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I worked both days this weekend, but I skipped out on one shift because we were slow and I felt horrible. I finished setting up an area in the spare room for studying:^). Today I watched two video lectures for financial institutions and one for supply chain. On Wednesday I have an exam for supply chain, so I’ll spend some time studying tomorrow. Today I also applied for scholarships as the deadline is almost here.

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A Little More on Language


Maybe it’s because my parents are academics (and required to guide students towards it), maybe because I took traditional singing lessons, but I grew up knowing that on national holidays related to our 1971 Liberation War, we’re meant to do something to pay homage to that. I don’t ever remember not being excited about buying little flags and flag-themed headbands, and participating in themed cultural programs. It wasn’t till about 9th grade (when I stopped being such a shy bean) that I realized not everyone does this.

“Why do you do this?” Because … well, because this is a way of remembering the people who lost their lives, homes and families in the war for us to have the lives we live now.

“Hmmm … Didn’t know you were such a patriot.” Huh. Me either. I just thought it was a normal part of life.

Similarly (for all y’all internationals :D): একুশে ফেব্রুয়ারি (21st February) is International Mother Language Day, but not many really know about it—despite it being established officially (by UNESCO in 1999, then by the UN in 2002), set on the day young Bangladeshis lost lives in their protest against losing the right to speak their mothertongue in 1952. Getting flowers to place carefully at the শহীদ মিনার (Shaheed Minar, literally “Martyr Monument”) was something I always looked forward to every single year. Missing these at-core deshi events feel … just wrong to me. It’s always been about more than hanging out/taking pictures—although idk how much this post helps that point :3. The theme for একুশে ফেব্রয়ারি is black and white (for mourning). Glimpse the li’l black ribbon that I was absolutely elated to recieve in slide 4.

Bangla (/Bengali) is versatile, gentle, poetic. The novels feel like those movies you wish would never end because the slow-going atmosphere washing over you is better than knowing how it ends. My prose skills are limited to English (excluding the spoken part—my social skills are limited to couch pillows). I keep telling myself I’ll read more Bangla soon but reading itself has become a challenge lately. Someday, people. Someday

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Online class is cool cause I can eat soup in class.

This has introduced a new problem in which I answer questions with a mouth full of soup.

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March 31st, 2020

Waking up this morning was a little rough this morning, but I was still pretty productive! I had class and Zoomed my advisor about next semester! These are my study essentials for an exam I have tomorrow!

  • Study guide: I like to either make one from old quizzes or print one made by my professor. I spend a week before my exam going over my notes and answering the questions on the guide, and then review it all the night before!
  • Notecards: These are a HUGE necessity when it comes to studying for me. I take all the readings and quizzes, and make flashcards for important vocabulary and concepts. I think it’s a perfect way to study for long periods of time, or if you’re like me, do 15-20mins every night a week before the exam!
  • Highlighters/ Pens: This is more of a fun preference, because I love adding color to any of my notes or papers, it helps catch my eye to important terms on the paper! I absolutely LOVE my Zebra Midliners, I have a bunch of them and I highly recommend!
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Studyblr 2020 Quarantine Challenge

A little intro: I am an Elementary Education major doing all of my schooling online. Right now I’m in my final math course!

A day late with this post as I wasn’t feeling the best yesterday, but oh well!

✨Week 2 - Photo 2✨

Tue - Take a picture of the book you are currently reading

I’m one of those people who read multiple things at once… I can never make up my mind. One day I’ll want one genre, the next I’ll want a different one. Here are some of my current reads! Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare, The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren, and volume 12 of My Hero Academia. I’m also listening to the audiobook for Educated by Tara Westover

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Quarantine day #14 for me I think.

I’ve just gotten news yesterday from my university saying someone who worked at the university has the virus.

However they only worked part time and live in another part of the state. So here are no official positive cases for the virus here. Still, its concerning.

I saw a video of an EMT talking to us and giving updates, they have said the virus is now evolving and that the virus is attacking the heart and respiratory organs as well. As well as telling us that if someone were to cough on you or near you, the virus could last up to 3 days on your clothes. Is this news that makes me anxious and very worrisome.

I have asthma, and though I live in an area where there are no cases, I’m very terrified. Today I have to go the schools mobile food bank they’re having as I no longer have money for groceries. I’ve reevaluated my finances and If I want to be able to pay rent next month, I cant spend anything, not even for food. I’m also concerned bc I know i wont be able to pay rent in full for May.

I’m also concerned bc I’ve found a place to live but they need the deposit and first months rent which is a total of $670. I just dont have that kind of money. And if I cant live there then it means I must live back with my mom which isnt the best for my emotional and mental wellbeing.

I’m grow more scared with each passing day. The only thing keeping me sane is listening to music. Specifically Taylor’s song “ Soon You’ll Get Better”. Its been the thing to help me get through the hard times and if I could hug her and tell her thank you I would.

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