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hello! after a long hiatus i’ve returned to tumblr and need some more studyblrs to follow. please like/ rb this if you’d like to be mutuals!

for reference: i’m a first year college student getting a degree in stage management. i’m from the us, and i love one direction. my pronouns are she/her, and feel more than free to hope in my dms and be friends! more about me can be found on my main blog @movie-sequel

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*complains about eye sight* 🤝 *does work in this lighting*

I’ve been so distant from people. I had to take all my energy to obtain enough mental clarity for this upcoming year. Once things begin to flow, I hope my social battery recharges. We will all have a good semester, I just know it.

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100 days of productivity | 65/100

i really missed having something to take notes on

today was really chill, attended an online lecture for a class im really enjoying so far and did a reading and notes for another

tomorrow is where things get crazy busy but im trying to let myself enjoy my free time and relax a bit tonight

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Thank you for the love! I really appreciate it <3 I definitely think that Computer Science (or any engineering field for that matter) is a worthwhile program. It teaches you a new way to look at the world, especially as your coursework brings a deeper understanding of the inventions around you. However, something I always like to tell younger folks interested in CS is that it’s not always about programming and code. Computer Science is mostly about applied mathematical theory, and code and software are a result of what happened from that. Therefore, have the expectation that very little of your coursework will actually be programming centered - instead you will be expected to learn a lot of abstract math and develop your logical thinking skills. In most CS programs, the knowledge required for jobs in the industry is actually expected to be learned in your own free time (which can get challenging to balance, especially since technology seems to evolve and update faster than we can master it). So in conclusion, I would say I recommend and enjoy CS, but it sure comes with a fair share of unexpected challenges.  

In high school, I did the IB program, and I took higher-level CS, Math, and Physics, which I think has served me decently well in college so far. However, I really don’t think you need to have any prior knowledge before coming into uni for CS - they start from the beginning anyway. I recommend just trying to take classes you enjoy in high school and enjoy your free time exploring different tools and technologies instead :)  Hope that answered your question, and I hope that college is going well for you so far! 

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Hey there! I’m sorry that it’s taken me so long to respond to your ask - I got really caught up with school and life in general! To answer your question, the first piece of advice that comes to my head is something a mentor once said to me, which is to try and develop a growth mindset. As a woman in technology, I have often felt like certain labels were barred to me - such as never feeling like a real engineer. This also meant that I have severe imposter syndrome about being in my field, since programming, math, and an understanding of CS theory don’t come naturally. However, as the growth mindset principle says, skills are learned and not innate. Anything you feel that you are bad at is only temporary, and with enough willpower, you can learn to do anything you want. Here is a resource if you want to read more about this principle. 

What was the most difficult challenge for me to overcome in CS so far? I would say that it was probably the realization that I’m not as passionate about the field as my peers, but that it is still a means to an end which I can then utilize to build my definition of success. Still working on that one though. More specifically, however, another challenge that I often struggle with is that in Computer Science, your grades don’t matter as much as your understanding of the material and the projects and experiences you can use to back it. In those terms, it is often hard to grapple with why I am working so hard at school when I could instead be using that time to work and develop personal projects instead.  

I hope that answered your question, and I hope that college is going well for you so far! 

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Happy Monday! My study essentials: a window and a water bottle!

My semester starts on Wednesday and I’m excited but also nervous! I’m going to try to do some more chem and bio review today and tomorrow, and then maybe try to begin my readings for the actual classes.

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100 days of productivity | 64/100

Rainy day vibes on a not so rainy day. It was actually just ice coming down like little knives so needless to say my short walk outside was very pleasant.

Other than that I read 2 articles for one of my classes tomorrow and cleaned my room

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🌷 6/100 Days of Productivity 🌷

1.24.21 — Luz’s favorite flowers are tulips. :’) Since I bought some from the Forest store yesterday, we decided to do a little study session so we could both plant them in our gardens. I really appreciate having a friend who is on the same track as me academically. I finished a quiz and installed the last of the programs I needed for my Database Design class so I’m pretty prepared for tomorrow’s classes. I also finished a calendar for my major’s student organization so we can arrange for guest speakers soon!

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Hello all!! It’s my first year teaching and I landed my dream of teaching 7th grade social studies.

If you could have told your teacher anything about what you were feeling about school, learning, etc what would it have been? I want to better help these kiddos but I can’t give them surveys or anything.

