is well enough to brush my hair,” he huffed, averting his gaze. In truth, he knew his hair would only be even more impossibly tangled- potentially unsalvageable by the time the man was no longer ill.
“That is…” Light sat up and leveled L with an unimpressed stare. “...the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. It’s just going to get worse if you put it off, and who even knows if he’ll be better tomorrow.” He leaned closer to examine L’s bedhead and let out a low whistle. Somehow, in the span of just 3 hours of sleep, the back of L’s head had gone from normal looking (for him) to a mess of matted, knotted hair. “Ok, I’ll admit that is pretty bad. I think even your tangles have tangles.”
He looked from the chaotic labyrinth of hair to the discarded brush thrown in the corner. L’s going to be a miserable grouch all day if this doesn’t get fixed. That made even the prospect of having the day off seem unappealing given who he was chained to. Plus, every moment they weren’t working, he was denied the chance to clear his name.
“Let me take a crack at it.” He glanced at L, giving him a little shrug like ‘why not?’ “It’s not like I can make it any worse.”
“You could still hurt me,” L muttered, glowering at Light. His expression was similar to a pout at this point, as if he was on the verge of crossing his arms and huffing.
“I’m not going to hurt you,” Light sighed, still half-asleep. “I used to brush Sayu’s hair all the time when she was little.” Under his breath he murmured, “Anyway, you’d just tag on an assault charge onto my long list of ‘crimes’.’”
L hesitated for a moment before climbing off of the bed and retrieving the brush. Thankfully it wasn’t too far that the chain would cause any issues. He set the brush down in front of Light and sat down with his back towards the man. This is a terrible idea. However, if he goes out of his way to harm me, I can hold that against him.
Light picked up the brush tentatively, making a face at how overloaded with wiry black hair it was. “Hold on…it’s not going to do any good like this.” He pulled off the hair and dropped it from pinched fingers in the trash can beside the bed. “Ok, now we’re ready. Just...” He trailed off as he blinked at the back of L’s head-- specifically, the tumor-like protrusion of hair sticking out from the back. How could it have possibly gotten this bad?! Maybe I’m out of my depth here. “Um. Do you brush your hair every day, Ryuzaki?”
“Watari brushes it in the morning when it needs it,” L murmured, shrugging his shoulders indifferently. “He brushes it less now that I’m older.” Or now that he’s older.
Light fingered a few tangled tufts but didn’t pull, just surveying the damage to undo. “Have you...thought of using conditioner?”
L had to fight the urge to tilt his head, instead making a soft humming sound as he considered it. “No, I believe using soap for all of my washing is still the most efficient option. I see no reason that liquid soap is not enough to wash both my hair and my body.”
Light made a noise between a choke and a gasp, finally forcing out, “No...no, it’s...no, not at…” He sighed in exasperation, suddenly understanding why they were here. Closing his eyes, he said calmly, “After I untangle this, I’m washing your hair with shampoo and proper conditioner, got it?” He counted to ten and opened his eyes. Well, nothing to do but get started.
Carefully, he focused first on brushing the parts that weren’t tangled (or not as badly) to get a sense for the thickness of L’s hair and how tender-headed he was. Light knew that probably even a normal tug or the slightest discomfort might end this endeavor; he had to tread carefully. “This would be easier if you sat still and stopped fidgeting.” He placed a hand on L’s shoulder to try and keep him in one place, but quickly pulled back in case he’d overstepped.
L stiffened up slightly, biting his lower lip. However, instead of pulling away, he mumbled a quiet apology and did his best to keep his body still. He continued to fidget with his hands, rapping his fingers on his knees as he sat there, flinching occasionally when Light pulled too hard for his comfort. In truth, none of it was comfortable, but the man’s touch was surprisingly bearable. He wasn’t nearly as harsh as he had expected he would be, and it seemed as if he was adjusting to L’s reactions. “If you insist,” he mumbled, huffing quietly.
As Light got closer to the epicenter of the tangle, he started to sweat a little. Wait, is that--? Finally he had spotted the catalyst for the rat’s nest. A half-eaten lollipop was embedded and wrapped up in L’s hair, with the stick poking out at a jaunty and infuriating angle. “Ryuzaki…” He touched the stick, wiggling it slightly. “Did you happen to be eating lollipops in bed last night?”
