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lauravidarte · 2 days ago
So here’s something that really shocked me about Encanto.
Once the house breaks apart, Mirabel is protected by some parts of the house and after she is covered in white dust.
The moment I saw this, I thought about the Armero Tragedy.
Basically, Armero was a little town near a volcano that exploded and there was an avalanche that covered the entire place. There were around 29.000 people that lived there.
20.000 died .
I don’t know if it’s intentional, but it truly was the first thing that came to my mind.
Seeing this, and the scene in the river I finally understood the main theme in Encanto: Generational Trauma. It is the reason why the magic is going away: the consequences of violence and displacement that are still affecting a family after various generations.
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vayonel · 3 hours ago
If you think aunt Pepa is whitewashed ✨ you are racist✨
And need to educate yourself!
Tumblr media
I’m Latina, I’m Colombian: We Latinos can be white! I’m actually pretty pale and my dad and his whole family is black 🙃
Am I whitewashed? 🥺🥺 I’m not Colombian enough because my skin color doesn’t fit your Latino stereotype? I’m adopted because if my family is black then I should be it too? It’s called genetics, and diversity. And for those who don’t know, we are a very diverse country since during the colonial period we had a lot of races and nationalities sharing in our territory: Africans, Spaniards, Natives. Creating new races like “criollos”, “mestizos” and “mulatos” and that’s what they tried to represent in the movie, by making aunt Pepa with pale skin.
So stop trying to teach us how people in our country should look. Educate yourself. You are more racist assuming we all should be brown than accepting that Latinos can look in various ways.
And you can’t fight me since I live here in Colombia and I’m Colombian.
And as a Latina I’m really proud of seeing some white Latino representation in international media since everyone around the world thinks we are all brown because of stereotypes.
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araminakilla20 · a day ago
Mirabel: 🎶 My tío Bruno. (We don't talk about Bruno!) They said he saw the future. One day he disappeared 🎶
Latinoamerican comments:
Bruno was kidnapped by X group!
Bruno encountered the guerrilla!
Bruno went to protest against X's goverment and never came back!
Bruno knew to much!
Bruno became a journalist and was too honest about what he found!
Bruno wanted to make a better country!
Bruno saw the future of his country and was "silenced" before he could speak!
Me: *dying of laughter*
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mariaoz · 2 days ago
I gotta say that Encanto coming out during the dark and very scary political instability and social conflicts still reigning in Colombia is very nostalgic.
This year has been a scary one and I wish all my Colombian and latin people out there to stay save and to know better things are yet to come <3
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enchantingmelody · 2 days ago
I literally cried while watching encanto, I don't think you can understand the feeling of finally watching an amazing portrait of Colombia.
From it's nature to it's people, it's the first time Hollywood portraits Colombia without harmful stereotypes or without xenophobic tones.
This is the first time Colombia is respected on the big screen, the first time people from all over the world can witness how wonderful that country can be through one of the most magical things in the cinema.
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I just went to see "encanto" the disney movie about Colombia.
(I loved it) I was with low expectations but i truly adore the film.
I can talk about how the movie is about trying to carry with what your family expect of you, how the movie is about people that maybe is especial just being themselves, or how the movie is actually a love letter not only to Colombia but to every person who had to leave their home after a violent time.
But I still can´t believe that i just listen to "En Barranquilla me quedo" ON A F*KING DISNEY MOVIE.
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iheartbookbran · 6 months ago
Hey! Just a quick reminder that Cinco de Mayo is not widely celebrated in Mexico, nor is it Mexican Independence Day. Cinco de Mayo commemorates the Mexican army’s victory in a battle against the French in 1862, in what is known as the Battle of Puebla, and it is only celebrated... well, in Puebla and in the US by white people who would probably yell at me to go back to my country if they ever caught me speaking Spanish in their presence.
Now if y’all still want to honor Mexico in this day, you might not be aware of the train that collapsed on Mexico City during the night on May 3th due to governmental negligence, which left several people gravelly injured and some people sadly passed away. They were all working class, and they don’t have the resources to pay their medical bills, and the government is not being helpful at all with their situation. Here’s an article about it and how you can help.
Also here are some links about what’s happening in Colombia and Latin America as a whole.
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kropotkindersurprise · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
June 28, 2021 - Indigenous protesters and allies tore down the statue of Christopher Columbus in Barranquilla, Colombia. [video]/[video]
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vayonel · a day ago
My opinion about Encanto as a Colombian.
Tumblr media
You know? I enjoyed it a lot. The music was a mix of the most popular genres of my country, maybe some people who don’t live around here would not appreciate it completely, but I did. In fact “We don’t talk about Bruno” is my favorite song of the whole movie since it mixes some of the rhythms I adore, like salsa (I adore salsa. You can put me a song and I will start moving without even noticing it)
The outfits were amazing! We don’t dress like that anymore, but they are just our typical outfits. They represented so good our biodiversity, gastronomy, landscapes, literature with the Gabriel Garcia Marquez references and the message of the story is so beautiful and cute! All the characters were amazing, I had real fun in that cinema. I also identified myself a lot with Mirabel…for being the black sheep of the family and having a perfect and beautiful sister to compare with, always
Tumblr media
What touched me the more was the fact that the architecture of the town, and its surroundings, looked a lot like where my dad used to live when I was a child. It was a colonial village in the middle of the mountains, where people was very close to each other and it was so small you could actually walk through it in less than 15 min. We usually visited other towns during the weekends and the landscapes were always full of wax palms and mountains! So beautiful.
