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#college life
jskusdka month ago
not to be communist on the main but there is no reason education needs to be that expensive
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negativefeedback-teena month ago
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Research Tips 馃挕馃挕馃挕
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theunaestheticstudyblra month ago
Mental health and illness is already hard enough, but adding school pressure on top is hard. High school was easier for me since there is a lot more structure and a lot less choice, which is why I'm targeting this towards college and university students.
Firstly is attending class. Getting to class is a major hurdle, especially with a commute like me (1 hour+) broke people problems lmao. Driving that long to go to a class just to drive back home is already exhausting and unpleasant, especially knowing professors will post slides or something after class anyways. But you have to drag yourself there. One thing I do to help is dress up. I'll do my makeup and put on nicer clothes. Why does this work for me? I hate wasting stuff, especially money and to me, putting on makeup is spending money essentially (same logic as using rare items in a video game idk). I can't just sit around the house and waste the money I just put on my face so I gotta go to class. Small things like this to trick your brain works so well. Before this, there was a restaurant I absolutely loved next to campus so if I went to every class for two weeks I would reward myself by going there. Another thing that helps is making plans with people ahead of time. They'll hold you accountable on days that you can't.
Take rest days. Schedule one whole day a week where you don't do school or go to work. It's a day completely off for anything. I use this day to do chores in the morning and then just lay around and do absolutely nothing all afternoon and night. This helps recharge and reduce stimulation and socialization. It gives your brain that little rest it cries for every day. I used to panic so much about this one day because I could be working and making money or studying or doing anything to be productive until I had a week where I couldn't do anything because I broke down completely, mentally and physically. Now I see it as a preservation day. I use this day to recover from everything.
Make your notes pretty. I hate going back and looking at my messy class notes. Everything is scattered and messy and I get frustrated. What I do instead is make a virtual, concise copy that is pretty to me. I'll add little sketches, color, pictures, etc. This helps draw my attention and allows me to study while doing it! Making the second copy forces you to go through the material after a class is over and review the material to decide what is truly important and then organize it all and then rewrite it all. This has been a huge help.
Use class breaks to snack or grab coffee. One thing I have found in many people with high anxiety is that food and drinks really help calm you down. I've found some research suggesting it's because food is a signal that things are safe and therefore makes you more relaxed, though I don't know much about anthropology and psychology fields. I find this really helps to calm me down after I had a very stressful test so that I can be more present for the next class. Gum helps a lot on high anxiety/panic days as well.
Download the notes or slides, especially if posted ahead of time. This way you have access even if you don't have wifi. You can even pull them up in lectures so you don't have to focus on the board the whole time. For my people with autism, this has helped me so much. There are times where you can't focus on the professor and the slides and the sounds and writing, so doing this cuts out having to watch the teacher and the board. Bonus points if you can record during lecture as well so you can revisit parts that you zoned out in or couldn't focus on.
Keep a journal or diary and list your activities, food, weather, etc in it as well as your mood. This can help you find correlations to hack shit. My favorite way of doing this is through the Daylio app (I wrote a post about it here). Like I notice that days when it's rainy, I study and read more and days where I walk more and eat breakfast, I focus better and am happier overall. This information helps so much. If I know it's going to rain tomorrow, I won't try to force myself to study a bunch today and instead save that energy for later. Instead, I'll take care of myself and go for a walk or something. Knowing how you work and why really makes a HUGE difference.
This might just be my autism brain, but finding cool things related to the topic at hand has helped me keep interest in at least a little of the subject, helping me study more. Like I don't like chimaeras (a fish group) BUT for some reason I love fish teeth and these fishes have a very unique tooth set. This at least let's me know something instead of just ignoring and forgetting everything. 20% is better than nothing.