A deep shade of red bloomed in L’s cheeks, travelling far enough to peek around his neck. “...no,” he mumbled, his tone incredibly sheepish as he blatantly lied. He couldn’t stop himself from squirming now, staring down at his hands as he shifted on the bed. He knew Light would be able to tell, but some small part of him felt embarrassed enough to try and hide it.
Light leaned to whisper in L’s ear, “Liar.” He gave the stick a little tweak. “The evidence speaks for itself, detective.” He laughed and shifted on the bed, reaching for a bottle of lotion in the nightstand. “This calls for desperate measures. That brush isn’t going to help at all,” he said, tossing it aside. “Not until I get that lollipop out.” With Sayu, he’d once used peanut butter to get some chewing gum out of her hair but really anything oily would do. He settled behind L again and squirted the lotion on his fingers, working it into the knots. “This might hurt a little but you don’t want to walk around with candy in your head do you?”
“It certainly sounds like a convenient carrying solution, freeing both of my hands to do work,” L muttered, his lips twitching faintly in amusement at his own joke. His breath hitched and he hissed quietly in pain as he felt his hair being tugged. “Ow...” He whined, his hand twitching briefly with the urge to reach back and swat at Light’s hand. “Be more gentle..!”
“Sorry,” Light mumbled. “Got a little too focused.” He slowed down his pace and methodically peeled away the hair from the sticky candy, nose wrinkling at the unappetizing gloops of lotion and red sugar coating his fingers. But, it was working! Bit by bit, knot by knot, the lollipop finally came free.
“Got it!,” he said triumphantly, holding up the mangled sucker. It was odd how satisfied he felt. Maybe it was because L only complained half a dozen instead of three dozen times, but he was all smiles as he showed it to L. “The accused stands before you. How do you judge?” He giggled and held it over the trash.
L was shaken and tense by the time Light was finally finished. It wasn’t that the man had hurt him- no, the process was quite painless after the first few tugs. However, he kept expecting pain, anticipating it, even though it never came. Once the man was done, he relaxed, staring at the candy. For once, he didn’t have the urge to shove the sweet into his mouth (although that may have been because of the hairs protruding from it).
“…guilty,” he mumbled, plucking it from Light’s fingers and dropping it into the trash can. He reached back to touch his hair, immediately grimacing at the unpleasant texture of melted candy and lotion mixed with hair. “…I suppose I’ll be needing my hair washed after all,” he muttered.
Light frowned a little that his joke had flopped, but what did he expect? “You’re welcome,” he grumbled as he got up off the bed to the length of the chain. “Come in the bathroom then and I’ll wash it in the sink. Need to wash my hands, too.” You don’t deserve my nice hair products but that’s all we’ve got. He’d be damned if he’d use liquid soap like L usually did. Just the thought made him shudder, rattling the handcuff chain between them.
L followed Light into the bathroom, shedding his shirt in the process to avoid it getting wet. He unclipped his end of the chain to remove the shirt completely, immediately latching the chain back on after. “How should I stand?” He stared at the sink in mild confusion, unsure of how to wash his hair in a non-shower setting.
“Over there,” Light gestured with his chin, “until I clean myself up.” He maneuvered around L and turned the water on with his elbow, scrubbing furiously until all the melted lollipop and lotion swirled down the drain. Why am I bothering to help him? I should have just left it there and taken the day off. I need one.
He dried his hands and grabbed his shampoo and conditioner that his mother had brought him from home, purchased from his favorite salon. The sleek bottles only reminded him of how much he needed a haircut, of how much he’d taken for granted all the little freedoms like that. The reflection looking back at him in the mirror-- bangs hanging in his eyes, wispy strands long enough to tuck behind his ears-- reinforced it. L may be a mess but so was he. The realization didn’t help his mood any.
He gave L a cold glance and pointed to the still-running warm water in the sink. “So...just stick your head under the faucet.”
