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kcsplace · a year ago
“Two dumbasses and the voice of reason” is a fun relationship dynamic, but also consider:
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(revised to credit og post x)
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sidneyfreedmans · 5 months ago
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stimming-sim-silica · 8 months ago
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4077th Mash + text posts (7/??)
parts (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,)
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abunchofrats · 10 months ago
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more memes
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lacontroller1991 · 11 months ago
Ok so here’s three random things:
I’m working on all of the requests atm so I’ll have them out this week, thank you for the support and patience I appreciate it!
Rick likes “Hamilton” the musical. Idk where I get that feeling but I’d like to think that he likes “Hamilton” and his favourite song being Dear Theodosia, or I’d like to imagine it would be.
Tumblr media
Joel with David’s kid 🥺🥺🥺, but imagine if it was Rick with his kid (I mean the kid does have blonde hair)
That’s all 😝
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nimuetheseawitch · 7 months ago
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May I present: 2 couples.
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m-a-s-h4077 · 11 months ago
Rating M*A*S*H recurring characters
PA Announcer: 10,000/10: Deserves main character status tbh.
Sparky: 20/10. The legend we never got to meet.
Nurse Kellye: 10/10, an absolute queen, stunning and show-stopping even if she is just walking around the compound. She got her own episode and it was glorious.
Goldman: 8/10, missing 2 points because he didn't get the quantity of dialogue he deserved. Best corpsman in the business, carries patients with ease.
Sophie: 1000/10. Who's the good horse? She is. She is the good horse.
Rizzo: 15/10. Would never let him teach me how to drive a jeep, but gets all the points for pronouncing it as "Vee-hickle"
Captain Tuttle: 10/10. RIP king
Colonel Flagg: 50/10. King of turning up when nobody wants him to. Which is always. A paranoid bastard I am slightly afraid of, but always entertains the camp, so.....
That one Korean actor that played a 100 different Koreans: 500/10. Somehow played the same character differently every time.
Rosie: 10/10. She could choke me, slap me and throw me out of her bar and I would thank her on my knees for it.
Igor: 9/10. A bad cook, but a decent butt of jokes.
Sidney Freedman: 100000000000/10. Instant likability, great advice giver, genuinely cares about the camp, took on Flagg with glee and made Hawkeye blubber like a baby on two separate occasions. What a fucking king.
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dingomaille · a year ago
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thestory812 · 11 months ago
“It’s exciting for me to see Rick and Joel getting a lot of love as people see this movie because he is one of the few characters in the movie that has good intentions and seeing that play I think we sort of fall in love with him. He’s not as holy or innocent as Ratcatcher 2 is but he’s even more admirable than that because he’s kept on to his beliefs, despite being through a lot with those beliefs.”
-James Gunn, director of the Suicide Squad
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lesbianmulcahy · a year ago
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sidneyfreedmans · 5 months ago
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stimming-sim-silica · a year ago
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Mash 4077 + text posts (5/??)
(1, 2, 3, 4, 6) (x) 
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themovieboards · 12 months ago
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lacontroller1991 · 11 months ago
Hard Contact (Rick Flag x Fem!Reader)
Tumblr media
@h-hxgirl​ @artemis-cr0ck​
Based of the idea by @dreamingindigital​ where Rick is undercover in a foreign prison as a prisoner and his point of contact being a medical personnel, basically where he gathers intel on the prisoners and reader on staff and they have to fake medical reasons so they can exchange information for reader to relay back to Waller
Warnings: Violence, Language, male nudity, prostate exam, blood, 
“Prisoner 24601 B, time for your medical clearance,” a British officer shouted through the bars, unlocking them and grabbing Rick’s, or as they know, Kaleb Shaw, arms as they escorted him to the medical facility where Rick’s contact is supposed to be.
“You bring me some fresh meat Roy?” A sharp feminine voice asked, causing Rick to look up, and there you were, his contact. That picture did not do her justice, he thought to himself as the guards unlocked the cuffs and undressed him in front of you. Snapping a glove to your hand, you added a slight bit of lubricant before walking over to him, admiring his sculpted muscles and tattoos as you let your eyes trail south slowly before a clearing of his throat snapped your attention back up to him.
“Bend him over,” you commanded as the guard bent over Rick harshly as your finger entered his rectum, “cough,” he coughed as you quickly pulled your hand away and threw away the gloves, leaving the guards to dress him before locking the restraints back on him.
“We’ll be outside,” one of the guards spoke as you nodded, moving over to your station and grabbing his chart.
“So, Mr. Shaw, what are you in for?” You asked, going over the very vague information that Waller had provided you.
“Murdering a Colonel,” he replied as you glanced at him, grabbing some vials and a tourniquet.