Find a reason to study what you do, even if it's just that you need this class to graduate. Just taking classes for no reason seems like something neurotypical people are able to do. I can't do it. I need a reason and if I can't find one, I just give up. I used to always say it was useless and pointless and didn't understand why it was required. But I realized the reason to take it is because I want a piece of paper that says I traded lots of money and sanity for it. And that reason has to be good enough.
Make study games. Games are more fun than lifeless paper. Matching games, crosswords, coloring pages, whatever you like!
Feel free to add your tips to this post as well!! I always have room for improvement and experimentation, especially for really hard days. I still find myself skipping even online classes some days. No one had all the answers or has everything figured out. This is just an incomplete list of things that have helped me out a bit and made college life a bit easier.
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honeysucklememoriess2 months ago
study tips to remember as we inevitably have (mini) breakdowns and burnouts during the semester
- plan out the entire day the night before; set out the next day's clothes and envision the day ahead.
- studies have shown that if we plan out the day, it eliminates the fear of the unknown, reducing the fight or flight response so we can stay calm, collected, and focused.
- exercise twice: once early in the morning to get the day's momentum started and once in the evening to de-stress
- use timers to set hard deadlines for each task
- take mini breaks after each task
- during the breaks, don't scroll through social media or websites; instead, lay your head down and blank out the mind.
- eat healthy meals and try not to consume too much sugar or added fats. post-lunch blood sugar spikes are absolutely brutal.
- GO TO OFFICE HOURS to build and maintain connections with professors.
- practice active recall: don't just read through the study notes; quiz yourself and try to each an imaginary student the concepts
- study (only!!!) 30 minutes for each class every single day to retain the information learned that day, on top of the necessary homework and assignments
- TIME MANAGEMENT IS KEY. you can maintain an active social life while being on top of everything academically by using every spare minute to work on assignments, homework, studying, etc.
- remember: it might be stressful now, but imagine the peace and comfort 5-10 years from now as you're in your dream career, reminiscing and thanking your past self for making the sacrifice and working so damn hard to get to where you are.
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aquietplacetostudy28 days ago
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day 1 of the new semester, back in the city. almost forgot how hard it is to stay focused through a 6 hour class.
very excited for what鈥檚 to come though. 鈽曪笍
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vanillaicesbloga year ago
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"There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment."
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kaye-studies8 months ago
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a quick shot of my study setup one early morning
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mycatsaidwhat29 days ago
things i鈥檝e heard english majors say pt. 8
-鈥嬧婭 mean as a writer there鈥檚 no greater joy than emotionally tormenting others, so
-I don鈥檛 really think of myself as having a personality聽
-my poetry slam ass said I dare you to teach me about stanza breaks
-Wait we鈥檙e reading Chaucer next week? *whispers violently* fuck 聽
-You know it doesn鈥檛 reflect super well on me when I say that you can read my chapter 14 without having read any of the other chapters, but
-i鈥檓 revoking your explosion scene privileges
-oh we鈥檙e prefacing now?聽
-you鈥檙e really nailing the girlboss moment right now聽
Oh no
-if fucking John Updike can win two Pulitzer鈥檚, I can get a good grade on this essay.
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raenprabhaker4 months ago
鈥攊 like messy hands, i like hands on which chemical equations are written, hands on which you've solved calculus on, hands that you've to hide in your jeans pocket when some stranger stares into just because you didn't want them to know how much dedicated you're towards your dream, hands that reminds you how much far you've reached and how much far you've to go
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productive-tips9 months ago
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Follow @productive-tips for more tips and content like this posted daily! Handpicked and curated with love :)
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college-hacks16 days ago
Do whatever the hell you want.
I have been in the same class with a girl in pajamas, a girl eating a full three course meal, and someone dressed like they're going to court. Some people may talk if you do something really outrageous (inflatable t-rex costume guy I still think about you), but in reality people just don't give a crap. As long as you feel like you are operating at your best, you do you.
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aeronauticalstudyblr3 months ago
July 17th, 2021
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This week I received my propedeuse (first year certificate). As I finished highschool in the summer of 2018, this was loooong overdue.