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5/100 Days of Productivity

1.23.20 — Went to the bank with my father and siblings! It was literally 32°F and freezing outside. Anyway, I’m currently working on questions for my Professional Development class. (I would add pictures, but it’s literally just my laptop screen…) My professor wants us to practice interview questions and I’m winging this assignment. 😭 If you have interview tips, please let me know. Ya girl is struggling.

(Shoutout to my friend Moon for the mask. It’s my favorite bc look at the cute pattern! 🥺💞)

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🏹 4/100 Days of Productivity 🏹

1.22.21 — I didn’t do my typical “day of productivity” post but I got a good bit of work done today! :’) I’ll still count it as 4/100 even if I don’t have any pictures. I added one of my favorite quotes from “The Song of Achilles” just as media and because I had time to relax and read today. 💘

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🖤 3/100 Days of Productivity 🖤

1.21.21 — These are some ugly photos, but today’s classes were draining so please forgive me. :( I’m counting today as productive because I finally did the one (1) task I was dreading the most — buying textbooks. It is so much effort because I have to 1) see if it was really necessary to purchase one, 2) compare prices between websites, and 3) put myself through the mortifying ordeal of being known by asking if any of my classmates want to split the price. But I got all that done and talked to my dad about finances afterwards.

I also called G and we talked for three hours. :’) It was so good to hear her voice. I adore her with my whole heart and it really made this semester feel a little better. 🥺💕

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This is an Intro I guess…

My name is Kai (they/them) I’m currently a junior in college and I’m majoring in Occupational Therapy. I also have OCD and depression, I probably won’t talk to much about that unless it relates to my studies. Just because I like to keep to themes.

This semester is a bit off for me cause 1 Covid is still a thing and two, I’m actually a semester ahead due to AP classes that I took in high school. So I can’t get into the OT program until the fall but I still need to take classes to keep my scholarships and stuff.

I’m taking Enjoying Literature, Intro the Forensics, and Abnormal Psychology as online courses. I also have a Intro to Philosophy and Ethics class that meets on campus.

Basically I’m finishing up my Gen-Eds this semester along with a few classes that I just thought sounded interesting.

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Hey! I am Daria and since I will finish my study in about a year, why not start a studyblr at the end of it.


  • She/her
  • Mongolian; Currently in Germany
  • Physics major
  • Brunette w/ glasses
  • INFJ/ leo /type 5/ ravenclaw


  • History (ancient/british/greek)
  • Literature (EU/US/fantasy/literary fiction)
  • Film and documentaries
  • Being on top of everything going on academically
  • Bullet journaling
  • Being Organised
  • Fire/autumn/fox
  • Astrology AND astronomy
  • Languages (german/polish)
  • Okey, yea… all of the above screams Dark Academia
  • Also i keep dream journal (yea the one that could be also nightmare)


  • Studyblr + langblr
  • My own posts under #mine
  • Random inspiration for anything academic
  • Pro-education related anything
  • Bullet journal spreads
  • Language tips
  • Travel tips (if i can)
  • Supporting stuyblr community


@scholarly @studyblr-support @myhoneststudyblr @studywitnelly @studywithnika @studyquill @studying-engineering @cyclicstudies @procrastinstudy @procrastilate @minimaliststudy

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thursday, 21 jan

placement year interview prepping involves a lot of researching into the company, writing up notes and practice questions and answers. don’t forget the endless cups of tea to get you through. i’ve just finished with my january assessments so my prime focus is now on securing a placement for my third year of uni. it has been so stressful so far. loads of rejections so i’m at my wits end here but i’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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feel free to reply or pop something in my inbox lol, could do with some serotonin 🥺

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🍓 2/100 Days of Productivity 🍓

1.20.21 — Going back to school means being social again (which I lowkey missed.) I emailed a couple of my professors, zoomed with a classmate to sort out our classes, messaged the rest of my e-board members and texted my best friend (G) from university for hours. :’) We’re planning to call tomorrow so we can scream about how our first week back is going. ♡ I adore her and I’m so excited to chat.I also took some (chaotic) notes earlier to prepare for tomorrow’s classes. I’m hoping this semester is better. 🍀

Other than that, I’ve been making a lot of strawberry nutella crepes with my siblings. :^)

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