“Very specific, can you flex slightly,” you asked with a quirked eyebrow as you placed the rubber on his upper arm and poked at one of his veins, and there was plenty. Oh how you wanted to trace them with your finger.
“He was a special ops officer, America’s best,” you smirked slightly as you swapped the vials.
“Obviously not if he got killed by a guy like you,” you teased as he glared at you before lowering his voice.
“Alpha Whiskey told me you’d be annoying,” he whispered almost inaudibly and if it weren’t for you being close to him, you wouldn’t have heard him.
“Well Romeo Foxtrot, you’re stuck with me for the next few months,” you replied, taking off the tourniquet and placing a gauze on his arm as he applied pressure. Signaling for the guards, you gave him a small smile, “I’ll see you for your next round of Chemo.”
It’s been about a week since Rick showed up and you were no further along in your mission than you were before he arrived. Sighing, you looked over the papers one last time before hiding them and grabbing your coat, heading to the prison where you “worked”. You actually worked for MI6 and you’ve been sent to the prison to collect data on some of Britain's most notorious criminals, half of them not being locked up. Entering the facility, you nodded to the guards as you made a beeline for the common area, only stopping when you were in front of the coffee pot.
“Hey Dr.Sexy, wanna get a drink later?” One of said criminals asked as you looked at him with exasperation before nodding your head.
“Yeah, I could use one.” Smiling at your response, he started to walk away before turning back to you.
“8 o’clock at the pub down the road, don’t be late.”
“Oh I won’t be.”
The pub was crowded which made your goal of spiking his drink a little harder. You needed the information on his crime ring badly. Well, Waller needed it. Scanning the room, you noticed that no one was really paying attention to you, nor was your date, so you quickly poured in the small vial of truth serum into his beer just as his hand went to grab it.
“So what made you want to become a doctor,” he asked with lust in his eyes as he turned to look at you, taking a sip of his beer.
“Wanted to save lives initially, now half of the time I want to end them. Those scumbags don’t deserve to live,” you stated as you took a sip of your martini, waiting for the serum to take effect.
“Really, I saw the way you eyed that prisoner the other day. Thought you were about to jump him,” you laughed at the notion, clutching onto his bicep.
“Well, thankfully you were there to prevent me. I don’t wanna lose this job, as much as I hate it,” lying has always come naturally to you. Did as a kid and now as an adult. Lying was simply a part of your life
“This isn’t even my real job,” he admitted, not realizing what he was saying, “I’m just a henchman in a crime ring. How about we get out of here?”
“Sounds perfect,” you smirked as you led him to your car before knocking him out.
The alarm on the cell buzzed as two guards escorted Rick out of his cell. “Where the fuck are you taking me?” He asked as he struggled against the guards, realistically being able to take the both of them out.
“Dr. Hayes said it was time for your round of chemo,” one of the guards commented before muttering pathetic underneath his breath.
“Fucking great.” Rick walked with the guards but his eyes immediately snapped to yours as soon as you entered the room.
“Place him on that bed over there,” instructing the guards, you went to the cooler and grabbed a bag of fluids, labeled Chemo for all intents and purposes. After placing him on the bed, the guards left the two of you alone, standing outside in case you needed them.
“What’s actually in the bag?” Rick asked as you placed the IV in his arms before attaching it to the bag of clear liquid.
“Just saline, how’ve you been feeling?”
“Like shit. Two of the prisoners seem to have favor with the guards and other inmates. Some say they’re long lost twins, others just say one is a doppelganger. Either way, the guards surround those two like hawks,” he mentioned as you nodded, pretending to write his vitals as you copied down his information.
“I think those prisoners are a target. The big boss wants them to join his little group. About a third of the guards are actually henchmen to our HVT. I had a nice little chat with one of them last night,” a brief look of malice crossed through your eyes, not going unnoticed by Rick.
“Where is he now?” He asked, not really sure if he wanted to know the answer.
“Your mission and my mission objectives may align, but how we go about them is completely different. Target was eliminated and won’t be missed,” brushing a piece of hair out of your face, he noted the way your jaw clenched at the thought of your victim.
“He hurt you or something?” Looking over to the man on the bed, your eyes bore into his hazel ones as you fiddled with your thumbs.
“Nothing I couldn’t handle, more of sexual assault in the work place, and I have to keep up the act so I couldn’t punch him or anything. But I made sure he paid for it,” anger traveled through Rick’s veins as he looked you over more closely, the slightest bruise placed behind your jugular and mostly out of sight.
“Well, I probably would’ve killed him too,” his deep southern accent stated as you lightly smiled.
“So, what is it like working with Whiskey?”
“Evening Agent (Y/L/N), I trust you are taking care of my asset?” Waller’s monotonous voice resonated through the receiver of the phone as your thoughts quickly raced to the handsome colonel.
