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Seniors had their final weeks on campus taken away from them.

Graduation’s been pushed back to the beginning of October.

Freshmen had their first year cut short.

Independent research is messed up.

Students are slowly giving up…

Stay safe everybody and let’s end this Coronavirus

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Studyblr 2020 Quarantine Challenge

A little intro: I am an Elementary Education major doing all of my schooling online. Right now I’m in my final math course!

A day late with this post as I wasn’t feeling the best yesterday, but oh well!

✨Week 2 - Photo 2✨

Tue - Take a picture of the book you are currently reading

I’m one of those people who read multiple things at once… I can never make up my mind. One day I’ll want one genre, the next I’ll want a different one. Here are some of my current reads! Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare, The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren, and volume 12 of My Hero Academia. I’m also listening to the audiobook for Educated by Tara Westover

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51/100 — March 30, 2020

I had no choice but to be productive, as a result of my extreme procrastination during the weekend. I really am determined to me more disciplined and strict about my schedule. As much as I love staying home with my family, I get distracted a lot and time flies.

Today I:

- studied radiology

- studied APS (I have no idea how to translate the name of this subject so I’ll just leave it like it is)

And contemporary class was so nice today, it was especially nice. Weird to be dancing online, but I’m so grateful for my balley studio being the best 🥰

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✨2020 Quarantine Challenge ✨

Week 2 - Mon, March 30: Take a picture of your desk/study space

I took 2 pictures to actually show the details. I have a small altar for Venus on my deks, a small trunk of a tree with a candle and a pink shell, a small blue Greek cup, my surgery practice material, a few books (that I’m always moving around), Caran D’Ache colorful pencils, a bowl (with chargers, phitographs, crystals, ear buds), highlighters and post-its.

I know it seems a little bit messy and cluttered but when I’m studying I moce things to have more space. I really like my space :)

PS: I posted pictures of my Venus altar on my other blog, @earthandsea if you wish to see it

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Sorry I’ve been kinda off the radar for like four days. I’m going to try to be back tomorrow, we will see. You know how it is, some times life hits and sucks it out of you.

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Monday, March 30th, 2020 | 7/100 Days of Productivity

Today, I finished my presentation on the film Les Diaboliques while eating some low-carb banana bread that my mom made and some coffee. I also had two classes today over zoom and I took a alcohol/mental illness/etc training for school which took up most of my day. Overall, I feel like today was a good day, I even got to watch a movie with friends on Netflix Party. Technology has been fantastic in these times! Anywho, not much to talk about to day, see y’all tomorrow!

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Week 2, Day 1 of the 2020 Quarantine Challenge

Mon Take a picture of your desk/study space.

My desk needs to be reorganized so for now I put everything on my bed (on my Hogwarts blanket, of course!) and it’s kind of a messy view of my study space but I’ve included: my computer, my planner/memory book, mamegoma pencil case (at top; has gel pens in it), Stabilo Pen 68 markers, Mildliner Zebra pen highlighters, other pencil case that has a variety of things in it, notebook that I do my assignments in, Harry Potter notebook that I write down a detailed list of my assignments in, and one of my English 101 textbooks (the other is an online version).

[ Challenge created by @myhoneststudyblr ]

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Is it just me or are there other students out there that have parents that constantly give you shit because youre in college and say your time spent studying is a waste of time???

Everytime im around this spawn of satan i feel so unsupported and in the way. I feel as if this bitch really does want to see me fail. Its like everytime i am doing what other normal people would consider a good thing, to her its bad. I shouldnt be doing it for god knows why?? I feel (i hope) that ive made better choices and decisions for my life than other young people do nowadays. Am i bad? Am i bad for being a student??? Am i bad because i study everyday? Do i study too much? Is that a bad thing to be seen studying??? Its all i do? Is that bad??? Because apparently i am. I thought this quarantine would be good for my mental health to get a break from the outside world but i seem to forget what hell waits for me at home. I dont get a break.

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Official Quarantine day #idk

I’m tired of having to stress about being able to pay rent /utilities/ food/ and internet.

At this point I cant focus on schooling and homework due to financial stress.

I dont know if I’ll be able to keep living here or will be forced to live back “home” with my mother’s horrible husband.

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