L glanced back and forth from the sink to Light for a moment, as if unsure of what to do. He then moved closer to the sink, leaning down and hesitantly pushing his head under the water. He immediately jerked back when some ended up in his ear, an uncharacteristic squeak escaping his lips as his face scrunched up. He tilted his head, shaking it as if trying to get the water out. His hands rest on the sink, gripping it tightly to keep himself upright. Once he had calmed down, he took a deep breath and put his head under again, this time keeping it there as he closed his eyes.
Light crossed his arms and shifted his weight to one leg. If L couldn’t even stand the water, a molecule of soap in the man’s eyes would send him through the roof. “Hold on, I’ll get a chair and you can just lean back.” He went to do so but the chain tugged him back sharply. How many times will I forget? I’m anchored. “Um, can you release the chain for a moment? I’ll be right back.”
Much to his own surprise, L reached out without even hesitating, unclipping Light’s end of the chain. “Be quick. I think I can feel it hardening,” he murmured, grimacing as he shifted his weight from one foot to the other. He wanted to cooperate, he truly did, and he could only hope that was coming through in his actions and words.
Light blinked as the chain thunked to the bathroom floor. He did it? He stared at the coiled chain like it was a dead but still dangerous snake before snapping to attention and heading into the bedroom. It had been over a month since he’d felt 360 degrees of freedom but he couldn’t enjoy it, even though he wheeled L’s office chair into the bathroom slower than necessary. He felt a little shaken that his first instinct had been to run, but why? What did he have to run from? I’m innocent…
“Sit here and lean back so your head’s in the sink.” He rolled up a fluffy towel and placed it on the edge of the counter. “That should make it more comfortable.” He added drily, “Don’t worry, I didn’t stuff any razors inside.” Not that I’m allowed any. A few months ago he’d been the top student at To-Oh and now he was playing hairdresser with a man who wanted to execute him.
L didn’t bother grabbing the chain again, wanting to give Light more space as a gesture of appreciation for what he was doing, since he couldn’t really find the words to verbalize that feeling. He nodded and sat down in the chair, leaning back and resting his neck on the towel. His face scrunched up slightly in discomfort as he tilted his head back, suddenly made very aware of how stiff his neck was.
“It’s okay,” he murmured. “I trust you.” Of course, that’s partly because it would be too big of a risk for him to try anything right now, but I also don’t think he’d want to…
Light arched a brow at that lie and squeezed shampoo into his hands. “Sure.” Trusts me when it’s convenient for him. He avoided looking at the chain, not wanting to remind L in case he forgot. I know he didn’t forget.
L’s face was as unreadable as ever so he just got on with it, lathering L’s hair into fragrant suds and taking care that no soap got into the man’s wide-open eyes. The smell of grapefruit and sandalwood in the bathroom started to make Light relax, the tenseness falling from his face. After a few minutes, he couldn’t feel any more sticky candy embedded in L’s hair and rinsed it clean. “Alright, sit still. Conditioner’s next.”
The feeling of Light’s fingers massaging his scalp was incredibly relaxing for L. He did his best to keep his face impassive, forcing himself to focus on the feeling of wetness on his forehead, but, eventually, even that wasn’t enough. By the time Light was rinsing his hair out, L’s eyelids were heavy and his expression incredibly relaxed. Most of the tension that was normally present in his body was gone. “This…feels nice,” he whispered, blinking slowly as he stayed still for the man.
Light couldn’t help but smile faintly at the praise. It was gratifying that he’d done well, even at this insignificant task, when it was for his harshest critic. His mood lifted considerably-- maybe this day wouldn’t be a wash after all. Wash, pft. He snickered to himself and turned the water off, then smoothed the conditioner in L’s hair to the ends.
Tilting his head, he said, “Your hair’s longer than I thought.” When wet and not fluffed up by frizz, it looked almost twice as long.
L’s body felt almost loose at this point, and part of him wondered if he would slide out of the chair. Even the feeling of Light barely pulling on his hair was soothing by now. A faint smile curved his lips as he closed his eyes. “That makes sense. It’s been a while since Watari last trimmed my hair. I’m not very fond of the sound of scissors so close to my head.”
“Now we wait. Five minutes and then rinse.” Light glanced down at his watch and leaned against the counter. This might be an awkward five minutes.
