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#college decisions

high key recommend any high school seniors, actually high schoolers in general, who are deciding on colleges soon - please research how your choice of schools is handling the coronavirus right now:

  • how early/late did they shut down
  • how much notice did they give to students to move out
  • what is the waiver process for those who cant move out
  • are they refunding portions of room&board, dining plans, other various fees
  • how are the current students reacting (bc they will know more than what the press releases will show
  • is there a contingency plan for a delayed graduation ceremony and other senior year events
  • is the administration making an effort to ensure this doesnt affect students credits earned / delaying completion of their degree (or otherwise fulling refunding those portions of tuition)
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write the quote “if the sun can wake up every morning and warm the earth, so can i.” in all languages you can speak

if the sun can wake up every morning and warm the earth, so can I

매일 아침 해가 뜨면서 세상을 비출수 있으면 나도 할 수있다

si el sol puede subir cada mañana y calentar el mundo, entonces yo también

如果每天早晨太阳可以都能升起并温暖世界, 我也可以

~that’s pretty ^^


[Day 9/100]

I felt so productive today! I was really stressed because I had a biology lab quiz today and also had to study for 3 tests that I have tomorrow (one of which was unplanned). For the tests, I was so behind on all the topics, that I was overwhelmed before I even started, but I think that I got the hang of calculus, so I can focus on the other ones. On a good note, I got accepted to a university! I applied as a safety, but I’m so glad I got in :):):)

I’m going to go to sleep a lot earlier than usual to wake up early tomorrow and study ^^

Pic from a cafe I like to study at (peep my friend in the back!) disclaimer: this was not meant to be an aesthetic pic so don’t expect it, I just wanted a picture of the coffee and I forgot to take another pic while studying so that’s what I posted 🤷‍♀️

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College Decisions #4

Deferred from Georgia Tech! I’m honestly not too torn up about this. I’m not a Georgia resident so I had the same chance of getting excepted to GT as to Yale (13-14%), and it’s not a rejection. Also I’ve already gotten into Purdue which is a great school especially in terms of a worst case scenario (that is, if nobody else accepts me), but we’ll see the rest in March since this was my last EA school

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I dont really talk but, let’s talk about college, entrance exams, denial and responsibilities


Originally posted by wholesome90stv

So I recently applied for college and thankfully got accepted, the exams gave me a three day coma and on top of that I moved from one country to another bringing with me schoolworks that I needed to handle on air, land, sea and on family outings that drained me so much.

But anyway, I took the exam and waited for the results. It came out and I was points away from the required score.

I was on a status that required me to prove myself, but hold up. Mind you, we are new to our surroundings and our relatives didnt even had the slightest clue on what the hell we were supposed to do.

It was stressful enough and I had this heavy feeling in my chest that, shit I failed myself and my plans. They didnt accept anymore students who had the same case as I have and that I shouldve been earlier.

This is a situation to blame ourselves, but the fact that I sent out emails that inquired some sort of ‘consideration’, way back before the new year and when I wasnt in the country where the school is. Way back even when the school was remotely busy to accept newcomers.

Facebook, google mail, yahoo mail.

No reply.

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College Emails

Tulane University, New York Institute of Technology, UCLA…

Delete, delete, delete.

Hello incoming student! We realize you have a big cho…

Subject: IMPORTANT! Possible 20k sco…

Congratulations on your admission to Michigan Sta…

Delete, delete, delete.

It’s almost done. Everything piling up in a neglected inbox for the last year and half.

Delete, delete, delete.

The 8 year old who made it her goal to get that 4.0 GPA, to be in all the honors societies, to play a sport because that’s what you had to do, right? That’s how your prove you’re worthy to study something you love.

Delete, delete, delete.

One and a half years of emails deleted. Admission confirmations, application fee reminders, the whole of it.

Delete, delete, delete.

The dreams of an 8 year old who was lied to.

Delete, delete, delete.

The 4.0 GPA, the nights of crying, the feeling of not belonging to any club, the lost friends, the lies told to reach the top.

Delete, delete, delete.

Make room for the feeling of confusion, the madness for the past, a wasted opportunity or 20.

You will never have the excellence to be the you that little 8 year old wanted you to be.

Delete, delete, delete.


I know this blog isn’t really supposed to be this stuff but today is college decision day where I’m at. I’m graduating as a top 30 in my class with a 3.95 GPA, National Honors Society credits, 4 computer programming excellence awards, and as a head in my student council for the past 4 years. I’m not proud of any of it.

I could sit here and tell you I don’t have the money to go to the college I wanna be at, and that’s partially true, but man it’s so much more than that.

In honor of mental health month, I want to give myself some time and tell 8 year old me that I’ll get there. It may not be next year, it may not be exactly what she wanted or deserved, but I’ll get there. Eventually.

Thank you for reading, wherever you are, you will get there. Just keep going ~ <3

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ya boi decided on a college!

not gonna reveal the name because of privacy matters but im still very proud of my choice and i absolutely love where im going!!

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My dream school went from Cal State Monterey Bay to San José State University within a week or so. Wow, but my parents don’t want me so far away and so I gotta say goodbye to that 👋🏼😪

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