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#college student

This weekend and yesterday were so unproductive for me in academic terms. Hopefully, I’ll catch up today, but I’ve classes until 6 pm and then I’ve a meeting with my classmates to discuss mental health and some procedures we should demand to our university. 

I hope you are all safe and doing fine. And if you’re black and/or from the US, keep fighting

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Life Update


Me and the boyfriend are doing amazing, i got a new emerald ring this weekend and its beautiful!!! {No it’s not an engagement ring}

My discord has been a bit messy as in under construction mess but after today its finally coming together and i am so happy to have that off my shoulder

I am debating when to move home now that its calming some and I may be able to handle my anxiety by myself better but I don’t know

Grandpa and I are watching Criminal Minds

Grandpa is being dumb with going to the grocery stores but he’s older and won’t listen to reason sometime’s

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Animal Crossing Update


I now have three fully furnished rooms and am currently trying to decorate my neighbors houses and the island in general. I am also working on hybrid flowers which is fun, i am still shaking the trees and watering the flowers, i have the two shops. I am at six neighbors now and adding more as we can. i have a campsite though i can figure out how to invite the animals. i need more dodo codes so i have more friends and islands to visit and visitors so my flowers bloom faster…. don’t ask me how that works, its weird to me too. i am still making and posting outfits, shout i start posting them here?

I’m sorry for the mess of a post

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Had some new stationery arrive, I just adore the middle ages memo sheets I think I will have to get some more! Seeing as I will be studying history it is very fitting!

Ft. My new kitten Hunnie🍯

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Day 6/10

i reviewed some gen chem 1 material from last semester to help me remember for when i start learning gen chem 2 stuff on my own.

song recommendation of the day: alright by keshi

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Birds Of Prey Thoughts!


Just DANGGGGGG THESE GIRLS!!!! I know all the gifs are Harley but i can’t get enough of her she is my love. this movie was just *chefs kiss* amazing 

now i will admit my family was not in agreement to the fullest extent but i don’t care - I don’t have to keep my mouth shut here, i loved it and they were hot.

Happy Pride Month

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First Day of Summer Semester (Session 1)

It was overwhelming at first, but only because I encountered embarrassing technical difficulties. We had a video meeting with the prof but apparently my computer hates my headphones and won’t allow me to talk through the microphone on them. I tried to mess with the settings but nothing was helping. I downloaded the app on my phone so hopefully that works for my one-on-one meeting with her on Friday. 

Besides that, I had two chapters and a lecture to go through and it’s just really basic stuff right now so not that bad. To be honest, I was almost falling asleep while watching the lecture about essential chemistry to know for biology because I hadn’t slept right in days and it was pretty much just a review for me anyway. 

But tomorrow is the first lab and I’m so excited! I was upset by the thought that I’d miss out on labs once the class was switched to fully online because of virus-that-shall-not-be-named, but I’m glad we still get to experience it in some way and I’m wondering how this will go.

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Close your eyes, think so someone one when the chorus

“I know that you can do it all by yourself

You probably really don’t need my help

But we all need somebody to love.”

Did you think of someone?

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Day 5/100

i took it easy on myself since today was sunday. i woke up pretty late and rewatched my favorite anime all day. i rewrote my polisci notes from last semester and reviewed some things! my villagers in animal crossing were arguing earlier (raymond & genji).

song recommendation of the day: coaster by khalid

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