L shifted his legs, letting one stretch out and dangle off of the chair. “I didn’t expect that this would be so…pleasant. You’re very good at this, Light,” he mused, his relaxed state loosening his lips ever so slightly.
A little heat rose to Light’s cheeks. “Uh...thank you. I guess I have my sister to thank for that. I was her babysitter for years and her hair gets tangled easily, too.”
He smiled when a funny memory sprang to mind. “One time she managed to get a whole package of modeling clay stuck in her hair and I had to scrub for an hour to get it out before my parents got home from dinner. When my Mom noticed it was gone, Sayu told them she ate it.” He laughed to himself, remembering the horrified looks on his parents’ faces. “Of course, we fessed up before they called poison control.”
L’s lips twitched for a moment before he burst into laughter, holding his hand up in a failed attempt at covering his mouth. His laugh shook his entire body, a big grin forming on his face. When was the last time I laughed like this? Have I ever? I can’t recall feeling this good before now. “That- that’s quite impressive,” he managed to say after a few seconds, starting to calm back down and catch his breath. “What was she trying to do with the clay? Style her hair?” He chuckled, opening his eyes to look up at Light.
Seeing L smile was surprising but when the detective laughed, Light was shocked. But that laughter was infectious and only made Light giggle harder. “I think she was trying to make some kind of space helmet? Who knows, she was only five then,” he said between chuckles. I miss her. I wonder how she’s keeping up with her math homework. His laughter faded away.
He looked down at L, a thoughtful look on his face. “I think that’s the first time I’ve ever heard you laugh and mean it.”
L’s expression softened, turning thoughtful and slightly sad. “Yes, I suppose it is. I haven’t laughed like that in a long time.” He sighed, stretching out his arms for a moment as he averted his gaze. “I guess that’s just something else you’re good at, hm?” He arched a brow, smirking a bit in the subtle, mocking way he usually did. However, there was no malice to his tone. Instead of attacking Light, it seemed like he was attempting some good-natured ribbing, as if between friends.
Light blinked and gave L a puzzled smile, waiting for the barb to come. Unexpectedly, it didn’t, and he wasn’t sure what to say. L being nice was as strange as L laughing.
He glanced down at his watch anxiously. “That’s five minutes.” He turned on the warm water and rinsed the conditioner from L’s noticeably softer hair. Any residual tangles came loose immediately when he combed his fingers through it and he started to get curious about how it would look when dry. “Alright,” he said, turning off the water. “All done. Your tangles are a thing of the past.”
He turned his back to L to dry his hands on a fresh towel. “I guess it seems like a waste of time to use the conditioner but it saves time in the end for brushing. I can give Watari the information if you want me to.”
L shifted in the seat, looking over at Light with a contemplative expression. He sat there in silence for a few seconds, just staring at the other man until he finally spoke. “I suppose you can. That would be nice. But also, while we’re sharing a living space…if you wanted to- ah- do this more frequently…I wouldn’t protest.” He averted his gaze and cleared his throat loudly.
“Wouldn’t protest?” Light turned around sharply, feeling annoyed at L’s assumption. The words ‘I’m not your servant!,’ hovered on his parted lips but died there when, somehow, he saw L clearly. The man was too proud to ask directly for what he wanted. They had managed to connect in a way that wasn’t only detective and suspect, jailer and prisoner. Light had felt it, too, and he craved kindness after his long isolation, this ongoing tense situation.
He watched L for a moment and quietly said, “Alright, but no cuffs when I do it.” He smirked and added, “And no more lollipops in bed.”
“I agree to the cuffs, but I can’t make any promises about the lollipops,” L joked, smiling as he sat up and pulled the towel over his head. He picked up the chain, staring at it for a second or two before clasping it onto Light’s cuff. However, instead of immediately pulling away, his hand lingered on the man’s wrist. “…thank you, Light,” he mumbled, the sound barely a whisper as he lowered his gaze and pulled his hand away, standing up straight.
Light grinned and tossed L a towel since the man was dripping water everywhere. So it didn’t kill you to say it after all.
“You’re welcome.”
