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#college student here

When your best friend since kindergarten recently got married and is now pregnant and you suddenly look in the mirror and question where the time went and why you still feel no desire to settle down.

*shrugs* Oh well.

More importantly… SHE’S PREGNANT. HOLY COW.

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I don’t know why but she talks about me when she thinks I can’t hear her.

You’re one floor above me.

Loud enough for me to hear you complaining about me using the laptop.

I’m doing my freaking homework.

Last time she was complaining about me and my mom fighting.

Move out and you won’t have to complain, no one told you to get pregnant at the age of 16 and move in with us.

Fucking bull man.

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Currently going through the syllabi my professors uploaded for the quarter, which starts on Monday, and I know for a fact that keeping up with all 4 of my classes, which total 17 units, for the next 11 weeks while learning from home where I have absolutely no space to myself and zero privacy due to my large family and our very small apartment is going to be absolute hell.

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A year and a half ago I decided to join a wonderful Sterek challenge (With art inspired by the always amazing @beerwolves (The original piece that inspired this is over here: ). Even though I should have been more careful, I ran out of time, and didn’t get to fully write out the story I wanted to. So I decided in February of 2019 to start a sequel story with no real direction, just some ideas. It’s been a long journey since then. RL has been insane for me (Especially with everything going on now) and I honestly didn’t know how the story was going to end. @novemberhush has been an absolutely incredible friend and beta for me throughout these months and I can finally say that the sequel is done. The original story is here and the sequel is here is anyone is curious to read it. It’s Sterek, AU, Subway Meet with CEO Derek, College Student Stiles, Werewolves are known, and romance because I’m the freakin’ self-nominated Queen of Sap. It’s also like 37k words total (Including both stories) which is more than I’ve ever written lol. So if you need something to read (Or want to read), I hope you enjoy. Thanks all <3

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My students are having to make really difficult decisions right now and many are dealing with lack of reliable technology needed to complete the semester online and I’m just heartbroken for them that their semester and commencement have been canceled and that they’re facing such uncertainty and big decisions about their safety at such a young age and in some cases on their own/away from home and family, while still being moved by their resilience and compassion for others around them. I’m lucky to work with them.

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Part One.Five
Question One: Which kind of lighter do you use when lighting candles, and if it’s the longer one how many hands do you have to use?
Answer One: I use the long lighters only, not just for candles, usually it only takes one hand but the one I have now takes two.
Question Two: Are you a day person or a night person? Which one are you more productive? Which one are you more comfortable?
Answer Two: I am more of a night person, and tend to be more productive and comfortable in the evening and nighttime, and sleep better in the daytime (naps)
Question Three: Are you a horror/scary movie person? If so; what kind? (Examples: gory, haunting, true crime, funny, ‘bad’)
Answer Three: I grew up on scary/horror movies, thanks, dad. I like all kinds, to be honest, it depends on my mood. However, I absolutely HATE watching them when it's dark outside.
Question Four: I want to know your favorites. What’s your favorite book; single or series? Your favorite food? Who’s your favorite person? Your favorite animal? Your favorite Spotify playlist? What is your favorite anything?
Answer Four: My favorites okay here we go: Single Book (all time) - The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. Series (right now) - The Program series by Suzanne Young. Food - Pasta, any kind. Person - My dog, and yes he is a person do not start with me. Animal - Pygmy Hippos. Spotify Playlist (right now) - I have posted it before but it is Through The Years (Stucky) by evierdeens. Anything - Smoothie must have flavor right now is pineapple.
Question Five: When you are sick what are the top ten things you do/want to do regularly? (Example: Eat from a specific place or sleep with something or watch a specific show or movie....etc.)
Answer Five: When I am sick I regularly require a pet of some sort, so that one. by the way, these are not in a particular order. Two would be chicken soup. I also want a mountain of blankets, that's three. Four I like to watch barbie movies. Five.. Naps - lots and lots of naps, honestly I think it may be the only time I can actually sleep well. Six if I don't have chicken soup I like to have Mediterranian food or Thai food, so the spice kicks the butt of my sinuses. I have a habit of sleeping anywhere but my bed when I'm sick which brings us to number seven. Eight goes with number three in that I either create a burrito or a fort out of my mountain. Nine, I like to ignore my phone. Lastly, ten, when sick I tend to crave chocolate milk even though i can't have milk.
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Okay guys! COVID19 college updates:

Comcast is offering 2 months of free internet to low income students! I’m not sure if this is specifically for SoCal student but nonetheless I thought it was important to share! Please message me for the link if you’re in that area and need this resource to continue school remotely.


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I was so confident that I would have so much free time doing things but it turns out I’m going to be a good student and keep up with my work. I’m already out here zooming through presentations and notes because wo a h;; also my professors have no chill and already sending me so many alternative assignments BUT THAT’S GOOD IM EXCITED WE’RE GOING TO STRIVE FOR GOOD GRADES GUY 

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