“As best as I can. I’m only allowed to see him once a week for his chemo, but it’s enough to get the information,” you commented, opening his file that she provided you as your fingers traced his photo, “damn shame you guys are in America. MI6 could use someone like him.”
“He’s not for sale, Agent. What do you have?”
“Two prisoners. Bunch of shitty guards. And a name. Connor Turner. Approximately 43, white male. Guards are all over the prison. Standard blond hair and blue eyes. Foxtrot identified the targets as 32 year old Erik Kennedy and 31 year old Clark Morgan, both look like each other. Foxtrot believes that one of them was implanted into the prison by Turner as a means of getting close to the other. We aren’t sure of who is the actual target and who is a decoy.”
“You two got more than I expected for three weeks. Maybe I could steal you from MI6,” you could detect a slight tease in her voice as you pondered the possibility.
“Sorry Whiskey, this agent isn’t for sale,” you replied as you smirked, almost positive you could hear a slight snort on her end.
“You might be surprised, Agent, I am very influential.”
“So I’ve heard.”
That night you dreamed of him. You have only had four meetings with the guy, most of the conversation being more shop than pleasure, but here you were dreaming of walking through a house and into a kitchen where he was cooking. Waking up suddenly, you glanced at the clock and noticed it was early in the morning. Groaning, you ran a hand through your hair as you left your bed and went to make some coffee. The process being interrupted by a shrill ringing that echoed through your empty apartment. Grabbing the phone, you put it up to your ear before speaking.
“Do you know what hour it is?”
“I’m sorry Dr. Hayes. We need you at the prison and you’re on call. Prisoner 24601 B and 24343 A were involved in a fight. Things are pretty nasty for 24601,” your eyes widened at the mention of Rick’s number.
“I’ll be right in,” hanging up the phone, you quickly got ready and rushed out the door to your car. Pulling up to the prison, you parked as near as you could before jogging inside and to the medical facility only to see Rick sitting there, beaten and bruised. Quickly collecting yourself, you pushed past the guards and entered the room, grabbing supplies that you may need.
“The fuck happened to you?” You asked softly, wiping away some of the blood as Rick winced, groaning in pain.
“Morgan. Morgan is our person,” he mumbled, spitting the blood from his mouth onto the floor.
“Didn’t answer my question,” you replied, handing him an ice pack and grabbing a suture kit as you made quick work on his face, making sure your sutures were as neat as possible to not leave a nasty looking scar.
“I was in the right place at the right time, except they don’t see it like that. I was using the bathroom before I overheard them talking about our HVT. When they saw me, Kennedy started tossing me around,” if it weren’t for the situation, you would have laughed. How could a skinny man like Kennedy throw around a guy like Rick? “...he’s way stronger than he looks. Like way stronger,” he groaned again as he slightly moved his shoulder. Walking away from him, you scanned through your folders until you found Kennedy’s prison number. Pulling out the file, you scanned over the notes of the other doctor til you found what you needed.
“He’s a fucking meta-human,” you stated, shutting the file and quickly placing it in your purse as you also grabbed Morgan’s file.
“Makes sense, even in England I can’t get away from that fucking task force,” he scoffed as you went back over to him, handing him a piece of leather to bite down on as you fixed his shoulder. Popping it back into place, you put a sling around his arm before looking down at him, one eye swollen shut with a ray of colorful splotches.
“Why do it?”
“Forced to. Whiskey doesn’t make it easy to quit. She has leverage in everything. Probably has found leverage for you too. Family, friends, lover, anything that can be used against you and she’ll use it,” he admitted as your thoughts immediately went to your grandma who was the only remaining family you had.
“Who does she have?”
“She had my girlfriend who was a witch. We broke up shortly after that whole fiasco in Midway City. Now I just do it because I’m a liability to her and her whole operation.”
“I’m sorry, Flag. I really am,” you whispered gently as his breathing hitched in his throat, loving the way you said his name. Straightening your posture, you gave him a small smile, “...I’ll get this information back to Whiskey and then you’ll be out of here in no time.”
You wished you could’ve been there to see him go. Two weeks after the fight with Kennedy, Waller had pulled him out of position as your agency pulled you out of yours and back to London. After MI6 and ARGUS located and captured Turner, a month later you were assigned a new case. A case in the states. Louisiana of all states.
“Can’t believe they’re sending me to a fucking swamp,” you uttered underneath your breath as you packed your luggage quickly before moving towards your grandma and kissing her on the cheek, “I’ll be home before you know it gramgram.”
“Don’t come home til you got an American boy. I hear they’re cute over there,” she exclaimed as you rolled your eyes with a smile.
“Gramgram, that’s not a priority. I have work.”
