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A/N: Not fully sure if you wanted angsts, funny, sweet, etc. but I’ll just do what I was thinking of!


Originally posted by wifin-niggaz

‘Late, fucking late again!’

You scolded yourself in your mind, running to your current class. You had been up studying extensively for a test that was at least a month away. Better safe than sorry, right? Right, unless it causes you to miss one of the most important classes applying to your major.

Your train of thought was shattered after quite literally running into what you thought was a wall, sending you flying onto your back. You groaned, the wind being knocked out of you a bit as you rolled over. You gasped lightly, finally catching your breath as you looked up.

Noticing it was an actual person you hugged as he smirked, pulling up his pants. “You good, ma?” He spoke, squatting down as you rolled your eyes and gathered yourself. “Nigga, fuck you. Do I look like I’m okay? You big bodied ass nigga couldn’t move out the way when you saw me running? You just stood there and waited?”

He laughed, loudly as you stood to your feet, him doing the same. “My bad, you just kinda cute when you mad.” You looked at him, tilting your head. ‘Nigga, really?’ was silently plastered over your face before you rolled your eyes and shoving past him while muttering, “Asshole.”

The mystery man smiles after you. “See you later, Princess.” You scoffed as you picked up your pace and making your way to your class.


Today wasn’t all bad, luckily it was your first time late so you got a warning. In all honesty, you should’ve just skipped the class. Especially since you had work right afterwards, but it was worth it.

Right now, in place of an internship that was currently processing you, you were working at a local, family owned barbecue. It was really just a random find. You ate here once and asked the waiter about the treatment and payment. They said it was all amazing so why not apply?

You were about 3 hours into your shift, serving customers. Most of them were friendly and left good tips, others…well, maybe they had a bad day? The sound of the bell above the door and multiple semi-loud and deep voices coming from the area. The hostess seated them and notified you that they were seating in your section.

You nodded and served a few other customers before making your way to them. “Good evening, I’m Y/N and I’ll be you server for today. Can I start you off with something to drink?” You finally looked up, examining the faces. They were guys, as you assumed and were cute, as well as unfamiliar. Except one.

You smile faltered slightly as you turned to take his drink. “And you, sir?” He smirks, eyeing you before just giving you a simple, “I’ll take a sweet tea.” You nodded and made your way back to the kitchen, rubbing your face.


You, a few workers, and a few customers, including mystery man and his friends. You finished cleaning a few tables and made your way back behind the register. A card and a receipt being set on the counter caught your attention and you met the eyes of Mr. Mystery Man. You quickly swiped his card and handed it back to him. “Have a nice day.”

You give him a fake smile and he leans closer. “You not even gonna say hey to me?” You rolled your eyes and chuckling incredulously, shaking your head. “Hey, Asshole. Have a nice day.” You smile and begin to walk away and he follows after you. “Look, I’m sorry that I’d didn’t move out your way when I saw you coming. I just…thought you were cute. And if you ran into me then you’d have a reason to speak to ya boy.”

You looke back at him, crossing your arms. “You could’ve just stopped and had a conversation with me.” Now, it was his turn to roll his eyes. “From the way you were rushing, you would’ve slapped the shit out of me if I stopped you.”

You laughed, nodding in agreement. “You’re right…so what now?” You looked at each other before he shrugged. “Now? I ask you for your number and you think about it for like…10 seconds then give it to me.” He smiles broadly, showing off his grills.

You laughed again, and shrugged. “You gotta ask me first.” He took a step closer and tilted his head. “Can I, a lowly, unworthy but hopeful gentleman, have the number of such a beautiful…leader of a woman such as yourself?” He smiled at you and as you laughed harder, slightly pushing him before holding out your hand.

He gives you his phone and you enter your number under the name “Yet to Come”. You hand it back to him and he holds out his hand. “I’m Erik.”

“I’m Y/N. But I rather call you Asshole.” She smiles and lets go of his head as he backs out the door, biting his lip before making his way to his car. He waves at you one last time before pulling off.

























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