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#college stuff

im actually being so productive at the moment, i thought online classes would be a setback for me but im actually nailing it and im excited about this new content :)

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*My Professor*: I need a 3 digit number that I will use to identify you when I post grades. No one will know who you are but me.

*Me*: 666

*Everyone around me* : What the hell is wrong with you?

*Me*: What’s right with me? That’s a shorter list. 😁😁😁

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I was watching one of those reddit stories youtube videos earlier today about how this pandemic has been affecting certain people and one of them was a police saying that domestic abuse calls has gone up since the quarantine and it really stuck to me cause im now realizing that there really were people out there that used their school, job, or other sources to escape their abusive homes and now they cant do that. They are stuck in the environment with their abuser that they used to escape on a daily.

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I know there’s only like a month left but I kinda wish school would completely stop bc juggling 4 online classes is a Bit Too Much for me 😬

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oh hell yeah, got a 98 on my Buddhism paper 

honestly with every paper I’m just hoping for an 80 so now I only gotta worry abt that for my Judaism paper

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My school for once in the entirety of its existence made a decision, not at the last minute and it’s to go online for the entire semester. So guess who is going to pass French. But also who just saw her college tuition wasted on precautions they already bought and have on-campus that NO ONE can use. Aka toilet paper and hand sanitizer 

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leery as I am about having to do classes online, I gotta say I AM super glad to be home and not have to worry about bothering suitemates or having to spend all day on a bus to get groceries

we’re scheduled to get my things next week so it’ll be great to have my desktop back

I’m a tad worried that my dad will come to help me move n see the mezuzah and we’ll have an awkward 4-hour drive back but otoh I might can just move everything myself, especially now that I have a duffel bag on wheels instead of one I have to lug around by hand.

Uh note to self: remember to return the library books and check to see if the mail center is gonna be open jic I missed something

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