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coolcars · 7 months ago
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abluestitchintime · 2 years ago
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I need to find it.  It was sold out at mine. I have 3 more chances  (aka stores near me  to check)
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remuses13-blog · a month ago
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1941 Chevy Flatbed Truck Ajax & 1932 Roadster Fire Chief Car New Boxed collectible cars New in box set of 2 vintage cars , collectible http://nemb.it/p/JppBHDIFH/tumblr
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starrynightdeancas · 3 months ago
okay but the inside of cas’ car is filled with little trinkets and things he’s collected over the years because he doesn’t know if he has a home anywhere, so he turns the inside of his pickup into a little home. there’s all sorts of protection charms and woods carved with runes. little bags to protect against witches and extra angel blades. there’s snowglobes and keychains. a pack of pins that claire gave him. drawings in crayon made by jack. books that sam has given him. cassette mixtapes dean has gifted him. there’s maps and pens, a sewing kit and towels. pressed flower petals and little bee-shaped travel mugs. cas turns his car into his little home, where he collects everything that he can call his
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aestheticsyoutubers · 2 months ago
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trevor collins, letsplay ↳ cop car collection (let’s play gta v)
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kollectorsrus · 6 months ago
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i-was-today-years-old-when · 5 months ago
i learned that the first Ford Mustang (Serial #000001) got delivered and sold before anyone noticed, and they had to trade the 1,000,001st to the owner to get it back (x)
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progrockers · 13 days ago
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Twins They’re a Fantasy, Twins They’ve Vanished
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veryspecificnostalgia · 5 months ago
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cd/dvd storage wallet
original release: 90s
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lewishamlton · a month ago
i have nothing but deep admiration and respect for lewis and how much he’s grown as a driver and a person. he handled today so well and showed his character. it’s a shame it has to be like this but at least lewis can hold his head high and has shown why he’s a 7 time wdc.
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spencer-reids-adventures · 3 months ago
prompt: Ethan calls Spencer while he's on the jet with an emergency, and he drops everything to help. That's how the team finds out about them.
Spencer's phone rings about an hour into their flight, and the rest of the team perks up as he answers. He rarely gets calls that aren't from the team themselves, so they assume this has to do with his mother, which usually isn't good news.
"Reid," Spencer says in greeting, holding the phone up to his ear. "Wait, Ethan, slow down. Hey. What's going on? ... But are you okay? I need to know that you're okay ... Good, that's good. What happened exactly? ... Oh, my god, E. What do you need? What can I do? Say it and I'm there ...
"No, I know, but we'll be home in a few hours and I can book a commercial flight. I'm serious ... No, baby, I'm not mad. God, I'm not mad at all, I'm just worried. I need ... E, I need to know that you're going to be okay and I need you to be honest with me. Do you need me there? Do you need me to come to you? ...
"Okay, I need you to take a deep breath. Good. Now one more, okay? You're doing so good. Just keep breathing. Try to relax your shoulders. It's okay, baby. Everything is going to be okay. I promise ... Yes, I mean it. I will come to you. I'll book a flight as soon as we get off the phone, okay?
"Is anyone else with you right now? Are you safe? ... Good, are they looking after you? Taking good care? The doctors know not to give you any-- okay, okay, that's good. All right, I'm going to hang up now so I can get the flight booked. Do you want me to call you back after? ... Okay. I'll talk to you really soon, E. I love you so much. Bisous."
By the time he hangs up the phone, Spencer is shaking.
"Um," he says weakly. "Um, can someone help me book a flight, please? I can't-- I can't, um--" He's crying, and he can't speak, and Emily rushes over to him with her laptop, pulling up an airline site.
"Where are you going?" she asks. "When do you need to be there?"
"New Orleans," Spencer murmurs. "As soon as possible. Like, as soon as humanly possible when we land this jet. Please."
"Okay, let me see..." Emily searches for a few minutes. "There's a flight that'll take off an hour after we land. It'll get you there in three hours. Is that okay?"
"Book it, please," Spencer says, fumbling for his credit card.
"Spence," JJ says gently, sitting down on his other side. "Is everything okay? Did something happen?"
"Ethan's been in an accident," Spencer says frantically. "That's, I mean... Ethan's my, um, my boyfriend. He lives in New Orleans. He was hit by a-- a drunk driver. He's in the hospital. He's conscious, obviously, so that's good, but--" Spencer starts to cry again. "But he's in bad shape, and he's alone at the hospital, and I need to be there, and..."
Hotch stands up and walks to the cockpit of the jet. JJ and Emily hold Spencer, soothing him, trying to calm him down. When Hotch emerges, he joins the three of them, crouching down on one knee.
"Don't book that flight, Prentiss," he says. "We're rerouting to New Orleans now."
Spencer looks up at Hotch in shock and awe and confusion.
"You need to be with him," Hotch says simply. "We're making that happen. When the person you love needs you... you need to be there for them."
They're all thinking about Haley visiting Hotch in the hospital. About Hotch later finding Haley's body at home. No one mentions it.
"Thank you," Spencer finally squeaks out. "Hotch, thank you."
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coolcars · 7 months ago
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tapefish · 5 months ago
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comic explaining how these two met!
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shakespearestolemyurl · a month ago
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It's gift exchange timeeee!! So this is my gift for @elikalay for the Dimension 20 gift exchange :) Hope you like it!
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introverted-lion · 3 months ago
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esmeshardwoodfloors · a year ago
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“It was like meeting a fairy tale - Snow White, in the flesh.”
Esme Cullen on her Triumph Thunderbird, c. 1954
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twoseparatecoursesmeet · 2 months ago
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Camping, 1975
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cryptocism · 5 months ago
What would you want out of a hypothetical Cassie Sandsmark TV series? I’m imagining a Percy Jackson-ish thing with teen drama and ancient gods messing with modern stuff. That’s just me though.
honestly that'd be amazing i would love a cassie tv show... with not only the greek godliness of the percy jackson series but also the comedy of immortal godly beings interacting with the modern world. i could absolutely see cassie convincing an all-powerful being that the greatest artifact of humanity is an old coke can
also another fun thing that could be a fresh new take on the teen superhero genre is to start it off with cassie's secret identity already having been revealed (bc that was something from the comics i wanted to be explored more!!)
instead of the tropes of having to hide your secret identity from your classmates/friends/teachers etc, just have it be totally accepted as status quo for everyone around cassie and have the conflicts come from that. her teachers all "miss sandsmark i know you had to fight doctor poison over the weekend, i watched the news, but your classmates also have extracurricular responsibilities and they all managed to get their homework done."
cassie gets to deal with teen drama but with superpowers for spice! except superpowers dont make it easier to like, make friends, or talk to crushes, or get into college, or endear her to her jaded teachers/principal/employers etc.
also zeus wont stop showing up to her sports events and its embarrassing when he starts threatening to smite the referee
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penandinkprincess · 16 days ago
okay but jaskier and valdo marx as rival parents in the pta who are always one (1) snarky comment away from throwing down at the school bake sale
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mittelfrank-divas · a month ago
I love that Ferdinand has one of the messiest bedrooms in Garreg Mach because his hobby of “sitting on the floor polishing armor and weapons he doesn’t even use” takes up so much space
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