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definegodliness · 16 days ago
Beyond the facade of infinite frontier Lies the disguise of ruthless eyes, Through all tangibility her gaze will peer Stirring the aether in echoed sighs; Accursed to see all mankind crystal clear From flaming lows to shimmering highs, It is but one glimpsed absolution she needs; Illume the skies while she bleeds.
--- “Fate” is a collaborative piece between @lorienfae and @definegodliness. Thank you so much for writing with me, Anna!
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otomiya-tickles · 6 months ago
Adorable | Shun/Mio
Collab with @ticklygiggles​
Tumblr media
A/N: Yaaaasss another collab fic to add to the list, Mia and I love this movie and I’m happy that my first fic with these two is something I wrote together with her*w* We had so much fun writing it, these two are just ADORABLE ;3. 
Summary: (SFW with brief mention of s*x!) Shun and Mio are ready to make love when Shun discovers some ticklish spots on his adorable boyfriend’s body and loves to explore this some more. (Also on Ao3)
Word Count: 2060
Tumblr media
Mio's hands were always a little cold compared to the rest of his body, they always made Shun shiver when they held his waist, gently bringing him closer to Mio's body. 
They've been kissing for a while now, Shun felt the edges of his lungs burning, the quick inhalations through his nose weren't enough, and his head was already feeling light from the lack of oxygen, but Mio's lips felt so good against him. 
His kisses were still shy, unsure and so gentle and it was Shun's pleasure to draw out soft gasps and whimpers from Mio's mouth when he pinned his tongue down and made him follow his rhythm, Mio following with excitement as he brought Shun's body closer to him. 
But now, Shun really needed to breathe, so he pulled apart, making Mio whine softly as he followed Shun's lips almost desperately. 
Shun chuckled, "I need air," he whispered with a smile as he cupped Mio's cheeks and gently pushed his head back, exposing the column of his neck. "Let me feast in your neck."
He laughed softly when Mio's skin blushed red. 
"D-Don't say it l-like that, I- ah!" Mio moaned softly, covering his mouth when Shun started to press tender kisses on his throat. "Sh-Shunnngh" 
"Hmm?" Shun mumbled, moving to kiss the side of Mio's neck, sucking on a tender spot under his left ear. 
Shun felt Mio melting under his attention and before he knew it, Mio was laying on the bed, throwing his head back against the pillow to expose more of his neck to Shun's wandering lips. Shun smiled between kisses, enjoying every sound and sighs he took away from Mio.
He kissed every spot he's learned Mio loves to be kissed in, and when he reached the crook of his neck, that little dip right in the spot where his neck met his shoulder, Shun took a deep breath. Nosing the area to sniff the warm, milky skin… and Mio jumped slightly as he always did. 
Shun smiled, gently nuzzling his nose there, making Mio shrug his shoulders a little bit. "Hmm… so it's as I thought, hm?"
"W-w-what is?" Mio asked. Heh. He was adorable.
"This," Shun muttered, and he lightly brushed his fingers against the spot on his neck.
"You're ticklish here, right?" Shun stated the obvious as he enjoyed watching Mio tremble under his touch.
"S-shuhun n-no wahait ahahactually--" Mio gasped, but he moved his head quickly in a cute attempt to protect his sensitive neck.
"Actually what?" Shun wondered, but no answer came as the sweetest gaspy giggles were heard from his boyfriend. Shun smiled. So cute.
He glanced down and couldn't help letting his fingers wander further down. From Mio's neck he first reached his armpit and curiously wriggled a finger in, brushing against the hidden spot slightly.
Mio's entire body shook in surprise and made an even louder noise.
"Ahaahaha! Ohooho Shaah-Shun hehehhe!" Mio fought weakly to shake him off, but Shun's bigger hands pried away his grabby hands. Eventually Mio went to cover himself and his giggly face up. Now that wouldn't do either.
"Don't be shy now," Shun reassured, taking one of Mio's arms again and pinning it softly beside his head while his hand clawed up and down from his ribs to the precious spot under his arm.
Shun's heart wouldn't stop fluttering at those precious sounds bubbling past Mio's lips. He was sure he had never heard his cute boyfriend giggling like this before. His nose was scrunching up adorably and his smile was wide, almost splitting his face in half as he squirmed and arched softly under Shun. 