“You work too much, my dear. You’re still young enough to get married and have kids. Find yourself a husband, get laid,” she started before you cut her off.
“Okay, grandma. Okay. I’ll see what I can do,” you replied, thinking of a certain American. If he was what they looked like over there then you shouldn’t have a problem. You know he’s what you want, you want Colonel Flag. You cursed at yourself for still thinking about a man you had known for a month tops, but maybe, and foolishly you thought, maybe he liked you back. You pretended to not notice the way his eyes would trail down your body or would linger too long on your visible cleavage as you placed an IV on him. Or the way his eyes would brighten up at the sight of you, or the way his hand would graze yours as you worked on him.
Maybe. Just maybe.
As you exited the airplane, you felt the southern humidity surround you as the air clinged to your skin. In front of you stood none other than Amanda Waller herself who held a manilla folder behind her back.
“Welcome to Belle Reve, Agent (Y/L/N). I have your folder here. Read it and weep. You’re gonna love this,” she commented sarcastically as she walked while you tried to keep up with her pace. Opening the door to the prison, she led you through the many halls before stopping in front of a heavily guarded room. Nodding to the guard, she waited as the guard entered the code and opened the door for you and her. Walking in after her, you glanced around the room of criminals. Harley Quinn and Deadshot being among the many you recognized.
“You brought us a new commander Waller? Captain America quit or something?” Deadshot asked as Harley wiggled her brows at you.
“Captain America is still your commander. This is Agent (Y/F/N) (Y/L/N) from MI6, she’ll be your second in command for this mission.”
“MI6? Like the boujee CIA?” Harley asked but was interrupted by the door opening and a voice that you recognized.
“Why the fuck did you assign me a second-in-command Waller? You know I can handle them by myself. When is she even supposed to get here?” Rick asked as Waller turned around, you froze in your spot.
“She’s next to me. Colonel Flag, meet Agent (Y/L/N),” you slowly turned around and faced the man you had been dreaming about for weeks now, “I believe you two have already met.”
“Hey foxtrot,” you greeted, trying to hide the blush that was spreading across your face. You knew he was hot naked and in scrubs. But in military gear was a whole new ball park.
“Dr. Hayes,” he nodded at you before glaring back at Waller, not bothering to spare you another glance as your heart sunk. Fucking knew he didn’t like me back, the voice inside of your head nagged as you waited for Waller and Flag to finish talking.
“Colonel Flag, why don’t you show Agent (Y/L/N) to her office,” Waller suggested, noting the sadness in your eyes as he remained stoic.
“Of course, right this way,” he motioned for you to go through the door before shooting a glare back at Waller.
The walk to your office was silent. The tension slowly built the longer the walk lasted. Neither of you are speaking a word to each other.
He’ll never like you back.
You were just a contact, nothing more, nothing less. He cleared his throat as he stopped walking and stood in front of a glass door.
“This will be your office for the time being, mine is right next to yours,” he commented as he unlocked the door, holding it open for you and following you inside. The minute the door shut, his hands were on your hips as he spun you around, planting a kiss on your lips as you went into shock. When he noticed you weren’t kissing him back, he pulled away and looked at you with concern and regret.
“Shit, I’m sorry. I must’ve read you wrong,” he mumbled, walking backwards to your desk as he leaned against it, running a hand through your hair. You remained silent as you tried to take in what just happened. “I’ll just leave. Let me know if you need anything,” he stated dryly as he made his way to your door and before you knew it, your hand shot out and grabbed his wrist, halting his walking.
“Rick, wait.”
“I’m sorry I tried to kiss you. I thought we had a thing back in England and I’m sorry I was wrong,” he remarked, avoiding your piercing gaze.
“We did have a thing. I just thought you didn’t like me back,” you admitted with a small laugh as he turned his head to look at you. He stalked over to you as you backed up, his body trapping yours against an empty bookshelf.
“Good. Can I try again?” Nodding your head, your eyes fluttered shut as his lips moved against yours gently, your hands tangling in his hair as his hands wrapped around your waist and pulled you closer to him as he deepened the kiss. Both of you continued kissing in bliss unaware of a certain pair of eyes watching the interaction.
“Bingo, got you,” Waller smirked to herself as she watched the two of you kiss from her camera placed in the room, ���you’ll be mine Agent (Y/L/N). You will be mine.”
Author's Note: DAMN ok that was way longer than I thought it would be but I really hope you enjoyed! 
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radars-teddybear · a year ago
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Piercintyre Gif Request - Flagg Calling Hawkeye and Trapper A Couple of Cutie Pies
Requested by Anonymous
+ Bonus
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nimuetheseawitch · 7 months ago
Flagg responding to Hawkeye's smartassery with "still a cutie aren't you" is very gay
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