I lived in the city and actually went there just to visit my dad.
I liked how they represented with respect the forced displacement that many people suffer around here.
Colombia is the country with the most internally displaced persons in the world. Between 1985 and 2020, more than 8.3 million people in Colombia had to leave their home fleeing violence, according to figures from the Colombian government that includes a report from the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) of June 2021.
Our country is beautiful! But paramilitary groups, guerrilla, the mafia and so many other conflicts had affected so many people that until now things have gotten a little better. When my mother was younger she had to leave everything behind to scape from the guerrilla which were attacking her home town, Their family lost everything and she had to learn to defend herself in the capital without finishing school or being an adult. In the year 2000 a whole poblation called “The Salado” was killed by those criminals!
In fact, violence kept for a while that even myself had to live through those dark times where traveling wasn’t safe enough. Thank god after the peace treaty we have more normal lifes now without all those criminal organizations.
Tumblr media
So, this gives a more special sense to the movie for me.
It was beautiful, it was amazing and I cried a few times because I was so happy about Disney finally giving some representation of my country! Like, hell, it was my country! I can’t still believe that finally we had some international focus in an animated movie. I loved it!
Go and see it!
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lightlessons · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
So, hello. I'm using my platform here now to inform about what's happening in my country. I'm from Cali, Colombia. The city that's been burning for 5 days now and being massacred by its own government.
We need your help to spread awareness on this. As of yet, there hasn't been a lot of international news coverage about it, and our own news are too biased in favor of the government to be of any help.
How did it all start?
On April 28, a national strike was called for people to raise their voices against a tax and health reforms proposed by president Iván Duque, during an economic and social crisis exacerbated by the covid-19 pandemic.
Among other things, this reform wanted to tax us for funeral services (during a pandemic). They also wanted to increase the price of food and water, when most of the population has a salary that does not allow a family to live with dignity. Moreover, another nefastous health reform has yet to be taken down.
But the response of the national government to these protests has been to deploy military forces against the civilian population. A violent, disproportionate, and arbitrary action that incurs in serious human rights violations. My city, Santiago de Cali, has been one of the most affected places. During the night hours of the last few days, in different areas of the city, the police and the mobile anti-riot squad (ESMAD) have burst into peaceful demonstrations attacking with firearms, tear gas, and leaving a balance of dead and wounded that has not yet been counted. They have also captured many demonstrators, some of whose whereabouts are unknown.
My state is threatening the lives of the Colombian population in full view of the world. Please, don't let them silence us!
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Some people will stand up and fight for injustices happening to fictional characters but won't show the same passion to stand up for real, actual living people.
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xfriendstilltheend · 6 months ago
can you take a break from blogging about mexico? it’s kinda annoying :/
it’s annoying? lemme tell you what’s really annoying 
mexico is trending because of cinco de mayo instead of because of what’s happening there. cinco de mayo isn’t that big of a celebration but y’all wanna talk about that instead of about how a train collapsed because of the shitty materials that were used on it. saving money was more important to the government than keeping their residents safe 
colombians are protesting their corrupt president and getting killed by the police sent by him. they’re fighting for their lives and no ones talking about it.
multiple countries are protesting the rise in murders towards women, most of which are murdered by a partner that they had already reported. they’re being killed and the justice department is simply taking the blame off themselves by saying “they should’ve said something about it”. 
if you think me doing the bare minimum by reblogging posts and trying to raise awareness is annoying, you can get the fuck out, i don’t care 
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maikonation · 6 months ago
not maiko related, but this a very important post about what's going on in my country Colombia, it'd mean a lot if you read this until the end and help me spread it. I'll try to be as brief as possible.
tw// police brutality, murder, blood, sexual assault
Seven days ago Colombians have been protesting (yes, in the middle of a pandemic because the goverment happens to be more dangerous than a virus) for a couple of reasons like a tax reform, health reform, murder of social and enviromental leaders and alarming increase of femicides. The things is, protests in all the cities have always been peaceful, but the goverment is not only not listening to us but ordering to attack us and kill us. We're being noticed by others thanks to social media only (like twitter, facebook) where people are using hashtags, making livestreams and asking for help because the media in our country isn't speaking for us, we're being silenced and censored so the international media and other countries don't know about the abuse and violence we're going through.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
All we want is other people know about what's going on so we can get the help we need, I'm using this platform to make it possible because the censorship by the Colombian media prevents the world and even colombians themselves from seeing the excessive abuse of the armed forces.
here are some twitter threads where there's more detailed info, please help us spread, please reblog, RT🙏🙏🙏🙏
Tumblr media
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