"Thahahat tihihihickles!" Mio giggled out and Shun was thankful that Mio was laughing with his eyes closed because he felt his cheeks heating up. "Sh-Shuhuhun! N-Nohohot tihihis- ahahaha!" 
Mio arched his back slightly when Shun pushed his arm up, a little higher now to scribble his gentle fingers against Mio's armpit. His giggles became a bit more frantic and Shun giggled along softly, easily fighting Mio's uncoordinated hand trying to cover his exposed tickle spot. 
"Mio, were you trying to hide how ticklish you were?" Shun asked with a playful smile as his tickly fingers gave Mio's armpit a break and moved down to tickle his ribs one more time. 
Mio squealed and flinched away from the touch, shaking his head. "I d-dihihihidn't! You d-dihihihidn't ahahahask if I wahahahas!" He giggled out and Shun raised an eyebrow. 
"Eh? Would you have told me if I had asked you?" Shun asked, rubbing gentle circles against each rib, causing Mio to laugh brightly as he tried to squirm away from the touch. 
"M-Mahahahaybe? Sh-Shuhuhun! Stahahap, aah! Not thehehehere!" He squeaked, arching his back when Shun found his waist and squeezed it gently. 
"Then what if I ask you: where are you most ticklish? Would you tell me?" Shun asked, lazily tapping his fingertips against Mio's lower sides before digging in some more. Mio bucked slightly and gasped.
"N-nohoho!" he cried adorably. Shun chuckled.
"See? Looks like I'll have to keep looking," he said, and he felt Mio's entire body tense up when his hands wandered to the center of his tummy, his fingers curling against his bare stomach. 
"Nohohot theheere!" Mio squeaked, wriggling and squirming heavily beneath him.
"Not there: not your most ticklish spot? Or.. not there: don't tickle you there?" Shun asked, grazing his fingers ever so slightly over the sensitive skin.
Mio threw his head back and gasped. "Thehehe sehehecond one aaahaha!"
Shun chuckled fondly. "Sorry, I didn't quite get that."
"Shuhuhun," Mio whined, tensing his stomach as Shun kept grazing his skin covered in goosebumps. "Dohohon't tehehease me!"
"I'm not," Shun said, finally clawing at Mio's tummy. His fingers were gentle, vibrating just enough to make Mio giggle and squeak. "Are you sure this is not your worst spot?" He asked with a soft laugh as Mio pulled at his trapped arm and tried to catch Shun's hand with his own. 
Mio shook his head and Shun wasn't sure if he was answering his question or if he was just telling him not to tickle him. 
"You have to use your words, Mio," Shun said with a playful smirk, scribbling his fingers at the sides of Mio's tummy. 
"It's nahahahat!" He giggled out, blushing to his ears.
“I see,” Shun said, unable to help himself and his goofy smile.
“Then how about.. here?” He lowered his hands further, letting go of Mio's arm, and squeezed Mio right above his hips, his thumbs digging in curiously. It was as if Mio’s entire body would’ve launched off the bed if it wasn’t for Shun pinning him down, a loud adorable escaping his lips.
“Ah, that’s right. I figure somewhere around here should be…” Shun muttered to himself, using his thumbs to search the area around Mio’s hips and wiggling them against the ticklish flesh there. Mio squealed like a girl and shook heavily. Shun chuckled. Now that was a unique reaction he hadn’t seen from Mio ever before.
“Shohohould be wahahaht?! NAhahahah Shaa-Shuhuhun!” the cutie still tried to have a proper conversation through his hysterical laughing fit.
“An easily overlooked ticklish spot on the human body. I’ve read about it,” Shun said like the expert he was, smirking. Once he found a spot that had Mio buck repeatedly beneath him, he continued to explore that spot until Mio had tears literally streaming down his pretty face.
“It thihihickles so baahahaaad!” he whined, his arms wrapped around his own stomach which was probably aching a little from laughing so much. 
Shun smiled fondly and leaned in to steal a kiss, clumsily from Mio’s wide open laughing mouth. Mio was that irresistible after all. Somehow it worked out and Mio did end up kissing him back, letting out a few cute mewls and giggles, especially when Shun continued to dig into his hips experimentally.
