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Is it just me or are there other students out there that have parents that constantly give you shit because youre in college and say your time spent studying is a waste of time???

Everytime im around this spawn of satan i feel so unsupported and in the way. I feel as if this bitch really does want to see me fail. Its like everytime i am doing what other normal people would consider a good thing, to her its bad. I shouldnt be doing it for god knows why?? I feel (i hope) that ive made better choices and decisions for my life than other young people do nowadays. Am i bad? Am i bad for being a student??? Am i bad because i study everyday? Do i study too much? Is that a bad thing to be seen studying??? Its all i do? Is that bad??? Because apparently i am. I thought this quarantine would be good for my mental health to get a break from the outside world but i seem to forget what hell waits for me at home. I dont get a break.

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I think a good way of combining studying and working out at home during this quarantine for students is definitely through the pomodoro technique but also using it to its advantage like instead of just sitting there during the five and 20 minute breaks you can do a quick HIIT work out while on a five minute break (like push ups, squats, burpees, jumping jacks etc.) And then when you make it to your 20 minute break do a more intense rigourous HIIT workout. Or you can always go out on a jog if its in a safe location where youre still keeping a 6 feet distance away from others. But regardless keep your self healthy.

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Just completed my second calc exam of the semester at home and i feel great (not because i think i passed). So far i still feel sane from being home 24/7 and doing nothing but studying. I haven’t gone to the gym in months so i think im gonna start off the next chapter by refreshing my mind with a workout…but mainly because i feel like an absolute fatass.

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I was watching one of those reddit stories youtube videos earlier today about how this pandemic has been affecting certain people and one of them was a police saying that domestic abuse calls has gone up since the quarantine and it really stuck to me cause im now realizing that there really were people out there that used their school, job, or other sources to escape their abusive homes and now they cant do that. They are stuck in the environment with their abuser that they used to escape on a daily.

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Against all odds, I’ve landed four online job interviews (and maybe a fifth – I’m waiting to hear back), despite everything that’s been going on. One is for a local TV station, two are for digital political news publications, and another is for a magazine that covers environmental issues. Fingers crossed that I get some kind of offer and won’t be jobless in the fall. 

(I have to start repaying my student loans starting in December. There’s legislation from Democrats being proposed in Congress to forgive at least $10,000 in student loan debt and up to $30,000, which would be helpful for so many students, myself included. College students have been massively screwed over during this epidemic, especially those who were in dorms, so they deserve some kind of compensation, both from the federal government and from their actual universities. We should NOT be charged full tuition for a semester that will be spent totally online from this point on. It’s ridiculous.) 

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PLEASE be patient with any college students in your life right now, especially if they were living on campus. many of us are heartbroken that a part of our independence was just taken from us, and we were torn from our friends with barely a day’s notice. or we’re angry we were told to leave campus with very little information with how the semester will proceed. or, for a lot of us (myself included), we used school as a distraction from this pandemic and are now realizing just how terrifying this is.

everyone’s feelings are valid, whether that’s sad, anxious, angry, or confused. but please look out for the students in your life, especially if they can’t return home for any reason or don’t have a home to return to.

my dm’s are always open <3

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Title: Baking, It’s The Thought That Counts. 
Square Filled: College AU. 
Warnings: They don’t know how to words with each other. 


“You baked. Him. Sam, the man you swear was your arch nemesis not three weeks ago, you baked him a cake?” Steve only waits long enough for Bucky to nod at him before he starts up again. “And not only did you bake Sam, your-” here he moves his hands up to do the air quotes, “a cake, but you baked him your Great-great Nana’s famous chocolate cake, the cake your mother only bakes on very special and important days.”

“Yeah. So?”

Read on Ao3 Here

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Friendly reminder:

Students are allowed to be upset about their sports seasons getting cancelled.

Students are allowed to be upset about their choir, band or orchestra concerts, conferences, and other performances being cancelled.

Students are allowed to be upset about theatre, art, speech, debate, and other activities being cancelled.

Students have worked their asses off to be in things like this. They dedicate time and energy to something bigger than themselves. It doesn’t make them selfish. This virus has stolen important pieces of their lives away from them. Let them cry, let them be angry, and frustrated as they are locked away from the freedom they once had because of fear.

To all you students out there. Keep your head up. We’ll get through this. We’re all in this together. You aren’t alone.

Sending love and healthy wishes from North Dakota ❤️

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sending love and good vibes to every college student displaced by coronavirus, especially seniors. it’s confusing and scary and heartbreaking to have to balance everything so suddenly, but you’ve got people cheering for you, and you’re so much stronger than you think! i love you! 💕

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