As some might know, before I became @aeronauticalstudyblr, my user was @aerospacestudyblr. During 2018-2019 and 2019-2020, I studied aerospace engineering at TUDelft. Unfortunately, due to some mental and physical challenges, in June 2020 I decided to try something new: aeronautical engineering at Hogeschool Inholland.
This certificate is the cherry on top of the amazing cake that represents the past year and I'm looking forward to the upcoming year!
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esoclectic11 days ago
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08.10.2021 || 6-8/100 锟
- Plato, Plato, and more Plato. I stand by that Socrates鈥 Apology is the only dialogue worth reading
- planning for an essay on the history of goddess cults on Samos and their sociopolitical relevance
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frenchly-anxious4 months ago
To all the people who have been told at some point to "grow up, because adulthood is nothing like that", let me tell you that today, I witnessed an impressive number of grown-ass people, all doing grown-ass jobs which sometimes imply life or death situations, who have family, responsabilities, mortgages and whatever, all getting excited and rushing to the cafeteria because "oh my god, they're serving french fries today!" One of them even did a celebratory dance right in front of me and to be honest, as probably the youngest person in the building at that time, it was oddly liberating. Don't listen to those people who tell you to grow up: no one really does and we're all pretty happy about it
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honeysucklememoriess9 months ago
Go to university, but go for the right reasons. Education isn鈥檛 a gun held to your head: it鈥檚 a weapon in your hands. Go not because you鈥檙e afraid of not getting a job but go because you love to learn, because you鈥檙e excited by ideas, because you believe that education is important for its own sake, and when you get there, pay attention, read everything you can get your hands on, cram yourself with words and figures and ideas, because that鈥檚 the one thing they can never take away from you.
Laurie Penny, The Independent, August 2012
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finalscountdown6 months ago
How to actually get up in the morning- from one tired university student to another.
don鈥檛 lay in bed! when your alarm goes off, get up right away. the longer you lay there, the more likely you are to fall back asleep.
your alarm does a lot for setting the tone of the day. try to get an alarm that slowly wakes you up, instead of an alarm that startles you. I really like the Sleep Cycle app!
stop fooling yourself into thinking that you can survive off of five hours of sleep every day or less. you can鈥檛.
lay out things the night before. whether it鈥檚 your clothes, your notes, or just a to-do list, make sure you have what you need ready when you are!
write your to-do list before you go to bed. before. not in the morning when you get up. the night before.
eating a lot right before falling asleep can make it harder to fall asleep- so try and tackle those late night cravings earlier in the day.
stop answering messages at a certain point, you need to give your mind a break. it鈥檚 really hard to fall asleep right after having any kind of engaging conversation, so give yourself time to unwind. and if this means that you need to put your phone on do not disturb while you鈥檙e sleeping, then do so!
speaking of do not disturb, I have 8 hours sectioned away of the day where my phone is on do not disturb. you鈥檒l be less tempted to answer messages if your phone doesn鈥檛 ring
not everyone is hungry in the morning, but you should try and get at least something into your stomach, at the very least drink some water!
a good way to prevent the whole ordeal of laying there and scrolling through your phone for 20 minutes before getting up and getting out of bed is to set screen time reminders on your phone!
If you need the motivation to get out of bed, try thinking about all of the things that you鈥檙e looking forward to. I really struggle with this one at times, so just thinking about how I want to accomplish my goals helps me get my head in the right space.
and most of all, remember that you can do this! you鈥檝e got the whole day ahead of you to be the great person that you are
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hereismestudying9 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
First two weeks of the semester was kinda chaos but i am still hanging on
2 weeks later mid-terms will be knocking on my door like 'hello mf' so i am studying hard but i still cannot escape the feeling that i am behind everyone in my class
I will be spending more time in the libraries and caf茅s because those two are the only places i can study in peace
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