He felt Mio's legs kicking behind him and he chuckled when his cute boyfriend whined between laughs and kisses. 
If he knew Mio would be this adorable while being tickled, he would've done so days ago. His expression was the most adorable, he looked even younger and carefree and if that bright, sincere smile meant anything, Shun thought that Mio was having fun, after all, he loved being touched by Shun in every way possible. 
"Shuuuhuhuhun!" Mio laughed a little breathlessly after having managed to kiss Shun for more than two seconds with laughter bubbling in his chest. "Sehehehex! I w-want- AHAHAHA!" A loud laugh surprised him when Shun dug into his hips a little firmer, making his body jolt as he threw his head back. 
"Mio, you're so naughty, not everything is sex, you know?" Shun teased as if his body wasn't reacting to Mio's squirming and even that beautiful laughter pouring out of him. "Maybe I should keep tickling you as a little punishment?" 
Mio quickly shook his head, arching his back and still trying to keep kissing Shun. "Nohohoho! No mohohohahare!"
"Is that so?" Shun replied casually to Mio's giggly pleas. "I guess I'll slowly make my way to where you want me to be then," he snickered, and his fingers dug their way from Mio's hips towards his inner thighs. He grinned when he saw Mio's eyes widen in realization, but he didn't object.
"Right here I mean," Shun said, using his thumbs to dig repeatedly into Mio's inner thighs, wiggling and curling his fingers slightly for more effective tickles.
"EEEeeehehehee! Shuuuuun!" Mio whined, but he bucked up needily to lure him further to his sweet spot. Shun smirked. As much as he looked forward to making love to Mio, he also felt like just dragging this little tickle punishment a little bit further.
"Yes, Mio?" Shun said teasingly, holding one of Mio's hips down to stop his bucking and wiggling, his other hand squeezing the soft flesh of his inner thighs with the right pressure, making Mio shriek with bright laughter. 
"Hey, why are you trying to close your legs? Didn't you say you wanted to have sex?" Shun teased playfully, trying to keep Mio's legs open for the tickly treatment. 
Mio squeaked, shaking his head and reaching down to catch Shun's hands. "Thihihis is nahahahat sehehehex! Shuhuhuhun! Plehehease!" He laughed and Shun smiled at him. 
"I'm not sure, Mio. I'm kind of enjoying hearing your laughter… you barely laugh so much like this, can't you spoil me a little more?"
“Tohohomorrow! T-tomorrow ohohokay?” 
Shun almost melted at the spot. Mio was too cute. His hands remained on Mio’s inner thighs, squeezing him there teasingly, but he leaned in swiftly and kissed the beautiful smile on Mio’s mouth.
“Shuhuhun..” Mio whined in between the kisses. Shun finally slowly ceased the tickling, rubbing and caressing his sensitive lover tenderly.
“Tomorrow. That’s a promise,” Shun said, breathing against Mio’s lips. Mio was still grinning and he nodded quickly,
“Yehehes!” he giggled. Shun smiled, and prepared himself mentally for their more intimate exchanges that night. "I promise," Mio said, breathing a little heavily as he wrapped his arms around Shun's shoulder. 
Shun smiled warmly when he felt Mio's nose nuzzling against him and he said it was an accident when his hips rubbed against Mio's, pulling out a sweet mewl out of his mouth.
"Shun!" Mio whined. "Why do you always tease me?"
"Hmm… because I love you," Shun said, kissing Mio's lips. "I love to hear every sound you make and the way you whine my name," he said, placing gentle kisses over Mio's face. "I love the expressions you make and seeing your smile and your eyebrows furrowing when I touch you. You're so beautiful, Mio."
"Such a sweet talker," Mio said with a pout and flushed cheeks. "What else can I expect from a writer?"
That made Shun laugh out loud and his body moved slightly because of it and after his laugh a soft growl followed suit. And then there was no more laughter, but sweet mewls and slightly lewd sounds filling the room as they made love to each other, forgetting everything and just focusing on the other.
Ah, but Shun made sure to remember the fact that he'd get to tickle adorable Mio tomorrow and he couldn't stop his lips forming a little smile as he kissed Mio tenderly. 
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